24yrs, Rhinoplasty, First Plastic Surgery - ABSOLUTELY worth it (Beverly Hills, CA)

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I will be getting rhinoplasty (my first and...

I will be getting rhinoplasty (my first and hopefully last plastic surgery) with Dr Motykie on 2/11.

Dr M was recommended by a good friend, so after doing a lot of research online, I took the plunge and went with him without doing other consultations. I'm a little nervous since this is a huge expense and I worry about the results coming out the way I want them.

I've attached photos, including the morphs Dr M sent me.

Update 1: Pre-op consult + med spa session

Friday was my pre-op consultation with Dr. Motykie. I came at 12:30 and ended up being seen by the doctor at ~2:30 (I guess they were having a pretty hectic day...)

Dr. M remembered me and was very cheerful, then went over the morphs with me. When I mentioned I felt like the space between my lips and nose was still too big, we started talking about the other things that could be done to my face to achieve the right balance.

Having my appearance talked about in a critical, honest, clinical way really made me feel anxious and unsettled. Just something to be prepared for.

Dr. M suggested an upper lip lift for me as well, to help the appearance of my profile and create better balance. I am pretty sure this would be without an additional cost. I'm waiting on additional morphs before I decide on this.

Diana met with my after, gave me a plush robe and some other small gifts, and went over everything I would need to be aware of before the procedure. She was super helpful and kind, which helped put me at ease.

I also agreed to a series of aggressive skin treatments at the med spa, to help with old acne scars on my cheeks. I had a microneedling treatment the next day, and the girls at the med spa were GREAT. Talking to them and having a great treatment really made me feel more comfortable and excited for the actual surgery.

Day of surgery I'll be getting an aggressive pixel laser treatment, and all this combined should improve the depth of my scars by at least 50%. They even offered to comp another treatment if it didn't, since I was nervous to take the leap.

Update 2: Pre-op, should I consider the upper lip lift as well?

Wondering if I should consider the upper lip lift Dr Motykie recommended... it's something I've never thought of, but sounds like he would comp it as part of the overall procedure. Just worried about the risk of an additional surgery and something not going right... any thoughts? Would it be worth it for me to take the risk?

Surgery tomorrow!

Hey all! Surgery is tomorrow -- Diana and the rest of the staff have been super helpful with answering my questions and following up with me.

I'm so nervous and excited! Decided not to do the upper lip lift and going to stick with the rhino, plus the pixel laser skin treatment as well.

So ready to come out of this with beautiful skin and the nose I always dreamed of! Will update tomorrow. :)

Surgery done - day 1

Was so nervous/anxious. Went in at 8:30, they put me under anesthesia just after 10. I met with the anesthesiologist, nurse, and Dr M first.

Dr M was very nice, and although it was only a 5 minute meeting, he made sure to ask me the top 3 things in order of importance that I wanted to achieve.

Then they took me over and performed the surgery. They also had a girl from the med spa come and laser my face with an aggressive pixel treatment (for acne scars) while I was still under.

Face is BURNT. Waking up was hard and confusing -- my throat was sore and HURT, top of my mouth hurt, throat and lips were dry, skin was BURNING and of course my nose hurt and I had a headache.

It's 8pm now and I'm on vicoden and xanax and feeling good. :)

Post-op will be tomorrow.

I think you can kind of see the tip already??

Day 2 post-op

Went in to see one of the nurses at Dr Motykie's office this morning. She was very sweet and cleaned my nose, sent me home with long qtips and more bandages, etc.

My face looks fucking CRAZY from the pixel laser (they did a very aggressive 2-in-1 treatment while I was under) but I'm hoping it starts to fade soon... supposedly it will scab and peel off, so that's something to look forward to.

I bled A LOT yesterday and could barely sleep, even with xanax and vicoden. Would wake up every few hours. PRO TIP - get a pillow chair thing for your bed, it helps sleep sitting up.

SUPER congested as well, this experience has been more intense than I thought it would be but I'm enjoying the ride for what it's worth. It's actually been very interesting, if nothing else.

From the little I can see of my tip I think it looks promising? Nostrils appear even for now and it seems to have a nice little shape to it from the frontside view.

Will keep updating! Cast comes off Weds morning (they are doing it a day early since Dr M is out of town Thursday). Hoping the reveal is everything I've been waiting for. :)

Question -- if you like the way your nose looks in the cast, and the look of the tip, is it likely this is indicative of the fin

It's the second day post-surgery and from the little bit I can see I think the profile looks nice even with the cast on, and the tip seems very well-proportioned and feminine.

For others who have gotten nose jobs and were ultimately happy/disappointed with them-- did you like what you saw while the cast was still on? Is this any indication of how I will feel about the final outcome?

So nervous haha. All comments really appreciated right now. <3

Post-op day 2 - more updates because I can't fall asleep

Having SUCH trouble sleeping despite all these meds. Very restless.

Checking out the tip -- does this look good so far? I feel like it's more than I might have expected at this stage, but I really didn't know what to expect at all. Sorry these pictures are all kind of disgusting. My skin somehow looks WORSE than it did yesterday.

I also feel like my nose appears a bit short -- am I imagining it? Is it still too early to judge?

This process was way more than I ever anticipated. Can't wait for Wednesday.

Post-op day 3 - feeling very weak

Starting to feel very weak from not being able to eat normally. I can't breathe from my nose at all (is that normal?) so I wake up every few hours with a very dry mouth and throat from having them open all night.

I have been waking up every 2-3 hours to take a little more vicodin and put moisturizer on my face and change bandages. Sleeping is very hard, but thank god for my chair pillow thing I ordered.

Very weak today. Every time I swallow a sip of water or a bite of food I feel like I'm choking a little bit -- like the feeling of inhaling water while in the pool and getting chlorine in your nose.

I also feel like one side of my nose is looking longer than the other, which hopefully is just my imagination or normal swelling.

No improvement in my skin yet, but I guess it's only been 48 hours.

Just over 48-hours post surgery

Feeling better, finally feeling hungry, can breathe a bit better than this morning and looks like my skin is slowly healing. This black eye is intense though.

Feeling very optimistic. :)

72- hours post-op

Surgery was Thursday, now it's Sunday afternoon.

This morning was rough. Mornings have been rough so far, but once I clean my nose, drink, and take my meds I start to feel a lot better.

I can finally breathe through my nose again! Not easily, but getting much better. Been cleaning it out with hydrogen peroxide every so often.

My skin looks scary as fuck, which makes it hard to look in the mirror or take photos. I think this might be the worst day of it before it starts really scabbing and peeling. Using a LOT of moisturizer and ice for the swelling.

Bruising is definitely worse than it has been so far. I look pretty bad, but again, still optimistic. Reminding myself it will all be worth it in the end.

I know it's still in a cast, but I can't help but love the way my nose looks so far. :)

Feeling a little prettier despite everything

I put on lipstick and washed my hair and am feeling amazing about my nose. I know, I know it's too soon. So ready for this cast off - 3 more days!

Post-op, I guess this is technically day 4

Monday morning, surgery was Thursday.

Skin is FINALLY peeling, feeling so much better about that.

Nose looking good, still happy. :) Cast off in 48 hours.

Post-op day 5 - cast off tomorrow

Skin is peeling more and I'm so grateful. I'm still reserving judgement on the final results of the peel, but from what I can see I am very optimistic.

I might be crazy, but I feel like my nose looks bigger/more swollen, even still under the cast. Tomorrow will probably be a rollercoaster.

I'm trying to stop the vicodin and xanax and am feeling pretty awful. Sleeping was so bad last night. Everything is pretty foggy and bad. Trying hard to get work done and be a normal person again.


I am so excited for tomorrow. I am so excited to be able to take photos straight-on, to not have to angle my face to make my nose appear smaller, to look in the mirror without make-up and feel attractive, and to actually feel beautiful -- not just "almost beautiful".

Writing this, it all sounds so superficial and unimportant. I just can't even begin to stress how much this all means to me, what a profound difference it will have on my life. I'm sure you all understand.

Tomorrow is going to be the first day of the rest of my life. I am so happy and feel so lucky to have finally been able to do this for myself.

Almost there

So ready for this.

Cast off. THRILLED.

Got the cast off less than two hours ago. Was INSTANTLY shocked and thrilled by the result. Like, OVER THE MOON happy. I can't even believe it looks this good already.

I would do this 5 times over again to get this result. I can't even describe how happy I am. I don't think it could have possibly gone better.

This is everything I wanted and more.

CAST REMOVAL DAY - video of result from different angles

Took this video on the car ride home -- can you tell I'm high af?

This is day 6, not even a full week.

Again, I can't believe it. I really can't believe it came out this well and that I've been healing so quickly. Dr. Motykie and his staff are incredible.

Cleaning nose post-rhino

I feel like this must be a common problem -- does anyone have issues cleaning their noses out after rhino?

My nose feels disgusting lol. I've been using the nasal spray and q-tips with hydrogen peroxide VERY LIBERALLY, but there is a lot of blood etc (ew) buildup stuck in my nose that is driving me crazy.

Gross, but any tips? :|

Day 7 - second day since cast off

Swelling was a bitch today, but I was still able to get a good angle on it. :)

The struggles while healing

Morning of day 8 now.

This entire process, while worth it, has been a lot more intense than I thought it would be. Maybe because I've never been seriously ill or had surgery before, I didn't really know what to expect.

The surgery itself is a very strange experience. I remember being guided by the nurse from the posh office area of Dr. Motykie's building to the white, sterile, fluorescent operating room. I think that was when it hit me -- this wasn't like going to the med spa, this was a real motherfucking surgery.

The anesthesiologist lay me down, put a needle in my arm and said he would give me something to help me "calm down" -- I think that was the anesthesia, but I can't be sure. Next thing I know I'm waking up in a different room entirely, as if I was cut off mid-conversation. I don't remember falling asleep and I barely remember waking up. All I remember was a nurse being there, and I was desperately trying to blow my nose and generally freaking out. My throat hurt like hell -- I begged for water. My anxiety was all-consuming, so I begged for a xanax as well, which helped a little.

Everyone there was helpful and really fantastic, but it wasn't a fun day. They wheeled me out in a wheelchair and my friend helped me into her car in the parking garage. I half-fell asleep on the car ride home, then took a nap in my pillow chair when we got back.

Sleeping was very difficult the first several days. I was in so much discomfort that I would wake up constantly, pretty much every 1-3 hours. I'd wake up, get water, change my bandages, pop a piece of vicoden and go back to sleep.

The vicoden and the xanax helped a lot, but now on day 8 it's been like coming out of a fog. I tried driving for the first time last night, to a friend's house. I can't believe how dizzy and disoriented I felt while driving. There were moments when I couldn't tell if the car in front of me was stopped or moving. And I was on no drugs, just Tylenol and antibiotics.

I got out of the car feeling dizzy and weak. It was scary.

My moods and emotions have been a rollercoaster since day 6 when I stopped taking the pain and anxiety meds. I was pretty drugged up on them for close to a full week, it was like I was barely a person. The first night without xanax was terrible. I couldn't fall asleep, I felt miserable and depressed and my anxiety was through the roof. Last night was better at least.

This is a taste of what I went through -- not to discourage anyone, because personally, I would do it again. But know what to expect, because I really didn't.

2 week mark

It's been 2 weeks and a day since my surgery date.

Already, I don't think about the surgery much anymore. Earlier this week I was pretty much healed -- my nose still gets runny and is swollen, but I have no more black eyes or bruising to speak of. I think the tumeric paste I used on my face really helped with the bruising.

I actually traveled to Vegas for work a few days ago, my face looked fine and nobody noticed.

I am very excited for my nose to actually take more of a shape. Since getting the cast off it's definitely looked a bit bulbous, but I expect it to go down to what it looked like the first day I saw it (if not better). I loved the shape when the cast was removed, so I guess that's probably what it will look like once I've healed more (right?).

I don't have a lot of anxiety about it anymore, although keeping busy has probably helped with that.

Still feeling happy and excited for the final results, will take more photos once the swelling is down more (doesn't help that I've been flying).

Day 18 - Swollen af

These photos are the most flattering I was able to take today, but my nose has been REALLY swollen and distorted looking.

Is this probably from starting drinking again? Also, I flew twice last week. Gotta get on another plane Friday so looking forward to that...

One nostril is distinctly more lopsided than the other, if you can tell. I'm not going to post the photos where it's super obvious because they are hideous, haha.

ALSO my nose looks really short and upturned on the profile. :|

I'm of course still happy with my results and I understand this is all part of the process, but it's frustrating.

Should I go back to taking arnica? Any advice?

Day 19 - more photos, feeling very normal and happy

Attached two other photos taken this past weekend.

It's only been a week and a half since I've gotten my cast off, and despite my complains/anxiety about swelling (which definitely exists), I don't think I could be happier with the way this process has played out.

I feel very lucky and very positive about the trust I placed in Dr. Motykie. It's been a week since I've had any bruising (it seriously cleared up like magic -- I'm telling you guys, lots of Arnica + turmeric paste must be the trick here) and I feel like my life is already back to normal. I traveled last week without issues, and over the weekend I went out, drank, party, went to a concert and had a great time.

Overall, I feel confident and normal about my face.

There are ups and downs (see my post from yesterday) but God, I'm not religious but I feel so grateful and blessed. So excited to see my final result.

And anyone in LA looking for rhino -- I could not say more positive things about my experience with Dr. M, his team, and my results. My friend who referred me to him said the same.

Before and after (photos taken around day 18 post)

Some before and afters... what do you guys think? Obviously it's still swollen, but big difference so far?

Going to the Motykie Med Spa today for my complimentary facial. :) Will post more photos this weekend!

Day 22 - complimentary facial + hopped on a flight

Had my complimentary facial at Motykie Med Spa - Jennifer gave me a custom facial that made my skin feel ridiculously soft, firm, and hydrated! Really lovely :)

I'm still healing really nicely. Taking arnica again and it's helping significantly. Got on a plane this evening and feel/look totally normal.

Posting photos from today and another before and after. Really so pleased. Even though nostrils are still quite lopsided, heh.

Day 25 - arnica is my best friend

So swollen this morning after flying this weekend.

Arnica has truly been my best friend. Despite flying and drinking, my nose didn't swell as badly as it could have while I was traveling. Been taking it 2-3 times a day (per instructions on the bottle).

My one month post-op appointment is on Friday! Really looking forward to the before/after.

Skin is looking amazing after my facial as well -- these photos are no makeup. Jennifer did a really awesome job. :)

The swelling is real :|

Not sure my nose has looked this big since my operation :(

Week 5 - some recent photos

Some days my nose looks bigger than others, but it's starting to look more normal, even without taking arnica.

Here's some photos from the past week -- these are flattering angles, but I am definitely am happy with the progress so far. :) When I tell people, no one can believe I was operated on last month. And on that note, no one can notice I got work done unless I bring it up -- is that a good or bad thing? Haha.

But really, I feel so happy and normal, I honestly can't believe I just got work done myself.

Looking at your Before photos

Do you ever look at your Before photos, carefully examining them and comparing to your new face?

I did that for about half an hour last night, going through albums full of old photos on my phone, not knowing how to feel about the way I used to look. Torn between feeling grateful and feeling massive amounts of anxiety and horror thinking about how I lived 24yrs of my life looking like this. Fear that I'm still not pretty enough or good enough.

I'm feeling better today, but I'm so often haunted by feelings that my nose still isn't perfect, my skin is far from perfect. I am not perfect. Obviously this goes a lot deeper than cosmetic surgery and I should probably address this with a therapist.

Just wondering how many others have felt this way after surgery? I am so grateful for this experience and my new nose, but there is so much mentally, emotionally, spiritually wrapped up in it that I'll probably still be dealing with long after my nose has healed.

Month 2 update - not many changes...

Hey guys, wanted to give a proper update now that I've reached the two month mark!

I have not seen any noticeable differences in my nose pretty much since the surgery, which is starting to bother me a bit. I don't know how normal this is, but after two months my tip has not begun to drop (see how upturned and short the profile still is) and the width of the bridge has yet to decrease.

I feel like my result essentially looks the same as it has since day 1. I don't hate the result (by any means), but I really want the tip to drop and for there to be more definition in the bridge, and the lack of progress seems strange. :/

3 month (and some change) update

Been needing to post an update!

I'm not sure if my nose has seen any big changes since the last time I posted, but here are some photos from this past week.. a 3.5 month post-op update.

I've been having what I've come to call a "good nose day". There are many days where it looks larger or lumpier or the nostrils aren't aligned, but I'm hoping more subtle changes will continue to occur and that my nose will stabilize soon...

(Also, I really need to touch up my roots -- ignore those ;) )

And for good measure...

A before & after - found this old pic from a few years back :)

Another before & after

Took this photo today -- a pretty good angle on my nose (it definitely looks best to the side like this, as opposed to straight on or at profile).

Hoping to be as happy with it at every angle by the time healing is done. :)

6 month update - struggling with swelling

Hey guys,

Thought it was time to give an update as I'm about to hit the 6 month mark!

I've been struggling lately with the swelling in my nose. It's been bad to the point (for about a month or longer) that it's difficult for me to look in the mirror or take a selfie without getting anxious about it.

I keep trying to tell myself that it is just swelling and that it will go down. Although at the 6 month mark, it's really worrying me. I have an appointment to follow up with Dr Motykie in a few weeks and am hoping to maybe get a shot that will help reduce the swelling and have a more defined nose.

Really, I think the issue is the roundness of the tip and a kind of triangular appearance to the bridge.

Today I took some arnica and was having a reasonably "good nose day" so thought I would take some pictures. I guess if I can experience enough changes to have a good nose day, that must mean I am not seeing the final result yet..

6 Months - Before/After

Just a 6 month before and after!

One year post-op!

Attached some pics from one year post-op!

I absolutely love my result. The swelling is pretty non-existent at this point and I love the shape it took. It's still a bit up-turned, but I can definitely live with it. I feel like I have a PERFECT nose and am so happy about it. :)
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

THRILLED with my result. Dr. Motykie is obviously very busy and never spent a lot of time with me during any of our meetings, but he is GOOD at what he does, which is what matters. In the time we did meet, he asked me very good questions and really listened to what I wanted. Plus, his entire staff is so kind, knowledgable, and helpful, it makes up for it. I was INSTANTLY thrilled with my results upon cast removal. I still can't believe it looks so good. Would do it all over again for this result.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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