22 5'8 160 Lbs Breast Augmentation. Beverly Hills, CA

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So I've wanted breast implants for as long as I...

So I've wanted breast implants for as long as I can remember! & I'm finally doing it! I just want to feel more feminine and girly, I've always felt kind of like a little boy being so flat chested so I'm going to be having my surgery done by dr. Kadz I'd like to be a full d (I shouldn't complain if I got dds) & I will be going with silicone I have my pre op Thursday when I will decide exactly what size & profile I will be getting!! So excited!!!

Big decision!!!

So I decided on going with 700cc moderate high profile silicone implants! Under the muscle. Should put me at a full double D! So excited just a few more days! It's all I can think about! I am a little worried they will be to big but I hear so many girls saying they wished they had went bigger. So here i am....... Go big or go home I guess!!! I've taken a week off of work I'm beginning to think that that won't be enough. & no caffeine is killing me!! Lol So Here are a couple of pre op photos!

Had my surgery this morning!!!

I was so nervous! I started crying like a baby before they gave me the anesthesia so they gave me some oxygen to calm my breathing I noticed it tasted a little funny and next thing you know I woke up with new boobies and excruciating pain! So worth it though! My nurse Sarah was so comforting and helpful! Loved her! The pain was awful though I rated it at an 8 and they shot me up with demoral and I was feeling fabulous for about 5 minutes lol the drive home was a little hard (it was a 4 hour drive) but I managed with my pain pills and a smoothie. So far I'm really loving them. I was nervous the 700s were going to be to big but so far they are looking good. Really swollen and high but super pretty. I'm a little scared to look at my stitches on my nipples I think I'll work up to that tomorrow???? I've been laying in bed most of the day hiding from my parents who still haven't noticed so I'd say everything is going great!

Four days post op!

Feeling great! Pain is at a minimum just been trying to relax and rest as much as possible! I've been constantly messaging with coco butter and coconut oil! They do look crazy with all of the bruises but they are falling In to place slowly but surely! Can't wait to get out of these granny bras & into my bikini!! Does anyone have any suggestions for an ointment to put on the incisions to reduce scarring and when I should start to put something on them?

Trying on clothes

Bought this bikini top about a month ago it's looking pretty good!!!

Just a little over a year!

Love them! A little on the big side but not regretting it!
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