21 Yr Old African American Rhinoplasty - Beverly Hills, CA

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I recently set up an appointment with Dr. Ashkan...

I recently set up an appointment with Dr. Ashkan Ghavami after having a Skype consultation with him . I put down a deposit of 2000 before I made my real self account . After making my real self account I'm beginning to doubt my decision because k realized that I didn't even ask him the questions that I needec to ask him, like have you ever done any noses like mine, or does he have photos of any previous procedures that he had done similar to mine . I picked him because when i googled ethnic rhinoplasty his name popped up , and I think I was just so eager to get my nose done by my birthday I acted irrationally by depositing the 2000 for my surgery after seeing great results from other doctors . My date is April 29th because I wanted to be 2 months post surgery for my birthday on June 29th . So if anyone recommends a doctor or has went to Dr. Ghavami please comment below and let me know your expertise with him . I just want my nose to look like it does when I contour my face .

Photo of my nose

What I would like my nose too look like

I would like a nose like this

Dr Ghavami work

Rhinoplasty in a couple of days

So guys my surgery is the 29th and I'm super excited . I decided to stick with Ghavami because he does specialize in rhinoplasty and I am of fan of his work. A lot of people that make bad reviews about him don't even have pictures to prove it. Cant trust someone who doesn't even post a pic. But I will keep everyone updated on my recovery and results ! ????

De Ghavami recebt post . Amazing results

Day 2 swollen face

I wasn't ready for the swelling at all. I wish I had a warning because I look like a fish . My cheeks are so swollen and I look like I got beat up . Lol.

Almost one year later

I absolutely love my nose job from Dr Ghavami , it's still a little tender to the touch but it's everything I wanted. I highly reccomend him.
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