20 Yrs Old Getting Breast Implants! 400cc - Beverly Hills, CA

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I just had my consultation 3 days ago and I love...

I just had my consultation 3 days ago and I love the doctor I have chosen. I've seen a few but they weren't as professional and as caring as dr. Kim. He answered all of my questions, made me feel completely comfortable and he seemed the most professional. His prices are also very reasonable considering he is in Beverly Hills. I brought in pictures to show him what I wanted and he talked to me about how certain sizes would look on me. I'm going from a 32A to a full C. His staff was very nice and welcoming. They understand how important this is to me and my body. I'm not scared for the procedure, however I am scared for how long it will hurt after. I'm a wuss when it comes to pain. I

Scheduled pre-op and surgery!!

My pre-op date is October 1st and my surgery is October 16th!!! We will discuss the exact size of implants on pre-op day. I'm hoping I can get 350/375 cc's! I'm so nervous but excited!! I want to get this surgery over with!

More wish boobs!

I'm hoping mine will look like this. Fingers crossed.

Another pic of me


My post op is coming up on Oct 1st and I hope we can discuss everything I need for after the surgery. If anyone suggests something please let me know!! My surgery is on a friday and I'm taking the following week off of work.
PS--- these are not my pictures!!! They were found on the internet and RealSelf :)

I can't wait to look more like a woman!

I can't wait to feel less self-conscious about my boobs. This is really big for me because I'm in college and I feel like I can't really go out without being embarrassed about being flat-chested. I also can't wait to feel more confident in front of my boyfriend. This is something I've wanted for a really long time and I can't wait to get it done next week. The only thing I'm worried about is I do fit modeling and I feel like after the surgery my bigger boobs won't fit in their smaller clothes but I'll also be wearing less padding than I do now! I'm hoping to cover up mostly this winter and show them off more in spring so that maybe people will just think they grew or something. I've met so many women that have gotten breast augmentations and they love their boobs! I really want bigger C cups. I think they look really good on most women! I've heard that the recovery isn't that bad if you take your meds. I'm also hoping they don't take too long to "drop" after surgery but we'll see :)


I'm so nervous and I'm scared because I have a slight cold (no fever or cough) --Just sniffles. Dr. Eugene Kim said it would be okay to go ahead with the procedure as long as I don't feel bad. I'm just congested. Mine as well feel all crappy at once LOL. I think they're going to use air tubes so I can breathe a little better during surgery. My surgery is at 6AM in the morning so I'll probably get up at 4:45AM just in case. I can't believe the surgery is tomorrow! I've been waiting so long for this to happen. I hope they turn out just the way I want...and I'm sure they will because I have never heard one bad review from my doctor's patients. His patients' pictures are very natural and not fake looking. I saw my ears/nose/throat doctor the other day and I had an infection in one ear (which he fixed) and he said I had tonsillitis (he said I've had it for a while) and a deviated septum! Are you serious! It explains why my tonsils are 2x the size they should be but I really don't notice any pain so he said I could take care of that stuff after my breast implant surgery. I want to get the pain over with so bad! I have all my medicine and necessities on my bedside table. I cleaned my whole room--dusted, vacuumed etc. (even did the laundry) and even my bathroom and shower. I bought some dry shampoo and baby wipes for the first few days that I can't shower. I have a nice little backrest nook on my bed so I can be propped up and I have a trashcan with liners next to my bed because I know I'll get sick from the anesthetic when I get home (happened before with my wisdom teeth). I remember when I got my wisdom teeth out they didn't let me get my prescribed medicine until after the surgery which I think was a little messed up because when I got home I was in so much pain I was crying and needed the meds. But now I have them next to my bed which is great! I also have bendy straws, vaseline (I use it as Chapstick) and my computer and iPad (with chargers) so I can watch movies and shop online when I want to. I have a total of 5 pillows and the bed to myself! Hopefully my german shepherd learns to sleep in her bed at night for the next week LOL. She's easily trainable! I also bought a pearl ice pack from CVS that will fit across my chest and Dial antibacterial soap for the shower. I have a feeling my boyfriend will need to help me shampoo my hair next week. My mom is putting a bag (incase I get sick in the car), pillow, and blanket on the seat for the car ride. Thank god it's only a 15 min drive from our house! Now all I have to do is get a good sleep, shower in the morning, and take my EMEND 40mg at 5AM (to prevent nausea during surgery) and leave at 5:30AM. I'm having my mom keep my medicine in her purse for when I'm in the recovery room. I look forward to actually relaxing this next week and not going to work or using my car. I'll let you all know how it goes when I'm able to use the computer after surgery :)!!!!!


My dr. went with 400cc on each side which I'm SO happy about. I can't see them except my sports bra is popping out a lot :)!! It feels like bricks are on them and my arms kind of hurt but I can move them a little bit. I had no problems with nausea (yet). Everybody at the surgery was literally SOO nice. I talked to this one nurse the whole time about random things and it made me feel a lot better when they were prepping. I was really shaky the whole time but I fell asleep pretty fast from the anesthesia. They put these warm massage thingys under my legs to make me feel more comfortable and they gave me really comfortable socks and blankets during my surgery. I remember waking up in recovery asking my nurse a lot of questions and falling asleep and waking up a lot (I think it was more like mumbling LOL). She was so nice to me though and answered everything and made me feel a lot better. She even helped my parents roll me in a wheelchair to my moms car. She said that surgery went amazing and even though I had a really congested nose from allergies they solved it really fast and I was able to breathe perfectly. I didn't wake up in any pain, though I do feel some now but it's been 5 hrs since surgery so it was expected. I can take pain meds soon. I was asleep on the way home and went straight to bed when I got here. I remembered I had to pee right after surgery from all the hydration they gave me and the nurse helped me with everything. Overall, it was above what I had expected of this experience. It went great even though I was so terrified. Now I'm just waiting to take my pain meds to feel a little better. I'll upload more pics later!

Post-op Pics!!!

I'm pretty happy with the results so far even though they haven't fully rounded or dropped. I still think they look natural after only 2 days!! I think Dr. Eugene fit them to my body frame very well. I am able to walk around and lift my arms just a little bit and I only have to take one pill instead of 2 today :)! I wake up with tightness that kind of feels like rocks are on my chest but that feeling goes away after I sit up for a little while. I took my first shower today (with some help) and I feel a lot better. I go in again on thursday to get my stitches out and learn some massage techniques! I feel so much more confident!! It's so nice not having 32AAA's and actually loving the way my boobs look even after 2 days. I feel like they're still getting bigger. I'm just so happy!!

Beyond happy already!!

I cannot put my happiness into words! I love the results and I'm feeling so great! The swelling is coming down and they look so natural. I feel so beautiful in my new boobs! The tightness and hardness is getting better and easier everyday and here it is day 3 and I don't even need my pain meds. I think this is the best thing I have ever done for myself.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Eugene Kim is so kind and caring. He understood exactly what I wanted and helped me every step of the way. He made me comfortable even though he knew I was very nervous. I wouldn't have wanted any other doctor to perform this intense surgery on me.

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