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I had a butt augmentation with Dr. Stanton in June...

I had a butt augmentation with Dr. Stanton in June of 2014, he was a good doctor, good staff, good surgery center. Recovery was terrible but I loved my implants the first few months, the look is worth the pain. 6 months after surgery my implants started shifting, they go upside down and my butt is distorted. This is literally ruining my life, I am a personal trainer, if I work out my butt flips over, if I drive my butt flips, if I sit I the toilet too long my butt flips, i have to leave work regularly to go home and have my husband put my implants back into place. It is painful when they shift. I was told of the possibility of implants shifting but I was told it was very rare, I explained how active I am and I was told this ok, that the butt implants usually shift from something traumatic like falling a lot after snowboarding. I can't even walk upstairs without my butt flipping over. I don't have the money to re do the surgery and switch to oval, I have spent many days crying over this. Please stay away from oval implants, my flip about every 3 days. It is very noticeable.

Oval implants

I should of mentioned in my first review that when the implants are not shifting to a upside down position my butt looks really good. I was very happy the first few months, dr Stanton picked the perfect size for me, I want to clarify that I do not think this is surgeon error, I unfortunately just happen to be part of that unlucky 10% of whatever it is that experiences problems with the implant. I called dr stanton a office and they were very nice and I have a follow up next week. Like I said I love the look of the implants when they are in the right position so I will be heart broken if I have to get them taken out to fix this problem.

Implant in clothes

8 weeks post op pic


It's been two weeks since I have had an implant shift, the only thing I changed were my workouts. i stopped doing any workouts in a seated position, no abduction or addiction movements, and when I lift very heavy squatting 95-130 pounds, then for the next couple days I sleep on my stomach and avoid sitting as much as possible until the muscle heals. There's nothing that can be done to fix the shifting except re do the surgery and switch the round implants, or manipulate them myself back into place. Dr. Stanton had stated he's developing a certain implant that won't move. My advice for girls who workout very hard is to either get round implants or wait until the new implant comes out.

8 months photo

Implant has softened so much, as it drops it almost looks like it's getting fuller? Could be from working out. I'm not sure, I have heard of "fluffing" so I'm not sure if the muscle has just loosened up or if my booty is growing, but it has gotten larger.

No more rotating

Ok it's been a month a d I have not experienced anymore inplant shifting. I have still stayed away from very heavy weighted exercises in the seated position. So I am convinced that somehow after doing those exercises my muscle pocket was stretched out and the next following days is when I would experience the constant rotating. I am so happy this issue worked itself out. So at this point, almost 9 months post op, I am very happy with my results. Implants are also feeling very natural at this point. I don't think anyone would know I had implants even if the squeezed my ass. Scar is barely noticeable. No pain, no sag, no issues as of right now.

10 month post op

It has been 10 months since my surgery, shifting stopped about two months ago, I have not had an issue since (knock on wood) incision is still semi noticeable but a dab of concealer covers it completely. You can not feel my imolant at all now. If if someone tried to find it I don't think they could. My butt feels 100% natural. I did have a good amount of butt to being with so the implant settled nicely under my own fat. I started noticing the most improvement at 8/10 month mark. If you are still healing and concerned with your butt not softening up, just give it time, it will. Unless you were flat to begin with, then I can't see how your imolant will ever look or feel natural.

Not a BBL candidate

heres a semi full body photo to show you my stats and maybe help people who are considering BBL or implants, anyone around my size is not a candidate unless you are willing to add weight, the Drs I went to suggested 15-30 pounds. I think that is awfully unhealthy so I personally decided not to go that route. For reference I am 5'8 122 pounds, at this time of year I'd say my body fat is around 15/16% and during on seasons I go down to 13%. The average women of about 26% body fat. Something closer to the range may be a better candidate for a BBL IMO. I had the procedure done when I was 25, I am now 26, very active, my implants are intramuscular and 465 anatomicals.

Implant shift

Well I spoke too soon, and jinxed myself, I haven't had a implant shift in months, Monday I decided to give the leg press a try again, I felt a weird feeling on my right side implant, today I was just walking and I got a sharp pain and sure enough the implant shifted upside down, now I'm waiting for my husband to get home and manipulate it back into place for me. So my theory was right, it is the leg press and seated exercises that stretch out my pocket and allow the implant to move around.

11 months post op

I am almost a full year post op, I have had my share of issues with the implants but as of now I do not regret them. When I experienced the shifting, I was really scared and freaked out, the situation did resolve itself when I reduced the weight during my workouts. My personal opinion is that the average woman's workout will be fine with implants, but anyone lifting over 100/120 pounds during squats, and deadlifts, should either choose a round implant or avoid the surgery. I have lost weight and muscle since the surgery. I try hard to keep weight on, when I lose too much weight I can see the outline of the implant, as long as I stay in the 122 pound range the implant looks and feels fine, I think pretty natural. When my body fat hits below 17% then it starts to feel harder. There are risks with this surgery, it is a longggggg recovery, but if your serious about wanting a curvy booty, then I recommend it. Working out can only take your bottom so far. Sometimes we all need a little help. :)

13 months post op

No more issues, everything feels fine, the implants have become part of me, no pain. No sagging (yet). Although my body is always a work in progress I am happy with my implants at this time and do not regret my decision. :)

Scars 13 months post op

The scar is still there, but barely noticeable, I have the camera right up my booty so it's very close lol. Standing away from a mirror I don't even notice it, and sometimes I put a dab of my waterproof concealer on the lines before I go do my laser treatments, and the technician haven't said anything, so maybe she doesn't notice them.

15 month update

So it's been 15 months, although I like the look of my butt implants, the way they feel, I am having imolant shifting issues again, it just started happening out of no where, ever time I work out they rotate and my husband has to shift them back into place, it's starting to get really annoying. The problem resolved for awhile and now has started again. Not sure what caused this. :/ I still stand by women sticking to round implants if they are very active and do not want to risk your booty looking crAzy after a good workout.


Implants still rotating, the issue has definitely gotten worse. Sometimes I wake up and one will be shifted. It happens every few days now. Definitely recommend getting implants with sutures that will hold them in place or round implants. My friend has started experiencing the same issues now. I will eventually have to go back for a revision which is very disappointing since its such a painful long recovery. :/

2017 butt implant update

I wanted to share my (little over) 2 year butt implant update. I had a baby 6 months ago and it did not affect my butt implants at all. They are exactly back to the way they were pre pregnancy. I still train hard several days a week with heavy weights, I feel like you HAVE to do strength training with butt implants or they will sag faster than a booty without implants. Still running. Implants still flip quite frequently. Mostly during sex now. It has gotten easier to move them back into place. No pain. I usually forget they are there. Scar has faded considerably, spray tan will cover it. They feel they same they did last year. The more meat you have covering them the softer they will feel, the leaner you are, the more likely you will be able to feel them and see a outline. Overall I am still happy with the way they look, I just wish they didn't move upside down, but nothing is perfect. Maybe down the road I will have them re done, but I want one more baby so I will worry about it once the kids are older.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr was nice and professional and he did everything right my review is strictly on anatomical implants and how they do not work for me.

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