19 Year Old, Mixed South Asian/Middle Eastern Ancestry, First Time Rhinoplasty - Beverly Hills, CA

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I wanted to get Rhinoplasty because I have always...

I wanted to get Rhinoplasty because I have always been insecure about my nose. Since I was a kid and a teenager, I've always got told I had a "big nose" or "You'll be prettier if your nose was smaller", and honestly, that took a toll on my self esteem. I used to not smile in case my nose hooked down, I would cover the bump using my bangs, I never took selfies (it's been 3 years since I have), just because my nose was overall crooked. On top of this, I had a deviated septum which tortured my breathing, and explained why my nose looked so abnormally crooked. I have been researching plastic surgeons since I was 13, and finally found Dr.Ghavami. I am from the Bay Area, while he is located in Beverly Hills, but I knew it was worth the travel. The overall Rhinoplasty surgery was quick, I was put to sleep and woke up 2 hours later. The recovery took me exactly a week and I was back bouncing back up (probably due to the steroids and arnica he gave me, but also my age). I am now three weeks post op, I can smile normally again, my face swelling and bruising is gone, and I LOVE MY NEW NOSE. It's so beautiful, and petite. Its swollen, and the size will decrease over the year, but it's so small already, I love it. Dr. Ghavamis staff are absolutely amazing, and you know you'll be in good hands with them. They're all so caring, and wonderful. My nurse Carissa, my coordinator Sadaf, and the rest of the staff also! Everyone working there are amazing individuals and genuinely care for you. I felt so loved with them around me. I'm breathing back to normal since I also had a Septoplasty, my nose felt stuffy for the first three days after splint removal, but now I'm normal, and bouncing up and down like Tiger from Winnie the Pooh. I still can't exercise and will wait another three weeks, but I can do everything I did earlier. People couldn't even tell I got my nose done! Amazing staff and surgeon!

New nose! 4 months!

Sorry I haven't had the time to update my review!! I'm not much of a picture person because I have very low self esteem but I took these pics yesterday of my side profile :) I will upload two side profiles I took yesterday :) also I will show the picture of the nose I requested from Dr.Ghavami! I printed this pic out and he worked side by side with it. It was a Caucasian nose and I'm south Asian but I'm so elated with the results! I will also show the before!

More pictures!!!

Omg I'm so happy I'm 9 months post op (June 3rd was my surgery) and I'm still so happy with my new nose! It decreased in size from swelling and keeps getting better!!!

1 year!!!

It's been a year as of June 3 or 4, my operation day :) here's my results!!! I'm soooo utterly happy!!! The recovery was amazing! Cheers!!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ghavami is like a new age Leonardo da Vinci. He is so incredibly talented, and artistic. When I first met him for my consultation, he was already observing my facial features and especially my nose. He noticed everything wrong with my nose, and how to correct it and make it match with the rest of my face and body. He observed my petite body (5'3 95lbs) and wanted to make my nose smaller but with a feminine curve to make it match my "cute" look. He also looked inside my nose and saw how deviated my septum was, how clogged my nose is, and took the initiative to also fix that along with my cosmetic nose fixing. He actually does math calculations to your whole face and then calculates how your new nose will fit. He also asked me if I have any nose inspirations and I showed him one in particular. I gave him a photocopy and he worked alongside my nose with the picture! My nose looks EXACTLY Like the picture. My parents were stunned, Dr. Ashkan da Vinci made the dream nose I WANTED! I'm still swollen on the tip, that takes months to settle down, but my new nose looks 90% like the picture and I'm 100% sure it will look completely like it in one year! Dr.Ghavami also is a serious man, who does not take cosmetic surgery lightly, he GENUINELY takes interest in you, and loves his profession. He has a classy humor to him, and I enjoyed talking to him, he's so easy to be around. He's amazing at rhinoplasty, and as an ethnic patient, he is someone definitely to go to. I traveled to Beverly Hills to see him, because I only trusted this man with me. I will update this review with pictures when my nose takes its real shape, but at this moment, I'm 1000000% satisfied. He's a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for a reason. If any of my friends or family need someone to go to for Rhinoplasty, Dr.Ghavami is my only recommendation.

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