About to Be Fabulous at 40! Two Kids, 5'5" 625 cc's saline mod+ unders, went from 34B to DDD! Beverly Hills, CA

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I had my consultation and scheduled my surgery...

I had my consultation and scheduled my surgery today! I met with Dr. Khalil who was highly recommended by a friend of mine. He has offices in Beverly Hills and Westminster, but the surgery is only done in Beverly Hills. He was straight forward and listened to what I wanted. He agreed with my choices (saline, under muscle, 550 or more to achieve lovely DDs) but explained that he would prefer to make the incision at the areola rather than at the breast fold. This is due to the fact that I have a small amount of skin below the nipple and it will be difficult with such large implants to predict where the scar will end up. I trust his advice.

Dr. Khali also pointed out that my right breast and nipple are slightly larger than the left. He will even out the size of the breasts with the implants (possibly 600 on the right and 650 on the left) but the nipple may sit a little higher on the right. He also said of this bothers me we can fix it later. I said I don't mind it being imperfect because it's been this way all along and never bothered me before!

I scheduled my surgery for the week of my daughter's spring break so I don't have to worry about driving her everywhere. I am a single mom with two daughters but my oldest is in college. She will also be home that week so it will be nice to have her help out.

My boyfriend doesn't live with us, but he will be my partner in crime on this fabulous adventure! He is just as excited as I am and more than happy to help, both emotionally and financially! It's wonderful to have my family and friends' support.

I'll post pics later and also more about Dr. Khalil in the coming weeks. So far so good!

10 days to go and getting ready!

My BA surgery is in 10 days! I don't think I could be more excited. I completed the blood work on Friday, which included a pregnancy test. I told the lab technician that was a waste of perfectly good blood, since my tubes are tied! Haha

I've been trying to get as much gym time in as I can so I don't lose much progress during my recovery. I'm also incorporating an anti inflammatory diet in the hopes that I will heal quickly and be back in the gym as soon as possible! Lots of fish, fresh veggies and fruits, whole grains... Limiting dairy and other animal proteins.

I also went ahead and weaned myself off of caffeine a week early! I still get a headache here and there but I'm taking Tylenol for that. And I feel pretty groggy too, but I suppose last week wasn't the best week to quit caffeine with the time change and all.

Some items I've gotten in preparation for post op include a neck pillow and one of those pillows with arms; two cheap 36 band front close sports bras from Walmart; Arnica Montana for bruising and swelling; and lots of soft foods like canned peaches and applesauce. I was worried about the cheap sports bras not fitting, so I keep looking for alternatives. I found an Under Armor 34 DD zip up sports bra at TJ Maxx for $15!

I'm planning to cook and freeze leftovers of some soups and casseroles so I don't have to worry about trying to feed everyone if I'm not feeling well.

Just really excited and can't wait for the next few weeks to fly by!

Here's my before pic.

So I can remember how they used to look!

Wish pics!

The night before... DD Day!

It's the night before! I thought this day would never come! I want it to be over with already.

I'm really ready though. I made my little recovery cave where all my pillows are stacked and my meds and water and creams are all on the table beside me. I made enough soup for an army and it's all in the freezer.

Danielle called today from Dr. Khalil's office to tell me my surgery is at 12:30 pm and to remind me about the pre op procedures, what to wear, etc. I can't eat for eight hours before surgery so the boyfriend and I are having a breakfast party at 4 am! We will wake up, eat, and go back to sleep. :)

I am surprisingly not nervous. I have wanted this for so long. I'm only hoping the pain will be minimal. The next time I post, I will have "afters" to compare with my "befores"! See you all on the other side!

It's over with... 625 cc's later!

I'm all wrapped up so I have no pics to show. I'll be under wraps until Saturday when I go in for my post op!

My surgery took longer than expected because Dr. Khalil tried to make my breasts as even as possible. He found when he went in that I wasn't as lopsided as he first though. It was just that my chest muscle was bigger on the right. So I asked him before surgery to go as big as possible... I don't want any regrets that I should have gone bigger! I came out with 625 cc's saline implants under the chest muscle, moderate profile. He said high profile on my frame would create too large of a gap between the breasts and that moderate would create more cleavage, which is what I wanted.

So for now it's vicodin and lots of water. Hopefully I can sleep. It's sore but not unbearable. Just more pressure than pain really. I'll check back in Saturday with pics!

So far not too bad!

Day one has been lots of sleep, lots of Vicodin, and lots of frozen peas on my chest. I have also been nauseous from the pain meds so I haven't been able to eat much. But it's all been bearable.

One day at a time.

Day three post op, dr removed the wrap and ta da!!!!

Today was my first post op appointment. Dr. Khalil commented on my energy level, was surprised at how good I appear to feel. He said with this size of implant he would have expected me to be in a lot more pain. Then the wraps came off and wow! I have large breasts!

Dr. Khalil expressed some concern that my right breast is a lot more swollen than my left. He wants me to ice it and try not to use my arms to keep the swelling down.

They are still sitting high of course but at the next appointment he will give me a strap to help them fall into place.

Here's some pics of the new girls! A little scary but not as bad as they could have been!

Day five has been much better!

My right side is still very high and tight but my left seems to be dropping and softening up a bit. My bruising is clearing up thanks to the Arnica gel, and I don't have any real pain at all, just the discomfort of the tightness on the right side. My only complaint is that none of the sports bras I bought prior to surgery fit me. Everything feels very tight. So tomorrow when I begin driving again I'll go shopping for some DDD bras. Wow that is hard to imagine!

34 DDD bra shopping

Ok just real quick... I went to Macy's and bought a couple of Bali soft comfort bras in medium which fits a 36DD. And they are super comfy.

For fun I grabbed some 36DD and 34DDD bras to try on. I couldn't believe how big they looked on the hanger, but then when I put them on, wow! The 34DDD fit perfectly. 36DD sister size was a little loose around the band.

It's still not real to me six days post op that I have large breasts!!!

Took the girls to the mall today, day 10 post op.

Every day gets a little better. Today I notice my breasts had softened just enough that I could create a little cleavage in one of the too small sports bras I got before surgery. So I put on a tight tank top and went to the mall with my boyfriend. Oh my, he said he loved how many looks I was getting and he couldn't help but smirk a little knowing that I was on his arm. He's the best!

I discovered I'm no longer a size six on top. But trying on clothes was fun! I looked so curvy in everything. It really made me feel better about this process.

Second post op appointment today. All good!

The girls are looking good! Dr. Khalil was happy with how they're looking. At the first post op appointment, he thought the right looked bigger but now they are the same size. The right is still higher than the left but it's improved a lot. The incisions are healing well. He said I can put Mederma on them if I'd like. He gave me a strap to help them drop faster but he said it's optional, that they appear to be dropping fine on their own. He showed me how to massage them, and I have to do that for 15 seconds per side, 5 or 6 times a day. I asked if they will stay this size, and he said they'll actually appear smaller once they drop into the breast pocket. All in all, great news!

Happy Three Weeks Boobday!

At times it feels like wow three weeks already! Time flies! And at other times it feels like these have always been my boobs. I'm getting used to the weight of them. I'm massaging like crazy almost to the point of soreness to help them settle into their pockets, especially this stubborn right breast! They're so uneven it's almost embarrassing. Here are some three week photos.

I'm in love with my left breast!

I don't have much to update. I do feel like my left breast has just about dropped completely. The right is staying high and I'm going to keep massaging the heck out of it and wearing this band whenever I'm at home. I think it's working but it still looks so awkward next to my left. I will say if the right ever looks as good as the left in going to have a spectacular rack!

My one month post op is Saturday and hopefully the dr will clear me to work out. I'm dying to get back in the gym. I'm just posting a pic of my left today. It's makes me so happy.

Four weeks today. :-)

Nothing to update but a picture. They're getting softer all the time. Still uneven but I'm starting to love them anyway.

Uneven since day one.

I looked at my review on the first day the dr took off my wrap and the photo I took that day. My breasts are still just as uneven, now they've dropped into their pockets. I feel like the right has progressed a lot since then but because it started higher it still seems like it hasn't fallen as far as the left. Truthfully I believe they have fallen at the same rate.

So now that the left is completely in its pocket the right should begin to catch up? Yes? Fingers crossed!

Seeing some changes! 5 weeks post op

I woke up this morning and my breasts felt different. Softer, more jiggly... So I looked in the mirror and I really thought they looked better. But after I snapped pics I felt like the changes weren't as obvious as I thought. Regardless, I do see improvement and I'm happy with how they're progressing!

6 week post op appointment and Nordstroms shocker!

My six week doctor appointment went very well! Dr. Khalil is happy with the progress. The right is still high (as you all know because I keep complaining about it) and he showed me some more aggressive massage techniques to get it into the pocket. The left is already there and doesn't need any more massaging except to keep them soft. He also pointed out that it's partially my anatomy, that the right sat higher before surgery, and he showed me how my breast creases are uneven. But as the implant settles it will be less noticeable. I'm 100% cleared for the gym but must wear a high support sports bra for pretty much forever. I don't have to go back for another six weeks and at that time if the right has dropped he will clear me to wear underwire bras. Yay!!

To celebrate my daughter and I went bra shopping. First we went to VS Pink because that's her store. I wandered around and actually found a cute 34DDD Body by Victoria bra (picture posted) but it fit oddly. The underwires in the center weren't sitting right. I called the sakes girl in to check the fit and she said my breasts are full so the bras will always be that way.

Well I didn't trust that answer so we went to nordstroms. The sales girl measured my bandwidth at 36 (I have only ever worn 36 band when I was pregnant so apparently I need to get back to the gym) then gave me three cup sizes to try: DD/E, DDD/F, and DDDD/G. She said try the middle one first. It fit okay, but again like in VS the underwires weren't sitting right. So I tried on the 36G and I was in shock! It fit perfectly. The right was still a little high and not sitting completely in the cup, but the left was just right. She came in and checked and said yes, that's a fit. You're a 36G.

After the initial shock wire off I started freaking out a bit. I've got a beach weekend planned for memorial day, another beach weekend in June, vegas in July and Cabo after that. Where am I going to find a bathing suit??? She said nothing in their store would fit the cup size but I could try looking online. I tried on a size 8 one piece (normally I'm a 6) and it was laughable. I had boob spilling everywhere! I guess it's a fun problem to have.

My phone died before I got photos of the G bras in the store but I actually bought some so I'll be able to update with photos tomorrow.

I really never thought I was that big. My boyfriend has been saying all along that they were huge but I guess when you see them everyday your perception is altered. All in all, it was a fun day.

Photos of new bras

Photos of the bras I bought during yesterday's Nordstroms adventure. Still can't believe how big they are. The cups have no lining or padding. The bras with molded cups didn't fit quite right because my beasts are still too firm to settle into the cups.
I wonder if maybe I wasnt a 34 B to start because I don't think 625 cc's is supposed to increase your busy five cup sizes. Now the new challenge is to find a bathing suit! I'm nervous! Any of you ladies have any suggestions?

Day 46... They're finally evening out.

I swear they change a little every day. And all good changes too! The lower breast is filling out, the shape is more round, and righty is finally catching up to lefty. :)

Seven weeks today

Just wanted to share the bikini top I found at Windsor and also how they look in a sundress. Celebrating seven weeks and loving my new body! So happy I did this for myself. They're changing a little every day. I still wear the strap at night just trying to get the right to move a little lower.

Eight weeks today. :-)

It took eight weeks but my breasts are even! Now we just need the right to catch up to the left in the fluffy department! I've started going braless at night and it's heaven. That's all to report for now. The evil strap of doom is officially retired!

Can't believe it will be 10 weeks tomorrow :-)

I've decided to update every other week since my changes are so slight now. They're even and fluffing out more and more. My left breast is still my favorite, it looks so much like my wish pics. The right one is following along still about two weeks behind the left as far as fluffing goes.

Im so ready for real bras! Now that they're softer they move all the time! I feel like I'm swaying and bouncing all day long. Which is fun of course, but not very modest at all. Haha

I returned to the gym today. I was cleared a month ago but I've been working hard on my house to sell it. I listed on Saturday and it sold today! So the hard work paid off. The gym was interesting. I've never received so many states before even though I was stuffed into a too small sports bra it was pretty obvious how large my breasts are. That was fun.

All in all, I'm 100% happy I did this. My boyfriend says Dr. Khalil is going on the Christmas list, because he's a huge fan of the man's work! Lol!!

Quick update 12 weeks today!

Just wanted to give a quick update... Last week I mentioned I sold my house, and two days later we bought a new one! I've always been on my own, a single mom raising my kids, and now for the first time in my life I'm going to share a home with the wonderful man in my life! He's so supportive and amazing to me, and really the best thing that's ever happened to me. The best part of all is he thinks he's the lucky one to have me! So we are taking the big step and buying a home together, then at some point getting engaged and married, although he won't give me a time frame on that. He says he has it all planned out and I won't see it coming.

I really couldn't be happier. And here's another pic for the 12 week Mark. Not much change, my right is still tighter than my left, hoping it will catch up but if it doesn't I'm okay with it. You really can't tell except in photos which is odd.

More pics

You ever have a day where you just love your boobs so much you want to show them to the world? Well I can't do that. So I'll just be happy posting them here. Happy Friday ladies!!!

Bra sizes are so confusing.

Dr. Khalil cleared me for underwires yesterday. He noted that the right still looks fuller than the left and he would like to fill the left with another 25 ccs to even it out. But we will wait until August at my five month checkup to make that decision. Personally I think it's hardly noticeable and I'm fine either way.

Anyway he asked if I wanted to go bigger because usually women want bigger after the implants settle. I said no they're pretty big thanks. He said ok so you're happy with DD? I said actually I measured 34G earlier this week. He said no way, these are DDs. You need to go up in band size.

Now I'm really confused! Would the plastic surgeon be more knowledgeable than the ladies at Macy's or Nordstroms? It seems like he would right?

So to test his idea I went to JC Penney looking for new styles to try. I actually found a 34 DD with underwires and stretchy cups that was super comfy and gave great support, so I bought it. But I tried on a 36 DD push up bra that was just scary. I was spilling out everywhere. A 36 DDD or a 34 G would have fit perfectly but of course they only carry old lady bras in those sizes.

I couldn't be more confused. I think I'm going to end up wearing a DD just because it's easier to find cute styles in those cup sizes. Anyone else having a hard time figuring out what size to wear?

More pics (as requested)

Score! DKNY!

I'm so happy! I tried to go to Fredericks but apparently they have closed all their stores and they only sell online. :-(

So I popped into the Maidenform outlet instead. I found DKNY bras that were actually flattering for large breasts. I picked up three bras for $19.99 each!

Three months post op

Today it's officially three months since I got my breast augmentation. I couldn't be happier. They aren't perfect, but considering what I started with I couldn't have asked for better results.

The implants have settled fully into the breast pockets. I'm completely healed, although now and then my incisions feel a little achy, usually after working out. I'm a 34DDD but wear 34DD because its so difficult to find cute DDD bras. Plus I like the added support and cleavage from the tighter bra.

Honestly I wish they were a bit perkier, but before I ask the doctor to fill them more I'm going to diet and exercise and see if that will help. I'm the same weight I was when I got the implants but I haven't been exercising nearly as much due to the recovery and everything I've been doing to sell my house and move to our new one.

Overall I'm extremely satisfied with my results and I wish I'd done it 10 years ago! Good luck to all you lovely ladies, and happy healing!

Four months and no complaints.

Currently four months post op and I can't say I have any complaints. No real changes in the last month. I'm still measuring 34DDD but wearing DD due to the lack of choices out there. I have been hesitant to spend a lot of money on expensive bras since they might shrink over the next few months. But bathing suits are another story! I've never bought so many bikinis in my life. Lol

We leave for Cabo on Friday and this trip is exactly why I wanted my implants. I got them in March hoping they would settle and be beautiful by the time we leave, and that's exactly how it worked out. The boyfriend and I finally moved into our new home a couple of weeks ago so I've been busy with that too.

With that I did snap one quick photo today. I'll try to post more in my bikinis in Cabo this weekend. I hope all you lovely ladies are happy and healing well and blessed beyond words! ??

Nervous (6 months post op)

Hello ladies... It's been a while since I've posted here. Life got insanely busy. I'm engaged now and planning my wedding. I'm loving my new home with my fiancé and all our kids have been getting along great. Generally life is amazing and I can't ever remember being this happy.

Up until last week I was so happy with my implants. My final appointment with my surgeon was perfect at 5 months post op (625 ccs saline under, currently 34DD) and I had no issues.

Then last week I woke up to pain on the left side and it seemed tighter and harder than the right. It was also lifted and more round rather than the natural looking right side. It was odd because the left was always the perfect one, it's the right that was stubborn and refusing to cooperate.

Now I'm quite certain I'm experiencing the early stages of capsular contracture. I have an appointment to see the doctor this week and I'm taking vitamin E and singulair hoping to soften the scar tissue. Massaging helps some but it's clear there is an issue.

I know it's a common complication. I'm just disappointed it happened to me. If anyone has some supportive words or wisdom I'd love to hear them. Thank you.

Confirmed capsular contracture

I saw my doctor last week and he confirmed my left breast implant has formed a thick capsule. He attempted to squeeze the capsule extremely hard to pop it but it was already too thick. Oddly when he squeezed it, there was some clear discharge that came from my nipple. So apparently that indicates a bacterial infection of some sort. I'm on singulair and he said it will take three months to know if it will reverse the formation of the capsule. He said there is about a 50/50 chance it will be effective. If it doesn't reverse then we will discuss replacing the implant in January. I've decided I refuse to let this get me down. It was a risk that I was aware of, and luckily you can hardly tell in clothes. I have a wedding to plan! Life is beautiful.
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