31 Year Old African American Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Turbinoplasty plus Chin Implant! Beverly Hills, CA

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I've wanted rhinoplasty since high school. Now,...

I've wanted rhinoplasty since high school. Now, at 31, I'm finally taking the plunge!

5 years ago I got my breast augmentation and couldn't be happier with my choice to do so and I'm really praying I feel the same way after this procedure. This is absolutely be the last surgical procedure I have none until I'm 60 lol.

There is so much stigma in the black community about rhinoplasty. People think that you wanna be white, that you don't love yourself, that you're gonna look like Michael Jackson. I can personally say those things are not true about me. I have a solid self esteem! I think I'm pretty darn cute to be honest haha. I just would love a more refined, smaller nose to bring out the other features in my face. I also have horrid allergies and breathing problems due to a deviated septum and a cyst in my nose, so getting those things fixed will be nice!

I have been searching for the right doctor for years for this procedure. I live in Austin, Tx right now and never even considered Texas as an option for a nose job. It was either New York or Beverly Hills. I wanted the best of the best. And I'll admit, being a native So Cal girl, maybe I'm a little biased in thinking that the best of the best live in only 2 cities in the entire United States, lol.

In the end, I was searching "African American rhinoplasty" for the gibillionth time, and there he was...his beautiful work, nose after nose, front view after front view, I knew I had found my doctor...Dr. Ghavami!

It took me a month of stalking is Instagram and Facebook to finally pick up the phone and schedule a $350 skype interview. And boy oh boy is his office busy! I was on hold 20 minutes before someone was able to schedule me. It was a Friday, and he's in Beverly Hills, so whatcha gonna do? Wait! Lol.

I set up the skype interview in October and I was super nervous! I had a list of questions to ask but once Dr. Ghavami came on the screen but literally drew a blank even with the questions right in front of me lol. In the end he went over what I wanted and I felt he was a true artist, very confident in his work, and he out me at ease. By the end of it I knew I needed to put my deposit down for $2000 and secure my date!

Jan 8 is literally around the corner! I'm so nervous. I know I don't have a bad nose. So if I'm unhappy with the results I'll never hear the end of it. I can just hear my mom now, "your nose was fine. Now look at all this you went through and you're still not happy." Lol. Nope! I ain't even trying to hear it! This has to go right, and the FIRST time!

Surgery is in 5 days!

Well today is my birthday I am officially 31! I am officially in California. I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. My mom and dad are being extremely supportive. I am so pleasantly surprised. I kinda just showed up in California without warning and sprung it on them that I was getting the surgery next week, lol. My mom is happy to be with me during and after my surgery and I know that it's for the best. No one can care for you after surgery like your mother. I plan on drinking a ton of water, and eating healthy in these days leading up to my surgery. Time is flying! My pre-op is Tuesday!

Pre-op tomorrow!

My pre-op is tomorrow! I'm about to go pick up photos I'm getting printed at Walgreens to show Dr. Ghavami tomorrow so we can be on the same page. I played with the facelift app on my phone for fun but I still want more dramatic results that the app provides. I want to narrow my bridge, take out the flare of my nostrils and I also want tip work. I have faith I can get the results I want. I'm so excited! Watch out Beyoncé, if I could sing I'd be coming for you hahahaha

I might also get a CHIN implant!

So today my mom drove me to my pre-op with Dr. Ghavami this morning. It was raining like cats and dogs, which never happens in Cali, lol. Anyway, we made it!

I had my pictures ready to show Dr. Ghavami and go over them. We immediately talked about what I wanted and he assured me I will have beautiful results bc my skin is not too thick. I asked him to please keep Cynthia Bailey's (RHOA) photos next to him during surgery as reference hahaha.
During the pre-op, Dr. Ghavami suggested that I get a chin implant. I admit I was so caught off guard and I'm thinking, I thought I had a good chin? Lol. But he said he could fill my chin with a water syringe (I know weird right?!) and I could get an idea of what it would look like. Well, after he did that he showed me a mirror and I could see the difference! I still haven't made a final decision but getting both procedures together is much cheaper than if I come back in say a year and get the chin implant separate.
I started looking up all the black celebrities whose noses I love...and low and behold these biiches all have damn chin implants! I'm like damn, who woulda thunk it, lol.

So now I'll spend the next few days obsessing over the million dollar question, chin? Or no chin? Lol. First world problems!

I'm getting the CHIN too!

So last night I'm telling you I couldn't sleep worth a damn in my cute little studio in Beverly Hills (hehe, don't that have a nice ring to it?). Anyway, my butt was up all night looking up CHINS. Lol crazy. But I think I'm going to be happy with the results I trust Dr. Ghavami. He says it will harmonize my face and that's exactly what I want. I still maintain my original chin is cute though hahaha. I just emailed the final payment and a few wish pics of my ideal chin. Lord Jesus it's so much work to be fabulous. Hahahaha. Wish me luck!

8 hrs till surgery!

I'm up and a tad bit anxious! I know I'm in great hands with my surgeon Dr. Ghavami but naturally, I'm still a bit nervous and hoping I'm making the right decision, especially in regards to the chin implant. I don't want a square man chin! I am reading all these reviews and I'm prepared now for possible numbing around my lips and chin, not being able to chew certain foods, possibly having bouts of depression in regards to my new facial features I'm not used to. I think this extra research has me better prepared for the worse but it's all the more scary now. Hoping it's not as bad for me.
I will say I'm really happy my mom was able to come to Beverly Hills and care for me. She dropped everything last minute to make sure she would be by my side. That's real support! Yesterday she drove me all around the city picking up food and prescriptions and things I need to be ready after the surgery. I'm feeling really blessed to have her here because I don't think this would be very fun going through alone.
Ok, I think I'm gonna try going back to sleep as its 3:40am and my surgery is in the morning. Wish me luck guys! It's happening, it's really happening!

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was this big day! I am on a whole lot of drugs so I'll keep this short lol. My head feels "stuffed" and it feels like a lot of pressure. My mouth is numb and it feels weird to drink out of a straw. It's uncomfortable overall. Tonight I'll be taking the pain meds every 4-6 hours because I'm afraid what will happen if I don't.
When I tell you I don't know what I would do without my mom! We got to the surgery center and turns out I had like 4 more prescriptions on a separate paper than the one for Norco and Xanax that I didn't know about. So my mom without hesitation ran over to Rite Aid pharmacy and saved the day. One of the scripts was for an anti nausea medication that I needed now. That one pill alone was $40. Yes $40 for ONE pill and that was after insurance covered it'. I'm like damn lol.
Apparently I went under anesthesia and as I was going out I kept repeating "Tiny and cute, tiny and cute!" Hahaha apparently everyone had a good laugh.
Once I got out of surgery my mom got me back to our Airbnb that's literally around the corner and made me a boiled egg and avacado so I could take my antibiotic and other meds. I wasn't very hungry. But now a few hours later I'm starving. I am drinking green juice (veggies and fruits) and ritz crackers (they melt in your mouth).
I'm about to go back to bed I'll probably be in and out of sleep. Not used to sleeping elevated but it actually feels ok. Lights out!

Was able to take a pic in between gauze change

Day 1 is on my nerves lol

So it's only day 1 but I'm already kinda freaking out. I'm obsessed looking at my old pictures and just praying that this new nose is smaller and cuter. It's so hard because I can't envision it with the cast off. My man concern is the tip. I looks ginormous to me right now! I know I know it's too soon to judge but it's so hard with its on YOUR face. I'm also a big whimp when it comes to pain and I'm taking my meds around the clock. I'm not in pain but I have so much pressure it's really uncomfortable. I feel and look like a mummy lol. Ok. I needed to vent but I know I gotta stay positive. Oh and if I don't wanna gain 15lbs I need to stop snacking! Someone please take away these ritz crackers lol.

DAY 2, gotta keep it moving!

Last night was the worst. I just couldn't get comfortable and everytime I finally fell asleep I would need to wake up to take more medicine. I was also getting a little depressed wondering if I made a mistake getting this procedure but I had to snap out of it bc it's too early for those negative thoughts to take over.

Just now I decided to get up, put some clothes on and walk around the block. So refreshing! I needed to get out of this little room and be in the sun! I was only out for maybe 15 min and now I'm back in bed but it really did help.

My biggest problem has been boredom. I am not the kind of person that likes to sit around doing nothing. I'm very active and my days are typically filled with things to do so this is very strange for me to just be on bed rest basically.

I'm also coughing up some blood and I seem to have more blood coming from my nose.

My swelling has gone down a tiny bit but it's still bad.

Tomorrow is my post-op appointment so I'm hoping that everything is AOK when I see the doctor tomorrow. I don't get my cast off till Thursday and I absolutely cannot wait!

Day 2 pictures

Having problems uploading pics :(

Let's try this again uploading pics (day 2)

Day 3...I can see the light!

Last night I got more sleep than I have since surgery. I decided to take two of the prescribed Xanax about an hour after taking the Norco. Worked like a charm. This morning I don't feel as much pressure as I did the last couple days which is a welcome relief! Today I go see Dr. Ghavami for my post op. I'm not exactly sure what we do today bc cast doesn't come off till Thursday. I would be filled with joy if he took these splints out my nose, but I'm not gonna get my hopes up lol. I'll keep you guys updated. That you all for your uplifting comments! I was starting to feel ugly and then you guys reminded me I need to calm my butt down bc it was only day 2. Thank you!
Today looking at my nose, for the first time I can see the vision of what it's going to become! I'm excited again! I love the profile! The tip is super swollen and the nostrils looking kinda rough lol but they just need time. I'm back in good spirits! Everyone have a wonderful day!

Drama free zone!

Drama and recovery don't mix. If you have family, boyfriend/girlfriend, or drama from anyone that's going to be around you or even talking to you during recovery, think twice. Pain pills, pain, plus just not feeling yourself can be stressful. Don't have people around or talk to people that add to the stress! I was very blessed to have my mom here prior to surgery and 3 days post, which is the most important time, and I'm so thankful. I feel confident handling my recovery on my own from this point and making sure I don't focus on anything but recovery. It's gonna be a drama free zone up in here!

The pressure I was feeling and causing me so much pain seems to be subsiding, I think I'll do 1 Norco every 4 hours instead of 2. Later today I might take pictures when I go for a walk in the sunlight. I might go get me a smoothie at a near by cafe. Don't wanna do too much though I'm still extremely tired. But only 2 more days till my cast and nose gets cleaned! Woot woot!

Kinda feeling myself day 4 lol

Day 5 post op

Feeling so much better! Swelling is down, eyes not as puffy. I'm very happy with the progress. I'm excited tomorrow because the casting comes off and the splints that are in my nose due to the septoplasty/turbinoplasty come out! I cannot wait! I'll be able to breathe properly for the first time in my life. When Dr. Ghavami saw me at the pre-op he told me my turbinates were so close together it's one of the worse cases he'd seen! So it's truly a blessing to get it fixed! I'm still tired, and I'm still draining blood and mucus but I feel the end is near!
My biggest complaint is my chin. It itches so badly! I'm afraid maybe I'm allergic to the tape. I'm praying that the swelling of my nose and my chin is what's making it appear asymmetrical to me. I know I said I would stop looking at myself but of course that's a damn lie because everytime I have to change my gauze I'm going a full examination in the mirror lol. But I'm still very pleased so far and am hopeful that things will just continue to get better and better!

VLOG post op day 5


VLOG - Big Reveal/Cast off/Splints out!!!

VLOG 6 days post-op (BIG REVEAL)

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VLOG post op day 7 - RODEO DRIVE

VLOG - Post op day 7 (RODEO DRIVE!!!)

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DAY 7 Post Op

Today was a good day! I've really enjoyed my time in Beverly Hills. I'm glad I was fortunate enough to be able to come here and recover. Today, I went shopping and was out an about even with my bandages on without a care in the world lol. None of these people know me! Tonight I went to this hot spot tapas bar called Bazzar. I loved it! I sat at the bar and had a good old' time! I dressed up and put some concealer and lipstick on lol. I felt like myself for the first time since surgery! I'm totally exhausted after my long day and ready to get back home to Austin tomorrow :)
I just want to thank everyone for all the positive vibes and well wishes on my page. This experience has been so much better and easier with you guys supporting me and cheering me on throughout this process, so thank you! I'm going to be sure to update you guys throughout this journey.




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As you guys know from my earlier post today has been hard. I was upset about my chin and then having on going problems with uploading my video through me over the edge. Shout out to Angie from Real Self, she's been the one person genuinely trying to help me with my own going problems with my videos and I very much appreciate her for that.
In this video I use some pretty dramatic wording "botched and disformed". I was in an emotional state and now that I've calmed down I know that these words are way over dramatic and should not be used to described my situation. But I was frustrated. I have faith that this chin will get better. You guys continuing with the positive vibes will surely help me get through this :)


Today is 11 days post op! Let's just say I'm back in good spirits. I took the time to have my emotional pity party and don't nobody got time for that anymore! I am so very thankful to all you guys on Real Self! You have been so supportive and uplifting! So many people reached out both on my page and privately and let me know their experiences and educated me more about the recovery process. I feel so much better now! I have adjusted my expectations and I think I'm going to be happy when it's all said and done. Enjoy this video you guys. I'm back to my normal silly self :) Oh and I hope it's not too distracting my wig isn't secured and the lace in front is working my nerves in this video but I wasn't about to redo the video bc of the lace lmao.



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I've been meaning to make this video for a minute now, because I wanted to share with you guys some of the supplements I take and some of the supplies I needed after my surgery. I had no idea what I need prior to surgery, so if I can prevent someone from running errands after surgery or sending your mom to the store 50 million times, I will LOL. Hope you guys enjoy it:)

Compression Strap Doin It's Thang!

So I wore the compression garment that I bought off www.medicosupply.com (2 strap neck and facial support) all day yesterday as much as I could. It was tougher than I thought bc it hurts my ears being so tight. So I ended up not being able to wear it the entire night. When I woke up I had that thing by the side of the bed so I must have taken it off in my sleep lol. I ordered something called liposuction foam on Amazon, it molds to your body you cut it to your desired size and shape and put it inside the garment. I pray it helps my ears feel better. As you guys can see, this morning I look waaaaaay better than I did Sunday (the day of my breakdown). You guys were so supportive of that video but ya'll I was looking straight up cra cray and you know it! Lol. I'm just glad the compression strap seems to already be making a difference. I'm determined to wear it as much as possible! I'm also taking all my supplements now (check out my supplements video) and I think that will improve my healing time too :).

Photo of 6/9/12 day post op :)


So, I'm at the 2 week mark. I still have the asymmetry (I'm just really good at taking angled photos lol). But I'm real happy with how I'm healing and I'm confident that I'm going to really like my final results. I love my smaller nose! I feel like I still look like me, just a more refined version. Besides the assymetry in my chin I love what I'm seeing in the mirror. I will continue to be patient.
I'm going to take a little break from updating photos or videos for right now. Let myself heal and I'll try to update at the 1,2,3 and 6 month mark and then in a year. Don't wanna overwhelm you guys will updates every 2 seconds, lol. I'll let you guys miss me a little while hahahaha. I'd love you guys to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me there too :)
Shout out to Tmil400 you will still be hearing from me on a regular, and listen to me bitch and moan and keep me laughing lol ;).
This photo is a before and after, just taken today :)


Ok you guys...Its been EXACTLY 4 weeks! I've been mostly positive but I still have moments of impatience with this swelling in my chin. That being said, I do feel that it is JUST swelling and when the swelling FINALLY take a hike it will be one beatiful chin lol. So yes, I just have to wait. Ugh!
My scar is dark from both the allergic reaction and the incesion underneath my chin. I have a skype follow up with Dr. Ghavami next week. Hoping he can give me a prescription to lighten up the scars.
Other than that I'm doing good. My best friend and her son flew in from Cali and it's been such a nice distraction!
Also been keeping up with my YouTube videos and that has been really fun too.
Ok guys, I hope you are all doing well too! Muah!

4 weeks post op!!!


Updating you from SPAIN :)

Hola! I'm writing this post from SPAIN :). It's been over 2 months now and I'm doing good. There is a BUT...the scar on my chin (from the early allergic reaction to the tape) has officially KELIODED! I am so not happy about this. If it's not one thing it's another! I haven't reached out to Dr. Ghavami yet, but plan to when I get home next week. I feel very self conscious in video and pictures and notice I'm turning certain angles to avoid my scar. Very annoying and frustrating. So not sure who to go to for keloid removal, but now that looks like the near future for me. Other than that the swelling in my chin has gone down significantly. I'm still using the chin strap at night. My nose is doing good. My breathing is soooooo much better my allergies practically gone! I used to take a Zyrtec and sudefed every day of my life, and now I only take Zyrtec as needed. So far I haven't needed it more than once a week or so. :).

The chin implant saga continues...

3 weeks post chin implant revision

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I've taken so long to update. Partly because I wanted to wait a little bit longer, and maybe let more time go by so I could exclaim "I love my results!" But that is not happening. Nope, not at all.

I flew out to California 3 weeks ago to have my chin implant revision as well as the scar removed (from the allergic reaction I had to the tape after the original surgery.)

I was advised that I would be significantly less swollen this time and the swelling would last as long as the first time, being that this is a revision. Three weeks later I'm still extremely swollen, on the same side I was prior to the revision and I'm so frustrated.

I don't know what to do at this point you guys. It may just be swelling, but the shape just doesn't seem right.

Chin Implant Removal Scheduled Aug 16th!

Chin Implant Removal Scheduled Aug 16th!

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So, I am scheduled to have the chin implant removed once and for all and I am very happy. Dr. Ghavami was more than willing and is doing what it takes to try to make this situation right and to my satisfaction. I'm very pleased. I'll keep you all updated! Thank you for the support!

Chin Implant Removed

Yesterday I got my chin implant removed. I took the picture I uploaded IMMEDIATLY after. I'm still swollen and will be for at least a week (Doctor said 3 days but you know they always underestimate swelling recovery time lmao). I'm very happy. I put my chin strap on as soon as I left his office and I plan to wear it for 3 days straight. Then access how the swelling is at that point. Just wanted to update you all! Thanks for all the positivity and love! I'll continue to keep you updated!

Chin implant removal (day after...so HAPPY!)

Chin Implant Removal (day after...so HAPPY!)

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I just updated with a picture in my above post but decided to add a video and picture from today too :)

Feeling myself huuuuny!

Today is 4 days after the implant is out I am sooooo damn happy! Best decision EVA! I wanted to update some more pictures and show you guys where I'm at today. Swelling has gone down significantly and I'm loving my look. I was going selfie crazy today haha! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Stay fabulous!

1 year update!!!

What a journey it has been! It's been over a year now since my original surgery date. I am very satisfied with the results and it feels good to reflect back on this journey and be totally content. I want to thank all of guys for your love and support and I hope you enjoy the video! Love you all!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ghavami is a very talented Beverly Hills doctor. He is very confident in his work and I believe he is one of the best in the field. I love my nose and believe it is an amazing natural result. I was recommended at chin implant by Dr. Ghavami two days prior to surgery and it was not a good result. I had to have the implant removed and I never needed it in the first place. I don't recommend adding on last minute surgeries that have never been discussed and wish it wasn't pushed onto me. But overall like I said I'm satisfied and would highly recommend this doctor for rhinoplasty surgery. Have realistic expectations and I believe he will supersede them.

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