One week after second procedure

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I have been reading reviews for months and this...

I have been reading reviews for months and this site has actually helped me choose my doctor. I am having smart lipo done on my flanks, the small of my back and stomach. The first procedure will be next Friday, December 21st and the second one on December 26th. I am nervous about the recovery because I live alone and also hope that it is worth while and I see good results....i hope it doesn't turn out to be a waste of money!!

I have been thinking about lipo for years...and thought I would get it for my 40th birthday but that is still over a year away and I feel like why wait? I exercise 3-4 times and week and watch my eating but im still a thick girl. I've always had hips and a butt -- but after I turned 30 I got a stomach too that will not go away.

It's 5 days until I have my flanks done and I am...

It's 5 days until I have my flanks done and I am nervous; excited; anxious all rolled into one. I am wondering how the recovery will be. I think I am more nervous about having my stomach to done the day after Christmas. I think that will be more painful. But I am trying to stay focused on the positive. I have soup, crackers, apple juice and other light foods to eat after the surgery. One of my friends told me to get the huggies bed pads for the fluid that will leak. I need to pick those up this week. Just posted before pics.

I had my flanks and back done on Friday. I got...

I had my flanks and back done on Friday. I got there they gave me some Valium and painkillers, took pictures and the doctor marked me up. We then went into the procedure room, I can't remember the assistant's name that was in the room with me but he was so sweet.

I laid on my stomach and Dr K started to numb me. Let me say that during my consult I asked what the pain would be like on a scale of one to 1-10. He said the pain would be tolerable a 4. The needle going in to numb me was painful but I didn't cry out or anything. Then I felt the numbing solution that didn't hurt it just felt like someone filling me up like a water ballon. The doctor said you're doing very good. That was the hardest part. Then he melted the fat, I couldn't feel that at all. I just saw his arm moving back and forth in my peripheral vision. Lastly was the suctioning and in my back I couldn't feel a thing but on my hurt soooooo bad. I don't know if my sides weren't numb enough or what. Towards the end i did cry a little because it just seemed like the pain would not stop. He filled two bags with fat from my sides and back so that was a good thing. He did ask peridoically are you ok? Or how are you? My answer varied but he would just say a little longer. We're almost done.

When he finished I was sooo freakin happy! I could have done a back flip. But I lay there thinking...damn I gotta do this again in a few days. The assistant cleaned me up and helped me into the compression garmet. On the way home all I wanted to do was throw up and lay down. Luckily I put a goodnites bed pad in my friends carseat because when I got out the car there was a puddle of red fluid.

Those bed pads have been a lifesaver I slept them them on my bed the last two nights and the fluid has not soaked through and gotten on my sheets. The first night was awful I couldn't get comfortable and whenever I got up to move around I was naeous. Late Friday I was finally able to throw up and felt better. Yesterday and today are better I'm still sore and it's hard to get comfortable but I just feel like discomfort is my new normal.

Today I took a shower and washed my compression garmet and put it back on. I also washed a load of clothes, but I started to feel a little light headed and short of breath so after I put the clothes in the dryer I had to lie down for about 10 min.
I'm really anxious for Wednesday. I have 6 Valium left and I feel like I'll need them all!
I'll post pics later this week

Today marks one week after having my abdomen done....

Today marks one week after having my abdomen done. This recovery has been rough-- much harder than the flanks recovery. Getting up and down, bending over, sitting on the toilet-- it's all still a challenge. I'm only comfortable sitting with my legs elevated or lying down. My stomach is hard and swollen.

Today was my first day back and work and all I could think about was coming home and lying down. I think I'm a pretty tough chick...but this procedure has maybe proved me wrong.

My question is how long will I be so swollen? How long will my stomach and flanks be hard? Did anyone get lympathic massages? Do they help with swelling? Are they painful? I can't imagine anyone pressing my my stomach with it being so tender. My one week follow up is this Friday and I plan to see what my surgeon says about the massages. Any advice that anyone can give regarding the swelling will be much appreciated.

I chose this Doctor based on reviews on this site. Also I went to another doctor for a consultation and he was not a confident on the type of resuls that I wouldl have Dr. Khalifeh told me that I would go from having a box shape to a curvy shape. I know that he specilizes in this type of surgery and does them in his office. This other doctor did not do them in his office but had to rent time/space at a location hospital.

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