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I'm ukranian and arab, so naturally you can...

I'm ukranian and arab, so naturally you can imagine my nose would be a little weird. I was self conscious about my nose ever since I was a little kid, when I would get teased about it. I got teased about it all throughout middle and high school and at age 15 I decided I wanted to get it done. I researched some doctors but my mom told me to wait a few years to see how I grew. I forgot about it for a couple years and then the insecurity really started to bother me recently so I went to a few consults to see what they could do. I did not like how downturned my nose was, how wide it was, and how it seemed flat looking. I also had a small bump which was not that much of a concern to me. I scheduled 4 consults, but one of the doctors never showed up. One of the doctors was too expensive and seemed like a salesman in the fact that he had a bunch of attractive women wondering around the office doing minuscule tasks. The other seemed like he would do such a drastic change because he wanted to put in an artificial graft to raise the tip. So I went with my doctor because he was affordable and seemed honest and like he would do a natural nose. I didn't feel he tried to force me or pressure me to go with him.

So the day of my surgery was stressful. The anesthesiologist was late so I was waiting a while and had a lot of anxiety. But eventually I had the surgery and woke up and the only thing that hurt was my left eye. I threw up a bit from the anesthesia but I was fine. There was very little pain throughout the whole thing and I was sleeping through the night by the day 2. For the amount of work he did, breaking the bones and all, I thought I healed well. I was not very bruised, the bruising I had cleared after day 3. I went in for day 5 for a checkup and day 8, today, I got my cast off. This is my initial results and I lovee them. I'll hopefully be posting more pics as time goes on.

Well in a few days it will officially be a year...

Well in a few days it will officially be a year since I got my nose done. Time flew by so fast. I know i didn't post any pictures throughout the whole year but I think I'm one of the rare cases whose nose didn't change much, it already looked really good when I got the casts off and didn't change significantly, but I'm including my 1 year post op pictures to let you all see. Maybe its body dysmorphic disorder and I'll never be completely happy with my nose, but I still wish my tip was slightly smaller and more upturned. I like really perky tiny noses but I don't think that would go so well on my face. Overall I'm so impressed with the results though, I didn't think any doctor would be able to modify the nose I had before because it was so wide and so flat with no dimension and definition what so ever, but Dr. Moshyedi made it happen and I am so happy! The only time I really still am not completely satisfied with my nose is from the front when I'm smiling, I wish it was a bit smaller. I know I got rhinoplasty at a pretty young age some would say, but the experience was good and I would recommend it to any girl feeling insecure about her nose if the issue really bothers her that much. I'm glad I got it done at a young age so I didn't have to go through life hating myself. This past year I've felt so much more confident and happy and I can leave the house without makeup and wear glasses and do all these things I wouldn't do before. One thing is, though, plastic surgery can be a little addicting. Although I've changed the biggest flaw I feel like I had, I see myself looking into every little flaw about myself and considering changing it. because once you go through it once and it turns out better than you expect, you start wondering what else you can do and how good you can look. I'm contemplating my boobs already and I'm only 18 so I'm trying to wait. Its just that feeling of, well I've already altered my appearance so I might as well do more, so I think that is why plastic surgery can be so lethal to us young girls obsessed with perfection. You need to put in your head that you only want to get like one procedure at this young of an age, you don't want to start looking fake.
Oh, and about people noticing. So many people didn't even notice I had a nose job! People were saying, you look so much prettier now but I don't know what it is. BUt then there were some people who did talk behind my back and say I did have a nose job lol but I denied it. Quite a few of my friends know I got it done and they all used to say I didn't need it, but they all agree now that it looks so much better and many of them want to get it done. I've just learned that you're the one person in life that focuses on your nose the most, so when you notice a big difference, other people might not really be examining you that closely to notice! Which is a relief.

4 Year Update - It Looks Better with Time!!!

I was scrolling through my old reviews on realself and thought I'd update this. I have long since forgotten about my rhinoplasty. I mean, I don't even think about my nose anymore and 4 years ago it was my biggest insecurity. Well, tomorrow(I think) will be exactly 4 years since getting my nose chopped off. I was happy at 1 year post-op but ive been telling everyone that it gets better/smaller/more defined with time and I was seeing changes for ~40 months or so, especially in the tip. A couple of years ago, my tip looked more blunt and rounded which I was okay with... but now it is a lot sharper! The bones have set in nicely and my bridge looks almost nonexistant from the front, which I love. I don't think my nose is 100% perfect but it's definitely small and no longer distracts from my other features. I feel guilty when people say that I have a cute nose.... especially when I don't want to reveal my secret. Here are some photos to compare with, also updating my lip lift results so check that out too if thats a procedure youre interested in.
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