26 YO, No Kids, 5ft 2, 119 Lbs, 32B/34A with 375cc Smooth Round Silicone, Submuscular, Inframammary Incision - Bethesda, MD

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I’m not entirely sure where to begin. Like many...

I’m not entirely sure where to begin. Like many of you here, I wasn’t blessed with full sized breasts and it does take a toll on one’s self-esteem. Once high school was over I’ve contemplated breast augmentations since but decided to brush the desire aside and thought hopefully I could learn to love my body as is. College came and went but the feeling of dissatisfaction still lingers from within. The reality is that I’m unhappy with the size of my breasts. Being that I fit a 34A/32B Victoria Secret (push up) I’ve always desired to be a full C cup. I weigh about 119 lbs with a height of 5 ft 2. Now that I’m 26 years old with no children, I have decided that it’s now or never. Upon intensive research and obsession I’ve decided to reach out for Dr. Jabs at Cosmetic Surgery in Bethesda, MD for a consultation.

There were many reasons why I chose Dr. Jabs as my surgeon. One of which was because of his presence. The level of comfortability was clearly evident from the moment I entered his office upon meeting him for the first time. He answered all my questions patiently and offered me very helpful inputs for trying to achieve a natural looking result. Dr. Jabs also has many 5 star reviews from Realself.com and after visiting his website/reading the experiences of his prior patients, I’ve gained confidence that he is the right surgeon for me. My coordinator Christina was amazing and helpful as well. I called several times due to my excitement and uncertainty to size and just to have my questions answered. She picked up Everytime and was very patient with me. During the consult, I brought along my 22 year old sister for a second opinion on size and having two females there really helped me with my decision. I initially wanted 350 cc silicone implants but decided to go with a 375 cc instead. From what I’ve read you apparently lose 25 cc once going under the muscle and the difference between the two is pretty unnoticeable. I figured if I’m going to get it done, might as well up it a little. Heh.

So I had my initial consultation on Friday, June 26th, 2015. I then immediately booked for my surgery date on Monday, July 20th, 2015. As I am writing this today is Thursday, July 16, 2015. I can’t believe how fast the weeks are flying by. The doctor recommended that I don’t drive for a week. Therefore, I requested a week off from work and used my 5 day vacation to recover. Words cannot fully express the level of excitement and anticipation that I am feeling right now. It intensifies as the days approach my surgery date.

My boyfriend initially did not like the idea of me going for a breast augmentation. He fears that it will change me. I could not agree with him more. Indeed I will be a changed woman and I will be happier with more confidence. I never thought that this day would come. It hit me when I was reading a comment from a 60+ lady on real self who commented that she wished she had gone through this process in her youth. Yea I didn't want to picture myself in her shoes. Life is too short to be unhappy. Therefore, I'm doing this for me and my future happiness. I can't wait!!!

Anyhow, I’m sorry I wrote so much. I had a lot to vent. I haven’t even told any of my friends or other family members about this procedure. I’ll just let them find out once I’m healed and recovered. Been laying low since work invaded my life. It feels great to know that for once I’m doing something for me. I apologize for not posting any pictures of my current breasts, I promised my BF no nude pics online. Thank you to those brave girls out there who actually did their reviews, your experiences really do help people like me who have been contemplating this procedure but was hesitant. Again, thank you.

Wish boobs

Size indecisiveness

Eh, surgery is on Monday coming up. Thought I was confident about my size of choice but now I just don't know. This is such a tough decision. Maybe I'm losing it.

Surgery tomorrow ^_^

I can't believe that tomorrow is my surgery date. June 26th was the date that I had my initial consultation and it's finally happening. I never thought that I would build enough courage to really go through with this. I've always been the one to put others first and for the first time in my life I'm doing something for me. I can't wait to wake up knowing that a better brighter future is awaiting ahead.

Goodbye to my many beautiful Victoria Secret bras I'd have to give you up...they're all push ups but I'm ready! I've been feeling incomplete for so long because of my low self esteem and now I can finally build some confidence. It's nice to have a booty but better to be proportionate and feel sexy.

I can't wait to talk to my surgeon Dr. Jabs tomorrow. I felt like such a teenager boy showing him all my wish boobs on my phone during my consultation. I showed him the many that I was hoping to achieve and also the several that I disliked. I love the natural busts that gave a beautiful "u" shape with no circular implant visibility. He gave me a 3d image view but the image looked like it was kind of poorly constructed. So tomorrow I'm going to discuss and present the pictures of my expectations again. Just to make sure we're on the same page. Hehe.

So tomorrow I have to come in with no makeup, no fragrance & I'm going to wear a zip up sweater and a cotton skirt for comfortability. I think I'll be wearing mostly zip up sweaters post op since I'll be bloated and too sore to lift my hands up to wear a regular shirt. I was also advised to not drink or eat anything after mid night before surgery. This is going to be interesting lol.

Anyhow, tomorrow after surgery I might post a pic of my surgery bra to show my proud big girl move. :) I promised my bf no naked boob pics but he didn't say anything about a medical bra pic. ;)

Thank you again to all the helpful and supportive ladies on here. You have no idea how difficult it is to hold my emotions in. I feel like I want to shout to everybody my excitement. Can't wait for this journey to officially start.

Time to pic out appropriate clothing for this coming week. Ttyl. ='D

Today is the day....^_^

Oh man am I excited! My wonderful bf came over late last night to make sure I'm alright. I'm not sure how long it will be until we can get intimate again. We didn't take that for granted. ='P I'll definitely ask Dr. Jabs for sure and let you know what his perspective answer is. Last night was somewhat difficult to sleep when you're so nervous and anxious all at the same time.

Not gonna lie, a part of me felt a slight bit of fear regarding surgery. I hope that when I wake up it'll be like a short dream and that the postoperative pain would be minimal. I forgot to mention another reason why I chose Dr. Jabs was because of his own published study...he and a colleague developed a technique that would reduce pain after surgery called "Tumescent anesthesia infiltration," which he injects anesthetic directly into the surgical site. Oh and he uses the keller funnel which is a hands free device to insert the implants without touching them, thus reduces the risk of a capsular contraction. That was very important to me when I had a consult with my surgeon. I had to make sure that not only was he board certified but he was to be up to date with his methods as well.

Still nervous. But I feel like I've been waiting for this moment my whole life. Surgery isn't until 12:30pm but check in is at 11am. I woke up super early to get ready and now I have time to relax. I prayed hard this morning so that everything will go smoothly. I'm really lucky to be even just this close. I honestly never thought this day would arrive.

Thank you ladies again for all your support. Today I will be going in for 375cc silicone mentor, smooth, round, moderate profile plus profile with submuscular incision. Wow! It feels good just to type that out. Hehe. Will keep you posted!!!

Surgery complete :))

Dr. Jabs and his team were beyond amazing! I was scared getting into the OR and had told them so. I remembered sayin I'm scared I'm scared, when will I fall asleep. Bam! I just woke up lol. I didn't experience any pain whatsoever. Waking up just made me a little dozy. I kept rambling about whether it was over. My little sister was by my side when I woke up along with the nurse staff. She said everything went great. Surgery was about an hour I think. Boy was that a marvelous sleep.

I still can't believe it really happened to me. I had to pinch myself in my car while my sister drove me home. Best feeling of accomplishment ever!!!

I'm now looking forward to my future postop appointments with my surgeon. He's like an uncle to me almost. He made me feel like family and its a great feeling to have considering I didn't even tell my family about this procedure besides my sister.

Trust is a very important thing to have. & I'm glad I could trust him. We made a joke about a uniboob I saw on Google and I told him please don't give me that. He laughed.

Anyhow, I'm not even nauseous at all. Just tired and dehydrated. So o drank some water. He mentioned the Vicodin will be making me nauseous so I'd have to eat while taking those.

I think I wouldn't be able to build enough courage to go through this experience had it not been for the reviews and support of other's before me. I want to thank you all again.

I'm the biggest wimp when it comes to surgery and needles. If I had to compare the insertion of the IV needle was more painful than the pressure after coming out of surgery. I absolutely love my surgeon and his staffs. I'm very blessed to have found him. Best experience so far yet.

Let the healing begin...

Surgery was yesterday and I can't believe it really happened. Still in shock to wake up this morning with the medical bra and strap on me. It just doesn't feel real. Can't believe that it really happened.

Sleeping for the first night was not that much of a challenge for me. My bf put a lot of pillows on his bed to help with the elevation. You should try to level your pillows so that when you do have to get up it wouldn't be as difficult. The challenge for me this morning was trying to get up to get my medicine but was struggling. Lol

It's still sore. I'm hoping to discontinue with the narcotics sometimes after tomorrow or Wednesday and just take Tylenol extra strength. Don't want to rely on it long term.

Dr. Jabs informed me yesterday that I should be able to shower today. I'm kind of nervous to see or even take off my medical bra because I'm afraid there might be some bruising. He is such a sweet gentle doctor. He called and checked up on me last night around 6ish to ask how I was doing. He was amazed by how gathered and functional I was over the phone and told me to take it easy.

Seriously there was no pain just cramping from the movements of my surrounding chest muscle. If you've ever overworked out on your frontal chest region, that's how it feels for me. Or like if you have a baby's head resting on you for a long time, that's what breathing feels like. Had I known how this experience would be I would not have freaked out as much.

I'm also not as bloated as I thought I was going to be because the week prior to surgery I drank so much water to constantly keep myself hydrated and I'm barely even bloated now. Still the narcotic does make you dehydrate. So drink plenty of water. I'm lucky to also not get a sore throat. I read that some people would get scratched when the pipe was entered or removed from their throat.

A bit of advice if you're thinking about going for this surgery...make sure you're comfortable with your chosen surgeon and don't forget to ask lots of questions. Come prepared and have questions available with pictures of what you're trying to achieve and pictures of what you don't want. In addition, keep in mind certain things you cannot intake prior to surgery (green tea, fish oil, vitamin e, painkillers, etc) & don't forget to have your Rx filled in advance. Also, wear something comfy like a zip up sweater for your day of surgery because lifting your arms up will be a bit painful. So I packed a lot of zip ups/buttoned clothing in advance and made things more reachable in preparation for the aftermath.

All in all, sorry I wrote so much. I'm just so excited for the future ahead. I want to heal ASAP so I can be extra proud of these new twins. Hehe. I went with 375cc under the muscle and am so glad I did it. Next Tuesday morning will be my first postop appointment with Dr. Jabs. I can't wait to see him again. Hopefully my breasts will get squishy by then.

Peeking at my new boobs

Today I was curious as to what they looked like under the surgical bra and I'm glad I chose 375cc from a 32b/34a cup. It looks like a perfect C. At least with this size since I always wore a push up bra it's not going to be too noticeable of a difference. I'll be push up bra free.

The aches seem to be the worst today than it was yesterday. I emailed my coordinator Christina and was informed today was supposed to be one of the worst days for aches. Yup so I took some Vicodin every 4 hrs. And luckily for me I haven't experienced any nausea whatsoever. Just slight dizziness when I try to walk. I'd have to walk slow like baby steps because with each movement I can feel the aches in my chest.

The hardest part for me so far is trying to pull myself together in order to get out of bed. I still walk around for a bit but today was much more achier. Even with elevated pillows. It's still a struggle.

Anyways, I'm glad I choose 375cc instead of 350cc. Personally I think it fits my figure quite well. Not too big and not too small...just right!

After opening my surgical bra I noticed there is a slight bruising on both sides of the surgical area. Not too much. I was afraid because of the aches that I was brusing all over. But luckily no.

Bit of advice if you're going to unhook your medical bra make sure you have someone to help you hook it up. It kind of hurts when I tried to do it myself because the soreness is still there.

I promised my bf no nude pics on here. But I took some shots so you see parts of my results. Let me know if you have any questions. =)

Day 2 Postop

Today it was somewhat difficult to get out of bed. The soreness felt much more intense on my chest. I had to shower so I took a look at my boobs and noticed the bruising near the incision has turned slightly purple. I freaked out a little and showed it to my bf and took a picture to my surgeon. He says it looks normal. Thank God I didn't go bigger than 375cc. When I took off the medical bra, they look huge on me. I love it!!!

I'm not having any back pains which is good. Just chest muscle aches when I try to move or lift my arms. Had to remind my bf not to close my Rx too tight because I wouldn't be able to open it.

I think today will be the last day I rely on Vicodin. It works really well except it makes me really sleepy. I can feel my nipples getting really sensitive. It kind of stings when I'm breathing with the medical bra on. I hope this too shall pass.

I've been walking around slowly to get the blood flow running. & pretty much sitting/laying down all day. I feel somewhat handicap. Still very dehydrated so I've been drinking lots of water.

Not once have I felt nauseous. I'm so lucky in that sense. I still have no regrets! Love just looking at my cleavage and can't wait for it to get squishy. I'm very happy that I went through with this process. I hope that each day will get better!

8 Days Postop...

Hi guys,

Sorry for taking a while to update my status. Was feeling down for a while because I felt like my boobs weren't as big as I had hoped. Well if you followed with me initially, today I am 8 days postop. Had my one week appointment with Dr. Jabs this morning. He showed me how to start massaging (a packet on how to perform the massage was provided as well) and he also gave me my silicone ID card. ='D

I attached the ID card for you to see. Clear evidence for me to realize that its official and I really did get 375cc silicone on July 20, 2015. I still can't believe it actually happened.

The massaging part today was kind of painful because my breasts are still swollen and tight near the incision region. I still have some slight bruising near the incision line. My PS informed me to start gently massaging until the implant can move. I can't wait for it to be squishy and fluffed out.

According to Dr. Jabs my right boob dropped a little more than my left. So I still have to continue on wearing the compression strap until I can get them to both drop fully and evenly. He said normally the boob that drops first would be your dominant one. I told him I was left handed and he thought it was odd. Makes sense I guess because I drive with the steering wheel mostly using my right hand. Btw make sure you don't sleep with the compression strap on. I wasn't aware of this until I read my instructions packet.

Speaking of driving, Monday was my first day back from work. Every time I had to make a turn it was a challenge because I'm still sore and haven't driven for a week. Additionally, it wasn't easy trying to get back and focus on my daily tasks. I felt very sluggish and tired. The minute I walked into the office I felt like I wasn't going to survive the day. I felt like a baby and wanted to just be home and nap. I was easily warn out and walking around to do simple things felt difficult. I remembered feeling lots of frustration with myself and work. Luckily, my boyfriend was a great venting partner. Make sure you have someone to talk to because throughout this process I notice I've felt so many different emotions. Still am.

I attached a few images for your viewing to show you my progression. I told my PS how I felt regarding my breast size and he told me to be patient because I need to let my boobs drop. It's weird how when I'm wearing the medical bra it really constricts not only my breathing but also my boobs as well. I think it's partially why I was still bruised. After I took it off, they look and feel a lot better.

I just need to stop being negative Nancy and love my body more for putting it through such a roller coaster. Anyways, I went to Victoria's Secret today and purchased some wireless sports bras and found a sexy night gown that would look amazing with my new boobs. I tried it on and I loved it! I can't wait for these babies to look more amazing.

Feel free to ask me questions if you come across anything. I'm still learning as I go.

10 Days Postop...it DOES get BETTER!

Someone on here requested that I show my before pic to compare and I was reluctant to do so. However, after careful consideration I figured if it could help someone else...why not? I took one last shot of my before chest frontal view and I've included it here for your viewing. Nipples are hidden (because my bf agreed I would have to hide them if I'm going commando online) Told you I needed the implant procedure. Being small/flat chested really sucked because I was always a push up bra kinda gal. Dating always made me felt insecured because once things got serious and in the bedroom area it worried me about what the guy would think. Luckily, it was never really an issue just inside my head.

Well today marked my 10 days Postop. And I agree with most of the ladies on here it does get better! Getting up in the morning in an upright position used to be a painful challenge but now I think that the soreness is starting to wear down its been easier.

Inhaling and exhaling isn't that bad either. There are some heaviness still but not like before. The swelling on my chest from the day of surgery has been reduced because they were so high up and now it has started dropping with the help of the compression wrap. I still wear it to work under my shirt. I'm massaging every morning to make room for my implant pocket but the bruising near the incision makes it hard. Wish I had a professional Breast implant massager to do it for me for a speedy recovery. ;) hehe.

Well here's to a brighter fiture ahead. Can't wait for my one month postop and for things to really get squishy. I feel like it's more squishy near my cleavage region because I've been touching it there mostly. Feels good to have actual cleavage. =) Happy healing everyone! ^_^

Almost 2 wks Postop baby!!!

I'm loving my new boobies as the days and weeks go by. ='D Tomorrow I will be exactly 2 weeks postop. The heaviness in my chest is pretty much almost gone. I'm still massaging as much as I can but the incision region near the crease of my breasts are still bruised so it's still sore there. However, I feel like I can dance and not feel a single ache on my chest muscle. Why did I wait til I'm 26 to get this done? Best decision of my life so far! Boobies are still kinda high but I think they are starting to look natural.

Makes me kind of sad that when i went grocery shopping an elderly lady was whispering to probably her daughter and looked at me...most likely talking about my boobs. I wasn't even wearing anything revealing. Just a sportsbra under a wifebeater tank. Oh well, haters gonna hate. I love my body now and it's disappointing to know that people can be so judgmental when they don't even know you.

Anyways, I uploaded some pics for you. :) I hope everyone is healing happily. If you're going through some pain post surgery, remember that it's just temporary and it's one of the best things you've ever done for yourself. Happy healing everyone! ^_^

23 days Postop (3+ wks)

My morning boobs have pretty much gone away. Every once in a while when I'm at work I sense some nipple sensitivity which stings at times. However, it's so worth it! I love these twins. Going under the muscle with moderate plus profile was the best decision I ever made. They look and feel super natural. Oh did I mention that they've gotten so much more squishier? My bf loves them! Massaging helps. I don't have a lot of time to do it due to my work schedule but I try to squeeze time for them at least twice a day. Particularly when I'm showering. Wish I had gotten these babies in my early twenties. Better now than never. I can't wait for my 1 month Postop with Dr. Jabs at the end of August.

32 Days Postop...='D

I am now 32 days postop. Yay!!! I wasn't going to update anything until my one month postop appt next Tuesday. But I wanted to do so for you ladies. I think the size I chose (375cc moderate plus profile, silicone) was just right. My mood has been off the chart lately. Especially during my time of month. I don't know what the term "fluff" means because I feel like my boobs have completely dropped? However, I hope this isn't the case. I want them to get bigger than now. Hope that's not me being too boob greedy. ='/ I could be wrong...they just look so natural it's like I was born with it. I'm still massaging at least twice a day. My left boob is still somewhat higher than my right. Hope they start evening out soon. Looks kind of weird. Not gonna lie, I do enjoy looking at them. ;'P

***Finding out my bra size...***

So I was asked what my bra size is currently and I didn't have an answer. But I've been waiting soooo anxiously that I gave in to temptations & went into Victoria's Secret to get sized. I evidently went and purchased two wireless Body By Victoria Plunge bras (same type just different colors). To my surprise the worker there measured me & I had to tell her I was wearing a lightly padded Under Armour sports bra & wasn't sure if I should remove my bra for exact measurement. I was super excited I accidentally exposed a nipple ;'P. & tada she measured me at 34DD. I said "NO way!" & she gave me this black wireless plunge bra to try on and I said it looks way too big. She told me "you'd be surprised..." & she was right...they fit snuggly. I never thought in a million years before having kids would I ever be a 34DD. It's only been one month so I controlled my urge to overspend on bras by purchasing new panties instead. The bras fit snuggly but I feel like if I fluff in a few months the bra would be absolute perfection. All this time I doubted my size...I'm much more content that it's bigger than I anticipated. I was aiming for a 34C but this is even better. My BF was right...I didn't feel like they were big enough because I was so used to looking at them. No more boobie mood swings for now lol. Can't wait to see my PS on Tuesday & have him examine these tatas... ='D Thank you ladies for being there during this process. I wouldn't know where to turn to without you.

2 months & 3+ wks

I know it's been a while since I've updated this. I haven't forgotten just been busy. The roughest part through this process for me was making the decision to actually go through with it. & I'm glad I didn't hesitate. My breasts were silicone moderate plus implants but they feel and look so natural. My own girl friends still haven't had a clue about my implants because I used to always wear push up bras. I think it's something I'll just keep to myself for now. Although, my BF loves them and I'm happier that's what's most important to me. Initially I was incorrectly sized at Victoria Secret for being a 34DD. I realized that a 34D was the correct sizing for me & I'm still wearing the wireless body by Victoria bras today. They're so comfy & cute. Here are some new pics. :) Tip: if you're going to get implants do it for you. Its never too late.

It was quite an experience! I could not have asked for a better surgeon. Dr. Jabs' reduced pain technique was very beneficial. The day of surgery I felt no pain pain whatsoever. I was amazed by this and was glad he was my doctor of choice. Wanting to enhance my breast size was a very personal decision that requires special handling, and trust. I felt like Dr. Jabs' professionalism and warm demeanor really made my decision an eye opener. Not sure why I waited so long to go through with this. Had I known about Dr. Jabs sooner I would've made the decision earlier than now that I'm 26. He even called me a few hours after surgery to check up on me. I felt truly cared for. My coordinator Christina was very kind and helpful as well. She answered every silly question I had and was very patient with me throughout the process. They really do treat you like family here. Therefore, Dr. Jabs is my top doctor of choice!

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