33 Years Old, 2 Kids, Gynocamstia Surgery - Bethesda, MD

Having this surgery on my birthday and not really...

Having this surgery on my birthday and not really a person who likes surgery. But i have had this problem for a very long time. Decided after saving up and with my wife's support decided to move forward with getting the surgery done or liposuction in my case. I choose Dr. Frank Richards to do my surgery because of the results he had and the distance from were i am located. My surgery date is tomorrow and i am writing this the night before. Will update tomorrow after the procedure is done and i hope my story helps other make up there mind about getting this procedure done.

3 days post op

3 days after laser Lipo for gynocamstia. very sensitive and numbness in chest, and really bad swelling on both sides of my under arms of my. My chest I know is smaller but hope it gets firmer and the skin contracts around my pec but there is a done of swell is this normal?

1 week post op

One week post op and my chest has swelling all over I thought my chest would start looking flat but looks almost the same before surgery. I know I have a ton of swelling but was really hoping to see some improvement my surgeon said it will get much better in next couple weeks. I have also started dieting lost about 7lbs now I am 272 but I lose interest when I look at my pictures. Will keep updating in weeks to come.

2 week post op

2 weeks post op surgery still swollen and still have man boobs. But I don't know because I lifted weights and benched around 465 so my overall chest is big. I hope it gets better. Was told by doc 2-5 weeks I will se slot of improvement.

4 weeks post op

Still swollen I guess been working out a lot but as of right now I am not to happy with results we will see how the next couple weeks go

Update 4 months

Hey sorry for not updating for a while but here is a update not overly happy because of hanging skin. It see doc on Monday
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

Very nice doctor will no more after the surgery and the weeks to come

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