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So the lip lift was a procedure I was always...

So the lip lift was a procedure I was always interested in. I feel like there is still not that much information about it despite it being such a great procedure, that's why I'm contributing my comprehensive review. Since a young age, I always felt the space between my nose and mouth was too long, emphasized more after my rhinoplasty two years ago. I though to myself if they could just lift the lip up and stitch it, I would have a fuller lip and more tooth show. I didn't even know this was an actual procedure until 2-3 years ago, lol. So immediately after I found out about it, I did research but it seemed to be a very unknown sort of surgery. People were saying that the scar is horrible and that you can end up with a deformed mouth. I was really worried about this, so I abandoned the idea for awhile. However, about 1 year after my rhinoplasty, the space was bugging me. I decided to have juvaderm injections.. 1 syringe placed into my top lip. I thought this would give me a fuller look and raise my mouth higher to my nose. While I loved the size of my lips after the (painful) injections, I still did not like the space and my toothshow was even less than I started with. I decided to go back for another syringe a few months later, getting around .6 cc in my top lip and the rest in my bottom lip. The bottom lip was barely noticable, but my top lip was quite large since it contained 1.6 cc of juvaderm. Sometimes, people would ask me if I had lip injections. My number one pet peeve after my procedures is people noticing, especially when the person didn't even know me before. I like people to think I'm a natural beauty and I'm not very open about my procedures with people I don't know well. I still had no toothshow(despite getting veneers to elongate my 6 front teeth), my lips were large, and the thought of going through painful and expensive injections again was nauseating. I decided to re-research the lip lift procedure and read through pretty much every web page and review online. There were a lot of lip lift experts out there, but I am very wary of people with too much publicity. So I went back to Dr. Moshyedi who did both my rhinoplasty and breast augmentation to see if he would do a lip lift. I decided to do the lip lift in conjunction with cheek implants. Now, I'm estimating the cost of the lip lift at 3500, but im not sure since I also got cheek implants and the total for my surgeries including anesthesia and surgery center fees was $7500, however I do believe the cheek implants were more expensive since I had to pay for the implant. The lip lift could have been $3000 or even less, I'm not sure.

Anyway, so I went out under anesthesia since I was doing two procedures. When I woke up, I was in a lot of pain, but I attribute most of it to the cheek implants. In fact, the cheek implants were the worst part of my recovery and I hardly felt any pain from the lip lift, just tightness. I do think its a very painless procedure, even if I had gotten it done under local. I got my stitches out I believe 8 days later? Maybe it was 6, not sure. But wow the scar was BARELY NOTICEABLE even that soon after surgery. By now, I'm nearly 2 months postop, and it's pretty much invisible. I have so much more confidence with my lips now. The lip lift is the only procedure I've gotten out of rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, lip injections, cheek injections, and cheek implants, that people did not notice and didn't ask me if i had it done. it looks super natural and is probably my favorite procedure to date(but I love all of them).
I will post a review of my cheek implants since I know that is another "rare" surgery, but I do not feel that I've recovered enough to show accurate photos of that. Also, I have gained some weight and am trying to lose that before I show side by side photos of my cheeks. But I love them so far and will post a review soon for them!

ALL of my lip lift pictures are with no makeup on, so you can see exactly how the scar looks without being covered. I am telling you guys who are interested in getting this, do not fear the scar! It is not that bad at all. The trade off is worth it as this procedure really enhances your beauty. A short philtrum and full lips are very attractive. With makeup, the scar is completely undetectable. i will tell you guys that the scar from my breast implants currently 1 year post op, while light and almost unnoticeable, is still more noticeable than my lip lift scar 2 months out. I have no doubt that my lip lift scar will fade completely. For me, the trade off of having tooth show was worth the dreaded scar and I was prepared to have to wear makeup to cover it always but I'm pleasantly surprised that I don't have to! At worst, it just looks like your nose was running and got a little red, but even then no one has ever asked me about it and I don't wear makeup 90% of the time. This procedure along with my cheeks has given me so much extra confidence.

Lip lift revision + general updates, micro philtrum

So as you know I had my lip lift done in May 2014 and I liked the results but like many people I thought... I could do more. Well in August 2015 I was going under anyway to have my breast implants removed and I begged Dr. Moshyedi to remove a few more mm's. I'm elated with the new lenghth of my philtrum--it is TINY! It is almost too small but do i care nope. I have some solid tooth show.. it isn't as much as the Victoria's Secret models :( But the doctor couldn't have taken more without deforming the shape of my upper lip. Just know that after two lip lifts, your philtrum and tooth show might be where you want it but your mouth shape might be a bit strange. I had a little more lip filler to even out the sides of the lips with the peak and overall I am super happy with my lips. A short philtrum does amazing things to a face, in fact since my second lip lift I rarely wear makeup because I don't think I need it... my face just looks right with the short philtrum and i really do think that is the selling point of this procedure along with the tooth show.

YOUR LIPS WILL PROBABLY NOT GET FULLER FROM THE PROCEDURE. They will just be a different shape. If my lips look vastly different to you, it is because I had filler on two seperate occasions, although i put more than 70% of the filler in my bottom lip since the lip lifts, my top lip just doesnt need much anymore.
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Dr. Moshyedi and the patient coordinator Jennifer are really great and have helped me through all of my surgeries. They are very easy to get in contact with postop and Dr. Moshyedi has a great aesthetic eye. Highly recommend him as a surgeon if you live in the DC area as his results are fantastic and his prices are very reasonable.

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