37 with Permalip implants...emotional rollercoaster, but overall I'm happy :) - Bethesda, MD

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Well it's definitely bee an emotional experience. ...

Well it's definitely been an emotional experience. I never considered my lips "thin" but I have always wanted the big pouty Angelina Jolie, Kyle Jenner look. I started getting filler in 2015 and realized that it totally sucks watching my lips deflate after sometimes what seemed to be just a few weeks. I opted for the size 5 implants and I am SOooo glad I did because my lips are nowhere near the pouty look I was hoping for.

To comment on the implant experience itself: The doctor I go to is very nice and sympathetic to a person's feelings so the surgery and overall experience with her went very smooth. When the Novocain wore off I was in a lot of pain. The pain lasted for 2 days and then subsided. Pain killers really do not work for me and I would have rather been sent home with a tube of Novocain. Some people say they had minor pain in their lips after...to be honest I consider my pain tolerance to be pretty high and my lips so far have been the most painful thing I have done to my body. Still totally worth it though.

Okay so the after experience: I don't know about you guys but it's always the next day after getting filler when my lips are swollen that I'm in total awe of how beautiful my lips look. So with that said, the 1st few hours and next day my lips looked crazy. But the 48 hour picture I have shared, besides the uneven lumpiness, I think the lips were more in the range of what I was hoping for. Just really big, full, pouty lips. So when the swelling went away I was not as happy with the outcome due to expecting this giant pout. Luckily my doctor I go to is okay with filling my lips with filler on top of having the implants. So the 7th picture is my lips today without makeup on and probably still has a smidge of filler...which I am scheduled to get my fill up next month.

On how they feel: They say you don't notice them after 5 months...I have had them in for almost 8 months now and I definitely feel them. I don't mind them, and I forget about them while I'm living a normal day. But they are semi firm...still soft, but I can definitely tell there is an implant in my lips. Also, on the right side of my lower lip my implant migrated closer to the surface of the lip once it healed. In the 2nd picture to the last where I am opening my mouth you can see how the implant awkwardly bends when I make that expression. To add balance to both sides of the lower lip I have a little added to the top of the left side, and next time I go for my filler I am going to show the doctor the bend in my lip and see if she can work magic with filler to correct it. Otherwise I guess down the road I will get another surgery....hopefully when they give us a size 6 or 7 implant ;)

Overall I say yes to the implants because now when I get filler in my lips it's literally just small amounts to add the fullness and contouring the desired shape. From a financial stand point I feel like it will save me money in the long run since without the implants I would probably be getting 1 to 1 1/2 syringes of filler every few months. They say filler lasts 6 months...under my eyes and smile lines yes I totally agree, but my lips not at all. I try to stretch it out to 5 months due to the funds, but if I had the money I would probably get my lips touched up like every 3 months.

The final photo is me in December with the implants along with filler I had gotten the day or 2 before, so yes they are probably swollen in that pic.

Well hopefully my share helped you with your decision making :)

4 days after filler

I wanted to show what my 5mm implants along with 1 syringe of Juvederm looks like.

Unfortunately I still have that bend on the right side of the lower lip implant. Its not as extreme with the filler added, but it's def there. I spoke to my doctor and she pointed out since I can slightly move it that it's still close enough to my lip length, and anything shorter would not be long enough. She also mentioned she does not like to cut the implant because it makes the lip look "boxy". So I feel for now it's something minute that I can live with.

Sharing a few pics..
Also, just to point out, in the pics my lips are still bruised from the filler.

A few more photographs uncut or filtered

Just to show different angles of lips
Fairfax Facial Plastic Surgeon

I like her so much as my doctor that I continue to see her for filler and Botox. She is very nice, and considerate of her patients feelings. She also takes her time stopping in between each fill to make sure she perfects the desired result. Her staff is equally nice and they are all very friendly and outgoing.

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