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So after stalking this page for a few weeks I...

So after stalking this page for a few weeks I finally took the initiative to get serious about getting Smart Lipo of my abs & flanks. I researched Lipo in my area and came across three different offices. The first place I consulted with was Dr. B in Bowie, MD.... Hmmm what can I say? He was "nice" his however, I'm very particular when it comes to certain things and a few of those things turned me off to proceeding with him.
1. His home office
-Leg me explain. I'm all for a Dr. Having a home office however, it's the little details of said home office that I'm going to need to be in order for me to feel confident in having you perform such a massive procedure on me. I just felt that the disarray, lack of privacy while your discussing pricing etc, kitchen table where you have your clients sit was just overall giving me a bad vibe. Now with that being said I did check out your reviews and while some were good one two many reviews discussed the dissatisfaction of some of your patients whom believed you "didn't take enough fat out" and they wanted/needed a revision. Now I understand some people are just never satisfied however, I'll be DAMN if I spend money on a procedure and need to have a revision.
2. The consultation in general.
- I went over the areas I wanted to have done, and questioned Dr. B about getting Lipo on a small area behind my neck. His response after feeling that area was "okay, just remind me the day of surgery" wait WHAT? Is there any "fat" there that needs to be taken out & most importantly who said I was going with you for my Lipo? Lol
3. The last and final thing that turned me off.
His schedule? Now since Dr. B works out of his home all surgeries are performed at our local area surgical center. This requires more fees & scheduling restrictions. Not to mention he only does surgery on Tuesdays & Thursdays how inconvenient.
Needless to say I crossed him off my list!
Next consult 4/26 in Bethesda, MD with the Cosmetic Surgery Associates (Dr. Mgee)
Now let me tell you waking into this office after waking into Dr. B's office was like going from Belair to Compton! No really! I felt like I was on the set of Botched Beverly Hills. The receptionist was pleasant and well put together, the clientele waiting in the lobby were the same. I almost felt like I was out of place given my budget lol. Next thing I LOVED was the Client Coordinator Joanne & Christine. They were out of the world nice. They had both as Lipo in that office and answered all my questions. I was not asked to take off my clothes & pose for a "before" picture like in Dr. B's office which I forgot to add to my list of dislikes! Once I was finished with them the Dr. came in well put together and asked me questions did the consult etc. I asked him about the same area behind my neck and he said that it's more tissue & bone them fat and that he wouldn't advise I Lipo that area! Now my question is what exactly is it that Dr. B was going to Lipo if it's just tissue and bone? See what I mean. After that I got dressed and met with Joanne in a private conference room to discuss everything? Can u imagine my consult with this office was almost 1500 cheaper then Dr. B! Also that they have a surgical center on site and perform surgeries Mon - Fri? Keep in mind I told you this office was like being in Beverly Hills and affordable!!!!!

I had another consult today with American Lipo Center in Bowie, MD just to get a feel for the office etc. so I showed up to the office very nice building etc. better then Dr. B, almost as nice as Dr. Magge BUT can you believe that smack dab in the middle of the office where a conference room use to sit is a very nice lady selling purses & jewelry? Now I'm all for hustling and making money but I'm here for cosmetic surgery not a handbag. I was soo turned off I didn't even fill out the paperwork. I told the receptionist that I had changed my mind and LEFT! There is no way I'm going to have a Dr. Perform surgery on me that has to sublet his office space. Nope call me crazy, stuck up whatever. Presentation is everything!

So after that I called Joanne and scheduled my surgery for May, 27!!! I'm going to stay positive that o made the right choice based on my feelings but how funny will it be if I gett the Lipo done and HATE it ha ha ha haha... I'll keep you updated!

Before laying down

Laying down before. 3 weeks before my 5/27 SmartLipo

Lipo Board and Foam

Pre op appointment and I'm getting more and more nervous each day. Taking all that cash out of the bank today slapped the "real ness"of this situation in my face. I'm going to stay positive and hopeful that I get exactly what I want out of this procedure. I'm going to order the Lipo board and foam from Amazon tomorrow along with an additional faja so I can have 2 instead of 1. I did a bunch of research on those ppl that wear the foam and Lipo board after surgery and those that don't and you can see a major difference. Those that did have minimal to no swelling no bumps or lines and over a short period of time look great. This that I've see that have not done so have results that very day by day and much more swelling and are ultimately unhappy with their results. I'm going to ask my dr about this when I meet with him momentarily however, I'm already sold and will be wearing both the foam on the sides (flanks) and the Lipo board on my abdomen no matter what he says. I think some dr. Don't recommend those things because of you are unhappy with your results there's a 50% chance you'll come back to them for a revision. What dr doesn't want more money? Go on YouTube and type in https://youtu.be/TqVamcFtdQU look at these real women who wear tight clothes after surgery and those that wear the foam it's like night and day.

Having SmartLipo tomorrow!!!

So my procedure is tomorrow. I'm nervous. I just want to get it over with. I've been taking my bromelain and drinking a gallon of water daily as usual. I'm finishing up my water now before midnight and am going to shower with the antibacterial soap they gave me to use this evening and tomorrow morning. My procedure is at 10:30 am and I'm off until Wednesday so hopefully I'll be ready I go back to work. I am concerned about my garment and using the restroom at work. The thought of taking off my pants in the stall When I have to pee is crazy. I think I'm going to wear dresses for the next few weeks.

About to go in.....

Arrived at the Dr. Early as hell. Just got changed waiting for them to come back and dope me up. Here goes!!!

Had it done!

Well I had my surgery. It went pretty well. On a scale of 1 - 10 it was a 7. It burned and sting like hell. I'm currently in a little bit more pain but it's more so like a sore overworked feeling. I just changed my dressing and put on the faja i bought from Amazon it fits way better then the garner they gave me. I just took a 1/2 hydrocoden and laying down. Here are some after pic. I'll update through the next couple days.

1 day post op.

I'm super sore. Getting in and out of the bed, chair or car is hard. My midsection status burning. I've been taking 1/2 a Vicodin when I feel too much pain but pretty much I can handle the pain without it. I've been up and moving around pretty much every other hour. I have two ice packs on my left and right side I can feel the swelling. I'm not draining anymore. I put neosporin on my incision. Other than that my stomach is super flat. My flanks are flat as well. Hopefully I'll be in less pain in the next few days/weeks. I'll post a pic tomorrow when I shower again.

Day 3

Still swollen and a little sore. The parts that look bigger are still swollen so once the swelling goes down completely they'll be gone. Happy with my results. My stomach has never been this flat. Once I start to workout again combined with my clean eating and gallon of water a day I'll have the abs I've been looking for

Comparisons pictures

Just some before and after side by sides

Post Day 4

Things are getting better each day. Super itchy, still swollen and a little sore. Pain is manageable.

Day 5

Minor bruising. 4 or 5 Small areas of tenderness! Trying to massage those areas every day with arnica cream. Post op appointment on Friday I can't wait. I want to make site everything is healing well.

1 week follow up

Dr said I'm healing well. Wants to see me in 4 weeks. I can do light cardio now. Still swollen few areas of pain.

Swollen but still positive!

I guess what they say is true it goes from good to worse as the heeling continues. I'm starting to heal and have develope a few hard spots of swelling as my tissue starts to rebuild itself. I'm massaging daily and still in a little bit of pain. I've started itching and getting sharp pains in random spots. I look like I didn't have anything done compared to a few days ago however, I can see past the sore and swollen areas to where i will as soon as I'm 100% heeled and able to workout. Day 10 pics below

Lipo board

I've been wearing my Lipo board for the last two days and it has helped the swelling decrease.

4 weeks post op on Friday

Quick update. Swelling is still going down still bruised started wearing my Lipo board to sleep and through out the day since Sunday. I can feel the hard areas beginning to soften up.
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

Over all interaction with the Dr and his staff was amazing! Very confident I will love my results!

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