Full Tummy Tuck in July 8 - Bethesda, MD

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Hi, i've been reading this forum recently and...

Hi, i've been reading this forum recently and decide to join in :-)
well I'm a mother of 2 kids, 7 and 10, both by c-section and they was big baby (9.7 & 8.5 at birth). I also have a fibroid in uterus ??? so when i carry them looklike I have twin.
I decide to get TT and got consulted with doc Franklin Richards last month, some of my friend got him and the results are very good, I original scheduled for july 12 but last week, they called me because I asked them if they have any cancellation. so I got a new date next Friday, June 14,
I currently weight 130 - 133 and almost 5', maybe 4'.11, but my tummy look really uggly, I'm wearing size 8 right now, hope I can reduce 1 or 2 size down after the procesure
any one with same date as mine in here? I plan to sleep on my bed since i don't have the recliner and the doc also said that I can sleep any position that I feel comfortable,
well the last two c-section, I slept in bed and had no problem...
wish me luck, my tt sisters

I will start to count now ...

I have about 72 hours to the big change,

tommorow I will start the medince that the ps gave me (take 3 days prior to the surgery) to reduce the swelling/bruising,

I also try to upload some photos now...
the big concern in my mind now is the injection of blood thinner after the operation, for 7 days, owwwwwwwwwwwch,
I don't know how to post multiple pics here, only let me select 1

here the pics

Guess what sisters, I got cancellation from the ps

since he has funeral, we have to reschedule until july 8,
i'm so disappointed, not sure if I have to do another medical clearance, well will keep you posts

need your advice

.. I need opinions from all lovely tt sisters,
please look at the pics and tell me if the tt and MR is enough to improve the waistline? do I need lipo in flank and inner thight?, I will se my ps this comming Monday to update my medical clearance,
how much usually cost for those extra services? thanks a lot


Just want to share a clip

Just want to share a tt clip in my ps office, look scarey but give me an idea how they will mark
so with the full TT, i guess they don't use the lipo right?, this girl is getting the lipo in flank and side i guess

One week before big day

Some more pictures that my husband tood today 1 week before the surgery, can't believe that i'm that bad

i made it

stillunder drug but manageable, will ask doc fpr the update pics,

1 dpo

well today i feel much better, must take 2 bil of ain killer each time,
i arraived @10:30, everything went smoothly, start the op @11140, wake up in recover room @2:20, then got home @5pp,
i only feel nausia when the nurse asked mo tmove from the recliner into the wheellchair, but after that ok got home take 1 painker, but i guess it's not enough, hen @ 10 i took 2, so far ok, I be able to get off bed my myself today, the drain have red blood yesterday, but now more pink color,
doc also call me last night to check on me, and i complain about the tight binder, he sai i can adjust it aliitle, but i scare to do it, , he told me he removed about 1682 grams from me, so more than 3 bls, the incision is not hurting at all, only the mr is the issue,, the belly look realy small now, can wait to see it today i will start eating pineapple, yurgust and chicken soup,

a little swelling

since i try to stay up in the mornibg, i feel a little swelling, my binder feel more tight, this morning is better, no bowel movement yet,the fist day when i feel hurt, try to stand up, walk around, it helps a lot. I have appointment after 1 week,but the nurse/secretery said if the drain produce less than 25cc/day i can coming to remove it,
i still see the pink collor, not clear yet,
do i have to wait for the clear collor?

3 day

just remove the pain pump, really tire after that , but feel better now since i don't have to care for it, my daughter took some pics

mission accompleted

just did the bm, feel good now, hope that no more cramp in the stomache,

1 pain killer each time

without the pain pump and try to reduce to 1 tablet each time, sleeping better at ninght,
hope that the drain will be remove on monday, so far love the result, last couple day i don't want to eat anything,today maybe better

swellings are here

feel really tight in the binder, and don't have engery to walk around, is this normal sisters?
still feel num in public area (he remove some fat in this area), and left of incision.
got loose stools couple day ago, maybe that why i feel more tire.
how are you all doing?

6 days update

hello all my beautifull sisters,
today is ok for me, wakeup around 8:30 then have breakfast and take 1 pain med, back to bed until noon and have lunch then another pain med, my husband and daughter help me towash my hair, take shower and some update photos, today i learned my lesson that always eat befor take pain med, 1 tablet don't make me sleep but help the incision, last night the doc asked me take 2 to put me to sleep, and i slept until morning,
can't wait until the drain come out

here the pics

drain was not removed

at day 7, sine i still produce 25cc doc said maybe 2 or 3 days more,
I stopped pain med after day 6, only take arnica for swelling now

Drain is out today and no more binder from tomorrow

just remove the drain today, he said i don't have to wear binder or cg from tomorrow, hurrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaay
the swelling will last 3 - 4 months, but everything look good, no pain when he remove the drain, thanks God, will update pic when i replace the tape with sillicon scar sheet.

11 Days, Scar so good

here are some pic i tood today, i start to apply the sillicon scar sheet on to see if any different after a week,
the bb is not open yet, but it 's better than the first day

16 days - 5 days using scar sillicon

nothing news just getting better, still feel the tighness and sore at the end of day, walk almost straight, not completely yet, but can sleep on side with a pillow between knee,
do you see any different?

30 days after surgery

still swelling at the end of day but really good in the morning, today is about 2 weeks using sillicon scar sheet, not sure if you see any different from previous pics, but does see some extra space in clothes.
thank you all my sisters , I cannot make it without you :-)

some how the internet too slow

here are some pics

6 weeks updates

I got appointment with docs last weeks and he said everything look good, I got a little roll in the upper bb and he said i have to wait after 4 - 5 months untill all the swelling go down, if that still exist, he will fix it, but so far, some day i see that, other days is really not there, so i'm not sure what it is,
I cleared to go back to the gym but not doing any weight lift until 2 months,
the bb need to apply lotion/mederma to soften the scar since i didn't use anything on it, i only use the sillicon sheet on the incision.
here are some update pic on 8/20 which is about 6 weeks 2 days

Some compare pics

2 months passed

come back to treadmil for 4 - 5 times/week, burn around 300 calories each time for 30 minutes, and get more swelling than the first month, at the end of day, the tummy look like a big pot shape again. but in some early morning it looks really good.
The scar look good and flater than in pictures, at 2 months I thought I lost 7-8 lbs but after 2 weeks in treadmill I gained back couples lbs, not sure if it swelling or fat. However, I can manage from size 8 to size 4 in some clothes but not the jean.
Oh speaking about jean, do not wear it at your 2 months without cover your scar by silicone sheet or underwear because I got a little rash and bleeding at the drain site a little when I wore my jean for couple days,
still using silicone sheet now and plan to use it for the next month, let see if any different,
here are some pics I took last week at about 10 weeks:

one more try for pics

arrggggggggggggg too slow

3 months and 3 days

Hello tt sisters, how are you all doing lately?
I'm really happy with the current result but still hope I can shrink down a little bit more, especially the waistline,
the swelling is reduce a lot even after execise, I get swelling at the end of day or after eating too much. I still cannot use the abs yet so only jogging for now, the bb look good so far, the scar also flat out more and lighter, stil on the silicone sheet from 2 week post op to now, not sure if it really helps with the healling? what do you think?

the weight is still the same as at 2 months

6 months update

Hi all,

for a long time I didn't have anything to report, just passed 6 months mark and everything ok, doc happy that I have best result , the doc only concern about the bb scar, he asked me to massage it with cream twice/day, and see me back in 3 month, if the scar still the same maybe I need some kind of shot to make it softer and lighter,
I asked him about the pot that i have when I'm full and particular when i sit in chair after eating, I can see a roll in the upper stomach (upper bb), he said it normal, since the skin will fold down a liitle when seat and flater when stand up straight,
I also have just a little dog ear on my left but it will be removed after 3 month if it still there,
overall, I'm happy with my result so far, lost about 8 lbs and 4 inches from waits, drop from size 8 to 4,
for the last 2 months I started using green tea bill, it works and keep me from gaining weight throught the hoidays :-),
here are some pics I took at 6 months, will do again at 9 months
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

I got TT and MR in July 2013, I love my result, it's really flat and the scar look good. would recommend him to anybody

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