Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty, 57 Y/o Looking Old!

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I decided to have my eyes done just recently and...

I decided to have my eyes done just recently and am a totally decisive person. From decision to surgery will be 4 weeks! My surgery is Dec 5th and I want it done yesterday. I am having a traditional upper where they remove the loose skin in the crease of my eye. Under the eye, he will remove the "bad" fat in my pouches, pull a little tighter, add a little "good " fate removed from around my belly button. (I am hoping The Doc removes about 20 more pounds than he needs...) The incision will be on the inside of the lower lid so no scar. I am also asking him to remove a couple of annoying little moles and such. So. I have completed my pre-op, ekg, bloodwork and check up and I am good to go. Just have to wait now!

I want to do my chin/neck next

I am going to have Dr. Jabs look at my chin. Regretting not having him do it ll at once... I am still losing weight. Lost almost 50 lbs in the past 1.5 years so hope to get to goal before neck. Then tummy? One week until eye surgery.

Had to Postpone :(

This weekend, 2 days before surgery I somehow got a salivary gland infected! No clue as to why or how. Woke up with huge swollen lymph nodes on one side, tenderness and disappointment because I had a sinking feeling this was going to postpone my surgery and it did. I had to go to the ER, had tests including a CT with contrast to rule out worse stuff, then antibiotics. Left a msg with Dr.Jabs and emailed the surgical coordinator, Joanne. Amazingly quick and very comforting responses from both. Love them. I am rescheduled for the 21st. For now, just a fat 1/2 squirrel face. :)

Done yesterday

So, I had my surgery yesterday. Feel pretty good. I have iced relentlessy for the 24 hours since I have been home, and with the nurses permission, clean up dried blood with Hydrogen Peroxide. That helped a lot since it was pulling a little on the stitches. So I cleaned with warm water and HP then gently put on some Neosporin type ointment with a q-tip. Much better. I am starting to bruise now, but I am not worried, RS site has pretty much prepared me for what the next two weeks will be like. Th doctors and nurses tend to mitigate it slightly. Didn't sleep well sitting mostly up but you know, beauty is pain...... Speaking of pain, something that really threw me was how much discomfort I felt during the surgery. They gave me 2 pain pills and 2 sleeping pills before surgery, Ialso had an IV put in place just in case. I told Dr. Jabs that I was pretty resistant to pain and sleeping pills, not for any particular reason, just am hyper. Well, I remember a lot of the surgery, had conversations and felt some of the procedure. I even remember him asking the nurse anesthetist to give me more so I guess he believed me then. The nurse called me today and told me when I described what I heard and felt, that it was at the end of the surgery so that made me feel better. I was O-U-T during recovery so I guess the extra juice knocked me out. Which is good. I think I was trying to fix up the nurse (male) with my sister in the middle of the procedure. I'm pretty chatty.... Anyway. I'll be glad to see how I look in a few weeks!

48 hours later

Looks a lot better believe it or not!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Feeling better today even though I don't look much better. Off the mind altering drugs and that helps a lot. Just Tylenol. Would love to take some Ibuprofen but not allowed because it can cause bleeding and slow healing etc. it's just so great for inflammation! Eating pineapple and taking the all natural arnica for anti inflammatories. Would love to be enjoying cocktails with the rest of the fam here on Christmas Eve but too soon!

Day 5 Merry Christmas!!!

Slowly slowly getting better. Started some ibruprofen last light. Just needed it. I know I'm supposed to wait for Dr. approval but can't wait! Seems to be helping inflammation and definitely helps pain, pain is minimal from eyes but my knee hurts from no excercise and too much lying around! I go in on the 29th for follow up and if he knows about the ibuprofen i will know they read this.... do they really have time?

Day 6

Very active today compared to the past week. IWe went appliance shopping. Very exciting. : I.
I still feel like swelling is very slow to go away on eyelids but under eye seeing definitely better. My eyes were bloodshot today too but I didn't sleep well last night. Stress dream. About not being able to find a good paintbrush to finish a wall in my kitchen. Which I am not painting in real life. Weird. Nice color though. Like a cappuccino. Could be a sign.

Stitches out on day seven

Stitches out today. One across my eyelid was stuck, just "gunked up". He had to really pull! Hurt a lot. We had to take breaks!
Both of us, lol. But big step, glad to get those out and the tape off my face.
He recommended more cool compresses to take eyelid swelling down and said ok to ibuprofen. No contacts for 7 more days.

Feeling great for the new year.

Feeling much better but not past concealer. I have never been a big make up wearer so not great at cover up, I feel like I work worse with it on. Been to lunch and supermarket a few times. Gotten a few looks, I think I just like a pot smoker. Who walks into doors a lot.

It's been 3weeks

I feel great and look better than I expected! I have 2 small bumps where stitches were and he said to massage them out. After a few hours of light pressure they are already better! Little tiny bruises left and a small spot that is red on lower eyelid where he removed a little pre existing sort of sebaceous cyst. I have zero regrets. So happy I did this. When I look at the before I am shocked and sad. I felt so much younger than I looked. I still do. Getting old sucks. I will not do it!!!

Some thoughts

I have to say some things to anyone unsure about doing this. This is the single best thing I have ever done for myself. I feel lighthearted and prayerful with gratitude for the world I live in, that I could save money and have this done.
My eyes were those of an old woman.
Even older than my 57 years.
I was tired, crying a lot in my car and when no one was home, from a betrayal by my husband that I was supposed to be "over" by now. It was a 4 month "emotional" affair that ended 1 1/2 years ago. I felt unworthy. She was younger, prettier and I was home with his Alzheimer's patient mom. And no help. It was awful and painful. I felt like whale poop.
My eyes betrayed how dull and lifeless I felt.
By the way, emotional affairs are just as painful. I physically hurt still at the thought of them.
Now, my eyes feel like the windows to my soul again, they are green again, I feel more confident, I stand taller and I don't want to cry because my eyes are my new attitude. I couldn't look people in the eyes before, I felt invisible. I just faded away. My husband still looked young. He is handsome. I felt like people wondered what he was doing with me. Now he looks at me with love, I am not so sure. Not sure he is good enough for me.
Not anymore. Do this for you, not for him, her or anyone else. It was life changing for me and may be for you too. Stand tall.

2months , no makeup

I feel done! I still have some nerve twinges as after any surgery. I got some botox and filler, very little around eyes and either side of nose and I am going to get laser for my uneven skin. I have rosacea and sunspots. Very happy with Dr. Jabs and Trish, expert injector, and Joanne the coordinator. They are caring and give you what you want but also are honest about what would look good. :)

Actually wearing some makeup!

Feeling happier than ever with my surgery and Dr. JabsIt has now been 3 months (minus 10 days), I am being told zI look 10-15 years younger, I no longer feel invisible. Best decision ever. (except kids). :) I have also done a syringe of Botox between my eyes and filler on either side of nose. And I think I look alright for 58.
Kicking and Screaming into my 60's that's what I say!!

Best decision

It is five months out and still the best decision for myself ever. I have encountered many people I know and no one has mentioned surgery or asked me if I have had anything done. They just tell me I look great! I am inclined to be honest with women my age and tell them. Coy is not my game. "Get it done!" I say, "why should we age more rapidly" 50-60 is the new 40-45. Woo Hoo!! :D

I interviewed 5 surgeons and went with the first one I met. Dean Jabs in Bethesda MD. We just clicked. I looked at all his before and after photos and he was extremely thorough. But most importantly he focused on my concern only and did not try to sell me on any other procedure which other docs did. Dr. Jabs. also was very clear about what type of surgery was best for me, where as others I talked to listed different options and seemed to want me to decide. I am having a traditional upper where they remove the loose skin in the crease of my eye. Under the eye, he will remove the "bad" fat in my pouches, pull a little tighter, add a little "good " fate removed from around my belly button. (I am hoping he removes about 20 more pounds than he needs...) He was also very clear about recovery, bruising and such. What will speed up recovery, icing, sleeping upright, etc. Just covered all subjects. Very much put me at ease.

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