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I always have small boobs but they became...

I always have small boobs but they
became smaller (as if that could even
happen!) when i had my 2 kids and breast fed them. My older is 16 years old now and I had thought about my boobs for the longest time.

I never felt quite comfortableb wearing certain clothes especially swimsuits because I am so flatchested. i am also very petite and skinny although i do have curves just not at the top. I finally went to my first consult yesterday and the doctor was very knowledgeable. i peppered him with questions that i had learned doing my research and he was able to answer me in a very friendly and honest way.

He spent time showing me the different sizes of the silicone and saline implant devices and explained his surgical procedures method. I went to consult him because he is recognized as one of the top plastic surgeons in the nation and reviewsnhave all been excellent. He recommended 250 cc silicone but let me try the 200 cc, 275 cc and 300 cc as well just to let me see the differences. i busted out laughing when i tried on the 300 cc cuz i am only 4 ft 11 in tall and weigh 85 pounds. that thing was huge on me and i had a feeling the doctor wanted me to conclude that myself.

Because I am skinny, he said silicone would work better since it will not ripple and displace like saline would. He then proceeded to explain that silicone product has much improved over the years and told me that the MRI recommendation that we read about could be done with sonogram to look forleaks. i left the office feeling a lot more confident that I made the right choice to get my boobs done. i have another consult with another doctor on Monday that my friend recommended. I will let you all know if she is better or the one I saw yesterday was better. But my plan is to schedule something in !march once i decide who to go with.

I have never posted anything but while researching and coming to a decision to have my boobs done" I found this site to be extremely helpful, funny and encouraging. So, I am hoping that by writing myself, someone else could be informed and go along with me on this "booby" journey, LOL!

I went for my second consult with another ps. Both...

I went for my second consult with another ps. Both seemed equally competent but the one I met on Friday appeared to utilize newer surgical method. I felt comfortable with both which I think is a very important consideration. However, this ps suggested that I can go between 275 cc to 300 cc so I am a little torn now as to which would be the best fit for me. Price wise is about a thousand more for the ps today. Will talk to the one I saw on Friday to find out what he thinks about the size tomorrow and will then make up my mind to choose the ps for my BA. I hope to schedule as soon as possible once I decide whom to go with.

Ok folks. I picked the PS who was the one I met...

ok folks. I picked the PS who was the one I met last week and called his office to schedule for the surgery. BA will be on March 7 and pre-op is two weeks prior. i had to call for a medical clearance appointment with my internist and her scheduler asked what surgery I was going to go for. I was kind of embarrased to let her know that i was going for a BA. But when I told her , she said she wanted one too and lots of her friends had undergone the same procedure! she even told me that my internist handles a lot of such medical clearances. The lady was talking to me like old friend and was so helpful in getting me an appointment. So I guess the initial embarrassment kind of paid off when she found an opening for me to see my doctor. Anyway, I will be having the surgery on Thursday and will take a few daysnoff for post-op recovery. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and I picked the PS that is best for me. I am going with silicone but still not sure about size. Lots of things to get ready before the big day when I too will go over to boobyville!

I ordered my front closure sports bra yesterday...

I ordered my front closure sports bra yesterday from sears (hanes). they are on sale until May and I went to pick them up today. Although they told me that both my orders were ready for pick up, only one was available right away, the other will arrive on Feb 21which is the day before my pre-op. I was not sure how many to order but my PS cordinator told me to just buy 2 so I bought one black and one white. Since I am a size 32A, and the size came in small, medium and large with small being in the 34 range, I had my daughter try it on for me! She is a 32 C and it fitted her perfectly. Overall, the sports bra looks quite well made and with the sale going on, the price ended up being the same as those from Danskins that you find at Walmart. This coming week will be super busy. There will be dr. visits on Monday to my obgyn and Tuesday with my internist for my
medical clearance. Finally, my pre-op will be this coming Friday and my PS told me that he would be going over more details including the size I should go with.

Well! I have joined you ladies in Boobburg! ...

Well! I have joined you ladies in Boobburg! Surgery went really well so far. I had some discomfort such as tight chest and pain but I tried to take meds to stay ahead of pain especially these 2-3 days before I wean myself after Sunday. Since surgery was yesterday it means that if I can tolerate the pain, I will try to switch to Tylenol extra strength. I was told I can shower today and remove the wrap on my chest. I still can't see my girls so I am a little nervous to see my new girls but excited at the same time. Nurses were very kind at the outpatient surgery center and so is Dr Jabs and his patient coordinator. I had calls from all to see if I was doing ok. Since I can remove the wrap today, I will see of I can take a few pics for you. I am loading the pre-op and the ones with me still in surgical wrap. By the way, in case I haven't you, I went with 275 cc mod plus from Mentor and my base was 9. Will go back this coming Tuesday for post- op visit.

Finally uploaded some pics from post op days 5 and...

Finally uploaded some pics from post op days 5 and 15. Noticed the girls are dropping and the steristrios were removed yesterday. I will be putting scarguard on the incision lines tomorrow. Overall it has not been too bad. I went back to work on post op day 5. No bruises at all (thank goodness). I was told yesterday I can resume light exercise such as treadmill or stationary bike but not intense aerobics. So I will start back on my routine. Nipples ae still super sensitive but the sports bra from Hanes (got those at Sears) have been really Useful to protect the girls and giving them support. Tightness on them are also slowly easing up and feel more natural now. Right after surgery , I could barely place 3 fingers between collar bone and the upper pole but now, I can place all 5 fingers from the collar bone to the rise of the upper pole and still find room. So I think they are 'dropping and fluffing' along - hahaha! I also massaging them everyday like what the ps told me to do ( post op day 5). Not sure I am doing it right but I am massaging them nonetheless. Ps said by massaging them, I am creating space for the girls. I will try to post more pics later this week which will be 3 weeks post op.

Going to see my ps today. This is post op week 4...

Going to see my ps today. This is post op week 4 plus a day. Boobies are healing except for a teeny 2 mm wide of the incision to my right boobie that feels like a suture is sticking out and not allowing the incision to heal completely. Not bothering me but I will ask ps to check it out. Otherwise they are soft and not causing pain. Although i did Feel a bit squishing on my left boobie. Posting a few pics taken today.
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