37 Year Old Mum, 5'9, 165lbs 500cc mod+ silicone under muscle

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I've booked my BA for November and I'm excited, a...

I've booked my BA for November and I'm excited, a little nervous about having surgery and dreading the reaction from my co-workers since I'm going up 2 cup sizes. A part of me says 'Who cares what other people think?' but another part feels guilty about splurging on myself. Life is too short, so I'm going for it!

Crisalix images

Sooooo this is me with the 450cc Mod+ Crisalix imaging.

Just over 2 months to gooooo! Wish pics

I'm going under the muscle so I'm hoping 500cc moderate plus silicone will get me these results.

Pushed BA back to December 2 - Need post-op healing motivational reading

Life happens and the timing just wasn't right, so I pushed back the date. I getting more nervous and excited as I head into the home stretch. I've been trying to get fit and failing miserably because we are in the 'comfort food' season and I want to eat everything in sight! But I feel good. I know they say your mental attitude has a lot to do with better healing post-surgery. Can anyone recommend some good books/links that have helped?

Post-op appt all done. 2 weeks until the big day and all paid up!

Each day, I'm getting more excited and can't believe I'm finally getting a boob makeover! I'm staying positive about the recovery being smooth and the surgery going well. It's so helpful to come on here and get support from the RS community. Please send positive vibes and any post-op tips my way. Thx!

4 days to go - freaking out a bit!

Even though I know I'm in great hands and happy with my decision, I can't help but have a mini freakout session as the big day approaches. The closest I've ever been to major surgery was having my wisdom teeth out, so I'm panicking about not waking up afterwards and whether it's worth all the worry. I'm trying to meditate and get my mind off it but it's been tough. I know a positive attitude helps with healing so I just have to find the best way for me to deal with this anxiety. Wish me luck!

Twas the night before Boobday...

And I'm officially excited! I got all my post-op recovery supplies - big thanks to @BethH for the super handy recovery list. I've said my prayers, made my bedroom a serene place to recover and this time tomorrow I'll be a little bit bouncier! It will take everything in my power not to wake up after surgery and not sing "Hello" to my boobs Adele-style! Good night all xoxo

Here come the girls!

Could't really sleep last night. Convinced myself I was going to sleep through my alarm. I put on the anti-nausea sticker and Ubered to the surgery. Thankfully all was well. The IV pinched a little when another Dr put the line in but the anesthesiologist encouraged me to squeeze her hand to take my mind off the pain.

My PS - the wonderful Dr. Jabs - did a final check on sizing and marked me for surgery. As I walked to the operating room, I disrobed and was wrapped in a lovely warm blanket. It was cosy that I was warm and relaxed when they started the oxygen and anesthesia. Seconds after the anesthesia, I was out cold. The next thing I remembered after that was waking up in my bed thinking I had overslept and missed the surgery! I'm very happy with the size I got, though I forgot to ask what the final size actually was since I was so out of it. Somewhere between 450 and 500.

Pain meds are working wonders. I was able to use the toilet myself but am limiting the need to put pressure on my muscles. Since I'm still on them, I may have written a page of gibberish, so excuse any typos, grammar etc. Off to sleep I go!

Thanks for all your support. It means a lot to know people are sharing their stories and asking questions I wouldn't have thought to check.

Post-op Day 3

The pain hasn't been bad at all. I do feel a pinch if I try to reach for something or turn a certain way. Other than that, the pain feels like pressure . Staying on schedule with my prescriptions has been a big help. The lower half and sides of my breasts are numb but I'm slowly getting sensation back. I noticed that I'm really thirsty, probably from the medicine, so I'm drinking lots of water. Also, have had a sore throat but the anesthesiologist said it would happen because of the tube in my throat during surgery. Overall, I'm feeling good!

First day back in usual routine - ouch!

I'm just using extra strength Tylenol during the day as needed since I'm not in pain. Just use the muscle relaxer at night. Today was a bit rough. My chest felt super tight as though my muscles were clinging onto the implants for dear life. My purse felt like it weighed a ton when I held it. Also, reaching for doors or things I dropped gave me tweaks of pain and pressure. I had no idea how much I actually use my chest muscles. Then the biggest challenge of the day - my toddler. My PS had showed me a few techniques to lift her without hurting myself i.e. lifting with my arms straight out in front, not out to the side. I alternate between that and giving her a piggyback. I explained to her that I had a boo boo so she'd understand I was feeling a bit delicate. These implants feel like they weigh a ton, mostly because of the pressure. The implants are definitely softening up. My PS advised me not to start any massaging until my one week visit on Thursday morning. So far, so good!

A little better, a little tougher

On the bright side, my Dulcolax kicked in. I'm still a little bloated but luckily I'm bundled up for Winter so I can hide it more easily. I understand why this is the stage when people wonder if they should have gone bigger. It's hard to imagine how it's all going to look when the D&F kicks in. I believe I picked the right size at 500cc. The tough part of the day was dealing with the tightness. I can only take muscle relaxers at night because of the drowsiness that comes with them but today felt tighter than ever. It felt like someone had tied a belt too tight around them. The pressure was intense. My PS said not to start any massaging until my post-op on Thursday, so I'm trying to be good. I'm getting sensation back in my nipples and the lower half of my breasts. Good sign! They are also softening up and looking less Frankenboob. As you can see, my selfie skills are total crap but I'll try and get good side profile pic up too. Happy healing everyone!!

One week already!

Chest tightness has eased a lot today and so has the back pain, thank goodness. I have my first post-op appt tomorrow. I'm starting to see more projection and I'm getting excited. I noticed what I thought was rippling but it might just be the imprint of the compression bra I'm wearing. Going to check it out tomorrow. My appetite has come back. All that medicine made me thirsty and lose my appetite. I didn't even need tylenol today - I'm feeling that good! My nipples feel a bit sore and the lower half of my breasts are still numb. I hope that's normal. Let me know how long it took for full sensation to come back for you guys. Happy healing!

Post op done. I'm with the band!

Post-op went well. They're still sitting high so Dr Jabs gave me the band to wrap myself and push my implants down. He said I should wear it until they dropped to a level I liked. I also started my massages. It doesn't hurt but it feels awkward moving them around. Can't wait for them to feel like a proper part of me. The final size is so hard to predict. I tried on a swimsuit top that used to fit my pre-op boobs and they look massive! But in a regular sweater, they look like small Cs. I'm tired so excuse me if this sounds like a random stream of consciousness :) Happy, healthy healing all!

2 weeks with boobs

It's been just over two weeks since the surgery. Feels like it flew by.
They're dropping slowly but I can really tell the difference. Lefty is taking the scenic route and dropping slower. Still early days so I'm not worried. The scars are healing up. My PS will check out the slightly raised scar under my right boob. Other than that, the scars don't itch, I'm using the BioCorneum my PS gave me. Does anyone have a product that worked really well for them?
We've been having a really mild Winter which screwed up my plan to be in big, bulky sweaters while I healed. Trying to dress and hide the bandpass been a challenge. The band makes it easier to do everyday things without as much strain on my chest muscles. Big plus! I'm making time to do the massages, even when I get busy with work. My boobs feel tight and sore when I don't do it often enough. Nipple sensitivity is back - super sensitive, so water from the shower feels like daggers. I just cover them when I shower. I can return to my regular diet, it's recommended I skip upper body workouts. Just light walking and light lower body work is ok. Hope you're all well!

One year boobiversary

Quick update and squish test

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I love them! They've settled in beautifully, I don't have to massage them as much and I couldn't be happier with them!
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

From the time I reached out for a consultation to now, I have been thoroughly impressed with Dr. Jabs and the wonderful staff. They really care about their patients and it shows in their compassion, attentiveness, responsiveness, attention to detail and follow-up care. Dr. Jabs does whatever he can to ensure his patients have the best and healthiest results. An example of this is his use of the Keller funnel which limits the likelihood of infection. Many PS charge extra for this. Dr. Jabs does not. His credentials speak for themselves and his focus on minimal scarring and pain reduction allowed me to heal in comfort. Any and everything I've needed to ensure my comfort and peace of mind was done. Deciding to get surgery can be daunting but I walked into mine smiling because I knew I was in safe hands. I couldn't be happier with my choice!

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