35 Yo. 5'7" 130 Lb, 32B, BF 2 Kids. 375 Cc Silicone - Bethesda, MD

I never wanted Implants until the kids sucked the...

I never wanted Implants until the kids sucked the life out of my boobs. I went from a perky and cute 34B to a deflated 32B. Not a big change in bra size but they are half the size. I want the typical large C/small D, natural but not too natural look. I picked 375 based on rice sizers which luckily all three Consults agreed was the perfect size. All also recommended smooth round silicone unders. I'm concerned with boob greed and contemplate a 400 but the sizers always feel a little too big. I don't want to end up looking matronly as I age.

Lost all boob pics :(

My cell had water damage and I lost all my various wish pics, rice sizer pics, consult sizer pics, etc. :( My surgery is less than a month away and I can't believe I'm hardly thinking about it and not obsessing on Real Self. It helps that it's the holidays and that's keeping me busy. I also think it's because I'm confident in my doctor so I no longer feel the need to research every little aspect of the surgery.

Is anyone else 1 month away from surgery? It's so surreal to think that one day soon I'm going to have boobs. People post their "on the other side" pics like it's no big deal but it seems so crazy to me. It reminds me of being at the hospital to give birth and they had the baby's hat and clothes laid out and ready to go in the warmer and I couldn't fathom that in a few hours there would really be a real, live baby in there. Then there was and it all felt normal.

My husband and I were not using our better judgement and had unprotected sex last night (I'm not on BC). Now we are worried I could be pregnant and that I'd have to cancel my surgery. He's really worried, lol.

Crisalex Imaging

I wish I could better see the difference between the 50 cc. Right now I'm planning on 375 mod +
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