35 Yo. 5'7" 130 Lb, 32B, BF 2 Kids. 375 Cc Silicone - Bethesda, MD

I never wanted Implants until the kids sucked the...

I never wanted Implants until the kids sucked the life out of my boobs. I went from a perky and cute 34B to a deflated 32B. Not a big change in bra size but they are half the size. I want the typical large C/small D, natural but not too natural look. I picked 375 based on rice sizers which luckily all three Consults agreed was the perfect size. All also recommended smooth round silicone unders. I'm concerned with boob greed and contemplate a 400 but the sizers always feel a little too big. I don't want to end up looking matronly as I age.

Lost all boob pics :(

My cell had water damage and I lost all my various wish pics, rice sizer pics, consult sizer pics, etc. :( My surgery is less than a month away and I can't believe I'm hardly thinking about it and not obsessing on Real Self. It helps that it's the holidays and that's keeping me busy. I also think it's because I'm confident in my doctor so I no longer feel the need to research every little aspect of the surgery.

Is anyone else 1 month away from surgery? It's so surreal to think that one day soon I'm going to have boobs. People post their "on the other side" pics like it's no big deal but it seems so crazy to me. It reminds me of being at the hospital to give birth and they had the baby's hat and clothes laid out and ready to go in the warmer and I couldn't fathom that in a few hours there would really be a real, live baby in there. Then there was and it all felt normal.

My husband and I were not using our better judgement and had unprotected sex last night (I'm not on BC). Now we are worried I could be pregnant and that I'd have to cancel my surgery. He's really worried, lol.

Crisalex Imaging

I wish I could better see the difference between the 50 cc. Right now I'm planning on 375 mod +

Obsessing over 375 and 400

Ahhhh, 400 sizer seem soooo big and heavy. But I'm so afraid of boob greed and thinking about the advice of going one size bigger than the sizer you like. Does anyone know of a website were I can see pics of people by their stats and implant size?

Does anyone ever say they went too big?

More before pics

Here's what I looked like before.

More before pics

On the other side!! 375 MPP

Here I am the day after surgery. Pain is bearable but not fun. I find myself overextending myself and ending up in pain so now I'm in bed and not getting out unless I have too. I can't wait to feel moral again. Day two is def better than day one. So far I love my results. No frankin boob and I love the size. So far I'm very pleased with my surgeon and the outcome.

So much swelling!

Tonight is night 2 and I can't sleep. My breasts are soooo swollen. For anyone that has brestfed, it feels as if they are full of milk times 10. I wish I could use my pump to pump all the excess fluids out.

On the bright side, I've had no nausea thus far. My doc prescribed a little patch that goes behind your ear that helps with nausea and I guess it's really working.

I'm still taking pain meds and the muscle relaxers but I'm not sure how much they are helping. I don't see feeling that much relief until the swelling subsides.

2 days post op. Swollen!!

Here are some pics 2 days post op, before first shower. I'm not in real pain but am very uncomfortable with all this swelling. PS originally said I wouldn't need arnica but after telling my patient care coordinator how swollen I was, she recommended arnica so hubby ran out to buy some. So far I'm loving how they look and will be fine with the size once the swelling goes down.

2 day post op before and after

A bit of boobie blues

Went to my one week post-op today and then went to the mall to get some comfy sleeping bras. I know my boobs are going to shrink some but I got measured at Nordstrom just for fun... 30 DDD :(. I wanted to be a large C or small D. This side would have meant nothing to me however I tried on all the cute little bralettes that I've been fantasizing about wearing for a year now, and my boobs are too big. If I get a size large enough to fit the girls, the band is too big and baggy. I know this is all a part of the process and I expected "the blues" to hit me at some point, and I know I just need to get used to them. I've always been lean and today I just felt bulky. It doesn't help that I haven't been working out and eating holiday grub to boot.

Youtube videos

Hey Guys, Just an FYI that there are a ton of breast augmentation videos on YouTube. I watched some before my surgery and now I'm watching the 1 year update videos so I can know what to expect. Also, if you are considering Dr. Jabs you can search him in YouTube and he has a few videos as well. They are a little more informative than the RS reviews since you can see the boobs "in action."

1 week post-op update (375cc MP+)

1 week pics can be seen in the last post but I wanted to write this update mostly so I can remember the journey as it quickly all becomes a blur. The first week was super easy. The first day was difficult because I couldn't sit up on my own without assistance. I barely took any pain meds. My PS touted his pain free technique and he wasn't lying. I had limited range of movement in my arms and I felt very tight and swollen until day 5 or so. Because of this it was so tempting to do more than I should. I found myself putting away dishes, making PB&J's for my kids, and reaching for things. I did most of this with my right hand and as a result I've had more issues with my right breast. More muscle twinges, pain in my incisions, etc. I've had zero issues with my left breast. Today is day 8 and I have almost full range of motion. I can reach for things up high and my chest doesn't feel tight anymore. My breasts are starting to soften and I even have a tiny bit of jiggle. I no longer have to wear the compression bra but I do like to keep them contained as it feels more secure.

I started massaging yesterday and wearing the strap. My PS said to wear the strap until the boobs are settled where I want them and then stop and start wearing underwire to keep them in place. I'm a little worried that if I push them down where I want them now, in a year they will have settled into place and may not have enough upper fullness. I saw another real selfer that went to my doc post a 1 year update and she lost most upper fullness and wished she had gone HP. I hate that most doc's "after" pics are at the 3 month marker as I want to see what they look like a year and beyond. I've even had a hard time finding 1 year update pics on RS. I found that YouTube has a lot of 1 year update pics but the boobs are always in a bathing suit so there is some push up and I can't see how they look naked. Most youtubers boobs looked great at the 1 year mark so that gave me hope.

One thing I've found unsettling is how different all the Plastic Surgeon's protocols are. I've looked at many RS Doctor Q&As and the doctors all responses are all so varied. Some use the strap, some don't. Some say wear a compression bra 1 week/2 week/4 weeks, etc. They all say to follow the advice of your own PS, but why does it very so much? It seems like there should be more consistency on what after care protocol provides the best results.

That is all for now. Off to massage!

The secret is a burden

At first I was very open about wanting implants because I have two kids and figured other moms would understand. I told one friend and she got a little judgey so I decided I'd just keep it to myself. Well now all of a sudden I have boobs and it's like the elephant in the room. I tried to cover them tonight with a hoodie but the hubby said it was still obvious. Not only is it the secret, but I've had to lie about why I've been MIA during the recovery period, which is getting old. I got them over NYE so everyone was asking where I was and why I wasn't coming to the neighborhood party. On top of that, when they do find out, then they'll know I was lying the whole time. Tonight is the first time I've had to deal with this, and it was only one friend. I'm only a week post-op so with every passing week I'll have run ins with more and more people- not to mention when it's summer and we're all out in a bathing suit. I can see this is going to become a big burden and cause unnecessary internal drama. I can see me just coming out and telling them (say, after a few glasses of wine), but then I'll also have to admit to all the lies. And it just becomes harder to come clean the longer I wait.

Plus, I don't want all of my friends talking about it behind my back... "Do you think she got a boob job?" Don't get me wrong, they are good people. Heck, I'd do the same thing if one of my friends boobs suddenly tripped in size. It's natural to be curious.

I feel like I'm turning this into a bigger deal by not telling anyone. If anyone is reading this - what is your plan?

I've been blowing up RS lately. I've got the boobie blues and PMS - not a great combination.

Postpartum boobs vs 2 week post op

Found a 1 week postpartum pic on my phone and thought it would be interesting to compare it to my post op boobs. While I didn't show any postpartum pics to my surgeon, I had that as a baseline of too small. While they were much larger than my pre-pregnancy boobs, I got used to them real quick.

In looking at the comparison, 375 was just right. Bigger, but not too much bigger. That said, I'm still getting used to the new boobs and still hoping they shrink some. I'm not sure why given that postpartum boobs didn't feel too big. Maybe it's the side boob and fake round look that's throwing me off. They no longer feel huge in clothes so I'm getting there.

3 week Post op update

It's been 3 weeks and it's amazing how long 3 weeks can feel when you do something like this. I feel like I've had them forever.

They are getting softer but are still pretty firm. I'm wondering why my PS puts his incisions so far out to the side. I like them but I hope they look a little more symmetrical after they D&F. I'm currently a 32 D at VS... I hope.

Tried on a cute O'Neill bathing suit and am realizing that the tops that fit the boobs are too big for my waist. Any one know good brands for this? VS discontinued swim wear right in time for my BA. Thanks VS.

I have a situation with my right crease that I can't find any info it. It just doesn't feel as tight and secure to my body as my left implant. Talked to the nurse and she took my concerns pretty seriously and said I might have to have possible surgery to tack the crease back in. I see doc in a week. I'm worried I'll have to Pay for anesthesia and OR which would suck. I went to a really good PS and wish I could have the perfect recovery and boobs like so many on here. Is that too much to ask?!? =P.

4 week post op

Today is my boobaversary. I'm happy and relieved to say that I no longer worry they are too big. I'm not sure if swelling has subsided and they look smaller or if I'm just getting used to them. In clothes they look perfect. They are there and visibly look like I've got something going on under there but they don't look obviously large.

Naked they still feel a little big, but I think a lot of that has to do with them still looking fake and round. I'm not sure how I'll feel if they continue to get smaller (whether in reality or in perception.). I think I'll be okay because a good push up bra will make them look plenty full.

On to bras. Hopefully it's just because they haven't D&F'd yet, but I'm having a hell of a time finding a properly fitted bra. I got a wireless tshirt bra at VS in 32 D that fits well. I may have needed a 32 DD but they didn't have it in stock to try. Doc cleared me for short term push up bra usage (think date night) so I went back to try and get a fun push up bra for vday. Let's just say that didn't go well. Nothing fit right except for a 32 DD version of a not sexy tshirt bra. The Angels push-up and Very Sexy push up didn't fit at all (see pics). Even the sales girl was at a loss. I'm hoping it's just because they haven't D&F'd yet. I'm going to wait and explore actual good bras once I'm at the 3-6 month mark. I thought bigger boobs would make bra/bathing suit shopping easier but it really hasn't. Garments don't seem to be designed to accommodate big boobs and a small ribcage. If you know any brand, please share.

I started working out this week finally. I'm just walking on treadmill as to avoid upper body. I'm anxious to get back at it. I'm so worried about messing up my boobs.

Oh, and boobs are really starting to soften up. They don't jiggle or bounce yet but they are very squeezable.

This is getting long so I will post more about my 4 month follow up visit in another post. I'm still a little pisses at my doc. Lucky for him i was really happy with my boobs this weekend.
Dr. Jabs

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