34 Yrs, 5'8", 160 Lbs, No Kids, Small 34B to 34DD with 450/500 HP Silicone- Bethesda, MD

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I'm getting ready for my surgery. I went to three...

I'm getting ready for my surgery. I went to three consultations at three different doctors and chose Dr Franklin Richards because I was most impressed by his process, his staff, and the facility. He measured me at the consultation and based on the width of my chest and breast area, he said moderate profile is the way I should go.

Right now I am figuring out what size I should choose. At the consultation we talked about 350-400 but after reviews and research I honk that is too small. I'd like to be about a D cup. So I went back for a second sizing and tried on 450 and 500. I can't tell if the 500 make me look too heavy and fat. What do you all think??

Had my pre-op!

I met my doctor and had my preop today! They gave me a scar gel I'll use after the surgery and some antibacterial soaps to wash with right before it. They gave me all the preop details, like all the meds and herbal supplements and blood thinners and etc that I can't eat or drink two weeks beforehand. The saddest thing is that I can't drink my green tea for three weeks total... I drink green tea every morning :(

We also picked the size! I'm going with 450 on one size and 500 on the other. Which seems perfect. I'm sorta scared 500 will be too large but then again I have wide shoulders and a large frame so I feel like it will probably be fine.

August 18 is the surgery day!! I don't see my doctor at all until then, so for the next 5 weeks I get to sit on my rush and wait... And enjoy my current tatas the way they are before they change a whole lot!

Wish pics

I showed some of these to my doc to help pick the size!

Help me pick a size!

Ok people... So the last set of my pics were 500... And these are 450. Which do you like better? I honestly feel a little like 500s look like utters, is it all in my head?!?!

Picked my size!

Ladies, I can't believe I'm less a week and a half away from surgery! I talked to my doctor today and after he answers all my questions, I feel comfortable picking the larger size I was going with: 450 on one breast and 500 on the other, HP. He says the HP will fit my frame well given this particular size. He did chuckle and say that I was going to be generously larger, but he didn't say it would be something that would be too small for my frame. They will be inserted with a funnel. I feel good overall, though a little nervous about what people at work will think. I don't particularly want to be judged by my colleagues or considered silly. The nurse did make me feel better, saying she is 5'4" and 125 lbs and she has in 485s, and she says they often aren't noticeable.

So, now it's just about waiting and getting more and more nervous!! August 18 is the day!!

Before pics

On the other side! Day 1

got my boobs!!! oh my lord, I am ecstatic... I could not be happier with the results. I ended up going with the larger ones, 450/500 HP. and I'm SO glad I did! my body can definitely handle these larger implants, plus they look soooo hot! haha. recovery so far seems like an absolute breeze, I am not in pain so much as pretty tight in the chest which is to be expected. I hope this will continue into tomorrow. I am on the couch a lot but also moved around a little bit, made some juice (with some help from the very lovely BF). I am taking the hydrocodone, so far took two at the same time about three hours ago. not much to report aside from after pictures!

pics didn't load

Day 2 post op

just some updates pics. I am really impressed by the work of Dr. Richards, everything is as good as it can be right now. he did say yesterday that he had to do more work on my right side in order to make the 500 fit into my smaller boobie. so as you can see there is more bruising on that side than my left. it also feels more tight on the right side.

I took my first shower just now, as i was instructed to do on day 2. it felt strange not to have my surgical bra on, I could feel the power of gravity so much more. it felt iffy, so as soon as I was done with the quick shower I put it back on.

sleeping at a 45 degree angle isn't my favorite thing, but I have to do with for the first 3 nights. I managed to get some shut eye and plan to nap a lot through today and the weekend as well.

day 3.. swelling is a bit less today

I slept better today because I let myself sleep a little closer to a lying down position rather than sitting. I figure that the importance of good sleep outweighs that of the seated position. not sure if it's a coincidence, but I have felt way less pressure on the ladies today and they have gotten less swollen and a bit softer. lefty is also moving down a bit, while I think righty is more caution due to all the bruising underneath. hopefully that won't be an issue later but so far so good. I also think they are a little less boxy this afternoon.

a couple pics I took last night

I am starting to absolutely love these things! they still look square but less than they did at first, and it hasn't even been a full week yet. I am also surprised at how much smaller they are than I expected, I thought they would be huge on me. I'm so glad I went with the bigger size. that said I don't feel at all like I should have gone bigger, primarily because the doctor apparently had a hard time fitting the 500 in my smaller right boob already. so I feel like I maxed out. and, I can definitely both hide these AND emphasize them if I want to. seriously, this was an incredibly good decision I can already tell. I'm also just beginning to get a glimpse into what it's like to have big boobs. I took a walk last night around the block with a very tight top on, and all these people said hi to me, lol. not in a gross way but more in a sort of helpful way. like, hello Ma'am! it was funny. I'm not looking for attention, but it's fun to know that it's an option! lol.

I'll take more boob pics in a few days once there is a noticeable difference.

post op done!

I had my post op yesterday with my doc. everything went great! they said I should start my massages and showed me how to do them. whoa, they sorta hurt and are uncomfortable at first! you really ha e to move the implants around a lot in the pocket. I have to do them 3-4 times a day.

I also was told to wear a strap throughout the day as much as I can to help them drop faster. and also to try to wear a bra as little as possible (ideally not at all) again to help them drop. I think mine are pretty high and tight so that seems right to me.

here are some pics from today.

Day 13 update

everything is going really well! I am starting to absolutely love how they are beginning to look. waiting for them to keep moving downwards but I'm seeing progress for sure. I wear my strap as much as possible during the day and have gone without a bra for almost a week now. sometimes I get weird pressures here and there, certain days more than others. but my PS says that's normal. my steri strips are still attached! once they come off I am supposed to start the scar cream to keep my scars protected.


oh, and I just bought nippies! they will hopefully help me go braless without advertising it to everyone at the office... here is me wearing them and my strap. I feel like I need all this extra gear these days, lol.


one of my steri strips came off. this is what's under it!

shopping for sports bra

I bought a sports bra from VS to be able to work out, since I can start doing lower body stuff and most other stuff aside from chest workouts already. I also tried on some other regular bras to figure out my current size. was pretty surprised to learn I'm a 34 DD! yeesh. I went to Nordstrom to double check and same size there too. here are some pics. I ended up buying the VS Incredible sports bra (the grey one). I kinda liked the Knockout also but wasn't a huge fan of the separate internal bra as it was too restrictive and also I would have had to buy the 34 DDD size for it to fit comfortably. I thought the Incredible fit just right, excellent very strong support, perfect for running and bouncing, but not over the top. these babies are staying put. I also prefer the zipper in the front, easier to put on.

20 day update!

more pictures. not sure if they have dropped any but I love them!

with pics..

third time?

clothes shopping the other day!

just posting this to show folks how clothes look now.

one most post op doctor visit

hey everyone! I just got home from my one month doctor visit. I got cleared to run and to wear a bra, he said they will still drop some more until about 3-4 months post op but they look really great now. I still have to do my massages 3x a day and scar cream twice a day. I go back and see him again in three months. he and I are both really happy with the results! I really love Dr, Richards, he is such a sweet and nice man.

here are the girls now! it's funny, on the pics they always look the same, and look like they're still riding high when in reality they basically aren't at all. it must be the way the light hits my boobs on pictures. also, here is the bra I bought at VS! it's so pretty. I got sized there, I'm officially a 34 DD.

status and scar update

some pics from almost 5 weeks post op

6 week update

8 months post op

Hey all just wanted to post a couple pics 8 months post op. i love them!!!
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