31 Years Old, 5'10" 145lbs, 1 - 11 Year Old Child 32A Wanting to Be a Small D Surgery set for 1/11/17

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Surgery Set for 1/9/16 My stats: 5'10" 145lbs...

Surgery Set for 1/9/16
My stats: 5'10" 145lbs currently a 32A and am pretty wide set with a BWD of 14, I have a son who is almost 11 years old. I work out with a Personal Trainer twice a week and love to run, exercise and hike. I am looking to increase bust size to gain cleavage and balance out my figure. However, I do not want them so large that they affect my workouts or make it hard to shop for bra's etc. I am struggling on deciding a size. My surgeon says that he would recommend anywhere from a 400 cc to 475 cc mod plus profile, leaning more toward the 400 if I would be doing a lot of running and the mod plus profile under muscle to achieve the cleavage. I am struggling finding women with similar stats on this site to help me decide on what size to go. When trying on the sizers 475 felt huge and HEAVY. However, my surgeon did say that it wouldn't quite feel as heavy when they were under the muscle. If you have similar stats, please reach out and let me know about your experience. I would love to pick your brain! This whole process has been a little stressful trying to figure out what I want. A lot of my wish pics are of women who are 400 cc plus and aren't quite as wide set as I am. I love this site but with my indecisiveness it has made things a little harder to decide. Any input that you could give would be really appreciated.

I have Boobies!

So I had to push my surgery to 1/11 because of scheduling child care and taking off of work. Which ended up better anyway because one of the days I scheduled off for was already a Holiday at work, YAY!

So over the last few weeks while preparing for the big day, it made me super excited. My boyfriendsaid it was like I was "nesting" LOL! The only thing that I started to worry about was if I went big enough. I mean originally I wanted a full C to a small D because I work out alot and didnt want them to get in the way. I also wanted to be able to hide them when I wanted and didn't want any unwanted attention. But, the moretime went on and I looked at more Realself profiles I had come to the conclusion that I defintely wanted to be a small D. However, I couldnt change my size at that point because my implants had already arrived. I guess i experienced a little "boob greed" even before I got them haha!

I stuck with 400cc on the left (because my left was a little bigger than my right and 425cc on the right Mod+ profile. My left was also .5cm lower than the right but nothing warrented a lift or anytging like that. I don't want to have an expectation of them being perfect because I know there is a good chance that they may not be but we will see. I feel its better to accept the possibility of them not being perfect and being pleasantly surprised than being disappointed. I have attached a copy of my measurements for the ladies out there that are following my journey and want to compare. I really love this site and it definitely helped prepare me for all the trials I may or may not experince so I am going to do my best by goving back by sharing my journey as well.

So yesterday my surgery was at 12:30p and everyone at Dr. Franklin Richards office in Bethesda, MD was amazing. I did l go to one more person for a consult prior but, decided to go with Dr. Richards because they actually had an operating room right in the facility which made it suuuper convienent! He also has about 26 years of experience and made the suggestion that I go bigger on the right because he noticed the assymetry (which the other Dr. Did not). He also listened to my questions and concerns about them being too big for my activity level. He then suggested 400 vs 450 to 475. I also was impressed with how well he knows his patients and remembers them. He looked at my breasts and knew of someone immediately who had the same build and could pull out a before and after photo and this was the first time he had seen my boobs so it wasnt like he could prepare and search beforehand! The nurses and Anesthesiologist were amazing as well they did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable and calm. Then last night the Dr. called to check up on me. Which took me by surprise because I thought for sure it would've been the nurse, Theresa. I didn't go back in the OR until about 1245p and the surgery only lasted about 1hr and 15 min. When i woke I felt alot of pressureon my chest, kinda like a heavy anvil on my chest. I was groggy and was shivering. The nurse said that it was completely normal when coming off of the anesthesia and she grabbed a warm, fresh blanket for me it was aaaaaamazing! I fell asleep on the car ride home.

When I got home the pain was still minimal i just felt alot of pressure in my chest and I was hungry, not nauseous (probably because of the anti-nausea patch). They told me to stay on a clear liquids diet for a few hours, so I had beef broth and some crackers. I had been drinking alot of waterwhen i got home and the first pee I had reeked of chemicals, i guess because of the anesthesia. I used my Brookstone Wedge pillowand one pillow on each side under my arms and a pillow under my legs and slept on and off all day, while getting up every 2 hours to walk around. I also used a neck pillow which is definitely a must because I tried sleeping with out it and would find my head flopped over and neck hurting. For dinner, I had a smoothie with 1c pineapple, 1c peach, 1tbsp chia, 2 handfuls spinach, 1/2 avacado, 1c sugar free organic coconut, 1 scoop vanilla Isopure Zero Carb Protien powder and two scoops of collegen supplement. At that point I took all my vitamins including the Bromelin and vitamin C and a serving of Metamucil and 4tbs of Milk of Magnesium to help me poo. The nurse advised me to make sure I did whatever I could to make myself go because the anesthesia would constipate me. I also avoides any pain medications when I got home to prevent that as well. However, I found that the pain is defintely tolerable and felt like nothing more than pressure and an occasional sharp pain in my sternum. I took 3 Tylenol Extra Strength before going to bed to prevent the pain from keeping me from having a restful nights sleep. I was worried that I wouldn't get good sleep beings that I had slept alot during the day and had to sleep on my back with a wedge pillow and not cuddling with my boo (I'm most definitely a cuddler)! But after about a half hour, I finally fell asleep and slept well according to my activity tracker.

Supplements and Dr.'s Measurements

During my healing process I am trying to eat completely whole 30 where I can (with the exception of the protien powder and crackers I had the firat day) to help with the recovery. I have attached photos of the Collagen Supplement that I use (whole 30 approved) and the Protien powder (my trainer reccommends because it is sugar free and has no carbs not to mention its delish!)

I have also attached the sheet my Dr. Completed with my measurements for all those who are curios.

Day 2 & 3

Day 2
I still felt alot of pressure and my sternun was sore to where my surgical bra was irritating it. I have mobilty in my arms but try not to move them any higher than 40 degrees away from my body. I have occassional sharp pains near my incisions and they are a little itchy (more so my right than my left). The closest feeling I've had to the amount of pressure I am experiencing was the first evening I was away from my son when I was nursing and I woke up extremwly engorged. I am taking bromine and arnica to help with the swelling and bruising and it seems to have helped so far. As you can see in my photos there is minimal bruising around my incisions and very light around the sides of my breasts near my arm pit. In comparing photos it doesnt seem like much has changed. I cannot wait until I get through the "frankenboob" phase and they drop and fluff.

1 month, 2 week and Day 1 Comparison

Paitently waiting for them to drop and fluff....well trying to be patient. As each day goes by the get softer and softer. Occassionally I get morning boob but even thats become fewer and far in between. They totally feel like mine and the soreness is completely gone. Occassionally, if I move too quickly and stretch my arm in the wrong direction, I will feel some pulling around my upper rib cage area, which I am assuming is just because my muscles are still stretching out. I'm really liking my cleavage, however, I am not really liking the way my boobs look in photos lol. They look so much better and different in a mirror. I guess its just how close I am and the angle. I will experiment with a selfie stick later and see if that makes a difference.
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