31 Years Old, 5'10" 145lbs, 1 - 11 Year Old Child 32A Wanting to Be a Small D

Surgery Set for 1/9/16 My stats: 5'10" 145lbs...

Surgery Set for 1/9/16
My stats: 5'10" 145lbs currently a 32A and am pretty wide set with a BWD of 14, I have a son who is almost 11 years old. I work out with a Personal Trainer twice a week and love to run, exercise and hike. I am looking to increase bust size to gain cleavage and balance out my figure. However, I do not want them so large that they affect my workouts or make it hard to shop for bra's etc. I am struggling on deciding a size. My surgeon says that he would recommend anywhere from a 400 cc to 475 cc mod plus profile, leaning more toward the 400 if I would be doing a lot of running and the mod plus profile under muscle to achieve the cleavage. I am struggling finding women with similar stats on this site to help me decide on what size to go. When trying on the sizers 475 felt huge and HEAVY. However, my surgeon did say that it wouldn't quite feel as heavy when they were under the muscle. If you have similar stats, please reach out and let me know about your experience. I would love to pick your brain! This whole process has been a little stressful trying to figure out what I want. A lot of my wish pics are of women who are 400 cc plus and aren't quite as wide set as I am. I love this site but with my indecisiveness it has made things a little harder to decide. Any input that you could give would be really appreciated.
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