29 Y/O 5'5 136lbs No Kids 34B - 400cc Silicone IMF Submuscular Mod+

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Like most women, I've wanted implants for what...

Like most women, I've wanted implants for what seems like forever. I wanted them when I was 15 but said I'd wait until my 22nd birthday. That birthday came and went and I said I'd wait until my 25th birthday, then my husband said I should wait until we have kids. Well turns out I'll need IVF so I then told myself that I would get them for my 30th birthday. I can wait for kids, but NOT my girls lol (selfish I know). So, here I am a little over a month before my BIG 3-0 and I found a surgeon.

I had two consultations with two different doctors, and ultimately settled on Dr. Franklin D Richards of Bethesda, MD. I've been looking at the work of various plastic surgeons (PS) in the DMV area and ruled out a number of them just by looking at their before and after photos. I stumbled upon this community and was able to weed out even more!

The first PS that I consulted with was nice and answered all of my questions, but I just felt like something was missing (still don't know what it is). I found Dr. Richards on here highly ranked (and I'd stalked his website a few time meandering between him and the other surgeon) called and had a consultation yesterday. His nurse saw me first, took my measurements (my chest width, the distance from my clavicle to my nipple on each side, the width of each pec, a lot), had me put on actual sizers (not a silicone implant inside my bra), took photos for me to compare at home between the 350cc and the 400cc on my frame.

The experience was already better than what I'd experienced with the previous PS. The additional measurements, actual sizers, just everything! She also took my measurements with the sizers in and said I'd measure at a 34D when it's all settled (although you can't really predict that), which gave me warm and fuzzies. They also performed 3D imaging to give me an "idea" of what my twins will look like on me... another COOL factor!

I was so confident in Dr. Richard's abilities that I scheduled my surgery BEFORE I left the office... dropped my $500 deposit and all lol. I have a pre-op appointment tomorrow where I get my pre/post-op instructions, list of things to buy, and my scripts. I already had my comprehensive physical last Thursday (when I thought I'd go with the other PS), so they'll just shoot the results over to Dr. Richards once they come in. I'm so excited and can't wait until April to see how they look at that point lol.

***About me***
136lbs (right now)
39" Hips 27" Waist 34" Bust
Size 2 pants (a 4 is too big in the waist)
Small shirts (XS in some stores like Ann Taylor, WHBM, and The Limited)
I workout at least 3 days a week (there's 7 days in a week, I can AT LEAST commit to 3 of them)
My eating habits are fairly healthy (I slip up every now and then)
I like the way most of my clothes fit now, but they could always fit better

Pre-Op appointment done!!!

Yesterday I had my pre-op appointment. My primary care physician had faxed over my comprehensive physical results and cleared me for surgery (Yay)! So the nurse briefly went over those with me. I paid my balance off, initialed and signed numerous informational and consent forms. I was given two packets of an antibacterial body wash to use the night before and the day of my surgery to wash my torso with, Biocorneum+ to use on my scars once instructed, my prescriptions for Vicodin and Transderm-Scop (a patch to put behind my ear the day of surgery to help with nausea after the anesthesia wears off), and a ton of information.

I was given a list of medications (both rx and otc) to avoid taking two weeks prior to surgery. Two weeks for me is Friday (tomorrow). No pain meds other than tylenol, no fish oil, flax seed or flax seed oil, vitamin E, or herbal teas or herbal supplements. I'm a big tea drinker (and coffee), I normally include ground flax seed in my oatmeal, take CLA with fish oil, and a thermogenic so today was the last day for a while.

I've settled on 400cc Mod+ IMF (IMC) sub muscular implantation. I tried on the sizers again yesterday and absolutely loved my silhouette. I had on a fitted button up shirt, and I had "struggle buttons" lol. Once they drop and fluff, I will be going through my shirts and getting rid of a few... bras are already a no brainer.

This weekend will be dedicated to shopping for the day of surgery ;) and meal planning... I've read so many horror stories about being constipated for a few days after. Hopefully, by having a "paleo-based" diet I can mitigate most of that.

Officially One Week Out

This time next week, I will no longer be part of the IBTC! I've been wearing all of the shirts that I KNOW will have to donated... no "struggle buttons" for me.
Getting my last days in with my girls and our favorite little bra/panty sets. I have included the photos from the 3D imaging that Dr. Richards had done. Can't wait to compare my real afters with the imaged afters :)

***Help!?!?! Post Surgery Bra Recs

I am now in the final countdown to "D-Day!" I have filled my prescription for pain meds and the transderm patch for nausea post surgery. I purchased one 34D Under Armor zip-front sports bra as well, but am not sure of some other sports/support bras to purchase. I only purchased one UA because the others were not available in my size or the colors/patterns were just too much for my taste. So I need some good recommendations and recommended sizes from anyone on here with similar measurements.

I'm nervous to get a large because I'm not sure if the band/straps will fit. I currently wear a small in shirts/blouses/tops (XS depending on some stores). My sports bras are small as well, and I know they will be waaaaaayyyyy too tight after the twins are here. So would you recommend a medium or try a large? My bra size is currently a 34B and I'm getting 400cc mod+ silicone unders if that helps.

Thanks in advance ladies!


Saying Goodbye

Breast Squish Pre-Op
I'm posting these a little late, but I was too excited to do it the night before. I took a few more before photos, one in my favorite double pushup, and the other are sans bra. I also made a video on how much breast tissue I had to work with prior to my BA.

The Twins are Here

I'm just getting around to updating my review. My surgery was Friday, 13 November 2015 at 12:30pm. The night before I was so anxious, but I still managed to get to sleep at a decent time. I woke up the morning of at 7 to handle a few things before hand. I had to be at the office at 11:30am to get prepped and have my vitals taken.

My husband took me to my appointment and waited for it to be over. I remember receiving my IV in my hand (that was the worst part for me), and then the anesthesiologist (who was pretty easy on the eyes) came and asked me a few more questions. Around 12:30 they walked me back to the OR and had me lay on this table where they strap you in with your arms out like a 'T.' It was cold so they gave me a warm blanket to cover up. Once both of my arms were strapped, they connected the anesthesia to my IV... and then I woke up leaning on my husband in the elevator on our way back up to our apartment.

I slept most of the weekend away. Most of the pain/pressure I felt was on Saturday, so I just took my meds as scheduled (2 vicodin every 4 hours). They're pretty high, swollen, and tight but I love them already.

***Here's to a smooth and seamless recovery!

Dropping, Fluffing, and Heightened Sensitivity... Oh My!

I have been so busy with work, I haven't had time to update in two weeks...
My girls have been settling rather nice, I just can't wait for them to be fully dropped and fluffed. In the meantime, I'm enjoying this journey. On 19 Nov 2015, I had my post-op appointment with my PS. It went pretty quick, but he told me the following:
1) My steri-strips should fall off by the 10th or 12th day.
2) I could start with my scar treatment using the BioCornium+ once the steri-strips fell off, and that I needed to apply it twice a day to the scars.
3) That he wanted me to begin the massages/implant pocket manipulations to assist in dropping and fluffing.
I also received the "strap" to wear around the house and he told me that at the one month mark I could wear whatever bra I wanted to. I'm currently free to wear any bra right now, as long as it is NOT an underwire or pushup.
I can lift no more than 2lbs per arm, so Thanksgiving was a little hard with all of my nieces and nephews present... I just wanted to pick them all up and hold them. I forgot for a moment and picked up one of my nieces and quickly put her back down when I felt this instant cramp-like feeling in my right breast. It went away after a little massaging in the powder room.

Speaking of family over the holiday weekend... HUGS!!! Oh My GOSH! One thing that has DEFINITELY been happening over here is some serious sensitivity! I have never felt that in my life! I was in the shower of all places when it started. The water hitting my breasts was like torture! Add bras, clothing, and hugs to the mix... yeah no bueno! My older sister saved the day though and bought me some Lansinoh... that stuff is like magic! My nipples are still super sensitive, but the Lansinoh helps. I also noticed that I have Condors Cords under my right breast. I only see them when I'm applying my scar treatment or raising my arms.

Time Flies and the Twins are Dropping!

I had my three week PO yesterday (although today officially marks three weeks) and I Dr. Richards was very pleased with his work thus far, as am I. The following was noted during my appointment:
1) My left, Sadie (yes they have names... the right is Sophie), is dropping at a slower rate than my right. She is sitting high, perched on my chest taking her sweet time.
2) Dr. Richards was pleased with how soft they are at three weeks... as am I!
3) He advised me to continue with the massages/pocket manipulation, as well as to massage my incisions since they are a bit raised.

I have to say that the difference between my scars today and yesterday is CRAZY! I massaged them like he suggested (I had originally been doing my breast massages above the scars instead of directly on them), and I can already notice a huge difference in how they feel and look. They are going down, and don't appear as raised as they were. I wish I would have thought to take a picture yesterday...

I went to Aerie and purchased four bralettes in a size medium, but I think I need to take them back and get a large since they are fitting a little snug and I still have lots of dropping and fluffing to do.

I also started slowly getting back into working out... lower body only though. So today, I did the one (1) set of each of the following:
12 body-weight squats
12 lunges forwards and backwards on each leg
60 calf raised
15 donkey kicks each leg
15 fire hydrants each leg
30 dead bugs (abs)
30 Russian twists

With just that little bit, I was so winded but I'm determined not to let my stomach get bigger than my new additions... before I had an excuse being part of the IBTC :)

Will take and upload some pics tomorrow... just wanted to get this out! Happy healing everyone.

3 Weeks + 1 Day Pics and Quick Notes

I mentioned in my last post that I purchased some bralettes from Aerie in a size medium. I am loving them and they are comfortable, but they fit too "perfect" right now. I am going to take them back one of these days and exchange them for a large. This morning I woke up on my stomach *insert gasp here* but when I looked in the mirror, my breast looked even more fluffed than they did last night. I don't know if I was paid a visit by the magical "fluff fairies," or if sleeping on my stomach had anything to do with it, but I am slightly alarmed (but happy nonetheless) and praying that I didn't cause any damage.

I've been reading a lot of your stories and recommendations on other profiles, so one thing for sure is that I am heading to The Vitamin Shoppe TONIGHT to get some vitamin E tablets. Hopefully they will help Sadie catch up to Sophie as far as dropping is concerned.

I also notice that I hate the cold so I typically run into a building when it's colder than I care for, but have felt no pains. I think that's a sign... I'm going to give running a go Monday, just going to wear like two or three sports bras to minimize the impact. Anna1989 and Bikinigirl5604 are the perfect motivation for flat/fit/toned stomach to breast ratio... I'm determined!

***( . )( . ) One Month Update ( . )( . )***

It has officially been four weeks and two glorious days with my twins and so far, I am LOVING them. A few things I've noticed that I THANKFULLY did not experience that I read others did are:
1) Excessive prescription drugs: I wasn't prescribed any muscle relaxants, antibiotics, or anything else so I was a bit alarmed when I saw my scripts for only two items: Vicodin and Transderm. But that was all that I needed, and I still have Vicodin left. The Transderm patch was for nausea after being under general anesthesia.
2) Minimal Downtime: I did not experience any pain or irritation during driving as others have noted. I live in the DC-Metro area where traffic sucks, and felt no pain while steering through the madness... I was also driving three days after my surgery. I was exhausted from the anesthesia for several days afterwards (maybe even a little over a week), but that was to be expected.
3) Minimal Pain: I wouldn't say that I have a high pain tolerance (I balled like a baby when I had a tooth extraction under local anesthesia), but this surgery just felt like I overworked my chest during chest day at the gym.
4) Serious Bruising: Although the rib area right below my incisions were a bit sore, I did not have any visible bruising anywhere on my body. None on my breast, none on my torso, none whatsoever.
Dr. Richards and his technique resulted in minimal downtime, minimal pain, minimal drugs prescribed for me, and no visible bruising... You can tell that he takes pride in his work.

Somethings that I have/am experienced/experiencing:
1) Numbness on the lower portion of my breasts, in the area above the incisions.
2) Super sensitive nipples.
3) I wear my strap while at home (I work from home unless I need to go to a client site), and while asleep.
4) One breast (the left) is higher than the other, and I massage these babies every day throughout the day so they can drop and fluff.

Random one month facts:
*I have been sleeping on my sides since about two weeks without any issues (I switch sides throughout the night like I'm programmed to give them equal time on each side lol).
*I stalk them daily, my husband calls them my new toys since I "play with them" so much.
*I have a love/hate relationship with bra shopping. I don't like shopping in general, add the fact that I now must TRY ON every bra before I buy it or have to take it back is even worse. But I DO like the fact that I have graduated from the B cup. The sucky part of D/DD cups... if they have my size, they do NOT have the color I want.

**Two Month Update**

I have been so busy with traveling for work and the holidays that I simply have not had the time nor energy to update this so here it goes...

I notice if I go braless for too long, the implants feel like they're "pulling" down, so I just throw on my post surgical bra, or a sports bra after I massage them a little. That helps a lot and the pain/irritation (it's hard to describe the actual feeling, but it doesn't hurt) goes away. I am also a stomach/side sleeper, so I put a pillow under my chest and I am able to sleep comfortably... FINALLY.

I have been in the gym since Christmas (when I hit six weeks) and have resumed running. I don't have any issues with running/bouncing, but I also where my SUPER supportive VSX sports bras. I have also resumed weight training, but I don't do any workouts where my pecs are the primary muscles being worked... I tried and it just felt weird, and I also felt a small sting so it was like a one rep and done type of attempt. I don't have any odd feelings when my pecs are the secondary or tertiary muscles being worked, but push-ups, tricep dips, and pull-ups are a no-go for now. My focus is to have a svelte figure that only enhances my new additions ;)

I have done very little "real" bra shopping, only sports bras and bralettes. I purchased some 34DD bras, and I'm already bursting out of those, so rather than waste money I'm going to wait until the girls hit four months.

Here's a pictorial update as well.

*Happy New Year

Dropping, Fluffing, and Scar Progression Pics

Here is a quick synopsis of where I started from.

For those who don't feel like reading my novels up above:
Pre-BA: 34B
BWD: 13.5
Implant Size: 400cc Mentor Moderate Profile Plus
Post-BA: 32DDD, 34DD and still dropping and fluffing
Height: 5'5"
Current Weight: 136lbs
***I will not be this size long, I'm only 2 months post-op and still have more settling to do***

For my scars, I use BioCorneum+ as well as bio oil twice a day. I just started using bio oil the week of January 4th, 2015. I've been using BioCorneum+ since my steristrips fell off during my second week post op.

My right is dropping faster than my left... as it has always.

Dr. Richards and his staff are outstanding. They answered every question I had and addressed all of my concerns. When I went to my first consultation, they truly educated me even more, and I thought I had all of my bases covered. I left completely satisfied and scheduled my surgery that same day I was so pleased. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the DC Metro area... even if you're not, it's well worth the trip to the nation's capitol.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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