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My first post... as I nervously write this I'm a...

My first post... as I nervously write this I'm a bit in shock that I'm actually going through with this surgery I've been talking about for years!!

I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet!

I've been a member of RealSelf for damn near a year! Reading the journeys and advices of others has been tremendously helpful.

***I'm a small A hoping to be a heavy C. I'm thinking somewhere between 300cc-375cc, thoughts? They will be placed under the muscles, Mentor silicone, high profile, incision under the breasts. My biggest concern is going too big... that's my nightmare. I would rather end up too small than too big! Ideally they'll end up perfect size though :)

I could use any and all advice!! Everything from sizing thoughts to surgery prep!! Do I need to buy certain clothes, pillows or foods??

I look forward to hearing from you!!
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

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