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My first post... as I nervously write this I'm a...

My first post... as I nervously write this I'm a bit in shock that I'm actually going through with this surgery I've been talking about for years!!

I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet!

I've been a member of RealSelf for damn near a year! Reading the journeys and advices of others has been tremendously helpful.

***I'm a small A hoping to be a heavy C. I'm thinking somewhere between 300cc-375cc, thoughts? They will be placed under the muscles, Mentor silicone, high profile, incision under the breasts. My biggest concern is going too big... that's my nightmare. I would rather end up too small than too big! Ideally they'll end up perfect size though :)

I could use any and all advice!! Everything from sizing thoughts to surgery prep!! Do I need to buy certain clothes, pillows or foods??

I look forward to hearing from you!!

Will my areolas get larger?

Hi ladies!!

Quick question, will my areolas stretch out quite a bit after the surgery? (I'm thinking 375cc, HP, incision under the breast...) I feel like they're already a bit on the larger side and wouldn't want them to stretch much more. Just wondering what I should expect! :-D

Also, what did everyone buy for post surgery prep!? Button down shirt? Extra pillows? Zip up sports bras?

My 2 week pre-op is on Thursday morning... Super nervous to actually decide on the size!

Thanks in advance for the advice!

2 week pre-op complete! 400cc, HP, under the muscle.

Wow, down to the final 2 weeks! Can hardly believe it... So, I've decided on 400cc. Originally I was thinking between 350-375cc but the doc told me if I had to choose between 350 or 400 which would I choose.? I chose 400, tried the sizers on again and that was that!

I wore the sweater on purpose, I wanted to make sure my bigger boobs wouldn't look outrageous. (400cc sizers on)

Tomorrow is the big day....

Can't sleep. Super nervous. I'm feeling very anxious about the recovery... I've read about quick, fairly easy recoveries and I've read the opposite! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!!

Decided on 375cc. HP. Under the muscle.

On the other side!!

Wow! Can't even believe it...Surgery is done and over with! Went into surgery at 8:30am and got back home around 11am.
Of course my chest is heavy and very sore. I haven't had to opportunity to see them just yet but will post pics asap

Day 1 post-op

Hardly any sleep last night, difficult being propped up! I can't hardly sit up on my own because it just hurts too bad. Hoping day 2 will be better!!

Day 3

Feeling more comfortable in my chest but the pain meds have really messed up my stomach. I tried eating high fiber before and then after the surgery but am still very bloated (as you can see!). Sleeping is still a challenge and my back aches from sleeping propped up. Looking forward to a good night's sleep!...whenever that may be!

1 week post-op

What a healing process this has been! And continues to be! (Physically and mentally) My sternum is very sore, something I didn't anticipate happening! Not a ton of bruising. Overall I would say I'm happy with the results.... kind of. I'm unhappy with the size of my right breast (350cc). I had planned on 375cc both sides. Morning of surgery, less than an hour until I'm put under, my ps says "we'll need to do a 50cc difference to even them out. 400cc left and 350cc right". I was so caught off guard... why wasn't this mentioned in my consultation or my 2 week pre-op when we discussed sizing?!?! Why the change less than an hour before surgery?!?! Anyway, I'm trying to stay positive mostly because there's nothing I can do. I know it's still early and they haven't dropped yet so maybe they'll look more even once they drop and fluff?! I'm just discouraged because if they already look this uneven is there any chance they'll actually get better? I could use some words of encouragement right about now :)

2 weeks post-op

2 weeks! It's hard to believe... recovery is going well. I'm sleeping well and have full mobility. However, my skin and nipples are very sensitive and irritated! My nipples are hard like 24/7 and it kills! My skin feels irritated constantly because there's always cloth touching it. I've tried to use greedy amounts of lotion but that doesn't help in the slightest... any advice?
My boobs still look very lopsided. Hoping that changes in the coming weeks.
Massaging is going well. Slowly but surely they're softening!

Revision surgery on Friday, March 3.

Dr. Jabs made a last minute decision, 40 minutes before surgery, to adjust my sizes to a 50cc difference... it was an extremely unpleasant experience that I didn't feel equipped to handle the morning of surgery. Fast forward to 2 months later... his mistake is painfully obvious. (As you can see). I sent Jabs an email requesting an appointment immediately to discuss my results. The moment he saw them he said "we'll need to do a revision"... I was like "no sh!t". He told me the revision is a simple procedure that I'll be twilight awake for and can basically go back to work the next day. (I didn't want to chance not feeling well so I scheduled it on a Friday giving myself the weekend to heal). He told me there's no charge for his services (come on now, obviously!!), told me he'd cover the new implant (again, obviously), but asked me to pay the OR fee of $500. The fact is, this is his mistake. His last minute decision is forcing me to go under the knife again and he wants me to pay... I reluctantly agreed because $500 isn't worth me complaining about and it isn't about the money, I just want better results!!
So, on Friday I will be getting 400cc put in on my right side.... wish me luck!!
Side note: A friend told me "for breast implants plastic surgeons say something like only 2% of patients need a revision surgery, but actually in reality it's 60% of patients that will need revisions... surgeons don't want you to know the percentage is so high...."

3 days revision post-op

Procedure was on Friday and it seemingly went well. The healing process has been much smoother this time around! I was told I would be given a prescription for pain meds the day of surgery but one was never handed to me.. even after reminding 2 different employees, but anyway I managed the pain with Tylenol...
Moving right along, my breasts look much more even now, even with the revised breast sitting high! I'm eager for it to heal, drop and fluff so I can start enjoying them (shopping! Bras! Swimsuits!) and put this process behind me.

Almost 4 weeks post-revision surgery

Time flies. It's been almost 4 weeks since I had the revision surgery for my right breast. So far, everything has been great. Easy recovery, minimal scar and great results!!

2 months revision post-op

Revision surgery was a success and my boobs look and feel great.

6 month boobiversary!

6 months post initial surgery and 4 months post revision surgery. (on my right side)

I'm thrilled with my results! In love with the shape, size and how they feel.
I've slowly started getting back into my yoga routine... it definitely feels different but not painful. Hopefully working out becomes more normal/ natural feeling over time.
Scars aren't as light as I'd like them to be so hopefully they continue to lighten over time.

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