(1 year post) 26yo, 5'6", 115lbs, 325HP BA & Rhinoplasty

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So I'm finally doing it... I'm getting boobs... I...

So I'm finally doing it... I'm getting boobs... I still almost don't believe it. I've always been happy with the shape of my breasts. But, like most of you on here, the lack of volume has always bugged me. Not being able to fill out tops/bikinis is a major bummer. Having to always wear padded bras and tight tops over them so my boobs don't fall to the bottom has become my daily wardrobe. I used to think negatively about other people who had augmentation done (never thought I would do it!), and all of my friends had the same negative things to say about it. It wasn't until last year that I really started to realize that the only reason I haven't gotten them yet were other people's perceptions. I've been borderline obsessively reading stories and reviews on this site for the past few months and you all have been such a wonderful motivation. I feel so much more informed and at ease with the decision. Hoping my story will help someone else out there as well.

A little about me: I'm 26, 115lbs, 5'6". I barely fit into a 32B. Still not positive on my goal size, more so looking to be proportional and not too big! I keep hearing how everyone wants bigger after, I'm terrified of the opposite happening! After my consultations I've liked the look of 300-350cc. I keep flip flopping between the two, anxious to have to make a final decision!

I went to 4 different consultations. Finally decided on Dr. Jabs, his demeanor was so friendly and I felt very confident in his skills from his before/afters. His patient coordinator Joanne is also amazing to deal with. She's super friendly and always answers emails/calls within an hour or two. A second major reason I chose him is his rhinoplasty before/after photos. They all looked very natural and not "done". He did a simulated photo of my nose and I LOVE it. I felt like he really listened and understood exactly what I wanted. I want to get both done together so I only have one recovery period. I'm not sure yet if I'll post photos of the nose, I may write up a second review for it.

My pre-op is on Feb 2nd, surgery is scheduled for Feb 20th. So excited!


A few before photos and the simulation that the doctor gave me after my visit. He also sent me a 350cc one, but I could barely tell the difference between the two. Decisions!

Pre-op Done!!!

So today was my pre-op, half of it was sitting down and initialing/signing a LOT of paperwork and talking with the nurse that will be taking care of me. She was super nice and explained everything very well. I will definitely have to cut a lot of supplements out of my diet before/after. She said that I can only take Tylenol (aside from my scrip of course) for pain and have to stop taking any herbs/vitamins except for a select few. No more protein shakes either! Oh well I guess it's all worth it in the end.

After that my Dr. came in and he went over again what he thought was best for my nose, I told him as long as he makes it as close as possible to his generated photo I'll be happy! I showed him my wish boob photos as well and he said that in his opinion 300 would be way too small and that I should do either 325 or 350cc. He sized me and said that in order to go that big I would have to do high profile for them to fit. I did not think I would ever hear that!!! I've always thought I was wide across, but I have such a wide gap in between my actual breast tissue. Just never really looked at it like that.

Sooo... 350HP it is! I was a little anxious to confirm that size but I trust his judgement and he said that they won't look "fake" on me since I'm pretty tall.

Unsure about size

It's amazing how at ease I am about my nose, I barely think about it and am just really excited. My boobs though, oh jeeze. I guess everyone goes through this. I have been obsessively looking at other reviews on here comparing everything between 300 and 350, I am so worried that 350 will look too big on me. I work out a lot and just don't want to feel like they're in the way.

I may call my Dr. to switch to 325's, I know it's barely a difference but I think I just feel better with that number, hehe. I've been going back and forth and back and forth. Ugh!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

11 more days!!!

But who's counting right? I talked to my patient coordinator and went back with the 325's. I don't know why I had so much anxiety over 25 freaking cc's, but as soon as I made the decision to go back to what I had originally decided on, all of it went away and my excitement came rushing back.

I don't have to be at the surgery center until 11:30am, I am not a morning person at all so I'm excited about being able to sleep in (hopefully I will be able to with the nerves!). Surgery starts at 12:30 and then he said it would be 3 1/2 hours!!! The nose will be most of that time. I'm scared to be under for so long, but so happy to get them both done.

It's been so wonderful to hear everyone's stories on here. A huge good luck to all of the other February ladies that I have talked to!

Tomorrow's the day!

I can't get my mind off of tomorrow! So excited. Last night I picked my mom up from the airport, she flew all the way out here from California to help out. My boyfriend will be doing most of the work but she wanted to be here for support and help me from going stir crazy being stuck at home forever. We've always been close and I am so happy that she supports my decision and wants to be here (It took me forever to tell her cause I knew she wouldn't like that I was doing it). It definitely took her a while, but she came around! I've yet to tell anyone else in my family.

Today was work and last minute food shopping. Laundry is done, house is clean, meds are filled and set aside, clothes are all picked out for tomorrow. They are giving me a post op bra so I got a few comfy ones for after the first few weeks. I have a stack of pillows and I got a neck pillow so I don't accidentally roll onto my face (I'm a stomach sleeper). I have to wash with Hibiclens today and tomorrow morning. I think that's it! Enjoying my last day with my little boobs and my big nose! Hehe.

Good luck to my other 20th ladies!!!

Entered into boobieland :)

Hey everyone! At home resting, thank you so much for all the support and good wishes. This community has really helped me a lot.

I got a call from Joanne my patient coordinator this morning saying that they were running ahead of schedule. I ended up going in at 11 and was in the operating room less than an hour later. Everyone there was so helpful and friendly. After they laid me down on the operating table they put a heated blanket over me, it was so nice. The anesthesiologist put the IV in and right after put me to sleep. All I remember saying is "wow this stuff works quick" as I was looking up at the ceiling.

Next thing I remember I was waking up in bed with the nurse. They said everything went great, quicker than expected and I woke up fast as well. I remember reaching up to touch my nose cause it didn't feel like a splint was on it. My chest however was tight!!! The only way I can describe the pain is like I was two days out from the hardest chest work out ever. I wasn't and haven't been nauseous at all, he gave me Exparel during surgery to numb my muscles. It's kinda strange, I only feel pain on the outer sides of my breasts because of that. I'm coming up on 4 hours to take more Vicodin, I can't wait for that.

They gave me a compression post op bra that is super tight. I haven't been awake enough to take a photo of that. Haven't even seen my boobs yet! Maybe tomorrow.

1 day post op

Ow.. That's all I have to say. The pain isn't horrible, but it's definitely there. Last night it was hard to do anything. I was really dizzy and got sick right after eating a little food. My stomach is much better today. I still haven't taken the bra off. If they move at all it hurts. I've been sleeping a lot off and on. My mom has been great keeping me on track with my meds. Nose has stopped bleeding for the most part. Still no pain with that, but I have twice the bruising on my face.

My neck pillow and pillow to prop my legs up in bed have been the best! Highly recommend. My Dr. called me last night to make sure I got home ok, the patient coordinator also called this morning to check in. They have been so great. Hoping tomorrow will be better!

2nd day post op

Today has been much better. I'm not as tired and my appetite is slowly coming back. Still taking my Vicodin regularly. They are still super hard and tight feeling. Every once and a while I'll feel a little gurgle of something in my cleavage, I've read that a lot of other girls have this though so I haven't been worried. My range of motion has gotten better, still can't get out of bed alone though.

Last night I felt like something was stuck in the back of my throat, still didn't go away today so we put a flashlight in my mouth and it looks like my uvula is irritated. It's all white at the end. I called my coordinator and sent her a photo. Dr. Jabs called right away to ask questions. He said it didn't look infected, maybe scratched from the anesthesia tube or just irritated and that it should go away on its own. I was so happy with his quick response.

Finally took off the bra today and omg they look huge to me! I hope the swelling goes down a bit. I'm sure I'm just in shock that anything is there. Can't wait until they get squishy!

3rd day post op

Everything was just a little better today than yesterday. Didn't wake up in too much pain. I'm pretty much off of Vicodin as of tonight, I will probably take one before I sleep though so the morning isn't horrible. Appetite is getting better. Today my neck pillow and ice pack have been my best friend, I don't know how I would survive without them.

Still no movement in my stomach, just really bloated. I've been eating prunes every day. Was able to wash my hair tonight with the help of my mom, so nice! Can't wait for them to not feel like rocks on my chest!

Post op appt today

So I went in today to get the splint off of my nose and let me just tell you, I am in love already! It's still swollen and very tender, but already it's a huge improvement from what I had before. I can't wait for it to continue healing. Very excited!!!

As for my boobs, well, they're still huge. Hah! He said that they are healing nicely and cleared me to wear whatever bra I want (including underwire!). I see a shopping spree in my future. I'm supposed to massage them daily now as well and re-apply steri strips as soon as the ones I have fall off.

On the TMI front, I finally "went" yesterday morning and today. I think once the Vicodin (which I stopped taking 3 days ago) was out of my system my body got right back to normal.

They still feel a little too big for me, really heavy, and really round. I hope as they soften up I'll fall more in love with them.

2 weeks post op!

Hey everyone! Happy to see and hear that everyone else's healing is coming along. Mine haven't changed much over the past week, just getting a little softer and more squishy as the days go by. I'm definitely getting more used to them, went to VS to get sized and get one non sports bra. I'm a 32D! I LOVE how they look under a tight shirt. Still getting used to them when I'm naked, my boyfriend loves them but I'm still a little self conscious. I've yet to wear a shirt that shows them off at work. I've been wearing big scarves all week. I work with mostly men so I know once the word is out, it's all anyone will talk about. They're a bunch of gossip queens for sure. hehe :)

Is anyone else having weird numbness? About 4 days ago my nipples started getting really sensitive, and now almost the entire bottom side of both boobs are totally numb. I asked the office and they said that it's normal and part of the healing. I just think it's weird since I had almost no numbness for the first week.

My steri strips still haven't fallen off, I'll post a picture as soon as they do. I'm anxious to see how my incisions look. Dr. said that having those on is better than any scar cream. Hope everyone is doing well!

3 weeks post op

Ok, so I'm totally lopsided! My right side was eeever so slightly larger looking than my left pre op, but when measured they are identical in size and tissue (pre and post). I went in for another post op appointment today and even Dr. Jabs said that it looked like I had two different sizes in. After talking, he thinks it's them naturally swelling since I'm on my period this week. That is when it started to get really noticeably different to me so it makes sense. Plus my right side has been 5 times more tender/sore this week. I just hope they even out soon!

I've been cleared to do my regular work out, just nothing with my chest. Can go back to normal everything in another week to two depending on how I feel. Steri strips finally fell off in the shower last night, I'm very pleased with how small and nice my scars look already! I put the biocorneum cream followed by more steri strips on both.

I don't know if anyone on here cares about my nose (I'm not sure if I want to post photos of that yet..). But, I can finally wear sunglasses again and sneeze fully! Which is a big deal for me. Still a little swollen, tenderness has been half of what it was the week prior over the past 2 since getting the splint off. Maybe I should write a whole post just for that, not sure.

On a side note, any one else with nipple sensitivity like I've had. I highly recommend the Boob-eez pasties. I found them on amazon and they have been amazing, at least to wear under my regular bras, I haven't tested them out bra-less yet.

5 1/2 weeks

So.. Here I am breezing past 5 weeks and they are finally starting to feel like MY boobs! My right side is still kinda bigger (but nowhere near 2 weeks ago), when I massage the right it doesn't move around in the pocket as much as the left. I'm hoping as I continue to massage it more that will change. They feel amazing! Super squishy, soft, and natural. I LOVE that I can not wear a bra and be completely comfortable and confident. Pretty much everything I own fits me 10 times better than before.

Sleeping has finally (almost) become normal again. As of about the 1 month mark I could comfortably sleep on my side, and even almost all the way on my stomach through this past week. My nipple sensitivity has subsided, but my numbness around the bottom is still there. I rarely see my scars since I keep them covered with the steri strips and biocorneum. The few times I've reapplied they look good, just little red/pinkish lines.

Hoping that I can spread my amazing mood this week to all of you lovely ladies! Happy healing :)

All about my nose :-)

Most of my review has been all about my BA. For those of you that are curious, or considering Dr. Jabs for rhinoplasty, here's my experience over the last 7 weeks. I know that noses take forever to heal, so I will try and come back here to update at least once more at 6 months.

Big noses just run in my family, I've always disliked the size and shape of it. My tip never really bugged me, but the bridge is very wide, and bulges even more when I smile. After talking with my Dr. I felt like he understood what I was looking for - slender bridge with a slight reduction in the size of the tip to even it out. I was NOT looking for anything dramatic.

Day 1 - I woke up from the anesthesia and didn't even know that my nose had been done! I remember the first thing I did was touch to see if the splint was there. No pain at all. I had gauze taped underneath to catch blood draining.

Week 1 – I really had no pain other than tenderness if I bumped it. I cleaned it daily with Q-tips dipped in hydrogen peroxide, changed out the gauze under the nose as needed. My bleeding stopped completely by the night of the next day. Expect to not be able to breathe at all! I couldn’t for at least the first three days, I kept on waking up in the middle of the night with my throat feeling so dry. I was constantly drinking water.

Week 2 – Splint was taken of 7 days post op. He left a layer of steri strips to keep pressure applied and showed me light massaging I could do to help move the excess fluid out. It was VERY sensitive, could barely touch it. 10 days post op I was back at work and it took me forever to lightly brush on some makeup, even longer to wipe it off.

Week 3 – Swelling in the bridge slowly going down, still very tender to the touch. Breathing normal!

Week 4 – The bridge barely hurts to the touch even though I can still feel the swelling on the sides, easier to wash my face now and I can apply makeup with almost normal pressure. The tip is still swollen and tender.

Week 5-7 – I’ve bumped the tip of my nose a couple times these past few weeks and it still hurts a lot! Other than that, putting on makeup and washing my face is almost back to normal. I just have to be a little lighter with it.

Overall, even though I know I’m still healing and it’s still a little swollen, I LOVE my new nose. It’s not a major change, no one I know (that I haven’t told about it) has said or noticed anything. But for me, it’s huge. Every time I go into the bathroom and look in the mirror I have to smile a little!

I’m sure I probably left something out, so if you have any questions feel free to ask!

3 months!

Hey ladies! Just over 3 months and not too much new to report. Just enjoying them! Wore a bikini for the first time on memorial day weekend and it felt great! They're still not completely symmetrical (but my nipples are, so I'm actually really ok with it! Hah) Dr. said that the capsule around my right healed a little thicker than the left making it slightly larger. But to tell you the truth, I don't notice unless I'm staring at them straight on and squishing them both firmly at the same time.

I don't even notice my nose or the boobs anymore, they both feel like mine. Every once and a while I'll get a little pain around my left incision. It lasts for a day or so and then fades. Hoping that goes away soon, anyone else experience that? I think I might have been taking it a little too hard in the gym a while back.

Hoping all my other February ladies are doing well!

A couple more photos

As requested here's a straight on photo and a side profile so you can see them a little better.

Just over a year later!

Hi all! I hope this update finds you all healthy and happy :) I really wanted to come back on here and post again because I felt like the reviews that helped me the most when I was pre-big-boobs were the girls who were past a year post-op.

This may be a little lengthy, but I really wanted to explain the little ups and downs that have come along with this surgery for anyone interested, and what the future holds for me. As well as show you guys the official before/after photos from the Dr. which are much better than anything I can take myself.

First of all, I 100% LOVE MY BOOBS & NOSE and the Dr. that I decided to go with, and would do it all again in a heartbeat. My nose, just makes me smile :) No pain or anything weird associated with that at all. It's just cute and perfect. Not much has changed boob-wise since my last post. They look almost exactly the same as 3 months post-op. With that being said, some small things I hoped would go away since then haven't. Here are the ups and downs I still have today...
- My left incision still gets tender, that implant sits slightly lower and just "feels weird" sometimes. No other way to describe it other than it's more comfortable when it's supported.
- Right side has contracture, nothing painful, not severe. You can feel the capsule under the skin, but in general it still moves and looks normal.
- Every once and a while I can see a small bump on the right side where the implant is coming up through my muscle. I am VERY thin, so there's definitely not much to cover it.
- Left side feels like a normal boob, can't even tell there's something there.
- If I'm looking at myself in a mirror front on, they look "fake". Again, no fat to cover the top side probably adds to that problem. Plus, my sternum goes waaay in which adds to the look of the gap in my cleavage. That's always been like that, and has always bugged me even with itty titties.
- In a bra and every day clothes they look AH-MAYZE-ING.
- I am now most comfortable sleeping in a light sports bra, just for support.

That's all I can think about for now. When I first noticed the bump I called the Dr's office to ask about it, they were able to schedule me that same day to look at it which was nice (this was about 2 weeks ago). I told the Dr. about everything I've stated above. He said that if I wanted to do a small revision I could, which would be under local anesthesia with a knockout cocktail of drugs. He said he would use SERI on both sides over my current implants which helps create a soft tissue barrier giving a smoother appearance for someone like me who is so lean (I normally sit around 13% body fat for those who are curious). Less likely for contracture to form again on the right side (I don't think there are any studies on this, from what I've read so far SERI is a very new product). He would also bring my left side up ever so slightly to even out my crease. Buut, that would make my nipples uneven, so it would be a trade off.

All in all, nothing bugs me enough to want to run into another surgery. Maybe I'll re-think it towards the end of this year, maybe next. But for the foreseeable future, I'm happy :)
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jabs and his staff have been, and continue to be amazing. I am beyond happy with my results. Joanne, my patient coordinator has always responded to my emails/calls within the same day/next day at the latest. I was even able to reach Dr. Jabs on his cell the Sunday after my surgery with a question. The nurses and anesthesiologist were all very helpful and made sure I was informed and comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I would highly recommend him to anyone, I'm so happy to have found him! I don't believe I would have gotten my amazing results with anyone else. :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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