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I am 5"5, 130 lbs, and am measuring at a whopping...

I am 5"5, 130 lbs, and am measuring at a whopping 34A Pre-op 4 Days Pre-Op and I am SO excited, nervous, anxious, etc ! I will be getting 375 cc moderate profile plus through the areola. Ideally I want to be a 34C, so I am hoping that this size will do the trick. This is my first post, so I'll keep it short and simple :)


Hello RealSelf community! So I am only 3 days away from my surgery. I just picked up all my medicine today, and it's now hitting me....I. am. getting. BOOBIES!! ahhhh! It's starting to get a little bit real. I am still contemplating on if I am making the right decision on the sizes that I am getting. Does anyone have similar stats? Do you recommend 350cc or 375cc? I don't want to look like a playboy model, but I also don't want to look like a B cup.
I also wanted to ask, what do you tell your coworkers? friends? family? BOYFRIEND'S family? I really hate saying the words "boob job". I have been contemplating on if I should tell my boyfriend's super conservative parents. Luckily, they love me, so I don't think they will disapprove, but I am just nervous that they will think that I am superficial or vain. My boyfriend's advice is to just tell them, he knows them best and is sure they won't be bothered by it...I'm a worry wart and I over-think everything! *sigh* Anyways, I am SO ready for thursday. I honestly think my new breasts will change my life. I guess we'll see right?! :D


As I was taking a shower today and rubbing the pre-op cleanser (hibiclens) over my breasts...I realized that is the second to last time I will showering with small boobies! Yay! I am spending the day deep cleansing my apartment, definitely want to come home to a clean, spotless apartment after my surgery.
Today is Wednesday May 22, 2013, and this will be the last FULL day I will have 34A boobs. Seriously ladies, did everyone stuff their bras growing up? I knew I wanted my breasts done when I was probably 15 years old. I got my period before all of my friends, yet they all had boobs and I didn't. I stuffed my bras with toilet paper, tissue paper, and made sure I went to the bathroom every now and then to make sure nothing was out of place. I remember I got into an argument with this girl growing up and my friends told me she laughed at me and said I had AAA sized boobs. My defense was..."they don't make AAA bras!" lol. Thank god we all matured and although I am not as insecure about my breasts as I was when I was younger, I truly think it will boost my confidence and self-esteem. I am thankful I met my now boyfriend. After the 3rd time meeting him, I gave up padded bras. He made me feel that beautiful! He was the first one to ever make me feel like the size of your breasts isn't what defines your beauty. He supports my decision of getting breast implants and tells me he can't love me any more or any less if I get them. How lucky am I? ...Now if I could just tell my dad! lol I begged my mom to tell my dad, I was too scared. He knows, but we just don't talk about it. It's like sex. I live my boyfriend and we obviously have sex, but we don't talk about it. I am getting breast implants tomorrow, and he obviously knows, but we don't talk about it. At least I know he knows though, because he told my mom to take off work to take care of me. :)
Oh yeah...hey realself community. I know some of ladies mentioned that you are getting your BA done this summer like me. So my question is for you post-op ladies. When can I get in a bikini? I know I can't get in the water for some time, but I can't wait to show off my boobies laying out at the pool and on the beach! Let me know :) Thank you for all kind words of encouragement. You guys are amazing!!!!!


Surgery day

Ahh about to leave my apartment soon! I will be having surgery at 9:10 am today. Thank goodness it's early because I'm starving already. Everything is all set! I will be waking up a new woman in just a couple of hours!! Best wishes to everyone getting surgery today!

Day After

Hi realself ladies! So first I want to tell you my experience with my surgery. When my PS was marking me with his pen, he told me that 375cc will be a little bit tighter and will sit higher up in the beginning. This worried be so much because I originally waned 350cc. I asked if I could go back to 350cc and he had told it was too late. That's a good thing though...because I'm SO glad I went bigger ! (even if it's just 2 tbs difference). Anyways, I was getting my IV and sitting with my boyfriend and mom when a lady was rolled out of the O.R. crying on the stretcher. This freaked me out! I talked to the anesthesiologist and he calmed me down and told me that before the lady went under anesthesia, she was a nervous wreck, so she woke up a nervous wreck, hence the crying. Other than that, everyone was so kind to me and made me super comfortable. The only thing I remember from waking up was getting a sip of ginger ale and a tiny bite of a cracker. As soon as I got home, I laid in bed and my boyfriend fed me 3 grapes and 3 strawberries. 10 minutes later, I threw it all up. I threw up all day yesterday. I tried to drink as much water as I could to pee out all the drugs inside my body. I would rate my pain 7/10 on the day of surgery and a 9/10 on soreness. I had a very hard time sleeping and getting comfortable. I ended up sleeping sitting up on the couch, hugging a pillow. That seems to be my go to spot for comfort because I haven't been able to nap or sleep anywhere else but the couch.
Today I am feeling much better. For some reason I was craving lunchables...which I haven't had since middle school lol. My boyfriend went to the store to get some and I ate it all, surprisingly! And I didn't throw up! So far so good, I'm feeling okay. Taking my medicine on time definitely helps. I can tell when it is wearing off. I've been sleeping in increments of 2 hours all day. Sleep for 2 hours, stay awake for 2 hours, repeat. I don't know how some of you ladies had the energy to share your story right after surgery! I was so out of it and lacked any cognitive ability. The only words that were coming out of my mouth yesterday was yes or no. I am so glad day 1 is over ! I have a feeling tomorrow will be a great day for me :) Until next time! xoxo

loving my new girls!

IT GETS BETTER WITH TIME! Post op day 1 and 2, I really thought I was going to be miserable all week. But I am sooo surprised of how great I feel today! I showered for the first time yesterday. My boyfriend had to wash my hair because it was hard to raise my arms over my head. Make sure you teach them how to do it before your operation! He was literally petting my head LOL. I've also been taking my medicine on time, I can tell when it starts wearing off. Last night I started taking 1 vicodin instead of 2 and I'm feeling just fine. Tomorrow I think I'm just going to take tylennol and cut off the pain killers.
So today I woke up with morning boob. Ughhh i hate it !!! When will morning boob go away? After walking around for 10 minutes though it goes away. I felt so well today that I went to the mall to exchange some things and buy my friend a birthday present. BAD IDEA! The mall was PACKED because it was memorial day weekend and there was crazy sales going on. So I tried my best to shop as fast I could so I could go home. I got elbowed in the boob in Sephora and I almost cried. I've learned my lesson though...avoid crowded places when you just had surgery 3 days ago!! Anyways, I feel about 80% right now. It's still a little difficult to pull a shirt over my head and I get strains when i extend my arm too far or turn my body too fast.
My breasts are still very hard, but I can already tell they are starting to drop a tiny tiny bit. My nipples are still numb and have no feeling. But everything else is pretty normal. I just love my new boobs so much !! I cannot wait till they drop. Every morning I wake up, I love looking down my shirt and seeing cleavage. I spent at least 3 hours yesterday and today looking at clothes/bras/bikinis online. I can't wait to actually fill in my bra and wear v-necks, bodycon dresses, tank tops, etc! Yay!!!! Good luck to you if your BA surgery is coming soon!! Until next time. xoxo

High and Tight

Hello secret society! I've told my friends I am sharing my story on a website online and one was appalled I posted topless pictures of my breasts! I rolled my eyes and told her it's fine, I actually enjoy sharing my story and getting feedback from women who feel the same way! I love that pretty much every woman on this site is so supportive of each other, it's great positive energy!
Anyways, so I am about 1 week post op. I had my first post op visit yesterday and I was given the okay to start massaging my breasts and given the band thing that goes above your boobs to help them drop over time. It is so uncomfortable to wear and I don't know how to hide it under my clothes! I gotta deal with it though because I want fluffy breasts. One thing that I am nervous about is how high they will end up being. My friend and my cousin-in law both were very flat like me, little to no breast tissue before hand and received breast implants. They both went to very prestigious doctors, but for some reason their breasts are sitting very high and hard. It's hard not to compare and be discouraged that mine will end up looking like that because the implant is just sitting on my chest, there is no breast tissue for them to "drop" down to. I am just hoping for the best though!
I also went to the pool yesterday with some friends. I doubled up on steri strips around my scars and wore a padded bikini top, used sph 50, and stayed under the umbrella shade the entire time. It was my first time in a bikini and I felt good! I filled out the bikini top, but was a little self conscious because my boobs were so high and swollen. I definitely do not miss my flat boobs though! Now I'm looking online for cute bikinis! I found really cute ones from VS, chynnadolls.com, asos.com, karmaloop.com, and venus.com. I'll post pictures later. Until next time. xoxo

1 week post op

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