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My motivation for getting full lipo with a BBL,was...

My motivation for getting full lipo with a BBL,was to get rid of my 3 month old preggers looking stomach to maintain that board flat stomach and the plump butt. I've never been preggers by the way and am not having any children. I'm newly divorced for the second time and I just want to have that hour glass figure for my new future.

During my lymphatic massage visit

During my lymphatic massage visit today Dr. T saw that my stomach was abnormally hard. He took a needle and withdrew fluid from my stomach. I then had my lymphatic massage, today with hands and the sonogram machine. He asked the young lady to use the sonogram massage so it could loosen up the fluids for my appointment tomorrow. Another fluid withdraw. I'm still awaiting my clincher in the mail.

drainage today

I went in first thing this AM. And Dr. T got right on me. He numbed me up and pulled the fluids out with his handy dandy needle. I feel flat as a board now. I can even tell my stomach went down tremendously, that fluid is something else I tell you. It makes a huge difference. My stomach is so soft in some places now. He says I still have a little more to shed off. Can't wait! Dr.T and his bedside manner is something else. I wouldn't trade my decision for the world with going with him. He's in this to the end with me,and he let's me know it!

Got it today!!!!

I just got home and my squeem was in the mail. My doctor said I can maybe start the waist clinch next week he thinks. He's watching my fluid. I stay ahead of the game. I'm already well invested so I order items needed before time to have them on hand. Research is a mutha-helper. LoL

before fluid withdrawal

That slope boiiii is no game in reality,gotta get a close up! Here is the bum also today.

Darn squeem too darn big.

I hate exchanging things. Having to ship things back and going through the waiting game again. WTF. Squeem too big.

massages outside of office pictures

Front pictures as of now.

seat situation for the last two weeks and a half and beyond

massages outside of office backside

Got the correct size squeem today in mail,already got it on!

"squeem important question"

Question to everyone. I ordered a small squeem. I'm already on the 2nd row after the first day of wearing it. Do you all think I should return it and get an extra small? I wore it all night long,with no problem.


Last lymphatic drainage massage today.

I received my last lymphatic drainage massage today in my PS's office. Here are the final pictures. I'm going to need the bottom of my stomach to go the hell down! That side view is awful!

RS Sistas Weigh in on this Carboxy Therapy

So today was my last lymphatic drainage massage at my PS's office. Package of 10. Every other day since surgery May 16th. I have this hard spot on the top middle portion of my stomach that is NOT softening up. Yes, I've been manually drained with the needle twice already from my stomach. My PS today said he wants to do something called Carboxy Therapy on me,because this is not fluid. Of course, I've never heard of this,but I'm burning the internet up as I type this to find out what's what! I'm taking in consideration, I thought today was my last day of traveling 1hr.30mins every other day and then paying (the child I'm never having future's tuition) in parking,gas,and my time. No,no sister girls parking in Bethesda is not free! Garages which are an arm and damn leg and no it's NEVER validated. Not even on your surgery day. I'm almost paying what I paid in massages for parking,(Jk) I'll be damn! LoL. My PS today says to me while examining me, this is him talking to his office girl in the exam room with us,"LET'S PUT A NOTE UP,DON'T USE ANYTHING NOT ADVISED BY DR. THESIGER!" I replied, "what are you talking about?" I'VE BEEN FOLLOWING YOUR INSTRUCTIONS TO A "T"! Me thinking in my head, buying Palmers and Triphala and different garments. Following your instructions on the directic pills (prescribed) taking 2 instead of 1 or 1 1/2. Because he says this weight that's left is all me. The fat is gone,he says. He was talking about me using a LIPO BOARD,which ALL lipo clients use. I'm attaching a picture below. Mind you,it's flat at the top portion. I've stepped my exercising and everything up. I was already juicing and eating healthy before hand. I'm just like damn now. Anyway, I wasn't big before. Yes,per EVERYONE I know says. People are really getting on my a** about spending this kind of money for around 10 to 15 pounds I could've lost myself. But,yes yes girl looking for a quick fix! Go in take it out and I keep it off. (Stomach only.) I had and have an a** and a shape already. Sistas I'm just blown on this Carboxy Therapy mess and wondering what to do. I'm awaiting your responses.

1 month post aggressive lipo/bbl

I guess it's time to update my profile. I'm having an issue with my stomach not being flat. Ladies chime in on me if it takes the entire 3 months for your stomach to become completely flat. I would like to know how long it took for some of your stomachs to become completely flat? Today was really the first day ever I had what some girls call the itches. Man oh man this am was a shitty mess. I wanted to take a benadryl, but I was going out and didn't want to get sleepy behind the wheel. I'm experiencing sharp pains up and down my back and also all around my waist. It's not enough pain to take that prescription medication my doctor prescribed before surgery, but it's pain. I handle pain well though. I have a high threshold for pain. As for the garments and squeem. People I'm in my medium garment and my small squeem. The squeem I can actually sleep in all night no problem, then wear it all day too. I feel as though it's really not tight. I've only had it like 2 weeks I think. I had to return the large for a small at first. I just should have gotten an extra small. Oh by the way I use the 2nd hooks on the squeem. I also got my 1st stage garment taken up, it fits also. I'm unsure why I'm not losing any weight. But being real I don't care about the weight I just want my stomach flat as a board. Lipo is not a weight loss substance, it's a contour method. So I want more curves honey. I had everything in the beginning besides a flat stomach,that's why I did this. I'm feeling like I just should have left myself like I was. I say this because I exercise more now than I ever have. I've even included a bike ride almost everyday. When it's not raining. I juice every morning and I'm eating right. I take colon cleansers that my doctor recommended faithfully and everything. By the way the bottle says 1 a day on the colon cleanser and I take 2 in the am and 2 in the pm. I'm drinking pineapple juice and water. Nothings working! So besides buying all those garments/squeem. I'm buying organic fruits/Vegs a bike and everything. This is blowing me. Oh not to mention I have these hard spots on my stomach. One on the upper middle which is dark and two where my pelvic bone is, each side. I feel my waist and back skin really tight. It feels as though my skin is stretching when I move. While I'm typing now I'm about to take a benadryl for this itching it feels funny to my skin. I can literally feel my spine and my waists bones. He lipoed the hell out of those areas. Also ladies, I'm wearing the squeem faithfully and my waist is not shrinking. Does it REALLY work? WTH is going on? I need you alls input. Also, any and all recommendations are welcomed.


I forgot to mention that I had 10 lymphatic massages after my surgery. Which are required for drainage. I had surgery on a Friday, by the time I went on Monday for the first massage my incisions had closed up. I had NO drainage out of those areas after Friday night at all.
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Dr. T is a great person. He's easy to talk to. He responds to you within seconds of concern, you have numerous of ways to contact him.He let's you know he does "conservative"butts.

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