Almost 30 and Getting Lower Body Lift, Breast Lift, and Arm Lift All in One Go After WLS - Bethesda, MD

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I met with 2 surgeons when deciding to have my...

I met with 2 surgeons when deciding to have my plastics done. I knew I wanted a LBL and an arm lift, but figured I'd ask about some minor breast work as well. Between Dr. Capella in NJ and Dr. Michaels I ended up choosing Dr. Michaels. He does butt augmentation rather than just a butt lift, so that I won't end up with a flat butt, and it was much closer to home, so would be easier to manage follow-up care. Those things were worth the extra few $K to me (doctor fees were comparable but DC area hospitals are sadly much more expensive). Both doctors were pros and made me feel great, so it was really those other factors. I go back in Nov for my final consult where he'll get pics and do a full mark-up, but the initial consult went great. He did an excellent job of answering questions and showed me by lifting, pulling, and moving skin the types of results I could expect and at least sort of see in a mirror rather than just imagining based on his words. He also was willing to listen to my desire to have arms an LBL done at the same time, which he normally doesn't like to do so that people have the use of their arms. Since I'll have family with me 24/7 for as long as I need them in those first few weeks, he was open to it, which makes me happy since I don't have to have 2 surgeries, more cost, and more time off work.

Anyway, I'll post more once I have the consult, but I'm crazy excited to finally have a body that I feel like matches the effort that I put in to lose the 120lb after WLS. Sure, it was easier with surgery, but between other complications and learning to totally change my eating, it's still been a challenge. I have a new life now, and I want my body to reflect that.

All surgeries complete!

I waited way too long to update! So my surgery went fantastically. It took longer than estimated (12 hours, wow!) but he loved my results and knew i would too. Of course I did. I look AMAZING! I ultimately decided to go back and have another surgery to have an upper body lift since I now have an incredible waist and didn't want all the bra bulge when I would wear bras, but also because i love the corset look and wanted to be able to wear them. So I had that surgery a few months later in March 2016. I'm now about 9 months out from my first surgery and 6 months out from my second and I'm SO happy. I look amazing if I do say so myself. Sure, I have scars, but that's what surgery does, and I'll take those over the excess skin any day. Plus, those will continue to fade over the next year or so. Dr. Michaels bedside manner was incredible every single time. And even now that my surgeries are over and all I'm doing is going back for check-ups during the year following to track healing, he's still just as attentive and doesn't rush me and answers all my questions. I would absolutely recommend that anyone looking to have plastics consult him!
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