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I posted my debacle of a juvederm experience in a...

I posted my debacle of a juvederm experience in a previous post so for those of you who may not have followed that, in a nutshell so not ever put juvederm in your TTs. The hydrophilic nature of it makes that area a horrible choice for juvederm. My eyes have been a constant battle of puffiness and sagging ever since. After several consults with several other Plastic Surgeons, I finally bit the bullet today and had a skin pinch blephoroplasty (with a little Botox thrown in for good measure). It was super helpful for me to read as many reviews on this site before making my decision so I thought I would pay it forward.
First of all, I can't recommend Cosmetic Surgery Associates in Bethesda highly enough! From the FaceTime consult, the quick responses from Trish and Christina who never treated me like the PITA I am, but recognized that my scary Juve experience had left me gunshy. Having said that, here's the story so far...
FaceTime consultation with Dr Jabs was convenient and great. We discussed doing a bleph or laser, and then he was leaning again toward laser. I wasn't feeling confident about that since he hadn't actually seen it in person. Due to the nature of juvederm, I look different every day (some days are super puffy, some just a bit less). I decided to drive up there to meet in person before committing.
Went to the office and he suggested Fraxel CO2 of full face, neck, and chest. I said ok. Then I had some more questions and talked to Trish about them. She was surprised that he suggested laser so I sent over a couple new pics to see if he still stood by his decision. We talked a few lite times and realized that a skin pinch might be better because I don't have a lot of excess skin plus CO2 needed a longer recovery and I don't have that much PTO. Still considering that down the road.
I got to the office today after a night of anxiety and fear and questioning my sanity but again we spoke about the pros and cons and I felt equipped with all of the info I needed.
Trish started off with the Botox (which I LOVE) and hen I was wheeled into the op room where I fell asleep. I was in and out of consciousness and semi-aware of what was happening but not enough to make me afraid. Woke up pretty groggy and a little sore. It was a 3 hour drive home and I stayed under the cold compress the whole trip. Trying to eliminate bruising as much as possible since I'm returning to work on Tuesday but right now I look like I lost a bar fight. Going to ice down for a little bit longer, take my arnica, and pray for the best. I will be uploading pics daily and open to answer any questions. And did I mention how much I love the doc? Follow up call with cell number, and he's already answering some of my concerns after hours.

Day 3...still going strong

Day 3. Still panicking over the bruising and swelling, although most of the swelling has subsided and there's a significant decrease in the bruising. Supposed to go back to work Tuesday and praying that I have the makeup skills to pull it off! I don't remember why I have stitches in my upper eyelids but I have my follow up on Wed to get a couple of the stitches removed. Overall, I feel pretty good and have been following docs orders!

So far, so good

Ok so I have a couple pics to post. Overall, I'm really happy with the recovery. I did 2 BBL treatments to help wth the bruising because I was hosting a huge Halloween party at my house and really couldn't be bruised. It worked miraculously! I'm at week 2 post op now. All of the stitches have dissolved as of a few days ago, and the scars are nearly invisible. Only issues are lumps from the canthopexy which I'm told will soften over time. I also can't really close my right eyelid tightly to apply makeup. PA says the nerves just need to wake up and that'll take some time. I am noticing some lumpiness and swelling which despite what the PA says, I'm pretty convinced it's the old juvederm, especially because I can feel it and it kind of molds when I push on it. But whatever. As long as I stay hydrated and limit my sodium, it's not that bad and will eventually dissolve on its own.

Back on the roller coaster

Haven't posted in a while so I figured it's time. I'll say that my scars look fantastic, but we've definitely had some pitfalls. Once all the swelling went down I was still left with puffiness from the juvederm. So back to the drawing board as now I am still fighting he same issues but also have scars and lumps as I recover. Went back to the PS and had Vitrase injected to dissolve the juvederm. Initially it looked amazing but now as the juvederm is gone, I'm back to having hollows and excess skin as well as what looks like possibly my still a little juvederm. They have suggested fat transfer to fill in the hollows and said the recovery on that is really quick, but everything I'm reading on here indicates otherwise which is a red flag for me. I feel like the filler should've been dissolved first and then the bleph Nevada now it looks like I need the bleph redone but I'm still not even recovered from that. This morning has been the worst so far and I've emailed pics. Waiting for another appt but this 3 hour drive one-way is getting old. Considering a consult with the oculoplastic surgeon in NYC. just overwhelmed and frustrated and want to look "normal". This can't be my new normal.
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

They are absolutely the best!!! Kind, patient, thorough, flexible, and he follow up has been amazing!

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