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May 12,2001491 for slightly noticeable dark...

May 12,2001491 for slightly noticeable dark circles.

RESULTS: black eyes, worse then before, have to wear make up ALL THE TIME!!!!! I wish I could just wake up from this nightmare!!!

PERFORMED: By a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with 4.5 out of 5 star reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP!!!!! Trying to go about this the legal avenue since its ruined my confidence and burnt a hole in my wallet!!!!

BEWARE..... I have had fillers before but nonedud this to my face!

Franklin Dermatology opinion

On Friday saw Doctor Schumer of Franklin Dermatology for another opinion. He did not think the results were permanent, suggested I go back to the surgery and stated he has not got involved with cosmetic surgery due to the rate of complications.....UPDATED picture June 29,2014

Follow Up DISASTER!!!!!!

yesterday I had my two month follow up with the board certified plastic surgeon that injected this nightmare into my face. I let him no how to satisfied I was with the results and showed him my like marks that were still on my face. I will provide pictures of what I looked like today! Any lawyers are help I would gladly appreciate. the doctor agreed with me when he put my before and after pictures up that my eyes are now much darker underneath!!! He agreed and quite honestly I have it on tape just for myself. I just wanted to hear back what he said to me later because I am so shocked from my appointment. He also stated that he felt he did a perfect job. I do not understand what world he's in. Number one he stated that sometimes people get pigmentation in due to the black guy that's what's happened. He caused the black guy by hitting a blood vessel. He even took responsibility for that. He didn't miss it looks darker. What are my options? I also was given makeup that I could use to cover it

make up? bleaching cream? and arnica montana?

continuing. So he offered me only bleaching cream to put on 4 to 6 weeks. Does anyone know does this really work? I'm afraid to try anything he suggest. Then he mentioned arnic a Montana. Well that's funny I've been using pills, bought a bottle, & a gel in for weeks it has not done much of anything. the receptionist all made sad faces and started to give me a makeup which was a thin cover up. I proceeded to tell them that doesn't work I'm using tattoo cover up makeup dermablend. And that it still is showing through! Honestly the only thing I can do is go to another I plan to stick surgeon and hope that he sees this guy was incompetent and is able to show malice or neglect and that it is his fault. I was really pissed when he said he felt he did a perfect job. What do you guys think? I'll put my before picture up, and now my after from yesterday!

2nd opinion DISASTER losing hope

2ND opinion. Went to another Surgeon said he saw nothing wrong. I showed him my before and after pictures. He said they were bad pictures because of the flash, and everyone looks worse. Basically in a nut shell he felt it was fine!!!!!

HELLO- I look like LURCH. I got upset when he questioned my lurch lines and said did I just mot notice them. I told him I know my face after 41 years. So disappointing.

On the way out the assistant said as she was walking me out I should look into the enzyme that removes this filler! ( she kind of mentioned it into my ear)

I am upset the doctor says he did not see or agreed with me. Everyone else who knows me and sees me says it is a lot worse.

will travel to fix it

Wed 7/23. after a surgeon said he did not see anything wrong! Until more opinions, and possibly traveling.


After a month WAIT I will be attending University of Michigan Department of plastic Surgery....hoping for some relief. ( been to 2 plastic surgeons and a dermatologist)........

Before and After with Makw Up. wush Skin would just Wake Up!!!!

8/24/24. Getting better with Dermablendmake up. (Post before and after picture).

Going to try: 1 month compresses.
Walking 20 mikes a week (out of shape but hear sometimes cardio will help swear it out)
Crossing fingers!!!!!!
I will set another appointment. Just running into money issues now face is botched in dim lighting or with a flash.

Doc Sam to the rescue. or just the TRUTH!

went to my internist doctor Sam. He also does Botox, and other fillers. He kept shaking his head and said it made no sense but the Dr put voluma in my chair through when my skin is so thin their.he mentioned that he does not get a kick back from Juvederm or Botox at all. But with vol. You MA they actually make a hundred profit when they use it! So my doctor or surgeon who injected it actually made money off me. Is very truthful and does not mince words.I was just there on Friday. He also does weight loss practice. it infuriates me but this doctor push this product probably knowing it might not make a great impact or make a worse impact on my face. My credit card company awarded me 1804 back. But it is sitting in limbo and I'm waiting for the doctors response. They investigated all my pictures, medical bills, and an application from the TV show in an interview with them, and more. I'm surprised I got my money back or atleast awarded the money. But now I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Ready for Halloween!!!!! no make up needed!

I am reaching my fifth month of this nightmare. Right now I've given myself november first when I will seek other options for this scary look. Right now I'm keeping it because we're going to have a halloween party am going to be a zombie. All I have to do is get gray makeup and enrich my lines! I'm just so used to this right now I don't remember what I look like without it now. In some light again its not noticeable. With a ton of makeup it's coverable.I thought people make it a kick out of this picture. really have no problem showing my face because I feel it lets people know that I'm for real and that this doctor really had a vast impact on how I looked. I think if for some reason the surgeon bills me again we are hard ng to small claims.
my credit card awarded me money after really investigating with pictures, documents, the TV show botched application, as well as the doctors own medical notes. In his notes there is more darkness. I won the money with the credit card company that usually doesn't want to give back money, & I feel I could possibly win in court. I'm going to keep my confidence up and hope that he does not bill me back. Other than that I hope everyone is doing well in that anyone with one of these plastic surgery nightmares can find the humor in it at times. Its the only thing that keeps me sane.

OH NO!!!!

tonight I have noticed under my left eye almost near my nose a little bump or natural. It is the size of a pea. I am Not sure if the voluma is dissolving and it's starting to leave lumps? Has anyone else experienced this at all? I am praying this does not get bigger or that this is the start of an infection. I have received my money back so far and have not been billed back. In the beginning of November I will be putting the doctors name and everything out there so that no one else can go through this dramatic trauma that I've had to deal with for over 5 months now! I will also be speaking with surgeon or laser expert to figure out what I should do from here.

spoke to Allergan the makers of Juvederm.... Was left with nothing!

on Friday I did call the complaints department to open the case with Allergan the makers of Juveferm. at first the lady on the other end sounded interested took my name and said she was starting a case. She asked me what happened, took all my side effects that happenedand started a file. Or so she claimed. She asked about every single Dr I've gone to and what they have stated as a result. In the end I basically got the runaround and was told I must do the research for the next surgeon on their website. When I ask to the surgeons have experience not only in jecting the product but also dissolving it? I was given an answer of I need to research each doctor myself. What good is bad. So really they're just happy was you buy their product but have nothing at all or if it doesn't work. I ask them do they know a specific surgeon those familiar with dissolving the product once it has gone wrong or has major bad side effects. there was no help whatsoever except they did give me an email to send pictures of my before and afters. I had mentioned I had spoke to legal counsel, taking pictures, been interviewed for the TV show botched, and also received my money back from my surgeon. But I was still disgusted and devastated by the results that seem to be permitted at this time. So basically if anyone needs number or wants it let me know. You will get just as far as I did. Nowhere!!!

Voluma helped Halloween!!!!

after calling Allergen makers of Juvederm Voluma and gettibg nowhere I decided to use makeup to help my darkest disappear! Here's my halloween costume. The original it was going to be Luech from the Adams Family since I do have the lines to go with it. I became a zombie instead! I still have the little bubble under my left eye. I went to my doctor Sam on Thursday and he instructed me it is voluma and that it is resting there. He did not think it would would get any worse. Please keep your fingers crossed and hope that it doesn't with me! I hope everyone had a great Halloween.

Trick or Treat! I was tricked!!!!!!!

LUMP of coal or just voluma this holiday!!!!!

I have been dealing with this disaster since May! Right now the right side as much healthier and stable. But my left side has developed a lump! It looks like I will have to go to a surgeon in November to see if it has to be dissolved, cut out, or her given a steroid injection.

CT scan ordered. Lump VOLUMA or not?

Went to see Doctor Gladstone who is a board certified oculoplastic surgeon. I was given a prescription for hydroquinone 4%. And set up C.F. scan for Monday. After reviewing my medical records and checking my lump there is concern because it does NOT move and appears hard and attached to the orbital bone!!!!! the doctor was not sure if it is voluma, where possible cyst. I will keep posting updates. But I felt extremely comfortable and at ease with this visit. I feel there will be a light at the end of the tunnel soon. If it is attached to the bone or assist it will need to be removed. The options for removal did not sound great. Is a dissolvent was not part of the option.

everyone keep your fingers crossed that maybe it's just a hard massive faluma and does not need to be removed with surgery. Not that I don't trust the doctor at all but surgery is surgery. My face has been through a lot of trauma. I learned a good lesson, to research the doctors before heading filler injected, and be careful with the tier throughs. It may not look great today could look worse tomorrow. I am so glad I found dr. Gladstone I do feel I am in great hands....

Doctor Gillman of University of Michigan

yesterday I got my CT scan, then went to University of Michigan department of a clear plastic surgery. There the surgeon saw me and said at this point he would use warm compresses and the size. She feels almost positively they at it's scar tissue. He feels it could have been there from the original injection but since I've lost weight now you really see it. Again he asked would I go back to the injector to dissolve it or to show him and I said I have no trust in the man that did this to my face. He stated he should not have put voluma in my tears truth and that my medical records show it is in my tear throughs. his opinion was surgery would be the last resort to remove whatever this is after we put a needle in to see what comes out. I have a nother interview with him or appointment with him in about six weeks. So you can guess I am busy rolling and massaging my face. And hot compresses daily. And I'm also using hydroquinone under my eyes for darkness. So far not much of a change in the ball is smaller. Does anyone noticed that they hurt more around that time of month? Mine was unbelievable swelling?

Gladstone possibly to the RESCUE......fingers crossed

yesterday I went for my results to the CT scan with dr. Gladstone.he did not see anything on it and started to rule it a scar tissue. He decided to try. 25 of Hyalurondise to try to dissolve my dime size lump which had a bit of painful swelling. the problem was the surgeon felt it and it was very hard and attached to my phone. It was attached to my orbital bone and was not moving!he was truly compassionate and did not charge me because he said he's trying this and is curious if it even works.

it is the next morning and I have bruised from that injection. I have determined I bruise pretty easy. But the lump feel 75% less!!! I am still waiting to see in the next couple days if more dissolves. I have been to a half a dozen doctors, and surgeonsaltogether. Most do not want to touch another surgeons work. This is the first DR that really is trying things.I will post my pictures from this morning. The bruising looks alarming but obviously for my other injection I do bruise easily.

I think each and everyone of you who has ever read a comment, orresponded to my questions or reviews. Without you guys I seriously don't know where I would be today. This site has helped me and good or bad comments are always welcome.everything helps. I have learned some good information, and things to look for, and research before I do anything else. Thank you again everyone for being so helpful and there for me. I hope that anyone else who's having this type of reaction or disaster stays strong during this time.

2nd Round Hyalrundise!!!

FOLLOW UP: yesterday I met with the surgeon Dr. Gladstone and staff (two other doctors on his staff). at this point the lamp seems a bit smaller or it's not as noticeable. But it's still attached to the orbital bone.they felt that my dark pigmentation was somewhat later than in the beginning of January. I am still using the lightening cream for another month, and I had another syringe of the dissolvent put in where the lamp is at. So far I have had no adverse side effects to the dissolvent. I am kicking myself saying I should have went to this doctor right away 8 months ago. the greatest thing was I was charged just a standard office visit with copay. Now I will wait it out and see what improvements happen in the next month.

1 year and 2 months!! Still BAD results!!!


1 year and 2 months. After having a strange nodules removed I am still LURCH LIKE!!! now I am getting glycolic peels. It seems to have lightened up a bit. I am keeping my fingers crossed this will dissolve compleyely...

Most recent picture. now with this crap dissolving I notice I have very noticeable bumpy lines like lurch. They're showing through my concealers! I just need to get a spatula and some spackle and I'd be ok. Lol

1 year and 8 months in. I look DEAD!!!!!!

It's been a year and 8 months. After all I've been through now I think The derma blend foundation I was using has decided to change their formula. So now I have to go searching on a quest to find the old formula. I still have the lines around my eyes. And sometimes if I wake up and I don't have makeup on I look like I've been punched out still or dead. Does anyone on here have any idea or has seen anyone with this have good results after? I just hope that one day this won't be as bad. I'm getting ready to either try fat injections, laser, or some other type of filler or something. I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to stand this trying to cover this up. Some days are better than others. Obviously today is not one of them. I just wanted to put in an update. Still dealing with this crap.

Happy Lumps to me!! 2 years later!!!

Is almost been two years since I had voluma injected in my tears lose for dark circles. Not only was I left for looking like a lurch on the Adams family, having a natural form several months later that had to be dissolved, that I wake up today with a pillow under my eye!!!

Restalyn in tear throughs,lips and Botox.oh my!!!

Today it is almost two years since I had my voluma disaster. I found an excellent doctor here in the area Dr Gladstone. I spent 1 3 00 today to hopefully start to see some improvements. Everything went well. I haven't so not too bad and not too bruised and it's been 5 hours after. I'm very happy and hoping for great results!

Less LURCHY after five days Restalyn deep in tear throughs

Five days in and I am feeling slightly normal again. There is still the darkness left behind by the previous fiasco ( Doctor Chau of Berkley DMC) . But I am feeling like this will be a improvement with what I was left for from the first surgeon. Though I hate calling him that. He is more like a butcher. Doctor Gladstone really helped me through all this and I am excited to see the ending the next few weeks once it heals completely and the restalyn settles.

Two years HEMISERDIN stain treatment laser

I am in Nashville TN and fortunately my brother was able to pull some strings and I went to the Oclioplastic surgeon Doctor Bergman.

I decided to try laser for hemiserdin staining. First they put in numbing drops,then a metal contact the was placed in the eye to protect i . I saw nothing out of that eye. After the laser was used. It felt like a rubber band snapping really hard.

I pray this works. I have ten days I need to keep the area moist and can not wear make up.

Already there is a significant difference!!!

Hemosidern staining and laser in Nashville,TN

Friday May 20 at N2 Skin in Nashville TN, I was referred to Doctor Bierman and Oclioplastic surgeon. I was blessed with a good price of 450.00 to have laser for my hemosidern staining from two years ago....they numb your eyes first,put a metal contact in your eye and the laser feels like a rubber band. It smelled a bit of burning hair. I was given acupher ointment to keep it moist. So far it seems to have worked at getting rid of the deepest stain . I have to wait ten days. This may be my miracle!!!

Pictures of my disaster journey

Journey started May 12,2016 and over two years and still at it June 4,2016

I Am in The Adams Family Now! Left DEFORMED!!!

May 12th 2014 was the BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life. I had a so called plastic surgeon ( Chau ) inject Voluma in my tear throughs for dark circles. 2 years later i am still dealing with this permanent hemisideran staining this doctor left me with under my eyes! After going to 3 different Apple plastic surgeons, one being famous from you again, and having to travel to Nashville Tennessee to have a real specialized surgeon to use a Q switch laser to try to fix this fiasco!!! I look like i am still neat up. This doctor promise is a lot but does not deliver! I have been to other plastic surgeons in the outcome. I am not one to write a bad review and never have. Only for this 1:30. Please look at my other reviews on other doctors. Clearly this man's license should be pulled. If I could have seen him I would have but I did receive all my money back from my.! Send me an email if you want for the details I can tell you every step of the way and all the surgeon I had to try and fix this Fiasco from the so-called professional. Stay away do yourself a favor and seek someone else. Trust me you will be so much happier in the end. I have to live with this results for the rest of my life!!! He has left me deformed and trying to figure out a way to fix this problem two years later!

Royal Oak Plastic Surgeon

Worst surgeon I ever encountered. Got a full refund after my credit card company saw the work he completed on my face! STAY AWAY!!! You have nothing to lose if you walk away now. If you let him perform surgery on you you're really taking a chance!!! I regret it every day!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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