42 Years Old, 2 Kids, Hoping for More Sculpted Legs - Berkeley Heights, NJ

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I have always been self-conscious about my lumpy,...

I have always been self-conscious about my lumpy, bumpy legs (back of thighs and bum). I exercise frequently (3-4 x week) and I eat well, but with menopause starting to rear it's ugly head I've noticed that I'm gaining weight in places I don't want to, and I'm seeing some loosening skin. Recently, the cellulite ripples and dimples on my thighs and bum really started to bother me, so I was very happy to learn about Cellfina.

After consultation with my surgeon, I decided to go ahead with the procedure, which I had today. My surgeon prescribed lorazepam 1mg to be taken 45 minutes pre-procedure, with another to be taken during if needed, as well as Percocet 5-325mg with the same instructions (1 45 min before the procedure and 1-2 after the procedure.) I am not a pill taker - I'm just not - so I didn't take anything before the procedure except for some motrin. (If you are anxious about the procedure or if you are concerned about pain, then you may want to consider taking something, but I was fine.)

The procedure stars with the surgeon marking my spots, and then I had to lie on a table face down and the numbing solution was injection. This is moderately uncomfortable, but I would not say it was painful. No more than a 1-2 on the pain scale (for me). I do have a fairly high tolerance to pain, but I really was not bothered by this. Once you're numb, the surgeon inserts a needle that has a "windshield wiper action" which cuts the fibers that pull the skin in and dimples it. For the most part I didn't feel anything. There were a few areas that weren't fully numb where I felt some discomfort, but not enough to even mention it to my doctor. Honestly - the pain is minimal.

Afterwards, things get a little messy. With my lipo, the doctor sewed the incisions and most of the tumescent fluid was absorbed by my body. These needle marks aren't stitched, so the fluid flows out of you. It's tinged with blood, and it looks alarming, but I pulled on old spanks, the nurse stuffed me full of absorbent pads, and I sat on a beach towel in the car on the way home (I drove myself, btw, another benefit of not taking any meds.) I wore old black sweats, and the seat and thighs are distinctly damp, but that is too be expected. I have already started taking my arnica and the Vita Medica Clinical Support Program (which I took with my lipo) so I am hoping for minimal bruising. Today I am wearing an old pair of spanx, but tomorrow after most of the fluid has leaked out and I can shower, I will change into my new surgical compression garment, which I think will do an even better job to minimize the bruising.

I don't have my pre-surgery photos yet, but I will take some photos day 1 and subsequently to show progress. The verdict is still out, but I am hoping for a good result, especially since I was advised that I can't exercise for 30 days! Yikes!!!

Day 1 Post-Op

I was NOT prepared for the amount of fluid that would be seeping from the needle punctures. My post-op instruction sheet said that "fluid, such as the anesthetic solution and blood, may seep from the treatment areas for up to 12 hours", but I'm now past the 24 hour mark, and I have gone through multiple surgical pads. Every time I use the bathroom it looks like a murder scene! And the pain is significantly worse than yesterday. Sitting down and getting up is excruciating, but once I'm seated for a while, I am okay.

I have taken four extra strength tylenol (two when I woke up and two just now) along with my Vita Medica clinical support program vitamins, and I have been wearing a surgical compression garment. My surgeon said Spanx, but I find the surgical compression garment more comfortable as I think the tighter compression actually helps with the discomfort. I am very bruised and there is a lot of swelling. I am hoping that dissipates soon as I've heard some people start seeing results in 3 days!

Photos from day 1 below. Lots of bruising and swelling.

2 weeks Post Op and NOT happy

I think my legs and bum look worse now than they did before! I have huge, very visible lumps and brown spots all over. The nurse in my surgeons office said I have to massage each individual lump for one minute three times per day and they'll resolve in three months. What?!? I don't have 90 min per day to spend massaging my bum and three months is the entire summer! I can't wear shorts or a bathing suit like this. I want to cry every time I look in the mirror. My impression from my consult was that if see results in 3 days that would get progressively better and that the bruising would resolve in two or three weeks and I'd be good to go. This is a nightmare!!
Summit Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Momeni is fantastic. He is very kind and he treats his patients with the utmost respect. He patiently answers questions, and provides an honest assessment as to whether or not a particular procedure is a good fit for a particular patient. I believe he wants everyone to have a great result, and so he honestly tells his patients what they can realistically expect. The nurses, and the medical assistants are also fabulous -- skilled, kind and compassionate. My only issue is with the front office staff. Dr. Momeni is frequently running behind, and they do not tell you that when you check in, and seem annoyed when you ask for an update. I waited over an hour for my Botox appointment and I waited 90 minutes for this procedure -- with no explanation as to why. If they'd simply told me the Dr. was running late, I could have gone home or gone and had a bite to eat, instead of sitting (and seething) in the waiting room.

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