39yrs Old 5,5 9/1/2 Stone..no Kids 34b - London, GB

Had my consultation with dr m joffily.at...

Had my consultation with dr m joffily.at belverdere..but not happy with 350cc..lol
I wanted 400cc..do i spk to him and ask him for 400cc instead..i dont want to be wishin later that i didnt..booked in for april 2017.. i would love some advice ladies..i have no complaints he was very proffesional..cant wait to have my BA just dont want regret size

march health check and wish boobs

Hi ladies..well im scheaduled to go back in march for mrsa test and blood test and general health check..ive been reading all these lovely helpful storys about Ba wish has been soooo helpful OMG..just want my turn to come....roll on april...

spoken to my surgeon

I had a brief conversation with my ps about changing my size implant..and he said it should be okay to have 400cc but i need to go back to see him in feb to make any changes before april.. happy dayzzzzzz...lol..

surgery day change...lol

Okay so i got from belvedere asking me if i would like to change my surgery date..OMG..so it is now on the 13th instead of being on the 28th of april..yesssss..so now i have 9 weeks till i have my TWINS..but as of size still am so confused with profile and size..so im going back in for another consult before my big day...will update you with some before pictures soon..and i would just like to thank all you lovely ladies that have helped me in my ba journey..soon to be on the otherside...happy healing to you all......

7 weeks an counting

I just wanted to give you an update..well im now scheduled in for the 13th of april..an cant wait..lol.. nearly there..7 weeks left..i have my pre op in march 24...so all plain sailing..still indecisive on size.. but will go over everthing again on pre op day..

some more widh pictures

This is what im realistically trying to get fir my breast augmentation..im only a 32/34b..so who knows!!!!!

2nd consult

Hi ladies..well just a quick update about my 2nd recent consult with my ps..i discussed my size that i wanted to go bigger than 350cc and he asked me to get undressed an exzamined me and said that 375cc is a good size..so now i have my last appointment on friday for mrsa swabs...and i will have my 3D imaging..so all good at the moment...times flying i have 3 weeks and 4 days left.lol..

Seems really nice...

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