40 Yo 5ft 5 128lb. 275cc Round Textured HP over the Muscle - Belvedere, GB

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I've been small chested all my life. I've been...

I've been small chested all my life. I've been wearing 34b bras however after having my kids And getting even more deflated I probably should've gone down a cup size in bras. I'm sharing my story here as I've found this site really helpful. There are a lot of reviews for bigger sizes so I hope my story helps people who are considering having smaller implants. So my surgeon recommended 275cc round silicon overs after I said I didn't want big or fake looking. I decided to go with his suggestion. I trust him and he's the expert after all. I had my surgery yesterday at Belvedere Clinic. My admission time was 4pm. I was immediately taken to my room which was nice and had an en suite. I was told by the nurse, who was lovely, to get changed into surgical gown, socks and paper knickers. Before I knew it the anaesthetist came up to say hello and then the surgeon came up to take pictures and draw on me. I was taken down to surgery about 5pm. I was completely nervous I think I was jabbering on and on about nothing. The theatre was really big and there were 5 people in there including the surgeon and anaesthetist. The others I assume were nurses. The anaesthetist first found a vein in my hand and injected me with something to numb the pain. I was then fitted with the tube in my hand but felt very minimal pain. Just like having an injection. I remember something cold going into my hand and up my arm and had an oxygen mask on my face and I don't remember anything else at all after that. I was apparently in there for 45 mins. I woke up crying. I think it was a mixture of being scared, a bit sore and coming out from the anaesthetic. I was also shaking with cold so asked for pain killers which I was immediately given through my drip. They then put a tube which blew hot air under the covers to warm me up. That helped. TBH it wasn't unexpected as the same thing happened after I'd given birth to my 2nd baby. I think my body just goes into shock. After that I was wheeled up to my room. The nurse made me really comfortable but I was still in a bit of pain. Understandable I guess. However within a couple of hours the pain had really died down. I was given toast about 9pm and was allowed to go at 10pm. I can honestly say that I was treated very well. Everyone was very nice and professional. I slept sitting up and whilst I'm not moving I can not feel any pain at all. It's only when I start moving around that I can feel a bit of pain but honestly on a scale of 1-10 it's only around a 2. The hardest part is getting up from a sitting position. That's when my chest feels really heavy. Today I feel much better. I've got dressed moved about a bit and even gone in the garden for a while. My boobs are rock hard at the moment. I can't wait for them to get a bit softer. They seem huge but I think that's just the comparison from going from next to nothing to now having something there. The sports bra I'm wearing is 34c but it seems quite tight. No idea what I'll end up as. I'll post again in a couple of days.

4 days post op

So I'm 4 days post op. My right boob is feeling really good however the incision on my left is giving me trouble. I get a piercing pain in it when I move.

I took my sports bra off and swapped for a lightweight non wired fabric one. It has been much better but still hurts. I think the seam from the sports bra was irritating the scar. It's not ideal but at least wearing something offers some support. I'm going to try to put a different sports bra on later and see how that goes.

I'll ring the clinic tomorrow and see if I can get an earlier post op appointment. I'm really intrigued as to what the scars look like. I think the right will be good but I would imagine the left will be red and bruised around the area from the way it feels.

My boobs are still high and hard. I'm going to leave until a week post op before I post any more pictures so hopefully I can see a difference between 1 day and 1 week.

Weight Gain

I'm feeling so much better today. The pain that I had has completely gone. I swapped the 34C sports bra for a 34D and it fit so much better. Yikes! I never ever thought I would fill a D cup. Can't wait to get properly measured but will leave that a month or so. My dressings got a little damp from the steam in the shower so I peeled them off. Probably shouldn't have but I was worried that the damp might be a breeding ground for bacteria so off it came. The steri strips are still there for protection. I also spoke to the nurse today who said it was fine as long as it wasn't sore which it isn't so all good. So I've put on 3lb since my op and feel quite bloated. The nurse told me that the antibiotics can cause bloating so i'm glad I'm finishing those tomorrow. I'm also not used to being so sedentary which is also not helping. Next week I'll do my best to get rid of it again. Some things I didn't realise before the surgery: 1) weight gain, 2) sore throat from the tube they put down your throat. I was croaky for a couple days, 3) funny taste in mouth for a couple of days. It's really weird but every time I drank some water it tasted like antiseptic. Not that I've tasted antiseptic but it tasted like the antiseptic smelt if that makes sense. I'm really happy with my new boobs. Mr Jofilly really has fulfilled my brief. I wanted to fill out my underwear but not go big and that's exactly what I have got. I didn't want to tell anyone about my surgery and with clothes on you really can't tell, unless I wear something tight. I'm really glad I went the size that I did. Anyway I wasn't going to post any pics for a couple of days but there is quite a big difference from the last ones so I've put a few up that I took this morning.

10 days post BA

So I had my stitches cut to skin level yesterday and am allowed to have a proper shower. I can't tell you how good that feels. My boobs are healing nicely and the incisions, whilst a bit bumpy are very small. My only slight grumble is that one boob, the leftie, is a bit smaller than the right. I'm hoping that it just needs a bit of time to catch up. Either it just needs to drop a bit more or it's because it was slightly smaller to start with. In my sports bra you can't tell at all so overall I'm still delighted with my result but would be great if I could get more identical twins lol. I will mention to the PS at the next appt. to see if it's likely to stay slightly smaller. I've heard massage helps so I'll do a bit of research. It's only been 10 days but feels like I've had these for ages. A few pics attached.

Photo didn't come through

18 days post BA and starting to get there

So I'm now 18 days post op and love my boobs. Ok so they're not perfect but I'm over the moon with them. The left is starting to catch up with the right too which is great. My left nipple is still very numb and sometimes when I'm moving it feels uncomfortable. A good tip is to tighten the straps in your sports bra if you have an adjustable one as that seems to sort it out. Sometimes they are really itchy too. I'm getting home from work and can't wait to get my bra off so I can give them a good old scratch lol. It's annoying that it has to go back on again but I'm following the surgeons rules to the letter so have a few more weeks of this yet. I can't wait to get a normal bra on and go bra shopping too. I think I'm prob either a full 34 C or maybe a 34 D as that's what my sports bras are and they seem to fit. I'll get measured properly when I'm sure they're not going to change significantly more. I've attached a few photos so you can see my progress including some before and after ones in my bikini top. It just fits so much nicer now. Anyway, hoping you all have a lovely day and I look forward to reading all your reviews too. Take care girlies. Xxx
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