47 Year's Young, 3 Children All Breastfed. 5 Foot 3 Inches 130 Pounds - Kent, GB

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Finally decided to go for it and improve my boobs...

Finally decided to go for it and improve my boobs after time and children have taken their toll. I'm having a BA & uplift, 450 ml high profile and I can't wait. Originally meant to have the op last week with a different surgeon but the clinic cancelled me the night before due to the surgeon being ill. Totally gutted but hopefully it will all work out in 2 weeks. I'm pretty okay handling pain so I'm hoping I'll be okay after a week. I'm not sure what I will end up, at the moment I'm a 36B, would love to be an E cup after but time will tell. Loving this site and reading people's experience it's making me more excited to finally have nice boobs again.

Botched bodies

Well last night made the mistake of watching a programme where ops go wrong. I was watching between my fingers in the end and thinking what if my op goes wrong. Can't really think like that thou. We all know things may go wrong and it's a chance we take. We all hope for beautiful results and so we take our chance.

Count down begins

Well today is Monday and Thursday I'm due my op. Not sure whether to get excited or not as they have already cancelled me once before. If it doesn't happen I'll take it as a sign it's not meant to happen. On a sort of positive note I'm hoping it does happen but am wondering how I will feel afterwards pain wise. I really don't have time to lay about doing nothing for l9ng so I'm hoping I'll be able to get up and running with due care after a week. Love reading other people's stories especially where most are so positive so here's hoping I'll be in that club.

2 hour post op

And I'm feeling good! !! Bit sore but not too bad. Didn't have the uplift in the end just the implants so will be interesting to see how they look. They don't look as big as I thought they would so definitely pleased I decided to go bigger. Hopefully I'll post photos in a couple of days. Happy it's all finally done.

Photos taken 6 hours post op

Well so far so good. Can't believe I had the at 11.15 and was my way home by 4.30. Didn't need any pain killers at all. I'm feeling great and not sore today at all. I normally sleep on my side but had to sleep on my back last night. I've probably over done this morning as I felt fine so been washing ironing and making a cooked breakfast! I definitely need to not do anything else today just in case I'll be causing myself problems. Photos I'm uploading were taken last night. I don't seem to haverify any bruising but I've been taking echinaforce tablets for the previous week in preparation so I assume that has helped me.

Feeling great

Just a quick update.

Op Thursday today is Monday and so far all seems okay. One boob is softer than the other and I assume why to me it looks a little smaller. Today I had a shower and it was great to wash my hair total hevean. Looking forward to having the stitches taken out Thursday and getting the opinion of the nurse on how things seem to be going.

One week old today

This morning I had my stitches removed and only just managed to get home and take a look. I'm really happy with how they are looking at the moment and the scaring seems quite minimal. It's going to be lovely to have a soak in the bath tonight.

I'm not sure if the bras I'm wearing are any good for me as I don't feel I'm actually getting any support. I'll go shopping Saturday and try a couple of different sport bras and see how they feel. Also whilst I'm not having a problem getting comfortable in bed I look forward to the night when I can go to sleep on my side like I used to.

3 weeks yesterday

Can't believe how quickly the time has gone since my op it seems like I've always had my boobs. Luckily still no problems though I did realise last Sunday that the nurse hadn't actually removed all the stitches. Feeling brave I pulled a long thread our myself which hasn't caused a problem. I'm loving the shape and size and would rather they didn't drop too much but I guess the next few weeks will tell. They have softened up lots the past 10 days. Some days I have feeling in my nippels and other days none. Will make an appointment next week for my follow up appointment to get the surgeonsame view on how they are but for me I'd say so far so good.

5 weeks and I'm feeling good.

Just a quick update thou no photos as I'm too lazy to take any tonight. My boobs are so much softer now I'm happy to say I really am happy with how they look and feel. It seems I've been in a sports bra forever so last weekend I did go to get measured for the sheer hell of it. 1 shop had me as D cup whilst 2 others said I was an E, now that's actually quite a big difference size wise. I can't wait till a few more weeks go by and I'll buy a couple of new every day bras but I'll try on a couple of sizes to see how they feel and look. Going by what I've read from other posts it's not worth investing in lots of new bras till about a year later so it will be a few cheap and cheerful ones till then. Whilst I certainly don't have boob greed I think maybe it would have been nice to go a touch bigger as I like how they look now and don't want them to drop too much but time will tell.

Started back at the gym this week and it was hard going light on the weights but I figure better safe than sorry. Next week I'll see how I feel going heavier.

All in all I'm very satisfied at the moment with my boobs it feels like I've always had them even thou some of my clothes no longer fit but hey I can live with that. I will get round to updated photos probably in the next 2 weeks as just looking at my first pic before my ba reminded me of the state of my naked boobs and looking at them now just shows that for me I made the right decision to have the op.

Update with photos

Still feeling happy with my boobs after about 11 weeks. I'd like to think they have settled but going by other reviews I know that's still a way off. Bought myself a few bras last weekend. Size DD which I'm happy with. I feel like these boobs have always been part of me and love that I actually have a shape in tshirt. Have just taken a couple of photos, excuse the bra one as that bra is too small but it's what I'm wearing today. I love logging on still to read other people's stories and I'll definitely continue to do so.
London Physician

My ratings are based on the clinic. Yes they are low and there are reasons for this. The surgeon was fine and I'm happy with is work and would recommend him.

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