22yo 5'2 Size 6, 275cc High Profile Mentor Smooth Round Implants

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At 15, I was. 30D/32C, unfortunately I got ill and...

At 15, I was. 30D/32C, unfortunately I got ill and lost 2stone in weight which I have never been able to recover.
I dropped down to a 32A/B with a slight bit of excess skin and I've wanted a boob job ever since!
I'm almost 3 weeks post op and I can honestly say I do NOT regret this decision one bit. It has changed my life for the better and even though I cannot currently show them off as I'm still in sports bras I can feel my confidence has sky rocketed and it can only get better from here...

3 weeks post op!

Well I've officially hit the 3 week mark! I'm lucky to not really have experienced any pain from my BA but I'd say days 14-21 have been quite challenging. I get phases of itching around the outer sides and even though it only lasts a few minutes it's infuriating.
I think they've settled in to place now but they've still got more fluffing to do. Still quite hard too but I can definitely feel them softening up & I can start to move them around a little now. Once they've fully healed I'm going to have an amazing cleavage!!
I'm in 32D sports bras but I've got to admit they're starting to feel a bit tight. Who says small implants don't go a long way?
My scars still have a slight amount of scabbing of them but that's completely normal :)

I'll do an update with all my previous photos I've taken so I can show my journey so far in a nice little slideshow.

Next update will be at my 1 month anniversary!!

4 weeks!

Wow it's gone quick!! Happy 4 week anniversary to me :)

I haven't got much to update really, I've still been lucky enough to not really experience any pain. Sometimes they 'ache' a little when my bra rubs on the incisions (which are now completely scab free) but I can deal with that! The pain is probably about a 2/10 and more annoying than anything.

I've done some comparison photos and you can really see the drop and fluff taking place! I've still got a long way to go but I'm happy so far!!
They're still pretty hard too but they're definitely softening up.

My only regret is not getting my boobs done sooner! I'm really annoyed that Christmas is coming up and I need a whole new selection of bras and bikinis but no one can buy me any because I'm still not sure what size I will be ????
My dad is taking me on his annual Christmas shopping spree to me on the 20th so I'll be 5 weeks and 5 days post op, is it worth taking a gamble and getting some? I'm in a 32D sports bra at the moment and it is quite tight!

Anyway, enjoy the photos and let me know what you think!!

Day 8 v Day 28 drop and fluff

Top photo: Day 8, I'd just had my stutures removed and managed to get my first proper photo! Very alien looking and stuck on to my chest.

Bottom photo: Day 28, looking much more natural! Still a long way to go :)

5 weeks! - trying on bras & chest acne

How is it 5 weeks already?! Time is going soooo quick.

I went shopping today and I couldn't resist the temptation to try on some bras.
I'm not allowed to wear a normal under wired padded bra until week 8 and I'm guessing I'm going to see a lot of changes in the next 3 weeks but hey ho I couldn't resist ????

I originally tried on a 32c tshirt bra ... Way too small! The cup barely covered my boobs.
Bra 2 was a 34D maximiser ... Absolutely huge. I didn't even bother doing the strap up because I could see how big it was on me.
But finally I tried on bra number 3, 32DD balcony bra... Although the straps were too big (I had put them on the tightest) the cup actually fit! I think if I had tried on a 32DD without a funny back it would have fit perfectly but I'm fuming that Primark doesn't sell 32D bras. My new boobs have cost me enough already and now I can't get cheap £6 bras ????

I also started to experience post BA 'chest acne' thankfully and fingers crossed it only lasted a few days but what a gross experience. I'm very lucky to never get spots or suffer from acne so to have these pin prick spots covering my cleavage was torture!
If anyone ever gets this I would recommend keeping the area clean (2/3x daily) and a good exfoliating scrub. I'm also going to avoid bio-oiling my whole boob from now on and just focus on the scars as I think that's what most likely caused the problem.

Anyway, I think that's all for this week! I'll keep you updated on week 6 :)

6 weeks!

Wooo I've hit the 6 weeks mark!

I still think I have a lot of dropping and fluffing to go but to be honest I'm sooo happy I wouldn't complain if they stayed this way forever!

I have my 6 week check up in the new year so it'll be more like a 8 week check but hopefully I'll be given the all clear then :)

I tried on all my old bikinis today, I have 8 which are too small and 3 which fit - just! So I'll need to hit the January sales and stock up on new bikinis and bras. It's definitely worth it though.

I think my bikini photos really show what people mean when they say you can 'play your boobs up or down' as the strapless they don't look huge but to me in the halterneck ones they look massive ????

Hope this helps anyone considering small implants!

Merry Christmas everyone I'll update soon.

Before & After 275cc

7 weeks!

So I'm 7 weeks post op now.. Woop! ????????

I bought my first 'boobie top' this week. I had to really! I had to return some Christmas presents as the sizes were wrong and they only give store credit so I found this little beauty!
I could NEVER wear tops like this before, they just looked stupid, so now I can't wait to bust this out on holiday and show them off ????

5 more days until I can wear normal bras again. I can't wait to get my work rota for next week so I can plan my bra shopping day. Although it sucks I don't get paid until the 20thbof January so I'm pretty poor right now ????

My next update will be my first official sizing and purchasing of bras. Exciting! I think it will be a 32D but let's see.. I'm hoping to hit the big shopping centre so I can be measured in M&S, VS & wherever else will do it ????

Final results .. 14 weeks post op

Sorry it's been a while since my last update but I've just not had the time to go bra shopping until today!

I've literally worn my sports bra and post surgery bra for the past 14 weeks, I suppose it can't do no harm in wearing it for so long? But today I bought my very first bra since my BA woo!

I literally tried on half the bras in Primark (they really need to start doing more D+ sizes) and I fit perfectly in to a 32DD plunge bra. I also fit in to a 32DD balcony bra but I didn't find that very comfortable so I didn't buy that one.

What is with big bras having really long straps?! Seriously I tried on about 3 and on the tightest strap and it just fell straight off my shoulders. I understand not many people are naturally blessed with being petite with big boobs but boob jobs are so common now a days you think shops would cater better!

Also what is with Asda not selling any 32 back bras in a size bigger than a C?! Shopping for bras has suddenly become VERY stressful.

I picked up two new bikinis aswell as all my old ones officially don't fit anymore :( I'm now a size 6 in bottoms and size 10 in bikini top from Primark. I used to be a 6 on the top! Now I can't wait for my holiday in May so I can wear them!

I know everyone turns out differently but my story is going from a small 32B to a 32DD with 275cc high profile round mentor implants.
I hope this little blog has helped atleast one person :) having a boob job was probably the best decision of my life - I don't regret a single thing.

Best of luck to everyone else on this site,I hope you're as happy with your results as I am with mine.

Ronni x

Dr Maurino Joffily. Unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control Dr Maurion Joffily wasn't my first choice of surgeon. I had booked with another surgeon but 3 weeks before my op date I recieved a letter in the post to say he had been dismissed and I had been given Dr Joffily instead. Obviously this was a massive concern to me as it was so close to the operation date (they even moved my surgery forward by one day to the 10/11/16 instead of 11/11/16) I had a pre op appointment booked for 3/11/16 where I got to meet him for a whole 5 minutes. He didn't even take my measurements, just went on the notes from the previous surgeon. The only thing he did do was discuss my chosen cc. I had previously decided on 300cc HP but he took one look at me and said due to my frame he would have highly recommend 275cc as the 300 would give too much side boob and wouldn't have the natural look I was aiming for. On the day of my op he came to see me to take some photos and that was that! Off I went to theatre and next thing I know I've woken up and been taken back to my room. I believe he came to see me an hour or so after surgery but to be honest I was off my face on the meds so I could be making that up! I've had one post op appointment scheduled so far where I had my stutures removed by that was done by a nurse and another where I had some concerns and again was only seen by nurse. Overall I have met my plastic surgeon for probably no more than 15-20 minutes! Despite this I am very happy with my results so far and I have recommended him to friends. I think if I had had my original consultation with him I feel like I would know him a lot better.

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