300cc Hp Silicone Overs-5ft 7, 120lbs; 25yr Old; 2kids - London, UK

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Hi lovelies, So I'll try and keep my first post...

Hi lovelies,
So I'll try and keep my first post sweet and short. As many of you, I have wanted a ba for absolutely ages. I actually went to my first consultation 4 years ago but decided to wait until we have had kids. So now at 25, being a proud mummy of 2 handsome little boys (we are not planning on having any more little monsters) so it's the perfect time for me to get it done.
I had my consultation on 23rd April with Mr Maurino Joffily at the Belvedere Clinic in Abbey Wood, London. This clinic has very mixed reviews but my experience with them so far has been excellent. My patient co-ordinator, Mia is lovely and always available to answer my questions. My consultation was short but informative, ps seemed lovely and professional with loads of experience. He does a lot reconstructive ops so he is familiar with the natural look I am after. In fact, he started off with the question "Natural or fake?" So I am sure he won't give me an uber fake look.

Some of my stats;
Height 5ft 7 (174cm)
Weight 120lbs (54.5kg)
size 6-8 (UK)
BWD 12cm
Ribcage 29"
Pre op Bust 31"
Pre op bra 34b (but don't fill it out!)
Hoping for a nice and full C cup.

What I am getting;
300cc high profile round textured silicone implant placed in a subglandular (over the muscle) placement. Pre consultation I was convinced by my research that I'd only be suitable for under the muscle placement as I am so slim, however it turns out I have more breast tissue than I thought. Happy days. It means that the implant won't look (too) stuck on.

My op is still 2 weeks away which feels like forever!! I'll keep you guys posted. Attached some before photos and some wishboobs. (One of them is actually from this website, greendragon4's boobs are totally awesome!)

Good luck to all my fellow ladies and those who are just recovering from their ba!! xx

11days to go...

The time couldn't possibly pass any slower than this! I just want to get it done so bad! Anyways, I have bought 2 Macom Signature bras, they look and feel fab! Looking forward to wearing them actually. I'll check in on the day of my op next... x

BA rescheduled

So today was supposed to be the day of my op but had to reschedule due to a lack of anaesthetist-apparently he didn't turn up for his shift. Saying that I was very upset is an understatement. After a lot of crying and getting comfort from my husband I feel a billion times better and I know that time will fly by... I just try and not get my hopes too high this time! Expect the worst is my tactic this time so I won't get disappointed. New date is 16th June. Wish me luck! X

I'm in the club ladies!

It happened at last! It's still hard to believe. Mr Joffily and all the staff have been absolutely fantastic. Pain is managable so far-it's more of a little discomfort actually. It's also nice to be able to just relax, which I can't do at home normally! I had a little sneak peek and I am over the moon. Hubby is coming to pick me up soon. Pics are coming soon. Would like to say a massive thanks to all my ladies here for the great support I've received! You all are superstars! Sending lots of love, hope you're doing well.x

New Boobies! Woohoo

So here are some pics of my new kitties! No, not kitties, silly autocorrect! TITTIES!! Lol I looooove love love them so much already! I know they have to settle and all tho. Will try and update regularly, pain has been non existent so far but I know they say that 2nd day is the worst! So we shall see. x

hot boobies

Ok, so I might just worry too much about this but I noticed that my boobs feel very hot to the touch. I also have no sensation in them whatsoever-which I guess is normal, given that I am only 2 days post op. Anyone experienced the hot feeling thing? X

Post Op Day 10

Quite happy with my results. Had my first post op apt yesterday with the nurse, she cut my stitches to skin level which was a blessing because my right side was giving me grief - was very uncomfortable, like a burning sensation. She said once they are cut down that could release some pressure and thankfully it did! My incisions are healing nicely. However, I have to note that they are bigger than I anticipated and situated a bit weird. Maybe it's just that my boobies are still not in their final position. My right side is dropping faster but that's more than likely because it was a tad bigger and looser (don't like the word saggy!). That means that my boobs are lopsided at the minute. The nurse said that there's still swelling on the left, once that's gone it should improve. Luckily, it is not noticeable in a bra/clothes. I am sure they won't be identical but they weren't to start with.. Hope all of you are having a nice and easy recovery. Big love xx

nearly 4 weeks post op

So far so good! I am definitely getting used to my new boobies and they are becoming a part of me!
Recovery has been a breeze, even with two small kids and having to go on holiday just 2.5weeks after surgery...
My incisions are looking better every day! Will have my next check up with my ps in 6 days, will do a more detailed update then!
Don't hesitate to ask any questions!
Hope all you ladies are doing just fine! X

Feeling great

So I had my last check up with Mr Joffily 4 days ago. He gave me the go ahead to get back to my normal lifestyle, exercising, swimming etc.
So the next day I went to get measured at M&S. As it turns out I used to wear the wrong band size, I am only 32. She said to try on a 32C first because the measurements were on the borderline but it was way too small. So she handed me 32D ones and they fitted perfectly. It was uncomfy at first to wear normal bras again after wearing my macom ones for so long but now I am used to them so all good. I feel so much better wearing these than my macom ones though! I attached a few pics, I think the results are pretty impressive. Hubby LOVES them, which is always a bonus! :)
Hope you are all well and enjoying this lovely weather which we don't get often here in England. xx
London Physician

He is an absolute sweetheart, humble and professional. He knew what I wanted 100% spot on as he listened to all my needs carefully. I am so happy I chose Mr Joffily, I couldn't recommend him enough!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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