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I am 22 years old 5,3" and 115 pounds. I am having...

I am 22 years old 5,3" and 115 pounds. I am having both rhinoplasty and breast augmentation done at the same time. I have been self conscious about my nose my whole life and I am so glad I finally get to do this. Also my breast size right now is a 34A and would like to be about a C or small D cup size. I went in for my consultation and got pictures taken of my nose and he edited them to what he believes it will look like after. And I love it! I will post that photo. And also tried on the different cc sizes for the boobs. Am am going to go with silicone high profile 425cc (they said that is the biggest they recommend me to go because of my petite size and narrow chest wall) and I can hardly wait now. Just recently booked my surgery date April 18th 2 months away! I hope is goes by fast! Also I realize that my procedure cost is more expensive then average but the dr. Doing my nose specializes in face surgery. He does about 300 noses a year. And a different dr. Is doing my breast which he also specializes in that. Which makes me feel more comfortable.


I am getting so excited that my surgery is only 2 weeks away? I can't believe its already almost here, I have been wanting to do this my whole life it seems like. So I can't believe I am finally getting it done . I have been debating for the last couple of weeks if 425cc's is too big. Its so hard to make the decision. I just don't want to look like I am top heavy because of my small build it makes me nervous. I just keep looking at everyones profiles to decide. I did go back in and try on the sizers again for my pre-op and I ended liking the 425 cc. I guess I should just go with it. Of course my husband wants me to stick with the bigger ;) and I supose his opinion is the only other one that matters besides mine lol I think I am going to take the weekend to decide for sure. I will post photos of what I am now shortly.

4 days away

So only 4 days away and I'm actually feeling really good about all of this right now. Just very excited :) I'm about to have boobies ( • )( • ) lol but I will say that last week I went through a tough time and was super stressed about the whole thing. Migraines, horrible muscle aches... I think I was making myself sick over the size I was getting. I was starting to think that 425cc was too big. As soon as I called the dr. And switched to 400cc I was 100% better lol but now that I got all my worries out of the way I'm seeing clearer now And I want to go back to the 425cc's go figure. I think a lot of people go through this before surgery. But I did get everything I needed for the day of surgery!!! It's getting more real everyday! :) and I am going to finally post some photos of me.

Today is the day!

I leave in about 20min. Holy crap I'm nervous! But so excited too! (And hungry) haha. My anetheasolglist called a couple of nights ago. What a nice lady, plus she has been doing it for 20years now. So I could say I'm in good hands. Made me feel a lot better. I can't believe this is finally happening!!!! I am still going to try on the sizers again, I can't decided between 400cc and 425cc but I think I'm leading more for 400cc. So we will see what I end up with! ;)

Next time I post I will have boobies!!! :)

I did it! I'm back hone now

So I am on some serious pain mess, sorry if I do t make much Sense. Lol I did decide to go with the 425cc (that's what I decided from the beginning) so go with your gut. It does feel really tight on my chest right now but also wearing compression bad so I am sure that part of it. I did take a peek at them but I can't wait to see them for real tomorrow. And I will be sure to take pictures :) now I am excited to take pics of them :) and no more padded bras woohoo

Will update tomorrow :)

Had ba done on Friday. It's now Tuesday

All the days seem to run together. I barely know what day it is anymore. Still just sleeping a lot and taking all my meds. I think after tomorrow I will switch to tenlyol. I got my nose done too. Not as much pain as boobs but I think doing two at once took a little more out of me.i have pics I will up load from when I showered last night. Right boob hurts worse. But I am a hair stylist so I hold my blow dryer in that hand. Thinking that could be the reason why.

It's Thursday. Almost been a week I can't believe it!

Time went by so fast. Tomorrow I'm going in for my one week check up on everything. And I also get my nose cast off, super excited to see that. Still the worse part of the BA is the band that compresses your chest muscles down. It doesn't hurt as bad now because my boobs are dropping and softening but holy hell did it hurt for the first 4 to 5 days. But it was worth it because it helped them drop fast.
I am so happy that I can start doing thing for my self now (take my own meds, bathroom, getting food, walk around) just can't shower by myself yet. I'm also very lucky that I work at a hair salon so the girls can wash my hair for me so my poor husband doesn't have to attempt that lol. My husband has been so good to me through this whole thing. Even doing the embarrassing bathroom things he's been fine. And always saying sweet things to make me feel better. Which does help when my face is super bruised from my nose and tummy bloated and hard as a rock. He still makes me feel like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world :) I just need to write about him to because I could not have done it without him. I so have more boobie pics I will post I feel like still not much change yet. Oh and I think I'm going to start getting off my intense meds and start with teylenel.

2 weeks after

I am at the two week mark. I had an emotional day. I am still having issues with my right side. My left side I have no pain. My right side is sitting higher, harder, and I have a burning like pain in the bottom/side. It kinda worries me. I feel like I need to hold it up to feel better. Plus something I didn't know... I didn't have much movement in my arms after surgery. My right side was worse, I had to do everything with my left side because I had more movement on that side. And still with it being 2 weeks I still don't can't reach my right arm to the sky, only half way up and it hurts. I'm very nervous because I go back to work on Monday, so I only have 2 more days to recover. And I am a Hair Stylist. So not having much movement with my arms right now is not good. I hope I get better before then.

These are the 3 week photos

I forgot to post three week so here they are in a bralette and swim top. They are getting a little softer but still hard and the right one still looks high in these pics.

4 weeks

I am starting to feel myself again completely back to normal. I feel like my new boobs are finally apart of my body. I can sleep on my side now finally yay! And when I'm working I am not feeling pain anymore. I went back to work at 2 weeks after and man was it hard! I wish I would have taken 3weeks off work. But I am a hair stylist so everyday I am using upper body muscles. It was hard to get back into it but with lots of help with my co workers I made it through that hard week. I have Been shopping the last couple of days. Buying things I couldn't buy with small boobs like backless dresses, bralettes :) and I don't have to wear push up bra anymore :) now instead of not fitting something because my boobs are too small I have a problem fitting things because they are too big! That's fine with me though :) I am going to work out today for the first time, so I will let you know how it goes. I am going to not do any upper body work outs. Just lower body.
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