I Would Like to Get Labiaplasty on my Labia Majora -Bellevue, WA

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Hi i'm seventeen and ever since I started puberty,...

Hi i'm seventeen and ever since I started puberty, I noticed my labia majora was a little on the 'big' side. A friend of mine told me that I even looked 'out of ordinary' to her. I've only had one guy see my vagina and even my boyfriend of a year hasn't seen it. I'm so embarassed by it, I just wish I looked beautiful to myself. Every time i go to have sex with my boyfriend i keep my underwear on, which he has questioned before, i just told him I wasn't ready to show him yet. I feel like a lousy girlfriend because I can't even be comfortable in my own body. Sex is uncomfortable and sometimes painful for me. I've told my mom about my labia and she just said I was normal. Of course, I know I'm normal, I just wish I didn't look the way I do. I feel depressed all the time and nothing I do makes me feel better about myself. I feel so ugly. That's why I really want the surgery. I've been researching labiaplasty for years now and I reallyyyyy would like to get it done but I'm not sure where to go to or even how to start. Also, I'd like to know how much it would cost and how it's paid (monthly payments or what). Is there an age limit to this kind of surgery?
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