Juvederm "Push and Mush" Method Not Appreciated for Acne Scars

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I write this only because I want others to avoid...

I write this only because I want others to avoid having to experience the same thing. Also, I don't think it's that bad, just not what I was looking for.

I thought I found a very experienced and especially sensitive doctor because he really advertised that he does a lot of work for acne scaring and even had his own procedures he developed. Also, while sitting in his office I saw that he had published a lot of articles.

Anyway, I wanted filler for my acne scarring. I have had laser, acid, and microdermabrasion treatments before and I just wanted something with minimal down-time. I am tired of being rough on my skin, but I also want a better appearance. So, I opted for filler. I have had that before as well and it was a very simple procedure with no down-time.

This doctor did not prepare me for my appointment day with information about what to avoid (blood thinners like vitamin e, fish oil, aspirin etc.). So, once I got there and had waited for an hour he informed me and asked if I wanted to reschedule. I said no because I don't have a lot of time to go to appointments like this.

Then he had me lay down to inject the filler. This seems counterintuitive since he couldn't see how my face falls in an upright position. After the injections he started pushing and pinching and squeezing my face very hard and it hurt. He did it for about 10 minutes and finally I had to tell him I couldn't take it anymore.

As I was leaving he looked worried and disappointed and told me I could keep massaging my face to move the filler around. I was shocked and dismayed. I went to him for his expertise.

He did not tell me how to deal with the bruising that was sure to result from his push and mush technique. I researched on my own and found out about icing the first day and heating the next, and also about eating pineapple etc.

After posting a question on this website the first answer I got was that the push and mush technique is done by inexperienced injectors. Also, reading things on this website and others I found out that the more you move the product around the shorter the life of the product. Also, I read that this technique can cause damage to facial nerves and should be avoided.

So, I will never go back to this doctor. I am disappointed he didn't prepare me for pre procedure (stoping supplements), post procedure (icing and heating), and that he used the push and mush technique when he presented himself as an experienced doctor who is sensitive to the plight of people with acne scarring.

During the procedure he informed me that an office gal could perform the injections for less money. I was dismayed by this as well because the whole reason for me, consciously choosing to pay hundreds of dollars more for him to perform the procedure, was because he works with acne scarring and that was my main issue. I wasn't in there for facial wrinkle filler. I thought scarred skin was different and that the doctor needed knowledge of how to work with scarred skin.

Anyway, the experience was unfortunate, but also a learning experience.
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

He was personable and laid back. He really tried to push different treatments and seemed disappointed in the treatment I ultimately wanted. I don't think he really listened to what was most important to me at first and on procedure day. I stressed that I wanted minimal down-time. And also I wanted an expert to help me with my acne scarring. He didn't provide pre or post treatment advice. Lastly, I spent two hours at the office for both appointments. The prescreening or whatever and then procedure day. They never offered water or tea while I waited on the second day. For a 30-40 minute procedure, two hours is extreme and they did not prepare me for the extreme wait times in any of our correspondence. One hour for a 30-40 minute treatment seems a reasonable expectation. Ultimately, his push and mush method after injecting filler is not the level of expertise I am looking for. I could've managed all the rest if it wasn't for the push and mush method he used. It caused more bruising, swelling, self-consciousness, and uncomfortableness than necessary.

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