30 Y/O 34 F/FF Reduction/Lift: Post Op (scroll down for the latest)

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So far I have had a consultation with several...

So far I have had a consultation with several plastic surgeons. My favorite by far is Dr. Christine Nygaard in Bellevue, WA. My sister referred me to her having had breast augmentation and lipo performed by Dr. Nygaard some years back with excellent results. I must say I am extremely impressed with the thorough consultation from Dr. Nygaard's office from the educational materials provided, the assistance with submitting the case to my insurance to the amount of time spent with me individually talking about my goals. The insurance request was sent last week. I am told it takes 2-4 weeks to receive an answer. Fingers crossed the procedure is approved!! I've been thinking about doing this since I was about 19 so I cannot wait to take the next steps!!

30 Year Old 34DDDD Reduction/Lift 5'7" 160lbs

160lbs...6 of which is probably the weight of my boobs. I think they weigh approximately 3lbs each, give or take. Here are some pictures of me now. I included my torso to show that though I'm not in the best shape of my life I have a BMI that is in the normal range with breasts that are out of proportion. I have also included a pic that I took after I got back from my consult at which time Dr. Nygaard drew a dot on me to give me an approximation of where my new nipple might go. When I got home I drew on a fake nipple and pushed myself up the way the Dr did just to get an idea of what I may look like.

Anxiously Awaiting Insurance Approval

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock! Come on insurance!!!! Pull through for me!!! (Fingers crossed)


I am BEYOND excited right now...just got the email that my insurance has approved my breast reduction surgery! Out of pocket will only be about 2k which is worth it for a better quality of life. Now to planning the surgery date!! I can't believe this day is finally here :) Been thinking about doing this for years!! HAPPY DANCE!

Pre-Op Appointment tomorrow!

Hey everybody! I have my Pre-Op appointment tomorrow! I've compiled my list of questions and I'm just looking at everybody's before and afters. Today I'm leaning towards going a little smaller like a C instead of a D. I think it would just be easier to be smaller for a while until I have kids and they get big again :P I have some more before pictures.

Pre-Op Appointment Went Well!!!

Today I had my pre-op appointment and I just feel infinitely more comfortable with the procedure now that we've met again and talked through more of the details. I am a true-blue anesthesiaphobe!! Today I was able to ask all sorts of questions about the anesthesia that put me at ease. Dr. Nygaard walked me through exactly what would happen from the moment I walk in to the office on the procedure day to when I wake up.

She has not had a single complication with anesthesia in her 24 years of practice. Her infection rate is approaching .5% (down from 1%) which I think is amazing considering the seriousness of some plastic surgery procedures. These were very comforting data points to hear today!

We went over my list of questions and I also showed her pics that I found of the result I'm hoping to achieve. She said that she should have no problem achieving what I want but to be patient as the healing process may have some normal issues such as boxiness and firmness as my breasts heal.

There was a ton of info given to me today so I'm sure only about half of it stuck but her office is scheduled to call me 2 weeks out and in the days between the 2 week mark to the procedure date to keep me on track. I got my little baggie of goodies including my sterile body wash, night before sleeping pill and Rx's for Antibiotics, pain meds and anti-nausea meds to fill before my appointment.

I am shopping for front closure bras right now so any recommendations are welcome!! I found the following on Amazon. If you have any opinions or lessons learned with surgical Bras please do pass them along!




Cheers :)

Touch the Boobies

Well! Its officially getting close! My surgery is in 9 Days. Post surgery garments are on the way. Bought a few cardigans so I can get dressed easier when I'm back to work. Got my surgery date confirmation from the hospital today. I should be hearing from them again the day before surgery to finalize the details. Adding a laying down to give you an idea of the floppy/sagginess I got going on. I will be honest, I've never played with my boobs so much in my life! I keep touching them, I guess to memorize what they felt like? All I know is my boyfriend is entertained by it LOL Trying to keep a sense of humor whilst dealing with the nervousness!! EEeeek!

2 days, 16 hours, 50 minutes... Not that I'm counting or anything....

Okay Its getting down to the wire and I'm starting to freak out a little. Gahhhhh!!! What did you all do in the few days prior to surgery to keep yourself distracted???

Welp! I did it! Super easy. I'm home now!

It wasn't at all as bad as I made it out to be! To those of you who are afraid to go under, it was a breeze. I'lL update with more info and pics later after my nap.

Post Op Pic

Day one pic!

I am soooo impressed with how good I feel and how amazing they look on day 1! If they look this good already I can't imagine how awesome they will look in a few weeks!!

Day 2 Report Out

Hi all! I am 2 days post op and surprisingly the lipo sites under my armpits hurt more than my incisions! Dr. Nygaard lipo'd the "tank top fat" since sometimes breast tissue rounds the corner into the armpit area. That said, the pain is very tolerable. Smooth sailing so far!! Also: I have sensation in BOTH nipples! Hallelujah!

Day 3 Report Out

First things first: had a BM last night after drinking a little coffee to get things moving. The post op instructions said to "try and avoid" caffeine so I made the executive decision to have one cup and it worked! I made sure to drink lots of water after to prevent dehydration. Today I'm feeling all sorts of tingly vibrating sensations in my boobs. Feels like there are a bunch of little tiny people in there dancing around. Doesn't hurt, just feels strange. The feeling reminds me of when I get an eyelid twitch. Seems like my body is sending me messages with Morse Code :P Welp, that's it for me today! I'll try to take some more pics when my boyfriend re-wraps me later.

High and Tight

Hi All! Took another pic when I changed my dressing. They are sitting a little high and are still firm but from what I understand of the healing process, that is totally normal. Minimal pain today. Lots of tingling throughout the day. I'm not nearly as tired as I thought I'd be at this stage in the game. Feeling good.

4.5 Days Post and BLOATED

I am so bloated!!! I think its a combination of the meds and the fact that I'm now PMSing but holy cow I look like I am legitimately pregnant. Did anybody else experience extreme bloating after their reductions?

5 Days Post Surgery, 8 Days Pre Period:Holy Swollen Boobs

Boobs are tight and swollen. My PMS starts 11 days before my period like clock work with major crankiness and turns into boob pain around day 9 down to day 2 and let me tell you I am FEELING it. LOL. My boobs feel like stuffed sausages...but round. My period can't come fast enough.

Day 5 Pic!

Did my evening re-wrap just now, progress pic! Loving my new chest!

Day 9 Post Op Update!

Hey everybody! So I just wanted to give an update on the girls. They're healing perfectly. My left side has a little more soreness than my right side. I visited my Dr and now I can ditch the circulation socks, wear my sports bra and take showers. My T Junctions are still holding together perfectly and sensation is slowly coming back to the area around my nipples. Bruising is going down slowly but surely and they're starting to soften and drop ever so slightly. I went to Walmart to purchase more sports bras and I found 4 for 30 bucks. Yes you read that right. FOUR bras for THIRTY dollars. Never in my wildest dreams would that have happened with my former chest. Here are the pics of my T junctions and me wearing a sports bra.

Day 9 Afterthoughts...

I published my Day 9 Post Op Update and then remembered a few other things of course :)

**I have been given STRICT instructions to not raise my arms or extend them more than 1 foot away from my waist. The bra in my previous post has no front closure. I put it on like pants over my lower half, pull it up over my girls and slip my arms carefully in. I have front closure bras that give more support but this one is the most flexible and comfortable so I've been wearing it around the house. Feels so free!

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I had assumed going into my 1 week appointment that I would be getting sutures removed. I forgot that there aren't any! Instead of sutures my Dr. uses fiberglass tape over the incisions and surgical super glue over the nipple area. The fiberglass tape comes off at week 3. As for drains, I also didn't have those (thank god). My Dr likes the body to heal itself and flush out fluid retention on its own. I have been drinking a ton of water and it has gone down all by itself. To give you a realistic idea of what to expect: I went into surgery weighing 161. After surgery and for the next 5 or so days I weighed 167! Now I'm back down to 161. I'm thinking I'll drop down a little more because she removed 2.5lbs of tissue during the surgery so we'll see.

Anyhoo! Happy Healing to all you ladies out there who have had surgery recently. And to those that are considering this surgery: DO IT. You will not regret it. I have never been so happy with my body in my life, even at my fittest, because of my giant saggy boobs. No more!! Joy of Joy :)

Day 10 Before and Afters

Hi All! I put together these before and afters. What a huge difference!!

Day 20 Update

Got my tape and glue removed today and omg I am SO pleased with my results. My scars are barely even visible! Dr. Nygaard has FAR exceeded my expectations!!!! I am allowed to sleep on my sides now too, MAJOR plus!

23 Days Post Op Scar Massage Underway

Hi all! Everything is going super well with my healing! No separation of the incisions or anything so that's great! There are two places where a suture is popping through but only a tiny little bit. I started the scar massage with the Aloe gel though and I noticed that on my right breast there's a little bruising forming. It doesn't hurt but I'm going to call Dr. Nygaard in the morning on Monday to make sure that's normal. I figure its probably from the massage, disrupting the tissue, maybe moving some fluid around in there but I'm going to call just to check. Anybody else experience this when the massage phase started?

24 Days Update

I talked with Dr. Nygaard and she said to stop using the aloe and they'd check back in on Monday to see if the coloration goes down. Not an emergency she said.

Day 28

Day 28, scars are looking better and better every day! Bruising on my right breast is slowly going away. Applying scar cream as directed and all is well!

45 Day Update

Hey everybody! Its been a while so I thought I'd come back and share my 45 day results! I'm free of arm restrictions finally and Dr, Nygaard says I'm healing ahead of schedule. I feel great, very minimal pain and not tired at all. Going to try jogging today for the first time. Wish me luck!! Side pic as requested.

Day 46: Jogged wearing size MEDIUM sports bra

Haven't done this since i was like 14. Felt light as air! That is all. LOL

Before and After in Bra

I bought my first wire Bra! Its a 34 DD. BOOM I haven't been a DD since 8th grade! (LOL)

I spit my first stitch today (I think)

I had something dark that looked like a suture popping out so I fiddled with it and it popped like a zit and left a hole. It has been oozing since that day but no blood luckily. I put alcohol on it to keep it clean. I think, based on looking online, that it was just a suture being pushed out. Going to call my Dr. tomorrow to be sure. Booooo! So much for perfect healing....oh well it could be way worse so I consider myself lucky.

Day 67

The girls are getting their bounce back! Lookin' good so far! I've been running a lot lately and I feel awesome!

4.5 Months Post Surgery Update

Hey everybody! I just wanted to pop back in to show you the latest! The girls are looking better and better My scars are slowly fading, faster on one side than the other. I still have hypersensitivity in both nipples and like 2 inches of numbness around that (with the exception of the left side near where my arm falls against my body. I get little zaps here and there but nothing major. I go braless all the time but when I wear one I'm a 36D. Yep. Single letters! Running is a million times easier, I feel light. Hope all your surgeries went well and to those of you thinking about it: Do it! To those that are scared, do your research and you'll be just fine. My surgery was a breeze. Hugs and cheer to all.

Just after 6 months!

Healing well, been doing a high impact boot camp class for a month now and its great! No pain at all I feel completely back to normal! Best.Decision.Ever!


I bought two cute swimsuits. Life complete :)


A year and two months after surgery with Dr Nygaard and I couldn't be happier! Scars on the right are a little more prevelant than the left but overall a flawless recovery!

Great r

1 Year, 7 Months Update

Just thought I'd pop back in and post a healing progress pic. Scars are mostly gone, although there is a bit of pigmentation under my right nipple. Doesn't bother me though! Part of it is my fault because I picked at it when I had a zit there, yes I get zits on my boobs sometimes (yuck). Either way, couldn't be happier with my results! One thing to note is that my nipples are permanently hard now. When I want to go braless I use the re-usable silicone pasties I bought on Amazon and it looks perfect!
Bellevue Plastic Surgeon

I had my procedure yesterday and I am amazed at me results!! I would definitely recommend having a consultation with Dr. Nygaard of you are considering a breast reduction. Absolutely life changing!!

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