My dream body with Dr. Gavin Dry - Fat transfer breast and Micro-lipo, 28 years

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After two years of not working out and eating...

After two years of not working out and eating junk, I have finally decided I want to get back into shape and feel amazing before I turn 30. Liposuction and fat transfer breast augmentation are going to be my kick start to clean eating and work out routine. After surgery I plan on jumping right into marathon training and doing yoga. I may even sign up for Crossfit training, we will see how it goes.

I am writing this review to document my transformation into my dream body. Right now I am very unhappy with the way my things, butt and abdomen look, to the point in which I am embarrassed to wear short-shorts, mini skirts or bikini bottoms. I do not like the shape of my butt and thighs, and I also would like my breast larger, like a full B cup or small C cup. Micro-lipo/fat transfer just seemed perfect for what I am looking for.

The doctor requested that I get a mammogram and blood work before getting approved for surgery. I also have a shower with a special soap the morning of surgery. My medications include strong pain-killer, antibiotic, laxative, anti-motion sickness, and muscle relaxer.

Inspirational pictures

These are my image body goals.

Inspirational pictures

Inspirational pictures

Foods that aid in fast recovery!

I took this entire week off even though my surgery is on Wednesday. I have been doing lots of research on how to have a speedy recovery which includes lots of rest, hydration and the eating the right types of food. I decided I'm going to do all my cooking now (two days before my surgery) that way I can just heat up food in the microwave and do not have to leave the house or cook.

Today I am going to make a thanksgiving inspired FEAST that should feed me all week long. I'm going to roast a large turkey breast with olive oil and herbs. For the sides I'm making mashed sweet-potatoes, black rice with toasted almonds and a pineapple cranberry relish. I also have lettuce, avocado, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers on hand to make a fresh salad. I have selectively picked foods that will help in a speedy recovery.

This is what I found in my research:

-- Lean proteins - such as turkey, chicken, eggs, salmon and beans contain amino acids which help
your body repair and recover
-- Protein Shake - I like the Vega nutritional shake which is all vegetable protein
-- Black Rice - Anti-inflammatory properties due to the high quantities of anthocyanins which have
been shown to help combat swelling and associated pain
-- Sweet potato - loaded with calcium, iron and beta coratene which helps your muscle regenerate
-- Pineapple - contains an enzyme that help dissolve blood clots and fade bruising
-- Cranberries - packed with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants and can help prevent bacteria
from sticking and multiplying
-- Almonds - A natural source of protein which contain vitamin E and promotes healing

Does any one else have any speedy recovery tips for healing, bruising or scarring?

Surgery date pushed back

I had to push my surgery date back to this Tuesday. Something was questionable about my mammogram and I had to see my doctor to get my breast cleared for surgery. Everything looks good now and I am ready for my procedure on Tuesday. Come back soon for pictures and updates!!

Now the worst part, recovery day 1

Its been 18 hours since my operation and I'm in so much pain, it truly sucks. It feels like I was ran over by a truck and I'm not just saying that to be funny, I can hardly walk. Every muscle from my neck down is so soooo sore, screaming pain. Honestly I don't know how someone could go back to work in just a few days. No pictures yet since I am wrapped up from neck line to toe with a tight full body suit, and was advised not to undress or shower for the next 24 hours. I can not get in or off the bed, toilet or couch with someone lifting me out of bed. I'm nervous to see what the bruising looks like. And also excited to see my breast or body.

My body suit is black spandex that goes from my ankles to just under my breast. And there is a big hole in the crotch for easy bathroom use. And on top I have an adult diaper.. Kind looks like something out of a bondage porno movie. The pain medicine works to relieve but is also makes my entire mouth and throat, which then makes my drink a ton of water , which then leads to a very painful assisted trip to the bath room (almost every hour).

I'm sleeping in sitting position on the couch, because getting in and out of bed is nearly impossible. I think my boyfriend is annoyed he had to leave an important meeting yesterday to help me get out of bed to pee. I can hear him mumbling under his breath "Jesus Christ, this sucks". I don't know but I think he may be a little upset that I got the surgery in the first place...? I have also been having a few regrets like what did I get my self into, If I knew the pain would be this bad I may not have done the surgery.

My breast are wrapped up in gauze and a black sports bra, they do not hurt as much compared to the lipo. I feel a little burning around my nipple, but other then that so far are painless . After I get the okay to shower I will post pictures.

After Picture on day 2

Finally got to take a shower and get the first look of body. So far I'm feel great about the results. My breast are looking nice and perky. As you can Dr. Dry is a surgeon GOD! There are very small bruising and tiny entry marks. -- And I am an easy bruiser, ever bumping into a table will leave a bruise on my skin. I am so happy I went with Dr. Dry

It still is hard to get in and out of chairs, my bed and toilet. That equating position is horrible. My leg is swelling down towards my knees and feet which makes me look quite muscular.

Recovery - Day 4

I got to visit with Dr. Dry yesterday and he said my body is healing nicely and I should start massaging my lower belly in a circular motion at least once a day. My breast are still huge, but he said they will go down in size about 50% when the swelling goes down and some of the fat dies. Yikes! He did not take any pictures yet, I have my next appointment with him on my 7th day post op.

My boyfriend has been a huge help and I can't even thank him for some of the thing I have made him do for me. I still can't get myself in and out of bed with out his assistance but that is not even the worst of it... Last night I had terrible gaseous crapping from being 6 days constipated so I woke my boyfriend up at 3 am and he drove to the store to bring back prune juice and a saline enema. I had the prune juice hoping it would help, but it didn't. So this morning at 7 am, the poor guy had to give me my first enema, then lowered me down to the toilet seat... I have never experienced something like that before, and man oh man, I feel so much better.

I also have to add that I just love my two doggies so much! They knew from the moment I got home after surgery that I was in pain... and they have been in protective mode ever since and follow me around the house everywhere! I mostly am parked on the couch with them curled up next to my feet waiting to escort me to the bathroom or back to bed. They put their head slowly on the couch next to me to check in with me, and sometimes I will even get a paw. If I shut the bathroom door, they sit patiently waiting for me to come out. If I call for my boyfriend's help they bark and run to him and back several times as if they are saying "Hey hey, hurry up! Mom needs help!" I just love them and adore them, they have really helped in my recovery. It feels good to be loved, they make me so happy.

Yay! I made it through WEEK 1!!

I am so GLAD I made it through week one! It has been a rollercoaster, the days are looking so much brighter... let me tell you!!! To sum up week 1 with tears of pain, pounding headaches and cramping constipation. The first 4 days I didn't (couldn't) move. I sat and slept on the couch in a seated position until it was time to see Dr. Dry. Everything was so painful. When I got off the pain meds I had a pounding headache and the worst constipation ... but now those days are behind me and I finally feel almost normal. I can walk, I can drive and I can poop. I am looking forward to starting back at work this weekend and starting school in 2 weeks.

Bruising has been minimal and mostly on the back of my legs. Everyday my breast get softer, but still have lots of swelling. I have experienced no breast pain or tingling, it has been quite nice. The swelling in my legs has gone down and I just have a few tender spot on my lower back and hips.

My belly is looking very flat but I can tell my skin is swollen so it looks a little odd.

My incisions are disappearing before my eyes, I can't even notice the two front ones on my lower belly. and I have not even started to use scar cream yet.

I am very happy with my results and I am even starting wish my breast would stay this size.

Week 2 update!!

I know summer is almost over, but I can hardly wait to get into a bikini and show off my body! I am starting to love my results especially when I see where I came from. My bruising is almost healed and my scars are fading before my eyes. In fact, my scars are healing so quickly, I hardly notice them. I just bought the Mederma Advanced Scar Gel that I will start using tonight. The stitches Dr. Dry used are dissolving in my skin and the pokey edges are falling off. My soreness is almost gone, there are a few sore spots on my hips and lower back. And anywhere I press that I have had lipo -- It's more like a tender bruise feeling. Also if I stand for long periods at a time (like at work) my knees get a bit swollen, but the swelling is gone by morning.

I still wear my jump suit and bra night and day until week 4, then I can stop wearing the jump suit. The bra I have to continue to wear until 3 months. My stomach was very lumpy the first week and the Dr. to me to start massaging every night and in the shower. Since then the lumpiness have gone expect one spot on next to my belly button there is a small hard lump. It's small enough that I believe it will go away - hopefully.

My breast have lost a lot of the swelling and are starting to feel like my own. The are getting softer everyday. I still can't not sleep on my side or stomach until after my next doctor appointment which isn't until late January.

I have been a good girl staying far away from sugar and anything fried since my surgery... those junk food days are behind me! When I crave sweets, I have been eating coconut yogurt with fresh berries. Also my protein shake has been helping me through any cravings that I still get.

I have not started to work work just yet, but I am going to start small toning workouts this week. I love to do the Beach Body workouts by Boho Beautiful on youtube, does anyone else watch those? The girl in the video has an amazing body- my lord! She does toning workouts with lots of yoga and stretching mixed in. It seems like it would be easy enough this early in my recovery to start on those workouts.

Week 3 update!

I got lipo on my outer thighs, abs and love handles and it sure made a difference. I feel so sexy, beautiful and confident with my new body. My results are better than I ever hoped. All my bruising has gone away and I am feeling almost 100%.

My breast are soft and full but still look very natural. I don't know what bra size yet since I'm still wearing my surgical bra. I would guess a full C cup or small D.

There is no more swelling in lipo areas but I still wear my compression garment during the day for support. I feel like it squeezes me in and makes me look more shapely.

I'm eating very healthy and started toning workouts on my butt and thighs. (I still need to work on that cellulite).

My lipo scars are starting to turn purple and are forming little knots under the skin. I know it takes a while for them to soften and fade. I have been using mederma scar gel on them everyday for the past week. And my breast injection scars still look the same, red and crusty.

I will post pictures at 1 month. See you then!!

One Month Post!!! YAY!

I love my breasts! This surgery has improved my sex life, self esteem and confidence as a woman. It was worth every penny! <3 <3 <3

I am still wearing my surgical bra (as you can see the skin creases) but I have stopped wearing my jumpsuit since Saturday. I'm back to full activities and wearing jeans, yoga pants and sports bras. Honestly, clothes look so much better on than ever before. I even feel sexy in a plain t-shirt and sweat pants... I'm kinda in-love with my body ;)

One Month Post!!! YAY!

Here are pictures!

Almost 6 weeks!

I just wanted to post a picture since a lot of peeps are asking about my bra size and how much fat has stayed.

I am still wearing sports/medical bras and sleeping on my back but I wanted to post a picture so you guys could see what a 34 B bra looks like on me. My breasts are almost spilling out and I think I would need a 32/34 C to fit properly.

I would say that my fat has stayed since the 4th day after surgery. I haven't seen much change since, only my breast getting softer and more realistic.

This bra does have an underwire and low-pushup.

Comparing fat transfer results from day 1 to week 6

Here is an update on my results from day 1 to week 6. I thought this might help all the girls who are about to get surgery or just recently got surgery.

When I first got out of surgery my breasts were very swollen and stiff. They were so firm that they didn't really bounce or move. My first impression was "oh no, what have I done" because I thought they were too big, too stiff and too round. By day 4 the swelling had gone way down but they were still quite hard. I would say that I haven't lost much volume since day 4 but my breasts have soften-up and dropped into there natural shape. They feel so real and bouncy. They are the perfect balance between soft/swishy and perky. I noticed them getting softer and softer every day after week 4.

I am grateful everyday and I am excited to wake up to see my beauties and how they are changing. I hope this helped. I'll see you at 6 months!

I went bra shopping!

Hi Ladies!

Thing are going well! I went to Victoria's Secret today to get a couple new bras. They fitted me into a 32D, compared to my old bra size which was a 32 A/B. I use to only wear padded bras because my breast were so small and now I wear un-padded bras (and have beautiful cleavage).
First bra: Beautiful by VS - sheer lacy unlined
My lipo areas are looking great too. I start with a personal trainer tomorrow to help tone up my bod. I do have an indent from my jeans right below the belly button. DO NOT WERE TIGHT JEANS until after 3 months.. I learned the hard way. I am starting to firmly massage the area to hopefully get the indent to smooth out.
Still very happy with my results! I am so glad I went through with the procedure.

A to D cup with fat transfer

I would have never filled out a bra like this before fat transfer, I can't believe I'm wearing a 32 D.

UPDATE!! Still Obsessed With My Body!

Hi Ladies! I am still obsessed with my body after 6 months and I feel amazing. I have be working out at the gym 5 days a week and wear skin tight yoga pants (which I never would before). I love love love my results and feel blessed everyday.
More then 6 months ago I had lipo done to my belly, thighs, and love handles, then fat transfer to breast by Dr. Dry in Bellevue, WA. All my swelling has gone down in my lipo areas and my scars are hardly noticeable anymore. I have had no problems at all with my breast - no pain, no lumps and no unevenness. My breast did go down a bit in size, more like a c cup now but I do think it is because I am working out extensively and eating very healthy, that some of the fat cells are shrinking. I cut out all carbs, sugars and salty foods -- I am eating just veggies and protein. My goal is to keep these beautiful results for as long as I can.
I will post pictures of my breasts later this week! Stay tuned!

Fat transfer after 6 months

Here are the girls! After six months I am very please with my results. I am blessed to have had no complications or lumps of any kind. My breast have stayed about same since week 6. Not many changes after that except for the scars are fading nicely. I have been working out a lot so they my have gone down a tiny bit in size. I am still wearing a 32 D cup bra (I used to be an A cup).

Thank you to every one who has been following me throughout out! Your questions and comments were very supportive through this entire experience! A huge thank you again to Dr Dry and his staff for being professional and helping me achieve my dream body. This will probably be my last post (unless something dramatic happens) You'll be the first to know!!
Kirkland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gavin Dry sculpted my body beautifully. He and his staff have taken the time to answer all my questions and concerns and also give advice on a realistic out come of the results. He recommend areas of my body in which I would benefit from micro-lipo and also advised where it is not needed. I am very happy with my results and would highly recommend Athenix Body Sculpting in Bellevue.

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