It's been three years! ! 650cc silicone HP unders :)

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I'm new here but have been reading reviews over...

I'm new here but have been reading reviews over the last month. It's time I add to the community :)
My stats:
25 years old
115 lbs
3 children - 8,3, and18 months all breastfed (4 years total breast feeding)
Pre-op: 34AA (was 34 a/b before kids and a 34C/D while nursing)
Hoping to get to a Large D or DD

Everyone here seems to have chosen a cc amount prior to surgery ... I'm a little nervous because I haven't. I trust my doc and she doesn't choose prior. What we did was go over photos and wish pics of girls my size and build and she will choose after trying different ones inside. She will go with the ones that will most closely give me the size of my wish pics. Has anyone else done things this way? I only have 9 more days and I'm getting so antsy!! I still have a bunch if things to buy, child are to nail down, house to prep, freezer meals to make.... Etc. also, anyone else here have tips on taking care of two toddlers in diapers while in recovery. I will have to care for them myself by day 6 post-op. Ive had 3 c-sections and my recoveries were great... Anyone had both that can compare them!? Well, I will post before pictures when I get the chance tomorrow. Have a great night!

Time is going by fast and I don't want to get sick!!!

2/3 of my children have the stomach flu right now and I can't say I'm being the best mommy I can be about it out of fear of getting sick. :( Only 8 days left and I do NOT want to reschedule. Hubby is picking up face masks and and the works to keep germ free, and I hope it does the trick! Neither of us wants to wait any longer for my BA. (It's been 5 years I've been talking about it and wanted to wait till I was done having children) Wish me luck that the bug skips this lady!!

Before pics

Here are a few before pictures

Wish boobs :)

Here are a few pics of the look I like- a happy medium between natural and fake looking lol

So little time!!!

Ive been cleaning like a mad woman today as there are only 4 days left till the big day! Kids seem to finally be on the mend from what turned out to be the Norovirus (cruise ship flu.) Luckily, it hasn't affected me or DH!!!!
I'm trying not to get too down on myself. My family hasn't been all that supportive of the intention to go The size I want to go. But, it's not for them! It's driving me insane. Honestly I think it has something to do with jealousy from my mom and sister. Both would get BAs if they had the money and are being a bit cynical towards me because of it. :/ Oh well! This is to make ME happy NOT them, right!? Thankfully I have a hubby who is happy as I am now and will be happy with whatever happens to be the size I end up with.... He just wants ME happy.

On a separate note, I got my post-op supplies and just need a few more things :) heating pad, ice for my bedside recovery cooler, and a few more nook books :) - I even have a week of dinners made and frozen. I still have to finish laundry and move things to meet my stretching restrictions. All in all it was a very productive day though and I'm sure feeling more ready.

I'm having a horrible time sleeping- not sure if it's out of excitement or nerves but all I can think about is boobies! Crazy to think that Wednesday afternoon I will be at home recovering from the surgery!

Have a good night ladies!!!

In less than 48 hours my twins will be born!

My husband list his keys and therefor needs to use my car for an overnight business thing. That means I can't finish getting all my stuff ready for surgery and the grocery shopping done until the evening before!!!! And we have to leave for surgery at 6:15 in the morning :(

My boys seem to be over the flu but my 18 month old girl is still throwing up each day- hope she kicks this and I don't get it before the surgery (or after! Ouch!!)

I've got to set up my recovery area yet I'm having a hard time choosing wether I want to set it up on the couch or in my bed. I don't have a tv in my room and it's upstairs. The living room is on the main floor right next to the kitchen and has a tv. Any advice? The little kids will be gone the first 3 days so I don't have to worry about that. My 8 year old will be home after 4pm each day but he is an amazing helper actually :) What do you ladies think? Each has easy access to a restroom. I may have a more difficult time on the couch if our 7 month old 60+ lb American bulldog decides to act like a puppy :/

This time tomorrow......

....I will be asleep on the table!! It's so surreal! Kids bags need to be packed, recovery area needs to be set up , last minute groceries tonight and I'm ready for this! I'm a bundle of nerves, and I can't guarantee I won't throw up before surgery at some point because of the nerves, but tonight I will take the prescribed medicine to help sleep. (They gave me Ativan?-anyone heard of it??) Then I have to shower with the iodine (spelling??) soap stuff. And then sleep!!!

I read through my pre-op papers again as well as the post-op stuff and nowhere do I see where it says to either wear underwear in or not? Id prefer to.... Do any of you know? I'm just thinking comfy cotton boy shorts....

I've resorted to telling people that I'm going a full C when asked. Nobody seems to understand that cup sizes are so very different people. Like when I told my mom unwanted to be a DD she about flipped. And even after explaining that my 34 DD would be the equivalent of her 38 C, she still didn't get it.... I figure that they look smaller (a cup size or so typically) in clothes, therefor when I say "full C" I'm telling them what it will look like clothed :) ...... Yeah, I'm totally finding reasons that make me feel better for lying- but how is it their business anyways, right? I do have a feeling I'm going to have to purchase a specific swimsuit to wear around my family that plays down their size.....any advice? Well, now I'm just getting totally ahead of myself.... LOL

On a fun note I have sooo many bras that obviously will no longer fit, and I have a Christmas tree that needs to be tossed.... And on top of this I have a huge bonfire pit at my house.... Does anyone see how this adds up!?!? Maybe in celebration of my boobs I can decorate my tree in bras and burn it..... Yes, I really did just say that..... But I can't take the credit- I have to give that to my husband who thought it up yesterday hahahaha. Well, Ta ta for now ladies. I will probably post again in the morning before surgery!! Wish me luck!!

Freaking out!

I seriously am like twitching I'm so wound up. It's not time for the kids to go to bed so I can't finish cleaning (if your a mom you know what I mean) and I still need to shower and never made it to the store because I didn't want to bring my sick kids (hubby isn't home yet) gah! My anesthesiologist called and went over all my pre-op questions. My doctor called and went over (again) medicines for tonight, clothes for tomorrow, the showering instructions, etc. and that's when it became REAL.... And so now I've written everyone and their mother lists on what to do when, separated all my meds in the daily med thingy, double checked all my bathroom and kitchen stuff is ready and moved down, finished the last load of laundry, did the dishes, and now I'm just waiting.... And we all know what that does..... Just want the husband to hurry up so that I can go shopping, shower, clean, and sleep!! I'm way too nervous... NEVER was I feeling like this before my three c-sections!! And I sure hope they turn out pretty :) I think I'm more nervous about that than anything!

I've been RAKd :) !!! Doc gave me an amazing surprise!

I'm super dopey and about to pass out from this Ativan so pardon the grammar and spelling.

When my doctor called tonight , we quickly discussed if my intentions had changed at all. Still round, smooth, high profile? Yep! ........

Taking you all back to my very first consult with her I had asked about two other procedures in addition to the BA. One being a nipple reduction. My nipples are just huge- only after all the nursing ... Well it was going to be another grand Beyond the 9 I'm already paying. So at my pre-op in mid December, she asked me if I wanted to add it into the procedure? I just didn't budget for it so I said "no. I want to do it someday, just didn't budget it in this time." She understood and went about the appointment. ........

So here we were talking today and she was going over everything with me when she says "you know what? Let's do your nipples to, consider it a random act of kindness. Pay it forward sometime, will ya?" I was in shock! Sooooo not only do my boobs get done my nipples will look like they belong on a human!!!!

Okay goodnight :)

I'm never hungry in the morning

Until I'm not allowed to have food......

And now I'm starving.
T-2 hrs!!
More before pics (without a bra) oh my god I never thought I'd do this it's so embarrassing :( .....

Oops here is the other one

It's time!!

They're in and I'm home BIG surprise on the size!!!

Im in so so much pain! Took more meds but holy heck - she said with the size I want I would hate her because it will hurt....:.

She wit in 650cc HP!!!! Wowzers!!!!

I've got to rest but can't un bandage till Friday so you won't get pics till then but here is one with my lovely ace on!!

Better pic showing size with the bandage on

Sorry they're blurry- my camera is messed up on the face side of my phone. (Hubby replaced cracked screen himself.... Lol)

Getting to stand up

I need help standing but walking is getting more comfortable each time. When I stand I can feel the pain from the weight of my chest on the incision areas (crease incision) . Whereas when I lie down I feel it more in my a pits and sides. Hopefully pain will get better but I hear today and tomorrow will be the worst. I'm maxed out on pain pills so she is going to refill the script just in case.

So a quick rundown on how surgery happened yesterday.

Tuesday night I took my prescribed sleeping medicine (Ativan) and got in the shower. I had to wash with a yellow/orange liquid called Betadine and so I put that on from my neck to my belly button and waited 5 minutes before rinsing it off. Then I went to bed and fell asleep like a baby.

The next morning I woke up at 5am, and showered again using the Betadine solution. I got my compression socks and loose clothing on and then the husband and I packed all three kids into the car. We drove the hour drive to the surgeons office where hubby walked me in . It was 7:30 and he left to bring the children to his moms house.

The nurse took me right back and had me dress in a gown. She got my blood pressure and put my IV in. Then the anesthesiologist came in and asked a few questions and talked me through what would happen on the table. Next, my surgeon came in and marked up my chest. I asked about a guesstimate on CCs she was going to go for and she told me she would start at 400 and hopefully for in 500 or 550. She helped me to the restroom and then we walked back to the surgical room.

I got up on the table and had one of the warm air filled blankets which was very nice. The "bartender " gave me some happy meds in my IV and they got things settled then I was out before I knew it.

When I woke up I was extremely nauseated, so I got some medicine for that. My husband showed up with flowers, but I was so in and out of it I don't remember much.because I was still so nauseated they gave me a suppository medication before they got me in the wheelchair to leave. I left with my mother in law to go back to my house and we dropped my oldest off at school. It was 1:00 when we got home and I've been on and off sleeping ever since. My sister came to help me out last night, any my hubby was up every hour to check on me and keep my pain meds up to date.

The pain has been horrible, but she did say to expect it to be bad because she fit in such large implants.

It will all be worth it knowing that I got to my wish pic size in one shot- without having to do a revision or secondary surgery. I had been worried that they wouldn't fit enough in to get me to where I wanted to be. One of my girlfriends got hers done and her goal was a DD cup size but they could only fit in enough to get her to a C so she had to have a second surgery a few years later. Well, time to take more meds and sleep again. I will post boonies pics when I can- haven't even gotten to see them myself yet!!! Super excited for tomorrow when I can see the twins!!!

Twins first pictures

2 days post-op and got to look at the twins - lots of swelling and obviously lots of softening up and dropping to do, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now :)

Got the okay to shower but don't feel ready for it yet. The pics show the purple pen still on me and they're all covered in lines from the ace bandage, but you'll get the idea of what they look like.

Oops here are the pictures....


Soooo bloated... It's not even funny. I look 5 months pregnant.

Pics 2 days post-op

Day 3

Woke up this morning feeling much better pain wise :) still very uncomfortable, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm sure I will love the girls eventually, but they seem wayyyyy huge right now in all the wrong places. I just want the "drop and fluff" part to hurry up and the swelling to go down. I really hope I end up loving them :( I'm scared that I won't. Everyone's reaction to me getting 650cc's kinda scares me.

Here is a wish pic I sent her and then one of me today- do you think that my PS used the right size implant to accomplish my wish picture?


This makes me happy!!

Stomach flu

With bend new implants ...... Sucks!!!! I feel like my chest is going to rip open every time I throw up :(

Well, the flu seems to have passed

But it seems to have set me back to day one as far as recovery goes. I wasn't able to hold down anything, no pain meds, muscle relaxers, water... Etc. and now after throwing up so much I'm in more pain than the day I came home and the day after :( I'm just now trying to keep enough food down to start taking my meds again. The sooner I get this pain under control, the sooner I'll be able to heal. DH had to go back to work today too, so it's been a nightmare changing two kids diapers in this pain :( BUT I keep telling myself that it will be soooo worth it come swimsuit season!!! Thank you all for your kind words while I was sick. I went through all my nausea meds but they weren't cutting it- noting was going to stop this determined bug. Wednesday will mark one week since the big day, and most people seem to be recovering great by then- I think I will be one of the few who take a while :( Too bad since my c-sections went soooo easy I thought I'd be one of the lucky ones. My PS did mention that with the size implants I got that it would probably take longer than usual to heal as well as having two toddlers

Whoops- pressed submit before I meant to...

Well, hubby is almost done with work, so I'm nearly done with day one of "entertain the kids enough hat they don't need cuddles all day" lol I'm worried that with all the throwing up and not keeping down my muscle relaxers that I may be more at risk for CC... Anyone want to lessen my worries about this?

Anyways, I will get a one week pic in a few days :) this Friday I get my waterproof tape off (that ugly band all the way around my boobs) yay!! I think I will have a better clue as to what they're gonna look like then :)


Another pic 5 days post-op


This bikini is going to look awesome when the ladies d & f!!! Bought it at Walmart for somewhere around $15 ...

Conflicting feelings

I keep going back and fourth on hating my implants and living them. I know that most women go through this in the beginning but I really thought I would be the exception for some reason...

I love the way they look in clothes and my sports bra, but I hate the way they look naked. I keep worrying that they look way way too big :( and with that I'm worrying about all the possible problems like bottoming out, symmastia, CC... Etc. I just hope that I grow to love them and their size come bikini season. I really kinda hope that there is some swelling still because if they get bigger when they drop and fluff they will be gigantic on my small frame. :( I really want to love them. And in clothes they are perfect ..... But I want to be just as happy naked :/

The pain is nearly gone now :) still numb

Thank goodness. Still feeling a bit of morning boob but I've noticed as long as I wear my bandeau strap it's not near as bad.

I had a post-op check up yesterday and got the okay to wear a sports bra instead of the ace bandages. I now have to keep a sports bra on 24/7 for the next 4 and1/2 weeks. She removed my waterproof tape and showed me some massages that I'm supposed to do 20x in the morning and 20x at night. And I was instructed and shown how to do the scar massages starting in 2 weeks. I was also told that I still have some swelling but not a huge amount which means I won't be getting too much smaller at this point ....

I love the size of my breasts in shirts , but still feel too big naked. I'm really hoping that I love them once they settle into place. They're still pretty high and tight right now. I have a horrible urge to go shopping for new bras and shirts but I know that would be totally useless as when I d & f they will look totally different.

Can't wait till I can sleep on my side!!! I'm going crazy sleeping in my back! My bed is not made for back sleepers and I get back aches.....

I'm still pretty numb from the nipple to the incisions, and on the outer sides of my breasts. My nipples have gone from numb to hypersensitive.... Glad that I'm now in a high impact sports bra because they don't rub.

New pics - officially 2 weeks post-op and feeling great!!

Finally my implants are starting to drop and get a bit softer, and with a little less upper pole fullness I feel much better that this size is exactly what I wanted. Although I see one complication... I'm going to have a verrrry hard time finding bras :( Tried one on today (knowing full-well that I am no where near close to my final outcome) and I fit great in a 34DD but I'm actually a 32 band which is harder to come by to begin with. My PS has confirmed that my swelling is gone, but believes with the dropping and "fluffing" I have yet to do that I will most likely go up one and maybe 2 cup sizes.... Which will ultimately make me a 32DDD aka 32E and I'm pretty sure no stores around me carry that size :/ oh well, guess I will have to start shopping online when the time comes! Anyways, here are a few new photos from today :) you can see that my righty seems to want to drop and fluff faster than the stubborn lefty.

Numbness is still an issue at this point from the nipple towards my sternum on both breasts is still completely numb. And from the nipple to the incision is somewhat numb and kind of sensitive. My incisions themselves are not painful unless I put pressure in them. The nipples have some sensation but aren't back to normal although they are healing great themselves. I still have the tape on my incisions for a week, then I get to take them off and start the scar massages.

One more picture

Yeah...... It was worth it!

Bra sizing question...

I'm just over 2.5 weeks out from my surgery and as you saw in my last post I tried on a few bras. Well, I wanted to make sure that I was doing it right (sizing wise)... Turns out I am currently a 34DDD (I guess I was wearing a band size too small prior to BA ..... Probably shouldn't have trusted that I had stayed the same since 16 anyways LOL).... Well, a 34DDD is equal to a 34F from what I hear. At my last appointment my doc confirmed that my swelling was virtually gone. She also mentioned that I still had a lot of softening up to do and some dropping ...When you soften up (fluff??) and drop do you get bigger? I've heard different things... But taking into consideration that I don't havea measurable amount of swelling left... Can I expect to possibly go UP a size? I'm thinking that a 34G sounds entirely terrifying...... Where will I ever find a bra!!!??? Anyone with experience, did the "drop and fluff" change your cup size??

Ps: I totally love the way they look now- no boob greed or wishing I had gone smaller anymore! :)

By the way.... It's so nice...

That I can no longer share t-shirts with my 8 year old son ..... ????

Has it really been almost 3 weeks?

Girls seem to be getting squishier by the day :) still waiting on lefty to drop like righty has. My left is still higher and tighter than the right, but not so much that I'm worried about CC because it's definitely getting softer. My right is getting so soft! All in all I think they are doing great for 3 weeks out. I'm still wearing the god-awful bandeau strap day and night. It's such a pain because none of my shirts hide it unless they're plain t-shirts :/ and who wants to wear plain ol' t-shirts with brand new boobies!?
Somehow I thought that if be able to stuff my new boonies into all my old swimsuits.... BAHAHAHA THAT was a joke.... Even the ones I had bought when I had my C/D cup nursing boobs look absurd! (I mean unless I wanna look like I'm trying to make a buck.... And that's not the look this mommy-of-three is going for LOL (see pic for example)
My scars are still tender but I start my scar massage this week. Still continuing to do my breast massages each morning and night. Hubby enjoys helping there... The nipples are definitely hyper sensitive. I can't wait till the desoloveable stitches come out! I'm really not liking the placement of my scars :( They are about an inch up from my crease. I hope as the breasts settle that they get covered but I worry that they're higher because my PS for in a larger implant that we thought would fit..... :/ I guess I really will have to be proactive about massaging the scars. Since I have soooo much free time every day.... HA! The numbness is slowly fading but still prominent on the lower outsides of each breast. Still extremely happy that I got this done. Glad I waited till I was done with children though :) I'd have had a horrible time looking for a 34 H for nursing hahahaha on a separate note- that 34DD bra I bought last week seems kinda tight this week :/ Really glad it was on sale!!! It's not uncomfortable but it leaves lines across each breast after wearing it a while. Happy week to you all!!

3 weeks pics

They're getting so squishy! Can push them together easily now. Still not quite soft enough to get that jaw dropping cleavage without some help, but definitely on their way there! Here are some three week pictures. All taken today.

One month post-op

Can't believe it's already been four weeks! I've officially gotten the okay from my PS to wear an underwire bra and sleep however I want!! I also don't have to wear that bandeau strap any longer. :) It's so so nice to be able to wear regular shirts and bras again! I still have to wear a bra at night and I don't think I will give that up anytime soon. (Gotta protect this investment lol)

The feeling is coming back to my skin slowly but surely. My nipples are pretty sensitive still and the stiches haven't dissolved on them yet. My scars aren't painful to massage any more.

I can really squish the girls together now (I will have to get my hubby take a pic sometime) and they are finally feeling like part of me (for the most part) my right breast gurgles still- it's hard to explain but it almost feels like a rattle in my chest on that side but I know it's not- like a bubble in there. It's strange... Any ways here are a few pictures- will get more later :)

No bra pic at 1 month post-op

Is it just me?

Maybe it's just me but I feel like I don't look as thin (tummy wise) since my boobs are bigger now. Haven't put in any weight other than what I think is boobs (about 2.5/3 lbs) and all the bloat is gone... I just don't look as "washboard" as I did prior ... And before anyone goes "shut up skinny B!!" Lol I really kinda LIKE it :) i always thought I was too thin but have a horrible time trying to put on weight (hyper active thyroid) ... It just surprised me is all. I actually was worried at first that it would make me look even thinner ( seeing a small tummy next to the big boobies)
Anyways, does anyone else feel this way?

Definitely some major D&F happening here

Went to pick out something cute for valentines day and pick up a good t-shirt bra and was feeling pretty restricted in the 32E so I got measured again and fit perfectly in the 32G!!! I can't grasp that and am now even more stunned and confused at where in the heck I'm supposed to find my size!! Found a really cute bra at VS that was 34DDD. It "kinda" fit but actually gave the push-up look I was kinda going for anyways (wanted something super sexy for my first valentines day with the girls!!) so I got it! :) On Tuesday I have my 6 week post-op and I will finally get the go-ahead to work out!! Time to tone up this tushie to match the perky Gs LOL here are a few new pictures, with the new bras and a nakie pic to show the d&f and a shirt one to show how much bigger the look with fluffing!

Wish pic VS results!

My PS is amazing :)

New Years goal nearly accomplished!!

Had my 6 week appointment yesterday. Everything looks fabulous! I got the go-ahead to get back to my normal life :) I can work out again, reach, lift, and my only two restrictions are: 1) if it hurts don't do it and 2) underwire bras night and day for the next month then it's all up to me :)

Right before surgery I had named my review "New Years resolution: to no longer look like I've had three kids" And I feel I'm almost there- got a spray tan today (I don't do sun-tanning because of skin cancer in the family) want to tighten up the legs and tush, but I love where I am at and finally have the self confidence to rock a bikini without hiding. A few pics from today. Will get nakie boobie ones later!

Clothes budget? Forgot that part!!

So, (as a thought for those of you who are still planning your surgeries!!) I really wish I would have set aside a nice large clothes budget when planning my BA, because you honestly feel so much better about yourself in clothes after that you wanna buy new shirts every darn day. All of my old shirts hid my upper torso out of embarrassment and now that I'm ready to show some skin I want an unlimited budget to buy new shirts!!!! I'm glad and lucky I've been able to buy what I want anyways, but it's something to consider for sure when saving up for your surgery!

Feeling sexy : NEW pics and almost 7 weeks post-op

I'm enjoying getting up every day and feeling good about myself while choosing an outfit. And feeling so sexy in front of my husband :) the girls are doing great and are nice and soft. :) officially measuring a 32G (should be wearing a 30H) in most bras which seems absolutely crazy. Incisions are doing very well and are getting flatter and flatter as time goes by. I massage them in small circles with three fingers and oil 2x a day for 5 minutes. I am supposed to do this until they are completely flat and a smooth. Here are some photos of the girls today.

My view

Lol love that this is my new view!!

New Comparison Picture

Last update today I swear!!

Almost 8 weeks post-op....

Not many changes besides I think some upper swelling went down or more dropping happening. I have a stitch that started poking through last week and now it's getting some greenish infection draining. I've got some antibiotic ointment on it and am watching it closely. If it's not getting better in the next few days I will have to call my doc :( Has anyone else had this happen? What was the outcome. I'm scared it's going to make the scar worse. Will post a pic later!

Popped stitch has turned into an open would in right incision- 8 weeks post-op

Here is a pic- it's not too painful but it worries me! It had some infection stuff squeeze out and I put in an email to the doc. I'm worried that the scar will be really bad when this heals if it gets any worse :( it's literally a small hole. Any recommendations or has someone gone through this and recovered fine? I'm slightly freaking out

Pic didn't load

2 months post-op

I've gotten 6 stitches out! So my scars are having a hard time healing with all the stitches trying to come out but they aren't infected or anything so that's good! The girls are doing great! I feel so sexy and womanly now :) I will post a few pics tonight. Hope all is well with everyone!

3 months post-op

It's been three months since my BA and I am enjoying my results so much! My scars are still popping stitches, which is annoying. I guess my body is just not liking the idea of dissolvable stitches. I'm still wearing 32G bras although some that fit are 30FF to 30GG fit depending on the brand. The girls have dropped so nicely and don't look fake at all! Here are some recent pics!!

Comparison picture

One pic didn't show up!!

Here is another pic in my fav bikini :) LOVE how they look in this one!

10 months post-op

Wow it's been forever! The girls are great and I still believe that it's the best thing I've ever done for myself! A few updated pics ....


Almost 16 months post -op :)

I still love my additions and think that they are absolutely the best thing I've done for MYSELF :) here are a few pics over the last few months.

3 years now

It's been 3 years and I still love them. So glad I got them done and completely had forgotten how I looked prior! What a change! Don't regret a thing :)
Bellevue Plastic Surgeon

She is warm and welcoming with very nice staff. Located right by the hospital gives you some sense of security although her office is set up with everything necessary to handle issues that may arise. Christine gives you the feeling of a second mother. She is so comfortable to be around that it's as if you've known her for years. It definitely put me at ease. I feel there could have been a few more phone calls prior to surgery during the few weeks beforehand when you nerves are driving you crazy. I will update more after surgery

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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