5'3 125lbs 21 YO 32DDD No Children Breast Reduction 11/30/16 - Bellevue, WA

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Well, my reduction is tomorrow. I have waited...

Well, my reduction is tomorrow. I have waited nearly a decade for this; yes, I have had at least DD since early puberty at age 10-11. I am desperately hoping for a small B cup after this procedure. With my procedure being less than 24 hours away, I can barely string together full thoughts on the idea of this finally happening.


I just got home from surgery. The operation itself went well; however, the ride home was miserable! I'm prone to nausea, so the doctors went really easy on the pain meds in my IV. I said the pain was tolerable while laying there, but when we hit the first minor bump in the road I turned into a wuss. Ladies aren't joking when they say take the easy way home! Even the slight unevenness in the freeway was painful. I'm so happy to finally be home and not on the road! I brought gallon zip lock bags incase I vomited on the drive home, but thankfully I didn't.

Anyways, my point of posting was to update and let everyone know that the final tissue removed was 610 grams from the left breast and 500 grams from the right breast. Yay! They still seem a little bigger than I want right now, but of course they are very swollen.

Dr. Minn, Dr. Kim, and Lola where all so amazing this morning! Now time to rest and the journey of healing begins!


This is how I left surgery. He recommended not having pressure from wraps or surgical bras. Pain is mild right now.

I already love them!

And they are swollen so they should be even smaller! Plus I can see my waist now! ??

I pull some additional steri/butterfly strips because the original ones were rolling off and getting fuzz from my sweatshirt.

Does anyone has experience with silicone sheets?

I obviously won't be able to use them until Dr. Minn says the wounds are closed and clears me to apply anything. I was thinking about ordering them now, but was wondering if they are worth it. Does anyone have experience with or recommend them?

Thank goodness!

I had the drains removed today. It was terrible, but I'm glad they're gone! You can see some swelling and bruising. I am concerned with how big they still are, but I keep telling myself that once they finish healing they will be much smaller.

I am mentally having a hard time coming to terms with all the water and real weight my body is putting on. It'll be several weeks before I can start exercising and dieting.


Showered and removed steri-strips

I took my first shower and removed the steri-strips. There was a few places that were still open, but I was told it's better to not have the strips on at this point. There is still some dried blood that I didn't clean off.

I'm disappointed with the size and how uneven my nipple placement is.

Starting to feel better

Put a bralette on these cute little girls

Three Week Update

I've been back and work and able to drive. Some days I'm more exhausted than others. Healing is going well. I've noticed the T-incisions seem to be the having the most difficult time healing, but the fine lines around the areola look great so far. I'm just being patient and looking forward to when I can get back to normal and start exercising. I hope I'll be able to enjoy skiing the last half of the season; we have been getting great snow so far this year.

4 weeks

So happy to wear turtle necks without looking like just a pair of huge boobs!

4 Weeks


Just a post with some random things I haven't taken the time to share and might help other people;

I started driving again on day 10 or 11. I went back to work on day 12 post surgery because I have a desk job. My company was very supportive so it made the transition back into work as easy on me as possible. They even sent a bouquet that was delivered the day I got home from surgery with a get well note and a size B bra wrapped around the vase. I was extremely fortunate to have their care and support.

I have slept in a recliner every night aside from day 12-14. I slept in bed with support from pillows thinking it was okay. However I would slouch down during the night and end up sleeping flat. This caused additional swelling and pain to come back so I went back to the recliner and have slept there since. I might try sleeping in bed in a couple days (just passed the 4 weeks mark). I am a belly/side sleeper, so it's been hard!

I normally stick to a keto-diet (high fat, moderate protein, extremely low carb) and have been eating carbs since a couple weeks before surgery. I'm not sure if it's been beneficial or not, but that's what the doctor recommended ("balanced diet"). Starting this week I'm going back to keto intake and maybe next week light walking on the track/treadmill. We will see how my body responds. I think it can be nothing be beneficial as long as I'm listening to my body. I have my follow up Jan.12th and I'm hoping I'll be cleared to start do cardio/aerobic activity. One month of sedentariness and carbs, especially over the holidays, has definitely put on the pounds. The weight gain has definitely made it hard to measure my satisfaction in size, so I'm still holding my breath on that one. Honestly I've come to realize anything is better than a DDD though! As I've said before, my opinion changes daily; I'm a girl, what can I say?

For swelling I have been icing my breast for 20-30 mins at night after work and take ibuprofen if it's really bad. I started that about the middle of week two. Other than that I have pretty much left them alone to heal. Oh, some days I wear a bra and some days I don't wear one at all. Last night I slept in an old push up bra because I feel like my breast slide around my rib cage and towards my armpits. My rib cage is smaller and angles outward, so (I think) the push up bra brings them inward during healing. Maybe it'll help the final result of where they settle. Strange thing; my left nipple gets hard often with it being freezing out and icing them. My right nipple barely even perks up. It's kind of funny, but I'm hopefully the right one just need more time to heal. Has anyone else experienced that?



Tired of them having problems. The scabs keep getting irritated or removed by my clothing so I'm covering them. It'll make the scaring worse and creates openings. See if this helps for a while. Shouldn't I be fully closed at this point (5 weeks) ? What have others done?

Please excuse my obnoxious bath robe, it's my cozy winter one.

Recap of the last couple weeks

Over the last couple weeks I've had some problems here and there. I don't feel there was anything Min could have done differently though. I think it just has a lot to do with my body in general and how I have healed. I had a couple popping sutures and difficultly at the T-incisions as seen in the pictures. I went in and Min removed the ones that had dissolved from the inside, but he left the ones that had not. I've been using non stick gauze and polysporin. I've also had acne and excessive oil in my skin while recovering. It's mainly been on my chest, but what I thought was turning into an infection was really just a zit building up under the healing scar on the vertical incision. I sterilized a needle and used it to release and drain the zit tonight. Other than those that, everything is looking and feeling really great; it all takes time.

Better Everyday

I haven't started using silicon strips or scar treatment since I'm waiting until everything is absolutely closed

A little before and after

Even after putting weight on during recovering, I feel and look smaller without all that fat hanging off my chest.

Before and After

Bellevue Plastic Surgeon

My doctor is George Min at Newvue Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, WA. I have Cigna insurance and was approved for full coverage plus any deductibles/co-pays. All of my deductibles and co-pays have been met for this year, so I will receive absolute full coverage. My insurance requires 310 grams be removed from each breast. Minn estimates that is nearly half of my breast tissue. I am expecting more than half will need to be removed to meet my desires.

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