Surgery Booked for August 2nd with Dr. Naficy! - Bellevue, WA

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Last year in August I underwent a primary...

Last year in August I underwent a primary rhinoplasty surgery with an incompetent surgeon. The results were horrible. Because of my thick skin and the surgeon's overaggressive techniques, I was left with a pollybeak, inverted-v, bulbous tip, and a scooped out bridge. I have surgery booked for August 2nd which will hopefully fix all of these issues. I decided to book my surgery with Dr. Naficy because of his extensive experience in rhinoplasty. All of the nose jobs in his photo gallery look very natural. I hope this is the last rhinoplasty I will need because this year has been a complete nightmare for me... I will add pictures of my current and old nose in a bit. Wish me luck!!

Surgery is over!

Well my surgery was around 8ish this morning... I was super nervous because my doctor told me that there was a 50% chance that I might need rib. Unfortunately I didn't have enough septal cartilage so I had to use a little bit of rib. The surgery was about four hours long and Dr. Naficy says it went very successful! Even with the cast on my nose looks like it has a way better shape! I can't wait to take the cast off in a week. The only complaint I have is my rib that was removed is very sore.. But some Valium helps it. I will update in a week when I get my cast off and add some pictures. I know that there will be a lot of swelling when I get the cast off because its a revision case, I have thick skin, and rib was needed. Please pray that the result is good!

25 days post op

At the moment i am not happy at all with the results :/, I can't believe this nightmare isn't over yet. If anybody wants to see pictures let me know.
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