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 I got a really nice face and eye lift for...

 I got a really nice face and eye lift for what my unique needs were. I wasn't considering to do my eyes until after my consultation and then I realized how much my eyes made me look old and after deciding to do the eyes I am so glad I did; it made a huge difference. I consulted another Plastic Surgeon in Seattle before her and he never even mentioned my eyes and his cost was higher than hers even without the eyelid surgery.

My facelift took a total of 2.5 hours (there was nothing quick about it). She did an excellent job. I will also make a review of the eyelift and cost on a seperate review. The facelift was $4,000. The anesthesia, Operating Room (OR) and the eyelids were a separate charge.

I'm waiting for the eyes to clear up. The marker pen she used looks like she drew a makeup line on my eye and it's just starting to disappear. I still have a few tiny stitches above the eyelids that need to fall out. I will try to make a video of the way the eyes and sides looks when its completely healed. She did a great job of following the hair line. She opted not to go inside the hair line because my hair is so thin there that the scar would show as a straight line inside the hair vs. doing the cut following the natural curve of my hairline just outside of the hair. Because I don't scar bad it's already looking pretty good (just 10 days out). She didn't charge me for the work on my neck because she said it wasn't bad. She cut under my chin and did liposuction and then pulled the skin up behind my ears.

Bellevue Oculoplastic Surgeon

After my first visit i found out Dr Tarbet did a procedure called Quicklifts (from a Quicklift website).. So after my first appointment and believing that I was getting a facelift I called the office and told the Medical Coordinator that I did not want one of those.. She told me Dr. Tarbert was not doing a Quicklift! So I continued to plan my charted course.. I got out the brochure they sent to me in the mail and even that did not make any mention of the quicklift. I wasn't sure what a Quicklift was so I made a inquiry to Realself "What is the difference between a Quicklift and a Facelift?", see expert Q&A at . During my second appointment.. I again wanted to be sure I was getting the real deal.. so this time I asked the Surgery Coordinator the question quicklift or facelift? She said very clearly.. "It's a facelift, Dr. Tarbet does the whole thing, working on the muscles, legaments and everything and motioned a circle with their hands around their whole face".. I was also told that she has been doing facelifts for a long time and that Dr. Tarbet would do everything that is necessary, undermining, neck, fillers, etc... sounded convincing and true.. So.. I believed I was not getting just a Quicklift, in fact I was scheduled 4.5 hours in the surgery room, and would be put to sleep, that is not the advertised time of a quicklift.. But, In the end.. 2.5 hours eyes and partial facelift, 1.5 of it was for the facelift and 1 for the eyes.. I know because this was the time I was charged from the hospital for the room, by the way.. the price she charged for the surgery ends up to be more than expected because you do get a bill from the hospital. Quicklifts do involve the neck, but not the fillers.. One more thing that really upset me.. I ended up paying for a filler I did not request to go with this facelift.. especially did not think I'd have to pay as I was told prior that the facelift included everything needed.. I had paid $500 extra for the lines around my mouth only if I was not doing a facelift.. during the second appoint, Dr Tarbet felt the for my money she felt I'd benefit more from a forhead lift vs a facelift.. with fillers in my face.. and the eyelift.. Doc also told me she would not place the filler till after surgery because she needed me sitting up for it! I gave it more thought when Dr. Tarbett left the room to see other patients.. I told the girl no.. I want the facelift.. so the Doc came back into the room and she said ok.. Boy.. what a long day for me! So... mind you they did not take the filler off the chart even though I was only gong to use that in the event I was not doing the facelift. Dr. Tarbert wasn't even going to use it during the procedure, so why worry about it! No worries.. right.. wrong.. Several weeks after surgery, i called to see about a refund for the filler.. thinking it hadn't been used.. and the gal said that it was charted Dr. Tarbet used the filler.. Why would I need that if i had a facelift.. So communcation I'd say was really bad.. She just read it on the chart and did it.. So when I was out cold, during surgery, Dr. Tarbet saw the filler charted and decided to use it on the lines around my mouth. To tell you the truth I was shocked! I felt I should get my $500 back.. I did not recieve a refund; instead I was offered botox to my frown lines at their cost and she would apply it no charge. I didn't want botox so I got nothing. I was told by Dr. Tarbet after the surgery while removing my stitches that she was on the Quicklift site only because she agreed to take a course when they offered to advertise for her so as to gain customers from the Quicklift advertising.. and not because she does the procedure, again she told me she does her own thing and has been doing facelifts for many years and so I trusted her, but what I thought at the time, with all the brusing and stitches.. I got the complete faceleft.. I trusted that I indeed got a facelift.. The whole ball of Wax.. Ok.. here's the scoop.. I'm one year out.. I do not have saggy skin.. I do have fine wrinkles, and large pours.. I have lost 10 pounds and feel better about myself. I do have more self confidence.. I think Dr. Tarbet did an excellent job on my eyes! But, I still have scar pulling and numbness on the sides of my face and behind the ears. The scar is not noticible in front of the ears and is largely noticable behind the ear. My eyes and face are both semetrical.. or even.. that part is nicely done! One more thing.. there hasn't been a moment gone by that I don't experience pulling behind my ears and under my neck.. like a tight band around my neck at times, especially when I exercise.. I can feel little knots under my skin around my ear and at the check bone, I presume this is some kind of stitch used in the procedure.. I'm not sure weather this is a Mini-facelift or a Quicklift.. but it's definately not what I was told by the office staff that it was.. I'm upset to this day about that and the embarrasment over the ordeal with the filler. So if you do go to her, just be clear on what you are getting, not what you want to hear..

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