Consultation: Totally UNPROFESSIONAL!!! - Baltimore, MD

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Ok so last month I had a consultation with Dr....

Ok so last month I had a consultation with Dr. Larry Lickstein for a breast reduction to be covered by my insurance. At that time I was told my case would be reviewed for pre approval by my insurance company and I should hear back in 3 weeks or so. Well the following week I got a call from Dr. Licksteins office saying congratulations my procedure was approved! I was soooo happy as this had been a long desired procedure. So they scheduled me to come in for a pre op where they gave me prescriptions to fill for the day of surgery and went over my medical history. Then they had me go to a pre op with my primary care doctor for clearance. The week of my surgery I was contacted twice. Once to go over my arrival time and once to discuss my primary care clearance. Never once did anyone mention any issues with my insurance!!! So I'm preparing this morning to leave out house for my surgery, kept kids home from school and called off work. As I'm putting on my clothes I get a call from Dr. Licksteins office saying that they didn't think my procedure would be covered by insurance because my insurance requires the removal of 500g per breast and he was removing only 300g per breast. WTF?!??! So you wait until 1 hour before my surgery to call me and tell me this?!?!?!?! Then they offer to still do the procedure as long as I pay the doctors $2000 for his administrative fee and they will "try" to push it through insurance and will reimburse me after but if they can't I have to pay the $3000 fee for Anesthisiologist. I'm sooooo upset right now!! So for the entire month of September they've had me running around to pre op appointments, filling prescriptions, taking meds and they wait till the morning of my surgery to call and say this??? How unprofessional????!??? This place and this office is the worst!!!!!!


So I've been meaning to update but have been busy preparing for my surgery but I received a call from Dr. Licksteins office regarding this post! Yes they contacted me not because they hugely screwed up and wanted to compensate. No, they contacted me because they said they saw this post and wanted to offer me a told as an "ambassador" and a $1k credit for their spa....only if I remove this review! Ha!!! So be careful of these so called 5 star docs people! Clearly they are paying to keep their 5 star status these days! And my response...please!!!! I suffered way more than 1k in damages to begin with, with my scheduled leave from work they ended up being a waste as it could not be canceled and the daycare arrangements I made for my children. That 1k was really an insult and then to only offer if I remove this post??? As if!!! Proving that they can care less about the damage they caused me and more about image. This place! Theeee worst!

Adding INSULT to injury!

Today I received a THIRD call from Dr. Licksteins office with a representative (not computer automated) calling to confirm a "Post Op" Appointment!!! I was called 1 week after my surgery by someone and explained to her how I never had surgery and to please remove me from heir system!! I again received another call this morning from another person confirming another post op!! It's like they are taunting me at this point! So not only do you hugely screw up my surgery and blame it on your "incompetent staff" who supposedly no longer works there but now you continue to taunt me?!?? What's the excuse this time??? More incompetent staff members??? Unless you are calling to rectify the situation and make your wrongs right please stop calling me to remind me of your huge goof!!!! People! Please stay away from this place if you prefer an office with competent staff and professionalism go somewhere else!!

These jokers.....

So why won't Belecara just leave me alone?!?! So I get a call from their office saying I owe them $35 dollars for a co-pay. For what?!?! So I contact their office and have some back and forth via email with their billing manager explaining that I shouldn't owe them a thing and that in fact they owe me! I was then contacted by Angel. She's a piece of work! She goes on to explain I will not be compensated for my inconvenience with them until I remove my post here. I'm like "My post was an accurate detail of my experience with your office and nothing was fabricated" she then says how she understands that but they are only willing to make things right if I'm not "bashing their office". Since when is writing an HONEST NON FABRICATED review of your office "bashing"??? If anything, your office bashed itself when it allowed for my experience to even be what it was! And furthermore, you care NOTHING about the customer as you are basically trying to blackmail me into getting a credit that should be offered to me REGARDLESS of any review I have done! Like really?!? These people are a MESS! Stay AWAY!!!!
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Terrible experience!! Totally unprofessional!!

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