Ethnic Nose Rhinoplasty/Surgery with Dr Oelbrandt - Belgium

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I've just had my consultation with Dr Oelbrant and...

I've just had my consultation with Dr Oelbrant and I am now booked in for May.
As much as the nose fillers where making a difference, it wasn't permenant and started to become annoying doing it all the time.
Based on previous reviews, I decided to see Dr Orlbrandt and I am now looking forward to having the surgery done finally after all these years!

Day of surgery

I got on the train from Antwerp central to beveren which is 2 stops away on the IC fast train. I choose to stay in Antwerp because of the shopping centre.
The clinic is a 5 min walk away from the station and so easy to find.
The clinic is immaculate and your room is like staying in a good hotel.
I had a pre surgery consultation with the DR and we just went over what we wanted to achieve and what will be done.
I was shown my room, where there was slippers and a comfy dressing gown on the bed waiting for me. I got changed and was then taken into the operating room.
I was placed onto a heated bed and the friendly nurse made me feel comfortable.
I was put to sleep & woke up to my sister asking me if I was ok.
I had finally done it yay!!!
Overall I was in the clinic for around 4 hours. I left and went back to my hotel room & chilled out.
I have a splint on my nose bridge to keep the fracture stable and a bandage underneath to soak up the blood and mucus. There wasn't much blood but the mucus was driving me mad!
I thought it would of been much more painful than this. I'm really shocked! It's more having a really bad head cold.
I had my nose bridge slightly narrowed, my tip de-fatted, a tip graft & my nostrils taken in.

Next day Post Surgery

I took the splints out of my nose today! Omg! Not being able to breath was driving my crazy! My nose had stopped bleeding which was good but this exchanged for my face swelling up like a balloon. The brushing remained under my eyes but the swelling was mainly under my nose and top lip.
I travel home today by plane, so happy I brought a hat with me to wear.

Day 3 post op

The swelling is moving further and further down to my chin. I look so funny!
The bruising is getting lighter around my eyes. I've been taking arnica tablets and icing every 20mins.
I can see my nostril shape is different and my tip looks more pointy.

4 days post surgery

The swelling is disappearing and I've been creative with the tape on my splint by putting foundation on the tape to blend it in. I had to drop my daughter to her dance class today and the sun is shinning so had to make myself look as normal as possible.

Nose before

Not sucking my nose in!

Stitches are bugging me!

Just a quick update. Today I used a small pair of sharp sissors to cut the ends of the stitches. It looked like my nose was dirty inside & it was driving me mad. I didn't put them out just cut them down to skin level carefully.
The swelling is going down slowly, & I look near enough normal. I'm back to work tomorrow and its only a bit of make up needed on my scars and I'm sure no one will be able to tell.

Cast fell off 3 days ago

Forgot to update my cast falling off 3 days ago. When I look I see a nose & not large flaring nostrils.

Nose stages

Sorry I'm not sure what I've done to my pictures. So here are some monthly stages of my nose.
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