Rhinoplasty Gone Wrong With Dr Luc Damen Awful Experience at The Wellness Kliniek with Two Patients- Belgium, BE

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I recently had my correction after 3 years in the...

I recently had my correction after 3 years in the UK. It has been almost 2 weeks and I know I will be happy with the final results. After the horrendous experience in Belgium with the Welness Kliniek, I was scared and it took me a while to mentally prepare myself for my corrective surgery in the UK.I would share photos of before and after and the photos after my first surgery in Belgium which went wrong. At the moment don't feel comfortable exposing myself to the community.I have been very reserved about sharing mine and my cousin's experience. But after seeing other posts about this clinic, I feel it is right to honestly share and help others I making their choice.Me and my cousin travelled to Belgium and we both went through a rhinoplasty procedure on the same day with Dr Damen at the 'Wellness Kliniek'. After my surgery I was heavily bruised, and I remember my face and neck being covered in blood. I called for help in order to be helped in being cleaned up by a nurse. After returning back to the UK, I removed splint after the advised time, I noticed a gash on my forehead and a minor cut/slash on the side of my nose. I was not informed about this by the doctor or the clinic. I had to call and send correspond via email for an answer. At first, the wellness kliniek seemed like they didn't have a clue about the gashes on my face (I sent photos too). Later they revealed that I reacted badly/aggressively to the anaesthesia and I had to be restrained during surgery. Please bare in mind I had no idea about this and I wasn't even told. It was like they were hiding this from me. I hadn't even heard anything from the Dr Damen himself. To make matters worse, the final result and shape of my nose resulted in what other surgeons would call a 'parrots nose'. So in reality he disfigured my nose and it also appeared much wider. I consulted two different surgeons in the UK and it was clear a required a correction.Guys and dolls, save money and get your procedures done in the UK to stay on the safe side. You have no legal back up unless you choose to take it up with the Belgian courts which I could have done. I chose not to.I forgot to add about my cousin. He was left with a bump on his nose which Damen was suppose to remove. Stay safe and choose wisely.
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