Rhinoplasty Journey With Dr. Oelbrandt - Belgium, BE

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After years of wanting this ( and no-one taking me...

After years of wanting this ( and no-one taking me seriously...>.>)
I've finally booked my Rhinoplasty, a month and a half from now! * Clenches fist and cries*
Initially I was meant to have it done in October with Eyzea however I was not aware Dr. Oelbrandt was no longer with them but is now running his own Clinic. I didn't have the nerve to go through with it as Dr. Van Canneyt is their only surgeon and most reviews on him are horror stories as opposed to Dr. O who receives nothing but praise.

What my issue is, like anyone else~ is my dorsal hump. I never used to have it when I was younger and I remember face planting into a car and never telling anyone about it. ( My nose was wobbly for awhile after). Whether the hump formed through that collision or whether it just developed this way ( no-one in my family has this though...) all I know is that I hate it and it makes taking pictures nerve racking and depressing, especially if it's someone else taking it. I mean at least I can burn the ones I don't want. xP

What I want is to have my hump shaven down, my tip 'slightly' lifted and my nostril width shortened a touch. Last weekend I had a consultation with Dr. Oelbrandt and I can't emphasize enough what a lovely guy he is. I mean I knew he must be one of a kind from the way he visits London twice a week to visit his patients and have face-to-face consultations and also with how quickly responds to my email, even emails he really doesn't need to reply to. When I first saw him in the waiting room he was passing by but was courteous to stop and introduce himself to me. ;///w///; It was so unexpected I must've mumbled. Most consultations I've been too have been more cold or robotic but he was really down to earth, listened to me thoroughly about what my expectations are and answered clearly what could be achieved and I came out with a better understanding than google could've given me. He has a sense of humor too and I snorted at a joke he cracked. *embarassing....* *cough*

He decided to have me come for another consultation in December just so I'm clear in what I want done because after talking to him I had more questions and things to conider but now that I'm sure, I'm all booked up and ready to go!

If anyone can recommend anything regarding Travel, Hotels and After care.
" Hook a sista up" Haha.

Not because

Whenever I read people's reasons for wanting a rhinoplasty, discarding the obvious physical abnormalities most of the time it seems they were bullied at some point.

For me that's not the case and although I'm hit on a lot and told I'm attractive, it's not the kind of attractive that appeals to me. I'm only saying this though because I've been asked if that's my reason for wanting this.

I've also had " do you really think your that ugly?" Well no and no one could tell me otherwise but it's something I've always wanted to give me that extra boost of confidence. :3

Noses that I adore

I was told by a surgeon at transform that I had a slight down-turned nose and I noticed it too. I tried poking my nose upwards to see what I'd look like if I had it lifted but felt like a pig ( Haha) but recently I've realized that my tip isn't droopy but my septum is which drags the rest of the nose with it. XP
I'm seeing Dr Oelbrandt again this week Saturday to confirm what I want so it's all cleared out for the big day! ( Jan 3rd) I know for sure now I want my septum lifted, nostrils EVER so slightly reduced so that when I smile my nostrils don't get dragged along with it. -.- I also want my dorsal hump shaven into a slight curve ( Like my mommies cute little nose ; w ; ) and bridge definition. It pretty much goes-> / \
as opposed to-> | |

On another note... I don't know how anyone has the patience to wait this long for their surgery date. I'm super impatient and it doesn't help that I'm SO excited having wanted this done for years now. I remember when I was younger and would force people to delete really terrible angles of me. xP Not like that anymore now though, plus facebook has a 'hide photos of you' section ( Bwuhahahaha).

Here are my edits closer up and some photos of my ideals! :D


Accidentally 'posted update' instead of 'add another photo' >.>; heheh
Oh one more thing! As well as me absolutely dying for the surgery date to arrive already... I've been totally obsessed with noses. As in... I work as a checkout girl and whenever i see someone with my ideal nose or just a pretty nose in general, I end up glancing and staring trying to analyse it without coming off as a creep. xP Doesn't help because I just get even more excited.

Who knows...

No one in my work place knows about this at all. I mean... my manager knows I'm getting 'something' done because I told him I needed the week off for a surgical procedure but he doesn't ask questions. ( maybe he thought I was dying or something....?) XD Haha. I've been tempted to let a few people in on it, but i don't want to be put off it and in my workplace word spreads like a forest fire. Sooooo, I think I'll surprise them instead. I say this but I doubt it'll be even that 'obvious' I've had anything done since it's not dramatic unless they're someone who constantly stares me down. =S I'm sure some customers will notice~ my regulars that is ( The ones who only come to my till because they love talking to me). XD

My mum knows... She knows I've wanted it for years but brushed it aside never taking it seriously~ and my Aunt. It's because of my Aunt I found Dr. Oelbrandt actually! She recommended me to Elyzea and after doing my research, Dr. Oelbrandt was the surgeon I wanted. Unfortunately he was no longer with them and I bailed last minute losing my 300 pounds deposit. I just couldn't go through it with Dr. Van canneyt ( or Dr. Van can't nicknamed by friend. xP ). I felt I had agreed to a death sentence or something.

Dr. Oelbrandt is slightly more expensive than Elyzea who quoted me at 2650 for my Rhino but with Dr. O it's 3200 (2900 if it's just bridge and tip I think) Yes more expensive but still cheaper than the 5600-6200 I was quoted here in London but that being said it's honestly not an issue of wanting the cheapest price. Belgium has quality surgeons, it's just that their living costs are lower.

Oh my Dad knows too! XD He found my letters of quotes and kept dropping hint bombs that he knew and I kept thinking " Oh shit does he know!?" My mum told him in the end but he has no real say... I think I recall him telling me once " You should use it towards something more productive". My Dad was a headmaster back in kenya and hes MAJORLY academic. It's school or nothing, so screw my nose job pretty much... but he's treating it casually. My brothers just like " Yoouur weeeeiirdd, always being weeeeird!" He doesn't really care. >.> He's just annoying. Annoyingly my brother got all the great genes! Looong lashes, beautiful nose and my mums lips. I swear he's meant to be a girl, he whines like one too. XD My neibour knows too because he contributed to the Rhino funds. XP I'm a student so needed all the help i could get!

My friends are all supportive though of-course your friends and family will tell you this. " There's nothing wrong with your nose, you look beautiful". Again, I know I look attractive to other people but it's honestly a 'me' issue, I'd like to believe what they say. haha. *Rambles* I'm wondering if people in uni will notice too... i mean looking at me, I don't care what people think of what I wear, do or listen too. If they ask about it, i'll be honest. it's not like they'll hype on about it forever. >.>;

Closed the deal!

I went to see Dr. Oelbrandt yesterday for our final consultation before the big day just to establish again what I wanted done. I ended up late for our appointment ( because me and transport don't mix) but he saw me anyway~
I was the last one there too so he gave me a lot of extra time, we actually deviated from my nose to more personal talks about family, life, politics, etc~ And I really got to know his human side. He's a very deep, passionate and down to earth guy with a great sense of humor, very genuine.
After yesterday I entirely trust that he'll do a great job on the 3rd. I told him if he gets it right I'll draw him a pretty picture and he responded " No pressure then!" * Awkward grin* Haha
Now that the 2nd consultation is done this whole thing seems a lot more real. My hotel and tickets are booked, going shopping soon for after care supplies and just... ready for this to happen already! I've been obsessing over profiles and I still have like 18 days to go... Ugh. Do NOT know how you guys waited this long. =/ I sometimes get these chills of regret and I want to back out, but then I look through my photos and remind myself I don't want to be held back anymore. It's now or never, haha.
I guess the next time I post will be the day I leave for surgery or something, have a lovely Christmas everyone and a happy new year!! :3


TT ^ TT Had an amazing dream last night that my surgery was over and done with. That's how much I'm obsessing over the day! I was so bummed out to wake up because the shape of my nose in the cast was absolutely beautiful and so cute. *Wimpers* I'm leaving for Brussels Thursday morning with my friend, my surgery is Friday morning so we'll be doing a lot of shopping and sight seeing before hand. XP

I also did some pre-op shopping and bought little essentials to help with swelling and bruising like vitamin C, arnica tablets, cooling gel, and an ointment for surgical swelling, I have a pack of anti-inflammatory tablets but I'll see if they give me any Oral meds.

I also bought make-up pads and wipes to put in the freezer. They'll act as cooling pads for my face. Got the idea from someone else's review. XD
I've got some Q-tips, saline nasal spray, plastic gloves and freezer bags to fill and partly freeze for my face too.

Food wise... I bought soooo much food, mostly because I don't think I'll be able to physically handle doing my months shopping after my rhino.
Before leaving I wanted to make a lot of soft foods like Jelly pots, Quiche, soups, veg and ice-cream so that when I come back I can focus on my healing.

I'm so excited for the big day that I've been editing old pictures of myself that I hate, only for them to look great with my ideal nose shape. Ugh... It's made waiting so much more painful. =/
I've pinned some, but warning! I don't have photoshop on my laptop and i'm pretty decent with it, so these edits are reeeally crappy. XD;

To Brussels!

In just a few hours I'm off to Brussels! I haven't been able to sleep and the Eurostar train leaves 3 hours from now... So I've just decided not to sleep at all. Well until I get to my hotel for a nap or something. XP

I'm going with a friend of mine who'll be my support as well as 'sight-seeing' buddy. :3 My operation is tomorrow at 10:45 though I need to be there for 10:15. I was incredibly fortunate to meet another girl on here who will be having her operation just before mine on the same day so we'll be each other's healing buddies through this process. Having someone whose going through it too has made it a lot easier to go through with this, :') *tears*

I've just finished packing all my bags and with some time to spare, I've decided to make some soft foods before I go so that when I get back I don't need to lift a finger~ So far I've made Quiche, cauliflower chicken soup, Jelly, Ice-cream and nut/seed snack bars. Hopefully these will do me well. :3

I started taking Arnica tablets this week and vitamin c as I heard it helps with swelling and bruising. I was considering starting on the Arnica cooling gel but I'm sure there'd be no point right now.. ._. Anyway~ Wish me luck guys!
And thanks! You girls have been my inspiration! Just hope it comes out as great as you guys...


Ugh, it's probably pretty simple to travel around Brussels but because I'm just 'derp' when it comes to transport and directions anyway it took soooo long to finally make it to our hotel.
We arrived in Brussels at 12 and got into our hotel at about 4 >_>; That's how long we were lost for, once we figured out how to get there, yeah making your way around is pretty easy peasy.

We're staying in Hotel Beveren and it's probably the best hotel I've ever stayed at... The food here however is ridiculously priced ( or maybe I'm biased because I'm a student.) and it seems pretty 'posh'. It's super cheap for what you get. The only thing my friend and I have been moaning about it how 'dry' the air seems to be and also the stares! It's like people here have never seen a black person >_> and to be fair I haven't seen any outside of midi station anyway.

Me and my friend met up with the girl I met on here and we all got on like we've known each other for years. We spent the chunk of the evening talking about plastic surgery, why we want it, after care etc. But also family, friends and so on. This morning she's gone off to the Singelberg Clinic for her operation, all the best to her! My op is 3 hours away, directly after hers. Weirdly I'm not nervous at all... Not even excited... Just indifferent. Feels like something I'm casually getting done, that or my brain has shut down all feelings of anxiety and expectations so I can just float through this already. ^ ^;
This bed is so comfy... Do. Not. Want. To. Get. Up. *Flails around*

On a side note, the food here is so friggin good! Everything we've tried so far has been great
and I've been addicted to these chocolate waffles in the vending machines and the cold orange/ apple canned drinks ; A ; ( Goodbye Euros).

Good luck to everyone getting their Rhinoplasty today or in the future! *Jiggles*

All done, teehee!

My operation went very well and just in my hotel now, watching a movie.
The girl I met here on realself had hers before me, so I gave her a hug this morning and wished her luck before she left.
Me and my friend woke up pretty early so decided to walk to the clinic. The weather was beautiful and Belgium is so artistic in it's architect that we were like regular tourists taking loads of pictures and whatnot.

The Singelberg Clinic was beautiful, clean and warm but a little confusing as from the outside you'd mistake it for a shopping mall or something ( Because of all the beauty posters). Once we got to the clinic, I signed an information form and then waited for Dr. Oelbrandt to finish with my friend ( the first patient) I then got to have my third and final consultation with Dr. O to make sure we were on the same page. I honestly love the guy, I genuinely hope he stays as down to earth and genuine as he is. I believe the more famous a surgeon gets, the more it becomes less about the patient care and more money. He actually discounted me and said " Aww, go on! A new years gift on me" Haha, now I can buy those new shoes I want. Me and my friend kept saying he was the kind of guy you'd love to hug. *snort* Anyway~ Once everything was done and clear I paid him, got into my gown and went to see my friend, the girl who had her op before me ( I keep saying girl cause I'm not sure if she'd mind her name being out here). Her nose looks so beautiful, even in a cast, I think she's beautiful anyway but the shape of the nose in her cast was magnificent, I'm so excited for her. She eased me stating " No pain, just feels like you've been punched in the face!"
It's weird though, the whole time here I've been indifferent to getting the Rhinoplasty, it felt like I was casually walking in to buy myself a new nose. Even up to the operating bed, I didn't feel any form of worry, anxiety or regret. I'm wondering if my brain shut it off for me so I could go through with it or whether I was genuinely fine as I was 100% sure within myself.

I was expecting a blue gown for surgery but instead got a soft, grey robe and fluffy slippers which was nice. XD I went into the surgery room and laid on a very comfy bed, is it bad to say the anaesthetist was hot? And the Belgium accent.. Forget about it! XD Haha, He stuck a needle in my arm which was a 'pleasureable' pain. I'm used to piercing myself so it was 'meh'. I remember talking about how interesting Belgium was and this was like 30 seconds into the conversation before I just snapped awake in my recovery room. I thought I must've day dreamed for like a second before realising, nope the surgery had just been completed... I thought I was dreaming because the same thing happened to me in my dream Teusday, before I woke up...

I woke up with no nausea or anything and I think that's because he actually administered twilight sedation. I woke up feeling as normal as I had come in and left as soon as I woke up. I had only been there 2 hours post op. Is it weird I was a little disappointed not feeling all the grogginess people on here have felt? It made me question whether I really had anything done, but I got over it and actually appreciated having twilight. With twilight, bruising and swelling is so minimal.
See... I say this but an hour later my face looks like I was in a fight. My eyes are so swollen I look Chinese ( sorry!). I visited my friend to chit chatter together about how we can't believe we had just done this and how it'll change our outlooks on ourselves and life.

I'm so impatient though gah, I wanna see it nowww. I already see the shape is going to be freaking amazing, I peeped under my gauze and saw the dreaded piggy nose! I didn't freak out though thanks to you guys and your insightful reviews! I already know I should expect the tip to go down as the swelling subsides. I've been abusing the arnica cooling gel as it feels amazing and taking the pills in hope it'll help too. I haven't taken any pain killers because it really just... doesn't hurt that much at all, it's something you'd forget about if you were going on with your daily routines. I love my friend! She works as a nurse and has been taking good care of me, though more like a mummy because she keeps yelling at me when I get too hyper. >.>

Ehhh, not sure what else to add! The whole breathing out of your mouth isn't as terrible as I've heard it's be, it's pretty much just a cold~ the pressure, the congestion etc. I'm just awaiting the dreaded swelling and bruising and also cast off day next week Friday.
I'm back home in London tomorrow, can't wait! I made myself little pots of ice-cream and Jelly before I left and looking forward to them.

Still addicted to waffles.... *lays icepacks on face* ( )e,_____,e( )


I woke up to quite the horrible sight! My eyes are incredibly swollen and so is my upper lip. I look so deformed and laughable right now I'm quite worried I'll scare the Belgians. I've been on the Arnica cooling gel all night but my eyes fought against it! Haha. Dr. O gave me one of those Doctor masks to take home, if not for my eyes it would've been totally passable... Ah well! If anyone has 'any' tips or products to help with this swelling then pleeeassee... SHARE!

I take back what I said about the breathing through mouth thing being no big deal... Worst night of my life, simply because I just couldn't sleep. My mouth kept getting dry very quickly so I found myself choking out of my only available air hole and I ended up constantly drinking water. It's gross but it was better when I held saliva around my mouth, the drying was slower. I also ate a mint and that really helped with moisture formation.

I really just can't wait to be home right now

Home, sweet home.

Finally home thank God! I missed London sooo much~ My swelling is absolutely ridiculous. I had to wear a head scarf all the way home JUST so I didn't scare the little children. Was so sad when I couldn't taste the chocolate waffles anymore sigh Damn this better be worth it! I took the tampons out as told by Dr. O and the ability to breath again makes me super happy! :') My nose is so sensitive however I've fallen into the habit of breathing through my mouth,

My mom, bless her can't look at me. She said “ You look like someone beat you up and it breaks my heart”. She's adorable really. My brother keeps “ Wtf”-ing at me, not helping my nerves!
I came home and abused every medication and ointment in hope this thing will just hurry up and go down. Question for all those who have had their rhinoplastys, you know how surgeons raise the tip into a piggy like pose so it'll drop later? How long did it take you for the tip to drop?

Thanks for the support!

Chipmunks would accept me.

Yup, so swollen now that chipmunks would indeed accept me into their borrow. I think squirrels would think I was holding all the nuts to myself or something, haha. The swellings made it's way down from my eyes to my cheeks now! It's so interesting seeing the way my face is changing. O.O My eyes are less swollen now
but my cheeks are noticeably puffy now!

On another note I'm getting more used to my nose and actually loving it more and more. At first the shock of seeing a different nose on my face made me a little nervous and I wavered between regretting my decision, but I gave it a chance as it would be expected wouldn't it?

I had shown Dr.O the pictures I thought would suit me most and as I compared the angles to the photos, I realised he had pretty much done it spot on! The only thing at the moment is that the tip is upturned from the 90 degree angle I used to have, but after emailing Dr. O my concerns he reassured me that it'll drop and it's simply the splint, swelling and tape under my nostril holding it that way. I know once my tip drops ( it hasn't got that much to drop anyway) that it'll be exactly what I had asked for, which just makes me excited. Annoyingly I can't enjoy the shape against the rest of my features because you know... Swollen and all.

My brother keeps calling me 'Sheniqua' I apparently look like a 'Hoodlin ghetto girl' according to him. >.>; I miss my piercings but I haven't been arsed to put them back in since the op, plus all the swelling will probably irritate them.
One thing I was talking about with my healing buddy is how changing our noses will allow us to try out a new range of hairstyles, colours, fringes, etc.
that's what I'm most excited for!


How the swelling has moved to my cheeks but eyes are looking better. x

Day 3*

My swelling is moving along nicely~

Update problem

Does anyone else have a problem with losing their text when the 'post update'? =.= It's soooo annoying.
*Ahem* My swellings relocated now to my jaws which have given me a weird rectangular face shape. I'm hoping that since it's moving down so quickly that tomorrow, I should be almost back to me! My tip has dropped as the swelling around my lip has but I'm not too fussed over it any more. I've read from other's that their tip dropped a lot after cast removal, plus I think my swollen lip is contributing to the piggy look. XP

Itching has been horrible today, I guess that means I'm healing right? A few times I've wanted to stab my cast since I can't actually get under it. *sigh*
It's weird how numb my tip is too... It's soft but not?
I've also found that I haven't been eating much but I don't know it that's down to a loss of appetite post surgery or whether I'm just lazy to cook. XD
I've been eating a lot of cauliflower, broccoli and green beans and even then it's only twice a day for the sake of taking my meds. Addicted to my sugar free jelly though.

I have an assignment due next week, which will probably take my mind off my face for awhile. ^ ^; Have a good day!

Day 4

My swelling is looking pretty good so far~ Still waiting to get some jaw line back but it's getting there. My appetites coming back slowly and the crazy itching I had yesterday isn't here as much today. ( Thank God!) I honestly thought about ripping off the cast and forking it. XD Haha.

There's some hard stuff in my nosrils where my septum is. I'm not sure if it's dried blood or not but I'm too scared to pull it out in-case I rip out stitches or open fresh wounds. =S Anyone with a similar experience? Should I really just leave it?

I've been a bit impatient with my face as I really want to see all the features together. I dunked my jaw in ice cold water for 10 minutes then started icing. At the moment I have the window open blowing icy winds on my face~ British weather...
The swelling left in my upper lip is preventing me from smiling. Usually when I smile I can see my teeth but now it's my bottom. It also makes my lips looked a tad dropped haha. XD

Another thing I want some advice on, is I'm tempted to cut the tape under my cast holding my tip in hope it'll drop faster on cast off day ( Friday). Bad idea?...

Day 5

Woohoo! My face is almost back to normal! I was getting worried that I'd be puffy faced forever.... ;____; The swelling's just sitting at the back of my jaw now, still giving me a little rounded appearance that will HOPEFULLY be completely gone my tomorrow. Been eating lots of pineapple and drinking pineapple juice which I think may be helping? I'm not sure how useful these Arnica pills have been at all. =.=

Today's been pretty good! No cray cray itching any more, just the few murmurs here and there but they're bearable. Been enjoying my face a little more as shape comes back to it.

Tip: Do NOT watch feel evoking movies/ shows~ ; A ; I watched a couple episodes of the walking dead today~ ( Selina, didn't you have an assignment due next week?...) These episodes were so sad I cried so much and not the tear up kinda cry, I went at it and I felt the stitches trying to rip apart~

I can smile and see half of my upper teeth now, though I still look retarded trying. >.> I think my tippies a little less swollen and the scars are healing very well.
I really can't wait to get my cast off! Since I'm back in Uni soon I've decided to pamper myself Saturday in my everyday wear to see how I'll look all doll'd up. ( Lashes did, hurr did, dyed blue, etc~). Haha~ Girls. xP

I'm probably put my piccies up then for my cast removal~
Here's my progress!

Worries! D:<

I had a nice long bath today and realised my cast is quite loose... Not enough for it to fall off or anything but enough to concern me~ I've only got today to get through anyway before Cast removal~ The tape holding my tip slipped off and after the bath my tip is too swollen for the tape to cover it again. I noticed my columella started to swell and looks saggy again so I re-taped it for an hour and saw it had went back, I think I'll try this over night and see how it turns out. Hope it holds!

My nose became insanely itchy towards the end of the day... No idea why. The temperature maybe? It's driving me a little nuts and I'm tempted to take the cast off a day early or atleast late in the afternoon/ evening. ; A ; My healing buddy isn't having this problem so I wonder if my skins acting weird against the cast and everything~ urgh.

Hopefully day 6 is a better day. =')

Day 6

The overnight taping worked on my columella but I contacted Dr. O anyway about it and my loose cast. He told me if it's itchy and loose I can take it off tonight~ So I'll see
how I feel later on. If I can hold out I want to take it off tomorrow midday when the swelling is usually the most balanced~
I'll leave the tape under my tip for the rest of the day to control the swelling~
Good thing I didn't get rid of it early after all. >.>
My tip as a whole has dropped a lot anyway. I think the swelling is helping that. XD


Practically swelling free! Still some little residue of what I described as a hardcore party in my face... I used some frozen make-up cotton pads and taped them to my tip which has helped the swelling a bit. With the tape gone my tips puffed up something fierce! It's looking bulbous but I don't mind since that's it's similar to what I had before and I know it'll become more defined over time~
I also used some Saline drops in my nose and this may sound gross but my Q-tips were collecting chunks of soften gooey blood and mucus (finally). >.> Now my tip is flexible and my septum area is back to being soft and squishy~

My tip feels so soft and weird, probably because it's a little numb.
There's no itching but I'm not sure if it's because my cast has become pretty loose and so it's allowing air to pass through, or whether the crazy healing period is mostly over. >_>;
Got some makeup in the post and decided to play with it a little~


Cast off day! Pahahaha!~~ *_________*
Ok, so first let me tell you about the emotional roller coaster that is cast off. ( In my experience).
Initially when I took the cast off... I didn't hate it but I didn't recognize myself and the shock of that instilled all sorts of emotions in me. I found myself wavering between not remember what I looked like and trying to adjust to this new stranger staring back at me. Simply put I didn't know who I was and adjusting became like a curious battle to get to know and understand another person and then accepting that person as yourself. So... accepting yourself? ^ ^;

I went out today to buy some weave ( as black girls do... ¬_¬ ) and found myself on edge with people staring at me. The thing is, people always stare at me because of how I dress anyway and even though I knew this with the whole “ who am I?” thing still looming around I kept thinking “ is it 'that' obvious this face isn't mine?”.

I got over it though. I had contoured my nose because I could do so properly now. I used to contour as it helped camouflage my big humpy nose a little but my brother came up to me and said “ Naw, you shouldn't be putting that much make-up on your nose, it looks weird. After punching him I evened out the colours and instantly fell in love. My nose blended into my face and everything was in perfect harmony. I realized the contouring had made my nose look very chiselled ( I'm not white after all) and the cold British weather had made it become small and cute... It's taken me since last night ( when I really took the cast off ) till this very hour to finally accept and love my new nose.

I STILL feel a little piggy though and I know it's all in my head since where my tip is now it would be considered normally levelled b I guess I'm just not used to seeing my nostrils O.O but if the tip drops EVER so slightly then Dr. O has officially achieved perfection in me. XD
Other than that! I looove my profile! He's done everything I've asked of him. It's obviously still quite swollen, especially the tip~ It was puffy after my morning bath but as Britain’s in a bit of a cold season I came back home to a small perfectly cute nose! ( For now...)

A current struggle I have right now is looking more feminine. My humpy nose before made me look and feel so masculine that suddenly becoming “ feminine” makes me feel awkward. ^ ^; ( weird right?) Any who! Thanks for the support gals and girls!

Ps- nose ring is a clip on till I can repierce~ ; A ;


Day 9

Finding my nose near to perfect! I'm not quite sure whether it's because I've become used to my face, so I just see it as 'me' now or if it's because the swelling has gone down. Who knows... O w O
My skin's been terrible since the op.My skin is also EXTREMELY dry for some reason, especially around my nose. I tried putting on foundation and looked like I was shedding. =S It was so gross I even spent some time trying to peel a lot of it off.
I smothered Bio-oil on my face too which is just the miracle oil in my opinion. XD

My mum keeps referring to me as Michella Jackson (???) >.> but she loves the results. Her fear and I recently found out my friend's fears too were that it'd come out terrible and they'd have to watch me fall into deep depression or something. Like... thanks guys...

I've bumped into a few people I know and none have noticed I've had anything done which is cool! I start Uni and work again this week, so they'll the real testers! XP

Speaking of bumping my mom punched me in the face in her sleep. ( I saw stars and everything ; A ;) She doesn't even remember! My nose was sore after that... but least it's intact. It's still pretty fragile but not so sensitive that I can't massage it.

I ADORE my profile the most

Day 11- Work

I started work yesterday and it was definitely very interesting! Depending on my swelling kinda determines if I like my face one day or the other. My first day of work it was so swollen I was definitely self conscious about it.

No-one noticed what work I had done but they noticed I looked different. Almost all of the people I met at work thought I had lost crazy amounts of weight and told me they were proud of me. I mean I have lost lots of weight anyway but I'd ask them " anything else?" and they'd say " Well I notice you got your hair done". It was fun seeing if anything would actually get it. My manager was the only one who said
"You look different, did you get injections? "
Me: Injections!? No... But why injections!?
He says he watches a lot of Tv and it's a 'thing' haha.

Eventually I let it out and the response was very interesting! I actually learned a few people were going to get a rhinoplasty too at some point and everyone was open about plastic surgery in general.
Another thing is that no-one even remembers what my old nose looked like
which made me think " wow, it really was all in my head huh?".
It made me happy though because I really did get done for me in the end.
None of the customers could tell, at first I thought it was just a guy thing anyway.
>_> I mean what guy notices any physical changes a girl makes unless she's getting fat? No seriously, I started gaining weight and my colleague made it a point to let me know. (Ass...).

Any who, the swelling today is annoying because it makes my nose look longer.
I decided to take a couple piccies in my everyday wear since it'd be the most accurate image of me.

Day 17- Uni

It's been about 2 weeks and a half now since the surgery~ Weirdly it feels like it was ages ago. >.>;
I started Uni today, so back to a life assignments and procrastination. *Sigh*
No-one has mentioned anything different ( apart from my hair) or guessed anything else to be new. XP
I'm loving the British weather lately~ It's really cold and icy and because the tip of my nose is numb I don't feel the cold in my face. It's helped the swelling a looot~ So I've been lazier with ice-packs.

Here are some before and afters shots. I tried to sort of mimic the old piccies so you can see the difference. I'm still struggling to get used to having a gap between my upper lip and nose especially on the days the swelling is bad. e.e

25 days post op

Hmnn, nothing much to update~


My swelling has gone down a lot so my nose looks more refined.
I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing my nostrils and I tend to feel a little MJ at times. I'm hoping that my tip will drop a tad and I've been massaging it to encourage some~ I also worry my nose is a little long for my face but I'll have to wait for all the swelling to go down before I make any judgements. >_>;

Annoyingly I knew if I loved it so early on, I might not later~ ( common thing I've read) but Rhinoplasty 'is' a waiting game so alas "We play the waiting game". Haha~ Now... To study for craploads of exams! XD *cries*

1 month~~~ *__________*

and a week update! ^.^;
My exams have been consuming me, haha~ *cries* Hope everyone else has been good though!
Notably my tip has gotten smaller and shrunken inwards a bit, thank goodness. I felt like Pinocchio for so long ( like, I swear guys I'm not lying!) got way too many jokes from oh so loving colleagues . XP My bridge doesn't feel swollen any more (but who knows). I know the part from the bottom of my bridge and around the tip still has swelling but I can feel it now. When I press on it, it hurts as it would do if you were to push down on a bruise, not very high pain but you notice it.
I'm getting more used to it as time goes on~ I can't wear as thick make-up like before because my features seem more delicate so I look over done. XD; Haha.
*disappears again~*


I think I can officially say I love my nose~ ^.^
So I give my Rhinoplasty experience a ' worth it' rating!
As they all say~ Totally shoulda got it done earlier~

Nearly 2 months! Update.

It's been almost 2 months since my rhinoplasty! It's been really weird I have to say. I genuinely forgot I even had a rhinoplasty done until my colleague asked me how I've been liking my nose lately. I was sorta shocked and thought " Oh yeahhh, I had a nose job that one time..." Haha. It makes me happy that I had forgotten though~ I haven't had any obsessions with noses either. I know for awhile I obsessed over the tip dropping before I felt it was perfect enough for my face so the fact I forgot about nose jobs and noses in general meant to me that I had finally come to see my nose as a part of me and that the tip dropped to the point I felt 'normal' again.
It's still swollen at the tip, which is to be expected since it takes the longest to heal n all~ ¬_¬'
Not much pain on my bridge unless I apply a lot of force but otherwise, everything else has been pretty good. Only thing at the moment is that I feel I'm in need of a new hairstyle but otherwise~
Hope everyone's healing has been going smoothly and as always good luck to those going for their own surgeries. ^.^
Thought I'd update as I'm reaching 2 months now~
London Plastic Surgeon

He's a nice guy, pretty down to earth and great in his field :) I'd recommend a consultation. He did exactly as I asked of him. I showed him photos of my expectations and he got them spot on. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled, passionate surgeon that offers, affordable prices ( because the living costs in Belgium are generally cheaper).

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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