Rhinoplasty with Dr Oelbrandt in Belgium... and my Experience Meeting Another Realself Member - Belgium

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I am writing this review because I feel like it...

I am writing this review because I feel like it will help others out there looking to get this procedure done and because the reviews on here helped me so I owe it to everyone on this site.

I had issues with my nose since I was very young. I was teased by my family and a few friends had made insensitive comments. ive luckily never been bullied and had a strong set of friends growing up so was fortunate enough to not have to deal with the harsh comments some people on here seem to have received. But I remember how every time someone did make a comment it would destroy my self esteem. When people would comment on OTHER people's noses or physical flaws it also made me feel insecure. Just because people wouldn't say it to me because I had friends didnt mean that these people weren't thinking the same thing. Little kids were often the worst. They would say "what happened to your nose?" not realising how rude that was.
My nose was big, had a hump and was crooked from the front. I live in London and the prices for nose jobs were crazy. I always wanted it done but couldn't afford it. If I wanted it, I wanted it at a young age. I wanted to live my life without this following me everywhere and without always feeling self conscious about how I looked and whether people caught me at certain angles. I felt that when people looked at me, the first thing they would notice was my nose. It felt like I had a deformity. No one in my family had my nose. When I was younger my brother who is a year older would fight me alot. He had anger problems when he was a young teenager and punched me a fair amount of times and a few times he took blows to my nose. My nose bled and that may have caused it to grow crooked. Thats what I believed but Dr O said my nose was genetic. Either way, my nose was still crooked.

After doing research online I came across reviews for surgery in belgium. I decided to have a consultation with Dr O. His office is based in London and it is very clean and welcoming. He is also very kind and welcoming. He took pictures of my nose and discussed what was wrong. He explained the changes he could make and was not forceful or pushy at all. He doesn't bullshit you and is very straight talking whilst still being very kind. Its hard to explain but you know when someone just feels like a nice person. You dont know them well but you still know they are a nice person. He just seemed to be a nice person. That wasnt why I booked it but I booked it because I couldnt see anything wrong with him. The price was affordable and he could do what I wanted so it was booked for January 3rd 2014. (Feels like ages away now!).

I saved so much money and went 700 pounds into my overdraft (interest free student overdraft). One day on real self I saw a post from someone else who also said she was doing surgery with Dr O. I looked at the date and it said January the third! I didnt know whether to message her or not. I didnt know if she would think I was a weirdo but I thought, hey what have i got to lose. This is her review.

So we started emailing each other and I found out she was also a student and is originally from London. We hit it off immediately and messaged her until closer to the date (we both only had to wait around 6 weeks from this point).

The countdown was weird. I constantly thought about how different my life would be and how I wont be self conscious anymore and what my life would be like without having this to constantly think about. It all just felt stranged. I only told my mum the night before. I had talked about it before but no one realised how serious I was. I only told two friends about it too who also couldnt believe I was serious but were very supportive. I packed my stuff. My friend and I had now started to discuss what to bring and she couldn't get a u shaped pillow but we both decided to bring food in attempts to be healthy (which made no difference as we ate lots in the hotel).
I had everything packed and set off in the morning. I had never been travelling on my own before so all of this was an adventure for me. I went to kings cross and took the eurostar. My bags were heavy and I had food to eat on the journey. I finally arrived and when I got there I didnt know the way to the hotel. A very kind lady offered to take me in her car but she seemed like she didnt want to creep me out. I kindly refused and walked there. After a very long walk I finally made it. I couldnt find the entrance so after seeing a girl outside her hotel room smoking, I asked "excuse me, where can I find the entrance". She spoke english and pointed the direction. I got into my room and messaged my friend who was also staying at the same hotel. She said she would be over to my room soon so I waited about an hour. She was staying in belgium with one of her best friends who turned out to be the girl smoking outside!

We all chilled in my room for a bit and then went exploring the hotel. The food in the restaurant was very expensive so we rinsed out the vending machines and bought loads of chocolate waffles during our stay. We went back to her room and chilled some more and talked for ages. She had leftover pizza which we ate and we spoke about our experiences. The three of us had so much to talk about and it had felt like we had known each other for ages! As it got late, we decided we would go back to our rooms and take a bath before our surgery the next day (mine was at 7am and hers was right after). I didnt have non chemically (whatever the word is lol) bath stuff so she put some of hers in the hotel water bottle which i took to my room. I took a bath and somehow managed to fall asleep easily.

I woke up in the morning very late! I had only twenty five minutes to get to the hospital. I quickly called reception who arranged a cab but i couldnt find euros so ran to my friends room and woke her up. I gave her 20 pounds which I exchanged with them for 20 euros. They were still half asleep but insist i didnt wake them up (probably so I dont feel bad lol). I ran to the car and was in the hospital. Dr O went over what he would do one more time and then took me in the room for surgery. His assistant told me what would happen. They both made me feel comfortable and next thing I know I was asleep. I woke up and heard the assistant say "its over darling". I wasnt fully aware of myself but walked to the room with them where I fell on the bed and fell asleep. I woke up and my friends were there. All I remember is them asking how I am and whether it feels like Ive been punched. Thats exactly what it felt like. The nurse gave me another waffle and I was given coke too and told I can stay until I feel ready. I fell back asleep and when I woke up my friend had had hers done too. I went to her room and visited her and her best friend also waiting for her. All this feels like a dream that I am looking back on. We both could barely talk properly. When we had some rest, we took a cab back to the hotel all together. When we got back we decided to rest a bit in our rooms. In the evening my friend came to my room. Her best friend with her had gone to sleep. She came over and we talked again about things until late. She eventually went back to her room and we went to sleep. She was going back home the next day so they both came and said bye before they left. I was staying another night.

Dr O came to the hotel to visit me and make sure everything was alright. Another thing I wanted to mention is that I asked whether i could withdraw cash from a machine nearby but he leant me 20 euros to ensure I had enough money to get home safely. He told me not to worry about it and made sure it was enough for the cab and the train fare which again showed how nice he was. He discussed what he did with my nose again and then left the hotel.

Fast forward a bit and I came home. My eyes were extremely swollen the first week. I was also very bruised. it was weird because me and my friend had the exact same symptoms yet she was just a tiny bit ahead of me with recovering. Our swelling moved all the way down our faces from our eyes to our cheeks until we looked like chipmunks. It is hard to deal with even though it isnt for too long. It feels like forever. I couldnt wait to take my cast off but when I took it off it wasnt what I expected. It looked absolutely massive and not how i expected at all. I was upset but didnt want to show it to my family. BE PATIENT! There was also still swelling in my face making it more hard to bare as I just felt very ugly. After a week my nose looked more defined. The second week after surgery I saw the most changes. When I took the cast off it just looked like a massive sausage. But after a few days I would wake up and see a more defined normal looking nose and started loving it.

fast forward some more and I now no longer even think about my nose! I forget I even had it done. I just messaged my friend to ask how she is and remembered that we only met because of realself and because of this nose experience so decided I would reflect on that experience and write about it for you guys. My nose is at the bottom of my pile of priorities. Before, I constantly wondered what people thought when they saw me. I always felt like the girl with the strange feature. I just wanted to be normal. I now feel normal! I no longer care about it. Forgetting I had surgery done shows how much this has changed my life.

I will upload pictures within the next few days but hope this helps some of you.
This experience has been crazy. I am extreeeemmeely lucky to meet someone and go through it with them. I honestly cant imagine how different everything would have been without her. I cant imagine doing it on my own now that I went through it together. i feel very blessed to have met her. I feel like we will always share a special bond and I am really grateful.
I am also extremely grateful to Dr O. He was always very patient with me. He always answered my q's. In fact, he told me that if I wasnt ready it is best to cancel. He was never pushy in the slightest. He basically just wants the best for you. Like my friend said in her review, he is the kind of guy you just want to hug. My nose looks very natural. No one has noticed I had it done which is what I was very afraid of but I am now very glad I only told two people.

This was a very long review but I hope it helps some of you.

Updated review of rhinoplasty with dr oelbrandt. Pictures uploaded...

I didnt have many before pictures but when emailing the other realself member (the friend I made and talked about in this review)... I took some pictures of myself for her when we first started emailing, so will upload those. Unfortunately, I didnt take any profile shots properly but these are the ones I did take and give a general idea of my "before" nose...

Rhinoplasty with Dr oelbrandt, and experience meeting another realself member. Update with pictures...

One year update....

I have been meaning to update this a long time ago but it's so weird how you end up forgetting how you were before you have the sugery. It is no longer such a big part of your life as you stop feeling self conscious of it etc. I took most of these pictures 6 months ago but have included a more recent one. I feel like I owe it to dr oelbrandt and to realself members to provide an update as the fact that I don't think about my nose anymore speaks for itself.
How do I feel after a year? There were times where I have felt bad about what I have done and criticised myself for 'giving in'. I also sometimes wonder if I would have done it now, if I hadn't already done so and I can not answer myself. I wish I was confident enough before the surgery but I wasn't and this definitely did make me feel less self conscious. I also find it interesting hearing people talk about plastic surgery as most people don't know I have done it. It's interesting hearing people condemn it whilst at the same time, calling others ugly and making other shallow comments.
I sometimes wonder what people would think of me if they knew I had done it but I know that it doesn't matter. I know that even if I did do this, I still don't look at people and reduce them to their looks/criticise them. I think that is a common misconception about people who resort to surgery and it's not true. I am sometimes so shocked at some of the shallow things people say and that reminds me that having this doesn't define who I am or make me a 'bad person' in any way.
Having the surgery has sometimes put me in weird positions where people can make insensitive comments about others because now you are on the 'inside' e.g 'look at her massive nose'. It kind of gives you an interesting perspective as you sit there thinking 'you have no idea what how your shallow comments can affect someone', and I usually voice my opinion.

I also couldn't say whether I would have found confidence without the surgery. I was never loud and proud about my physical flaw and that really affected me socially and would get in the way of my life. It always held me back.

So, I would basically recommend (like most others) to try to be happy with yourself and love yourself. If that is too difficult for you, like it was for me... than if you can afford it I really recommend dr oelbrandt. Besides being a genuinely nice guy (which is quite important when doing something like this), he is highly skilled and I don't have one negative thing to say about him.


my pictures didnt come up. Most are 6 months old but one is recent . I dont take many pictures of myself but tried to find ones at different angles...

UPDATE (Around 18 months)

So I haven't updated in a while. Most of the time I don't think about my nose at all, which is obviously a good things. Sometimes I think to myself "wow, I had plastic surgery!". I still often wonder what people would think of me if they knew I had it done (very few people know). I still sometimes find myself in situations which in the past would have left me feeling so insecure and ready for this surgery. Now, I just sigh and still try to end those conversations (e.g. people picking apart others' appearances... or even their own). I also feel very confident these days, more than ever before. I couldn't care less about what other people think of my looks. I feel very content with myself and if anyone does have anything negative to say then I just think "ha!" because it doesn't affect me at all. I just think "sorry but I am not sorry!". I guess it is easy for me to say that since I have had the surgery already and have a more "normal" nose and for that reason I truly can not say if I would not have the surgery (if I hadn't already had it done). It's something I can not say.

What I have learnt the most from all this is that it doesn't matter! I don't judge anyones choices and there are much more important things to worry about than whether someone has had plastic surgery or not. It doesn't make you a good or bad person. It's irrelevant. Like I said in a previous post, I can not understand how people judge some for having plastic surgery as though they are such bad people, when they themselves go around picking apart others or making them feel inferior for their looks.

I care about myself and what I can improve on character-wise and how to be on a better person etc. When I meet people, I hope they are the same and if they are not then * them!

These are updated pictures. The ones in the grey top were taken minutes ago. The one in the red is a few weeks old.
London Plastic Surgeon

Would recommend him to anyone considering surgery. He knows exactly what he is doing and just because he is alot more affordable, it doesnt mean that this means he compromises on skill. I had an amazing experience and can not say a bad word about him (I havent ever seen anything bad either). Besides his skills as a surgeon, he is also a very kind guy. He is genuine and caring and this has made my experience ten times easier.

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